ThriveCart Frequently Asked Questions in 2024 (Updated)


As ThriveCart is getting on top of every affiliate program, everyone is trying to switch to ThriveCart as their online shopping cart platform. People want to grow their online business with it. Check Out our detailed ThriveCart Review to get detailed insights into it.


As a beginner, many people are having a lot of questions about ThriveCart. Such questions are a great way of finding the problems and interests of people. They want us to answer their questions so that they can switch their businesses on this great platform.

Below you will find some frequent questions and answers to them so that you can dig in ThriveCart better. 

Frequently Asked Questions

👉 What Type of Payment Processors are Used by ThriveCart?

ThriveCart can integrate with PayPal, Stripe, and, and undoubtedly with more applications in the future. The integration process can be easy and quick with it. It allows the user to integrate with multiple accounts to check up on the payments, whether they are going to the right account or not.

👉 Can I Integrate ThriveCart With More Than One Membership Platform?

Yes, definitely. You can easily integrate your ThriveCart account with more than one membership platform. There are no such restrictions for integration with membership sites to sell access. Thrivecart offers some membership platforms for integration are OptimizeMember, Teachable, WishList Member, Digital Access Pass, and Member Mouse.Suppose if you want to integrate OptimizeMember and Member Mouse with ThriveCart, then you can easily do this and can have unique settings for your product sales in the market.

👉 Does it Support Digital Sales Tax?

Yes, it supports a digital sales tax. As ThriveCart has an in-built feature of tax calculation and management. It automatically calculates the charge applied to the product purchase and adds the correct percentage of tax based on the location and the rules on the customers' purchase's billing structure. It will also provide you the complete information about your tax application on order. The tax information will include the whole tax calculation added with the cost of ThriveCart. So the tax structure depends on the location. If the customer resides in Los Angeles, Canada, or any other country, the tax will apply as per your country’s tax rules and regulations.

👉 How Many Products Can be Created?

ThriveCart does not have any limitations on creating products. They can create as many products as they can. You have to set up an account on ThriveCart, and then you can enjoy unlimited creating.

👉 What is the Pricing Structure of ThriveCart?

ThriveCart offers both monthly and yearly subscription plans based on which type of checkout page you choose. There are no transactional-based fees charged by you. All the sales made will be yours. There will be no charge from your selling of goods other than the payment processor fees.

👉 On How Many Sites can ThriveCart be Installed?

ThriveCart is a SaaS solution that provides services by their servers, which means there is no host or you have to download one. It is its server and does not require an external host to be downloaded. As it does not need any external host, so there are no limitations for its usage. You have to add a link with this cart, and you can go on smoothly. If you want to use the embedded cart feature, then you need to have the embed code on your website.

👉 How Many Languages Does it Support?

Ten preloaded languages are fully supportive of ThriveCart. You can have the ability to customize the existing style. And also, you can add your language if it is not already supported.

👉 Do We Always Have to Pay to Update ThriveCart?

No, there is no charge for updating. ThriveCart updates are available weekly, and you can update them for free.

👉 How Many Checkout Designs are Available?

There are four checkout design options available in ThriveCart. You can easily customize those designs as per your satisfaction. With the upcoming updates of ThriveCart, you will have more customization options on the checkout pages.

👉 Is There Any Service of Raising the Issue for the Refund Service Within the Payment Processor?

Yes, you can raise an issue to the payment processor directly for the refund. But there will not be any guarantee that they will be reporting to your ThriveCart account positively. Maybe your complaint gets misplaced, and your issue won’t resolve. It is suggested that you always report to ThriveCart directly for a positive solution to your issues. ThriveCart has excellent tools that can handle the refunding process within the system. It does not require any payment processor to do so. If you want to have a strict action taken on your complaints, then it is better to complain directly to ThriveCart to trigger your fast processing issues.

👉 Is There Any Effect on the Subscriptions by Changing the Product?

There are no side effects on the subscription plans of ThriveCart by the changing product. It is capable of adjusting the price of the product at any time. After changing the product, you will be paying the same price for the subscription. Unlike other platforms in the market, ThriveCart does not make changes in the subscription plans with the changing product. Whenever the customer makes any purchase on ThriveCart, the subscription is directly linked with the payment processor while transacting. There will be no stopping of your recurring revenue even if you quit working with ThriveCart. So if any changes made to your products will only affect your goods' sales, the behavior of customers towards your products, and your revenue.

👉 Can I Add Multiple Payment Options on My Checkout Page?

ThriveCart is a bag full of great and powerful features which offer you to add multiple payment options on your checkout pages. It has more than just adding payment options. It has the flexibility of providing its customers to choose the payment option of their choice. You can manage things like: • How will their order be delivered? • How can they be added to the autoresponder? • Is there any coupon that can be used?

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Conclusion: ThriveCart Frequently Asked Questions 

Above are some frequently asked questions by the sellers and the customers. We have discussed most of the essential items that can help you to know more about ThriveCart. 

How ThriveCart can be a life-changing platform for every seller. It can help in creating the best sales funnel that can increase sales and revenue in the market. It can offer the great name of your products. 

These questions are a great way of finding the quality of the platform and the features it offers. How it works and what type of perks you can have with the subscription of this software.

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