Thrive Quiz Builder Review 2024 🚀Features & Pricing (Honest Option)

Thrive Quiz Builder Review

Overall Verdict

Thrive Quiz Builder is an amazing plugin that has made creating quizzes easy and fun. I have never seen a plugin that is so easy to use and that also allows for such complex quizzes. I love the fact that I can see what my quiz looks like and how it flows while I am creating it. This makes it easy to make changes on the fly.

Out of 10


  • A/B Test at Critical Stages to Increase Quiz Conversions
  • Powerful Analytics
  • Move elements anywhere you want without restriction
  • Set different background colors and opacity levels
  • Question Weighting
  • Mobile Friendly


  • More templates needed
  • Only Works on WordPress


Price: $ 19

Looking for Thrive Quiz Builder Review, you are at the right place.

Quiz sessions that are both entertaining and instructive. And since they spread so rapidly online, they may be useful marketing tools.

Quizzes are a fun way to engage your audience and learn more about them, and they may also help you build your email list.

Creating a quiz from scratch, though, maybe a tedious and annoying process. To better understand your customers, you need a platform that facilitates the creation of quizzes and the collection and analysis of the resulting data.

This is where Thrive’s Quiz Builder comes in  😍

All of this and more is possible with the help of a simple plugin called Thrive Quiz Builder. It works well with Facebook and other social media advertisements, offering you extra ways to reach your target audience.

In this post, we’ll take a close look at this tool and all the ways in which it may help your business grow. This includes getting more people to your website, more people to sign up for your email list, more people actively participating in your content, and more knowledge about your customers.

More than 60% of BuzzFeed’s traffic comes from Facebook and other social media channels come right through the people who generally share the Buzzfeed quiz results.

BuzzFeed Quizzes

Buzzfeed is not only the company that utilizes the power of quizzes there are other giants like Mashable, TechCrunch uses this method to drive social traffic easily.

So why are you missing out on this opportunity to get more visitors, increase engagement rates, reduce bounce rates an increase email subscribers as well? You can easily achieve all of these things simply by utilizing the power of quizzes right on your blog or website.

Now you might be thinking, about how you can offer quizzes to your visitors when you don’t have any technical or coding knowledge.

Don’t worry we are here to help you, we have a solution for you. There’s a platform called Thrive Quiz Builder that you can use to create quizzes on your website or blog in order to grow your online business exponentially.

Bottom Line Upfront :  😍

If you’re looking for a way to increase the bottom line of your business, Thrive Quiz Builder can help. With its built-in strategy, you can not only increase social shares but also drive traffic and leads to your website.

Thrive Quiz Builder is an easy-to-use quiz builder that makes it easy to create beautiful and complex quizzes without needing to know how to code or work with photoshop. But what’s even better is the strategy that lies beneath the surface of building quizzes.

Quizzes are a great way to engage and grab the attention of your visitors. They provide a way to take advantage of the attention while also providing valuable information about your visitors. This information can be used to create targeted content and offers that will help increase conversions and drive traffic to your website.

What Would You Be doing With a Thrive Quiz Builder? ✅

Create an Online Quiz about Your Website-

The main objective of Thrive Quiz Builder, even as the title indicates, would be to generate basic or complicated quizzes to attract guests on your web.

This addon can assist you in creating awesome dynamic quizzes irrespective of whether or not you have programming knowledge.

Obtain a Variety of Results-

You should make quizzes with  branch style or design. Your questions don’t have to become the same for everybody. You could use Thrive Quiz Builder to ask various questions based on the past response.

Sort the visitors into groups based on their preferences-

You are no longer required to throw a single net for almost all of your guests. You will learn what your guests want and hate based on their responses. Furthermore, via Thrive Questionnaire Builder, the viewers will join up for multiple groups or separate sections of the very same list depending on the test performance. This allows you to categorize the guests based on their specific preferences.

Filter the content that is shown for your guests –

With Thrive Quiz Builder, you could take serious measures on guests based on their responses. This is known as ‘dynamic material.’

In this post, we have featured Thrive Quiz Builder 2024 which includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionality, and more. Let’s get started here.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review

Thrive Quiz Builder 2024: A Reliable Quiz Builder Platform: How To Use Demo & Tutorial 

About Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a powerful WordPress Plugin that can help you to create quizzes for your website or blog. And this plugin can help you in increasing your email list, and social shares and also provide you with data to grow your business.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review- Quizzes Aren t Just For Silly Fun

The best part is that here you don’t have to write a single line of code to create quizzes as here anyone can easily create stunning quizzes in seconds. And with an engaging quiz, your visitor will definitely click through, answer every question, and mostly share the results with their friends.

You can easily use this plugin to create quizzes in order to engage and grab the attention of your visitors. And this plugin will also help you in increasing your email list, social shares, reduced bounce rates, and more.

Just understand that this plugin isn’t designed to help you create quizzes on your social networks like Facebook or other social media channels. But here this plugin can help you in creating quizzes on your website or blog.

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And here with  Thrive Quiz Builder, you can easily:

  • Get Quality Visitors
  • Increase email subscribers
  • Increased engagement rate
  • Reduce Bounce rate naturally

Thrive Quiz Builder Review Key Features 🔥⚡️

Thrive Quiz Builder - Quizzes Aren't Just For Silly Fun 2

3 Quiz Builder:

As the name suggests it has three quiz builder options as here you can display the final results of the quizzes as a number. Apart from that, you can simply display the final results of the quiz as a percentage. At last, you can even display the final results of the quiz as a category.

Powerful Analytics:

Now you can track across time and simply see the results across any interval  (daily, weekly, monthly). You can see the stats on how many people are starting and finishing the quiz. With this feature, you can even find out the individual question stats, social sharing stats, user stats, and more.

The metrics provided by Thrive Quiz Builder are precise. You could keep track of your quiz results from any angle. Through this information, you can identify flaws and decide which aspects of your quiz have to be improved.

3 Quiz Templates:

Just build all quizzes from scratch right with no predefined settings. And also the quizzes you build are optimized in a way that helps you to build your email list rapidly with List building. At the same time, it will also be optimized for social sharing. The best part is that all the templates come right with a pre-built splash and result pages.

The final step is to gather consumer insights. This survey quiz model will help you learn more about your current clients. Throughout this sort of quiz, the contestant does not expect a particular score.

Typically, everybody sees the very same material on the results tab. This form of the quiz is particularly great for developing further about your guests and segregating your current client base. All four designs include pre-built splash and outcome sites which you can customize for your liking.

Badge Editor:

Now you can carefully create beautiful, fully optimized, and engaging social sharing badges. And even you can move the elements anywhere you want without any restrictions. You can just set different backgrounds colors and opacity levels. Just choose pre-sized badges for different social networks.

Easy Quiz Builder:

Here you can easily navigate right through the most complex quizzes right with a visual editor in order to see all the questions and answers that make a quiz. You can also see all of the possible paths a visitor could take right through the quiz.

Opt-In Gates:

Using this feature you can easily decide if the quiz take must submit their details before getting the results of the quiz. You can even choose whether the optin gate is to be forced or optional or it can also be skipped.

A/B testing:

Just find the result page testing and also you can find the results page that gives you the most conversions or shares on social media. Just find out which splash page results in more people while taking your quiz.

Thrive Questionnaire Builder is intended to help you make the best conversion quiz questions possible. This software helps you to create various combinations and do A/B tests at each point of the test.

Then, measure the opt-in methods to determine which page has a better conversion. You should also look at the outcome table of contents to see which design receives the most engaging content.

The user system is intuitive and clear, easier for the user while use. You may choose to run the experiments on autopilot, helping the feature to instantly delete bad functioning combinations.

Two Question Type:

You have the option to ask two types of quiz questions here you can ask the question as an image or text. Here you can easily mix and match in order to craft a stunning quiz.

Quiz Dashboard:

You can easily keep an overview of all of the quizzes that you create and you can easily get the basic stats across all quizzes.

Fully Mobile Friendly:

The best part is that all of the quizzes will look beautiful and work flawlessly right on any device flawlessly.

Setup Wizard:

Just set up your quiz right in the correct order and don’t just miss any piece. If somehow the configuration isn’t done properly then you’ll be notified and the problem can be fixed soon.

How To Create Quizzes With Thrive Quiz Builder Plugin?

The process of creating a quiz is very simple and I’m going to show you how to create a quiz with this plugin easily.

Just create a new quiz:

The very first step is to add a new quiz.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review- Quiz Builder Dashboard

And the best part is that you can just build a quiz from scratch and there will be also ‘ready-made templates’.

You can choose the template to build your quiz or you can simply opt to build your quizzes from scratch.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review- Build Quiz From Scratch

When you choose the option to build a quiz from scratch then  you need to just follow the given steps:

Step #1: Select A Quiz Type

You can just choose from the three types of quizzes. Here you can choose the quizzes from :

Thrive Quiz Builder Review- Choose A Quiz Type

  • Number
  • Percentage
  • Category

Step #2: Select A Quiz Style

Here the quiz style will really ensure the look right across all the elements of the quiz. You can just choose currently from four quiz styles:

Thrive Quiz Builder Review- Choose Quiz Style

  • Light Blue
  • Dark Quiz
  • Style 3 (Orange)
  • Style 4 (Dark Blue)
  • Lush Beautiful.
  • Minimalist style.
  • Grey Orange Test.
  • Quiz on the Dark Ocean Blue

And the best part is that you can easily change the style of the quiz as and when you want, even if you have created the quiz.

Step #3: Give Your Question & Answers

Now in this step, you need to just enter the question and answer for your quiz. Here you need to just click on the start right with a black canvas and simply click to Add Question to simply get started.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review- Add Your Questions Here

There are three categories of questions to pick from.

The first is a series of multiple-choice questions with icons, the second is a series of multiple-choice questions including pictures, as well as the last seems to be an open-ended question.

And here also you can choose from two variations of Question Types :

  • Multiple Choice With Text Buttons
  • Multiple Choice With Images

Thrive Quiz Builder Review- Choose A Option Type

For each question, you need to just assign a point store.

You can even add the weighing score to the answers you received in case you do not have a simple logic of correct and incorrect answers for your questions.

Even the best part is that you can simply drag and drop the questions right on the screen that you want to change the order.

Step #4: Create The Result Pages

Now we’re in the final step as here we only have to create our results pages. You can easily get started simply by selecting the result page templates:

Thrive Quiz Builder Review- Choose A Result Page

You can easily design the page according to your needs and requirements you can easily add images or buttons or even you can simply the font size.

Now your quiz has been created successfully, you can offer your quiz to your visitors.

Additional Steps:

There are actually four essential steps that are required in order to build your quizzes and the settings can be changed at your convenience. In addition to these, there are some optional features also that can be done to make your quiz more interactive and intuitive:

  • Social Share Badge: You can create an image that is more creative and thus triggers more shares. Once you press Design a Social Share Badge, you could pick one of five models to allow you to make it. The models are totally customizable to match your advertising and/or quiz. So here is an illustration of how I personalized my design to correspond with the quiz text. Once you’re done, tap Save & Leave.
  • Opt-in Gate: Right before showing the quiz results, request the users for their email addresses. This will encourage them to share it to see results and your email list would be automatically increased. The Opt-in Gate prompts users coming towards the end of your quiz to reach your queue until collecting their scores.
  • Splash Page: You can create a simple landing page for the users to take up the quiz. The splash page serves as a prelude to your quiz. Including some facts and a clear call-to-action would most certainly entice the guests to tap across and begin the quiz.

Display the Quiz

Thrive Quiz Builder - Quizzes Aren't Just For Silly Fun

Now when you want to display the quiz right on our website or blog, it’s quick and simple. Just add the shortcode right on your pages or posts and it’s done!

Copy the Questionnaire shortcode from the quiz interface. Then, launch the site or page where you want the quiz to appear and insert the shortcode directly into the document.

You need to use the shortcode block when you’re accessing WordPress Gutenberg. However, unless you already own Thrive Architect and use that to create your blogs and websites, it does have a Quiz Builder block. Start dragging this onto the site then drop it.

The quiz would be active and available to use until you tap the upload button.

Support with Thrive Quiz Builder-

Thrive Quiz seems to have wonderful support people to do the job. A single purchase secures you a complete year during unrestricted funding. You will contact an operator immediately by submitting an email request through your homepage. Email messages are responded to within 24 hours.

The addon also includes instructions to make you learn how to create and activate quizzes. They have quite a website where they post various posts with specific published information. The papers are divided into several sections.

As a result, you will get clarification on any issues that are ambiguous despite needing to call a customer service representative. You will now have a video that shows you when to use the method to have the best exchange rates.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review Pricing Plans

The pricing plans offered by Thrive Quiz Builder are very flexible and affordable. You can easily get started with Thrive Quiz Builder right away.

The Thrive Quiz Builder is only available for purchase as part of the larger Thrive Suite. In February 2021, they implemented this shift in strategy.

Thrive Quiz Builder Pricing

So, what do I think about the new policy?

It seems logical and reasonable to me. You’re missing out on a lot of potential functionality by purchasing just Thrive Quiz Builder without also purchasing Thrive Leads and Thrive Architect. If you buy everything at once, you get access to everything.

The Thrive Suite of applications costs $19 per month when paid annually ($228) or $90 per quarter when paid monthly. If you’re worried about investing that much, you have 30 days to get your money back, but I’m confident in recommending Thrive Themes since I’ve used it to create all of my sites.

Links to certain other effective advertising resources including Thrive Leads to actually build your mailing list and Thrive Architecture to allow you to create conversion-focused web pages will be included in the cost. Many of the other platforms are thoroughly discussed in our focused Thrive Suite analysis.

There are already Thrive Quiz Builder options available in the marketplace. There are all SaaS-based quiz creators. They are site ambivalent, and you’re not restricted to WordPress, although they are much more costly and have limits on the number of quizzes/leads you can create.

The best part about Thrive Quiz Builder is that it offers 30 Days Money Back Guarantee. If somehow you’re not satisfied with its service then you can get your money back.

Quick Links:

Thrive Quiz Builder Support

When you buy Thrive’s quiz builder, you’ll get access to the company’s responsive support staff for one full year.

There are a few different paths you might take if you find yourself in need of assistance beyond the end of the year.

For $40, you may buy an extra year of support, or you can get an extra year with the purchase of any of their other goods.
Joining Thrive Themes as a member gives you access to all of their products and provides you with access to their support staff at any time.
It’s a forum where you may open a ticket and wait for an answer from the support staff for questions and issues.

A lot of things about this organization are excellent, but their response time isn’t among the best. However, all questions are answered, and the user data is provided by a pleasant support crew.

Thrive Quiz Builder Review Pros and Cons

When it comes to quizzes, Thrive Themes’ quiz builder is a powerful plugin with many advantages. I’ve compiled a short list of the advantages that really stood out to me:


  • The pros of Thrive’s quiz builder include: Simple, Intuitive, and Flexible Drag-and-Drop Editor Even novices can easily create high-quality tests using Thrive’s quiz builder.
  • Create stunning quizzes with ease thanks to the wide variety of premade quizzes provided.
  • All the quizzes you make are analyzed in depth and reported on in a straightforward way right on your dashboard, giving you access to powerful data.
  • Visitor Segmentation Made Simple This tool provides dynamic material that makes visitor segmentation a breeze.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder’s A/B testing and reporting capabilities are among the best available.
  • To help you collect more email addresses, Thrive Quiz Builder includes an opt-in gate that can be connected to a variety of popular email marketing services.
  • With Thrive’s quiz builder, you can create a quiz that looks great on any mobile device.
  • You may also acquire badges that are suited for sharing on social media and can be readily customized.


  • Only compatible with WordPress; this is perhaps the tool’s biggest limitation. You can’t use it to make quizzes or embed them on social media, but you may make your own quiz on your own site or blog and then share it.
  • While the Thrive quiz builder is equipped with many useful features, it does not provide a wide variety of question formats to pick from. Having additional premade structures to use as starting points will greatly enhance the program.
  • Insufficient Backing: There is no live help or phone number to call. Opening a ticket every time you have a question or need assistance may be tedious and annoying, especially for new users who may have a lot of questions as they learn how to use the service.

FAQs on Thrive Quiz Builder Review

Can videos be added to the quiz?

Yes, videos can be added while creating quizzes on any of the above platforms. But the video should be of special streaming quality and duration so that it is compatible with the document.

Can the quizzes be created on any device?

Yes, all the platforms mentioned above have their mobile version as well, and hence a Laptop or a PC is not required to create a quiz and can be done through your smartphones as well hence making it very easy and comfortable to create quizzes from anywhere and at your suitable time.

Can you copy quizzes from one account to the other?

No, copying of quizzes from one account to the other is not allowed due to highly secured networks.

Is Thrive Quiz Builder a free application?

Thrive Quiz Builder is included in the Thrive Suite for $90 a quarter. Access to additional critical marketing resources such as Thrive Leads to help you grow your email list and Thrive Architect to help you create conversion-focused landing pages is included in the price.

What exactly is the Thrive Quiz?

The Thrive Questionnaire Builder plugin for WordPress enables you to make quizzes on your website. It is primarily concerned with two objectives: To assist you in developing quizzes that engage and capture the interest of your guests (without needing to know how to code or work photoshop).

What would the Thrive Ultimatum entail?

Thrive Ultimatum is the ultimate WordPress urgency marketing tactic. Its primary objective is to instill a sense of urgency on the landing pages and website, compelling visitors to do what you want them to do – convert.

What is a Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is a visual page creator created specifically for enterprise and conversion-oriented websites. And, since we understand how busy entrepreneurs are, Thrive Architect is designed with an obsessive emphasis on usage speed.

What is a Thrive Apprentice?

Thrive Apprentice is the only WordPress learning management system (LMS) that enables you to visually configure your course setting and create lesson material using an unmatched drag-and-drop editor.

What is the Thrive Theme Builder application?

Thrive Theme Builder is Thrive Themes' latest flagship offering, succeeding their legacy themes. Thrive Theme Builder is the first visual drag-and-drop theme creator for WordPress, allowing you to develop the structure and style of your blog quickly.

Thrive Quiz Builder Alternatives

The alternatives to the Thrive Quiz builder are as follows,

1) Type form

Typeform reviews

Type form enables you to create engaging quizzes for the students or leads, which enhance your company’s interaction with them, by using beautifully designed and professional-looking forms and surveys that everyone usually loves to fill up.

This platform enables you to take reviews and feedback from people on a particular product or service, receive payments, sign up customers for upcoming events and functions, And make quizzes


Typeform has three Pricing plans as listed below,


  • This plan costs you about $35 per month. It provides you with 1000 responses per month and three logic jumps performed, and many other essential features.


  • This plan costs you about $35 per month (only if paid yearly). It provides you with 5000 responses per month and unlimited logical jumps and Typeform, with additional features of hidden fields, HubSpot integration, and so on.


  • This plan costs you about $70 per month. It has 10,000 responses per month, with unlimited access to all the features available on Typeform.

2) SurveyMonkey

Best surveymonkey

This platform helps you create interactive quizzes for students or any part of the public to test their knowledge and skills. It has several features like statistical data analysis, which shows the difficulty level of each question. It also emails the quiz takers about when they are supposed to take the quiz.

The best part about this platform is that you can access it through any device, and hence is favorable for everyone. The automatic scoring feature is the critical highlight which shows accurate results in no time.


Survey monkey has three pricing plans as listed below,

Advantage plan

  • It costs you $27 per month. It allows 5000 responses per month.

Premier plan

  • It costs you $66 per month. It allows 7500 responses per month along with an additional feature of a white label survey.

Standard plan

  • It costs you $11 per month with 1000 responses per month and a limited number of features.

3) Google Forms

Google Forms

This is one of the most used platforms for creating quizzes and surveys. It is effortless to be used and analyzed. It is preferred by most teachers or companies to create quizzes or record responses, respectively, due to its reliability, accuracy, and ease of use. It helps you make smarter forms and quizzes and makes their sharing very easy.


It has three pricing plans as follows,

  • The business starter: It costs you $2 per user per month.
  • The business standard: It costs you $9 per user per month.
  • The business plus: It costs you $17 per user per month

4) ProProfs quiz maker

Proprofs Quiz Maker

This is also one of the most well-known online quiz builders used and trusted by several teachers and professors worldwide. It has several specialties like allowing the collaboration of multiple people in building a quiz, importing the results immediately into an excel sheet, auto-generated reports and analysis and the automatic grading system saves a lot of time and increases the accuracy


  • ProProfs has the following Pricing plans,
  • The free plan: It costs you $0 per month.
  • The basic plan: It costs you $19 per month.
  • The team plan: It costs you $ 79 per month.
  • The business plan: It costs you $139 per month.

Conclusion: Thrive Quiz Builder Review 2024

Thrive Quiz Builder Review Quizzes Aren't Just For Silly Fun

When it comes to quiz builders, I’ve tried a few. Some were overly complex and some lacked the features I needed. But when I tried Thrive Quiz Builder, I was immediately impressed.

The plugin is easy to use, with a great builder window that makes it easy to visualize your quiz. And the best part? The complexity of branching logic is all taken care of for you. So if you want to create a quiz with multiple paths, Thrive Quiz Builder has you covered.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed with Thrive Quiz Builder. It’s easy to use, feature-rich and looks great. If you’re in the market for a quiz builder, I highly recommend giving Thrive Quiz Builder a try.

We hope this Thrive Quiz Builder Review post suits your purpose well. If you like the post then try to share in on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Do you use quizzes on your website or blog? Feel free to share your views right in the comment section below.


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  1. Hola, tengo un problema con el thrive quiz. Lo he montado todo para captar suscriptores. En principio lo he integrado mediante API con mi active campaing. Este paso creo que esta bien, porque me deja elegir la lista de suscriptores que quiero usar, de todas mis listas.
    Pero no me deja elegir el formulario de active para acabar de intégralo. Me aparece “no forms available”

    Con lo cual es proceso no llega a finalizarse correctamente.

    Y tambien me surge la duda. Si quiero mostrar los resultados en video enviándolos a mi web para visualizarlo. Tengo que poner la secuencia.. splash page / cuestionario/ opt-in/ results/…. porque veo que no puedo eliminar el bloque de resultados. Con lo cual pondría el lead generator en este último bloque.

    Muchas gracias

  2. Quizzes are a huge part of marketing your business, but what if you have no idea how to build them? The only thing worse than that is when you’re not getting the results that you want. This is where Thrive Quiz Builder comes in handy! It takes just a few simple steps from adding them on-site or from uploading, inserting your edits with comments and questions, order prioritizing zapping away duplicates…let’s make it happen!
    The Thrive Quiz Builder adds a new dimension to graphic quizzes by including an optional survey loop that can’t be found anywhere else. You get further insights into your clients and their demographic profiles.

  3. The Thrive Quiz Builder has been proven to dramatically increase email signups, social shares and website traffic that generates leads. It’s really easy for anyone to produce stunning quizzes in just seconds without any coding knowledge. This Plugin will help you grow your business through the results of engaging quizzes on your site!

  4. I’m extremely excited to rock this quiz, so I will power through the instructions. There are some really good instructions! The website is well-made and loads quickly. I contacted Thrive Quiz by email, not phone (it’s better) which was answered promptly by an operator within 24 hours. The addon includes instructions on how to create quizzes too! They have lots of papers posted about all sorts of things that can answer your questions – it’s like you’re looking for answers at your fingertips without any digging involved… Putting together a quiz is easy with these smooth moves.

  5. The Thrive Quiz Builder has reached new heights in terms of plug-in capability and standards. This is an advanced WordPress plug-in that allows you to gain valuable customer insights on the spot, right on your website.
    You’ll have the data you need to provide the best content to all of the visitors that land on your site and to create new products and services that consumers are looking for right now.
    I highly recommend this plug-in for anyone that is serious about bringing their business to the next level!!

  6. Thrive Quiz Builder plug-in is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge.
    When you first start using the Thrive Quiz Builder you’ll notice that you can use one of the ready-made templates or can create your own quiz from scratch.
    The Thrive Quiz Builder also gives you the opportunity to do A/B testing on different variations. These testing features can be set up on the Results Page, on the Opt-in Gate or on the Splash Page. This testing will show you the variations on these pages that have the best rates of conversion.

  7. Thrive Quiz Builder is one platform that provides you with everything like:
    ✅User-friendly platform
    ✅A/B testing
    ✅Powerful analytics
    ✅Dynamic results
    ✅Social badges
    ✅Branching logic
    ✅Opt-in gate and splash page
    ✅Affordable pricing

  8. This product updates you on changes to the quiz builder, it’s wonderful because they have a bunch of great people to do this job for you. The purchase also includes unlimited funding so if the questions are too easy or unfair there’s always someone waiting by email 24 hrs per day, ready to help. All memos are responded to within 24 hours so if you ever need extra assistance with anything just submit an email request and rest assured that you’ll get all necessary information back in a timely manner. You can also check out their website for posts about different sections where they publish specific information pertaining to quizzes. They are sub-divided into various posts which correspond accordingly with detailed instructions on how to create up your own quizzes, balance them out comfortably enough for practically anyone.

  9. I got the Thrive Quiz Builder to help me create quizzes for my blog. Testing out different variations of questions to find the right mix was really easy because I could build all sorts of tests in mere minutes. I timed myself and it took me about 10 seconds total! The other cool thing is that you can use this for content marketing, promotional campaigns, or advertisements on social media – it’s pretty flexible which way you want to go with it. Love this tool a lot.

  10. When I first heard there was this new plugin called Thrive Quiz Builder, I dismissed it as just another quiz maker. Boy, was I wrong! With Thrive Quiz Builder you can create stunning quizzes in seconds. It’s the perfect solution to generate leads for your website or blog because people willingly share their results with their friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
    Apart from that, within minutes of installing this product, your Google Analytics will start crawling around data showing how many visitors are clicking through to answer questions about whatever topic you choose. And finally, you have the power to customise every aspect because all controls are intuitively placed at your fingertips…seriously, what more could anybody want?

  11. Hello! I love this plugin. When I first learned about it, I thought Thrive Quiz Builder was just another quiz maker. But once I got started with it, everything turned up to be quite easy! And the best part is that my new quizzes are converting far better than ever before! Haha, guess what? After seeing these results, even my boss is impressed now I’m loving this plugin at the moment and would recommend it to anyone looking for an excellent quiz builder!!!

  12. Thrive Quiz is a great tool for assessing skills and understanding how you’re progressing. I love that they have unlimited free support which is very rare among the many services of this kind. You can contact them by email every day, or through one of their social media sites, if needed. They will reply within 24 hours usually which is very fast! Their website has lots of helpful information with easy access to it too…

  13. Thrive Quiz Builder is an incredible WordPress Plugin that can assist you with making tests for your site or blog. Furthermore, this module can help you in expanding your email list, social offers and furthermore gives you information to develop your business.

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