Templ.io Review 2024 Top 5 Features & Pricing (Is This WordPress Host Any Good?)

Templ Review

Overall Verdict

If you’re looking for a cheap hosting solution, then the Templ.io platform might not be your best bet as they offer managed WordPress services powered by GCP and their prices can get expensive if need high-traffic websites or web development agencies who require features that won't actually benefit most users (such as offline storage). If these things don't bother u/you personally - go ahead an invest in what looks like really promising tech!

Out of 10


  • Control panel is simple to use.
  • Numerous plans to choose
  • Free 10-day trial period
  • Phone assistance is available.
  • Powered by Google and its cloud servers.


  • Non-WooCommerce/WordPress users have no choice.


Price: $ 15

Are you seeking a Templ.io hosting Review 2024? Now is the time to read our professional evaluation.

The significance of obtaining the best hosting service for your website arises from the fact that the sort of host you choose influences your website’s overall performance.

As a result, it’s vital that you choose a hosting solution that’s appropriate for your website and guarantees that your WordPress blogs run safely and efficiently.

Even though Templ.io isn’t as well-known as Bluehost or other similar hosts, it claims speedier websites with improved performance and cutting-edge capabilities.

Templ.io Review

You’re undoubtedly curious about what templ.io has to offer and whether it’s a good fit for your website if you’re considering it for WordPress hosting.

We’ll go over everything it has to offer in this article so you can decide whether to move or establish a new website using Templ.io features.

A good host will enhance conversions and traffic retention in addition to providing speedier performance.

So, let’s examine if Templ.io has everything you’ll need for hosting a WordPress website.

Templ Review 2024: What Is Templ.io?

Templ.io is a cloud-hosting platform that was founded in 2017 by a group of developers and eCommerce experts.

It is a Google CloudPlatform-powered WordPress hosting service.

Its services include managed WordPress hosting, hosting for WooCommerce websites, and cloud hosting for businesses.

According to its website, “Templ.io was created as a replacement for slow and insecure low-cost shared web hosting, where hundreds of websites are hosted on the same server,” according to company.

Templ.io Review

The goal is to provide fast, dependable hosting for businesses of all sizes that use WordPress as their website building platform.

Their hosting services are best optimized for the needs of a WordPress website, so you can expect your websites to run smoothly.

It makes use of Google Cloud’s vast power to give WordPress and WooCommerce users with web hosting services.

On its website, it describes itself as a Google Cloud technology partner.

The company’s whole support crew is made up of WordPress specialists, and it has made a lot of noise since its beginning.

How was Templ.io formed?

Templ.io, based in Stockholm, Sweden, is a cloud hosting platform that was founded in 2017 by a group of developers and e-commerce veterans.

They are a certified Google Cloud Technology Partner and use the immense power of Google Cloud to provide hosting services for WordPress and WooCommerce users.

Among their existing clients are a number of well-known companies in the Swedish eCommerce sector, as well as a number of selective small enterprises.

Templ is also environmentally conscious, with its infrastructure being carbon neutral.

What does Templ offer? 

Templ.io is solely dedicated to managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

It has all of the features you’d expect from a managed WordPress hosting service, plus some.

You get one free WordPress installation, assistance with transferring an unlimited number of websites, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, and automatic daily backups.

The fact that Templ.io is powered by Google Cloud is its distinguishing feature.

Rather than maintaining its own hosting infrastructure, the company makes use of more than 20 Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data centers spread across five continents.

1. Dashboard:

This is where you can access your website’s details, manage your domain names, email addresses, backups, etc.

2. SSL:

Temp.io automatically provides an SSL certificate from LetsEncrypt to every site you create, and they are also automatically renewed, so there is nothing you need to do when it comes to SSL.

Temp ssl

3. Choose the location of the Google Cloud data center:

Hosting your website closer to where your customers are increases the speed and response times of your website by up to 90%.

Users of Templ have the option of doing so with one of 20 data centers located around the world.

4. Free migration:

As long as the site is a WordPress site, a free migration service from any other web hosting provider is available to all new customers.

While migrating across, Templ’s experts provide new customers with a temporary domain.

migration Templ

This allows you to double-check that your newly hosted website functions properly before launching it.

5. Controlled security:

Templ handles all aspects of security for your website’s hosting.

This includes regular checks to ensure that your website is never down, as well as regular checks of your WordPress installation and all of its themes and plugins to ensure that they are free of known vulnerabilities.

6. Automatic daily backups:

You get automatic backups every day (which are kept for a month). There’s also a 1-click restore option in case something goes wrong.

daily backup templ

7. Scaling:

With the click of a button, you can expand the capacity of your site as your business grows. Downgrading is also possible in an instant.

Add-on Services

Here are the add-on services:

1. Speed optimization:

Templ.io’s speed optimization services will keep your performance at its peak.

The service includes ensuring that WordPress is configured correctly for optimal performance.

It also performs a plugin audit to identify and replace any blacklisted plugins.

Database optimization, image optimization, cache management, and monitoring server logs for issues are also included.

It also checks for and troubleshoots any other serious issues that may be preventing WP-CLI processing from working.

When migrating from another platform to Templ.io, there is no charge. The standard price is $289. (Speed optimization) 

2. WordPress Updates :

This service keeps your website up to date with regular updates.

It’s free for the first year, then $49 per month. It consists of updating WordPress to the most recent version, updating plugins, and updating the theme.

It also ensures that plugins that have vulnerabilities are updated on a timely basis.

Getting Started With Templ Hosting

It is extremely easy to get started with Templ.io hosting. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Create an Account:

You go to the website and sign up for an account.

You have the option of signing up with your email address, Gmail, or even Facebook. As soon as you have finished creating your account.

On the Templ platform, you will see the option to create a new website.

templ account create

If you already manage your site on another hosting provider and want to migrate it to Templ, you will see the option to migrate a site.

As a result, you may select any of the options. If you are starting a new site, choose Create Website; if you are migrating an existing site, choose Migrate Website.

2. Choose Server Location:

If you are creating a new website, you can enter the domain name and choose a server location from a list of options from around the world.

Templ server


3. Temporary Site:

The Templ platform will then create a temporary site for you so that you can edit it before it goes live.

And, while you’re in this temporary environment, you can contact the team if you want to further optimize your site to make it even faster.

4. Free Migrations:

If you already manage a site and want to migrate it to a Templ server, you can do so by submitting a migration request to the Templ team.

You don’t have to do anything.

free migration tem

Once your site has been migrated to Templ’s staging environment, you can check to see if everything is in order.

If you want to further optimize it, you can notify the team to work on the speed to make it even faster.

How Much Does Templ Cost? Templ.io Pricing

Templ provides a free 10-day trial period so that you can try their services risk-free. They also have five paid plans to choose from

  • Micro Plan
  • Small Plan
  • Small Plus Plan
  • Medium Plan
  • Large Plan
  • Custom Plan 

Any of the packages can be upgraded or downgraded at any time via the Templ control panel/dashboard.

The plans are priced on a monthly or annual basis, with yearly prices being less expensive, i.e., if you pay in advance for the entire year.

All prices exclude VAT:

  • Micro Plan starts $15 per month ($14 per month annually)
  • Small: $29 per month ($27 per month annually)
  • Small Plus: $54 per month ( $50 per month annually)
  • Medium: $79 per month ( $73 per month annually)
  • Large: $149 per month ($136 per month annually)
  • Custom (costs depends on your configuration)

Here are the plans:

Micro Plan :

  • 1 CPU Core (shared, 12.5%)
  • 0.5 GB RAM
  • 5 GB SSD Storage
  • 10 GB bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • 1 Click Staging

Small Plan:

Suitable for established websites.


  • 2 CPU Core (shared, 25%)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • 10GB bandwidth
  • Free SSL
  • 1 WordPress install

Medium Plan:

Suitable for larger and growing businesses.


  • 2 CPU Core (shared, 50%)
  • 4GB RAM
  • 25GB SSD Storage
  • 25GB bandwidth
  • Free SSL

Large Plan:

Suitable for businesses with a large number of visitors and users.


  • 2 CPU Cores (dedicated)
  • 8GB RAM
  • 50GB SSD Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth
  • Free SSL

Templ IO hosting pricing

You can add storage to any plan for $0.30 per GB per month, and you can do so without any downtime, which is very convenient.

If you end up using more bandwidth than what’s included, extra bandwidth costs $0.2/GB, and Templ also states that they never shut down a site due to overages, so you don’t have to worry about that.

All Templ.io plans include the same features and tools, which is great if you only host one website and don’t want to forego any of the benefits of higher-tier plans.

Why do we like Templ.io?

Templ.io support team makes it easier to access and manage a Google Cloud server, and its dashboard is simple to use.

However, some essential beginner-friendly tools are missing, so the host is better suited to users who already have some experience with website development.

If you’re already familiar with WordPress, you’ll appreciate Templ’s well-optimized, time-saving platform.

1. Simplified & Intuitive Control Panel:

One of the most appealing aspects of Templ is its proprietary control panel, which greatly simplifies hosting management for you.

The control panels that typically come with a managed WordPress site – cPanel or Plesk – frequently include a slew of options and tools that you’ll never use.

Templ’s control panel, on the other hand, has been pared down to the essentials, including domain management, email, usage statistics, backups, and even data center location.

2. WordPress and WooCommerce ready:

The fact that Templ.io is a WordPress-only platform has several advantages.

Not only is the server stack optimized for WordPress, but the software deployed on your account during the initial setup is as well.


Whether you’re constructing a commercial website or a WooCommerce platform, you don’t have to spend hours changing settings to ensure that your site loads quickly.

There’s also specialized support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week if you get stuck.

3. Performance Powered by Google Cloud:

Because Templ.io is hosted on GCP, it is extremely unlikely that you will experience any performance or uptime issues.

Your website will, in fact, be hosted on the same cloud infrastructure that hosts Google Search and YouTube.

All plans include solid-state drives (SSDs), which are approximately 20 times faster and more reliable than hard disc drives (HDDs).

Furthermore, Templ.io employs the Nginx web server rather than the more commonly used Apache, which results in improved performance and stability.

4. SSD Web Hosting:

Super-fast and extremely productive This feature-rich hosting platform also includes solid-state drives.

The SSD is included with all plans. This drive merely boosts the overall performance and dependability of websites.

The solid-state drive, in the end, reduces overall website downtime and is ideal for all types of small and medium businesses.

5. Super-responsive Customer Support:

Templ.io provides sales support via live chat and email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (UTC+1), and phone support between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

However, once you become a paying customer, you can only get tech support via live chat.

According to Templ.io, the best support channel is live chat because the support agent can easily identify your account, and the entire Templ.io team can see your messages and contribute to a more effective response.

To be honest, I’m fine with it.

Templ.io promises to respond to inquiries within a few minutes during business hours and no more than 15 minutes outside of business hours, and the support team follows through on this promise.

Pros and Cons of Templ.io Reviews

Let’s start with the perks…


  • The Control panel is simple to use.
  • There are numerous plans to choose from, especially when the “Custom” plan is considered.
  • It is powered by Google and its cloud servers.
  • Free 10-day trial period (without a credit card needed)
  • Phone assistance is available.


  • All plans has a specific amount of bandwidth that is included.
  • If you need more storage as a small business, it can be costly.
  • Non-WooCommerce/WordPress users have no choice.

Customer TEMPL.IO Review:

 customer Review

 customer Reviews

FAQs About Templ Review 2024

What Email Setup do we get in Templ.io?

On its cloud-based platform, Templ provides SMTP email configuration support. In addition, the email settings allow you to add forwarders.

Is Templ.io able to provide WordPress backups?

Yes, you can get daily backups for WordPress for free. Backups will be kept on the same server.

Is it possible to get a free trial?

You certainly can. You can get a free 10-day trial by simply signing up on the website without using a credit card.

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FINAL VERDICT: Templ Review 2024

Templ provides the most cost-effective managed WordPress hosting powered by Google Cloud.

My site hosted on Templ performs better than any other host.

In fact, Templ is the only host that provides Google CDN full page caching, which is how my site passed “Core Web Vitals.” 

With all the latest services, Templ.io certainly provides an optimal hosting environment for your WordPress websites.

Overall, Templ hosting offers the best value for money while also providing excellent WordPress support.

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