Top 5 Open Source Scripts to Set Up an E-Commerce Website in 2024

Starting an online store can seem tough, but it doesn’t have to be. Many Open Source Scripts can help you set up an e-commerce website easily.

These scripts are free and packed with features that can make your online business successful.

Whether you’re a tech newbie or an experienced developer, these tools are designed to suit all skill levels. Let’s explore the top 5 open-source scripts for setting up your e-commerce site.

From user-friendly interfaces to robust security options, these scripts offer everything you need to get your online store up and running.

Let’s get in and find the perfect solution for your e-commerce needs!

Top 5 Open Source Scripts: Set Up an E-Commerce Website

 1 – osCommerce


osCommerce is a powerful script that helps you set up self-owned e-commerce sites for free. At present, this tool supports more than 13,300 registered sites and 285,000 members.

As surveyed among hundreds of real users, almost all of them are highly satisfied with this tool and have no serious complaints at all.

To use this tool for the selling and marketing of your items or services, you need quality e-commerce hosting that supports PHP with version 5 and MySQL with version 5.

There are some great options listed in this page, each of which is of top-notch service and budget-friendly charges.

Main Benefits

  • There are at least 7,000 add-ons available with this tool, all of which are free of use. With them, you can manage the content, images, languages, shipping, templates, and much more with ease.
  • To provide the best selling experience, osCommerce establishes the business relationship with many third parties, such PayPal, Sage Pay, oscTemplates, Mini Template System and many more.
  • osCommerce has a huge forum that is coming with more than 1.6 million postings and 280,000 members. Therefore, once you are in trouble, you can ask someone for help easily. You can even contact osCommerce developers directly with live chat support.

2 – Magento

Magento- Open Source Scripts

Magento is an e-commerce script based on PHP. Processing more than $50 billion in transactions annually, it is a popular choice for many business owners. This tool has two editions, both offering high flexibility and ease of use to enhance online revenue.

Enterprise Edition: This version is designed for high performance and scalability, catering to large and rapidly growing businesses. It empowers merchants with advanced features to deliver engaging experiences to customers across various devices and channels.

Key features include personalized content, layered navigation and search functionality, integrated responsive design, 2-step checkout, and more.

Community Edition: This advanced edition is suitable for developers and experienced users seeking to explore Magento’s flexibility. It provides code visibility to create an engaging and unique e-commerce site with ease.

This out-of-the-box solution offers support for multiple languages, tax rates, currencies, and other features to enhance the presentation and promotion of items.

 3 – PrestaShop


This is another professional and rock-solid open source script for the effective building and management of online stores. As it is developed under the General Public License, you can download and install it without spending even one penny.

Main Features

  • There are more than 2,000 professional templates suitable for e-commerce sites. With the Live Configurator, you can easily customize these themes by changing the colors and fonts.
  • You can set up a mobile-friendly online store with a 100% responsive design.
  • Over 310 default features are available to give you an excellent experience selling online. All of these features are free to use.
  • You can choose from more than 50 payment methods and gateways to make the payment process instantly.

 4 – Tomato Cart

Tomato Cart

This is a new generation of open-source scripts. As a branch of osCommerce, Tomato Cart focuses on simplicity, making site building easier and faster than ever before. Check out some core features of this tool in the following.

  • Tomato Cart offers the RIA-based control panel that comes with the graphic IU and desktop applications.
  • It offers easy management for your articles, FAQs, banners, templates, slideshows, images and many more.
  • You can enjoy easy management of the catalogue, products, customers, users, orders, payments, shipping, checkout, email, and more.
  • This tool is SEO-optimized, allowing you to set up meta information, static URLs, a Google Sitemap, URL rewrites, and other configurations.

 5 – CubeCart


CubeCart is the final recommendation. With its intuitive interface, you can easily set up an e-commerce site to sell both digital and physical products online.

This tool allows for unlimited customers, orders, products, and item categories. It also provides a 100% responsive skin, quick shipping quote, built-in social plugins, image cropper, default integration with Google Analytics, and more.

There are 4 main technical requirements for running this tool properly.

  • Operating system of Unix or Linux
  • The latest version of the Apache web server with the mod_rewrite
  • PHP version 5.2.x or higher
  • MySQL version 4.1 or higher

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Conclusion: Top Open Source Scripts to Set Up an E-Commerce Website 

In conclusion, setting up an e-commerce website doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With the top 5 open-source scripts we’ve explored, you have powerful, free options to build and manage your online store.

These tools offer user-friendly interfaces, strong security features, and a variety of customization options to suit your business needs.

Whether you’re just starting or looking to upgrade your current setup, these scripts can help you create a professional and functional online store.

Choose the one that best fits your requirements, and you’ll be on your way to e-commerce success in no time!

I hope you like a listing of PHP open-source scripts for setting up an e-commerce website.

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