10 Best Podcast Hosting Providers & Platforms 2024: #1 Recommended

Are you an aspiring podcaster looking to start the next big show in podcasting?

Well, I understand the challenges you might be facing. With hundreds of thousands of shows already running, it can be overwhelming to figure out the best way to get your audio online.

That’s why I’ve compiled this comprehensive list of the top best podcast hosting providers so that you can make an informed decision based on features, pricing, and customer feedback.

Whether you’re new to podcasting or a seasoned pro like me, I’ll help you find an option that meets your needs and budget. So, keep reading to learn about my favorite picks for starting a successful show!

Best Podcast Hosting Providers & Platforms

10 Best Podcast Hosting Providers Of 2024

1) RSS.com:


RSS.com has quickly grown to be one of the top podcast hosting providers due to its low price and a long list of features needed to grow a successful podcast. 

One thing I like about RSS.com is how simple it is to use. You can get a new podcast set up in under five minutes. 

Every RSS.com podcaster gets a podcasting website where you can add custom cover art, a show description, and external links to donation platforms.

A full list of your most recent episodes that your followers can listen to on your RSS.com podcasting page.

RSS.com has also partnered with Apple, allowing RSS.com podcasters to make money from their shows by providing early access and exclusive episodes to their fans through Apple Podcasts Subscriptions. 

I like that RSS.com allows everyone to start a podcast and upload up to one episode for free to see how easy their platform is to use.


  • RSS.com provides up-to-date news and information from a range of sources.
  • Receive notifications when new content is available.
  • Create custom RSS feeds for your favourite topics.
  • Filter through the noise with personalized recommendations tailored to your individual interests.
  • Search millions of articles, videos, podcasts and more in seconds.
  • Enjoy an ad-free experience across all devices.
  • Access exclusive content from some of the world’s leading publishers.
  • Easily share articles, videos and podcasts with friends and family.

2) Podcastics:

Podcastics Overview

Podcastics is a newer alternative to the other best podcast hosting platforms. However, it is gaining popularity due to its user-friendly design and competitive features.

It has an intuitive dashboard comparable to that of PodBean. You only need to input your podcast’s information and configure user rights to get started. 

They also enable you to establish teams inside the dashboard and manage all your podcasts. The dashboard’s remarkable features include podcast editing, RSS import, comprehensive statistics, and automatic podcast descriptions.


  • Podcasts provide the ability to design, produce and distribute podcasts through our intuitive and user-friendly platform.
  • Their editing tools give you full control over audio mixing, sound effects, and music curation for a professional-sounding podcast episode.
  • They also offer unlimited cloud storage so that you can keep as many episodes as you like in one place.
  • With their Analytics Dashboard, you can get real-time insights into how your podcast is performing and make data-driven decisions about future content.
  • Finally, Podcastics has an automated distribution system to ensure your podcast reaches the widest possible audience through all major podcast directories, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Play Music.

3) Spreaker:

Spreaker - Best Podcast Hosting Provider

Spreaker is an all-in-one solution intended to meet the requirements of all podcasters. Spreaker lets you quickly produce and manage your podcasts.

It also has online and smartphone applications, so you can easily record and broadcast your podcasts from anywhere you want & anytime you want.

You may utilize the Spreaker studio from the app to record your podcasts.

The user interface of this platform is rather intuitive. Once your podcast is uploaded to Spreaker, it will be immediately distributed to all podcast-listening sites.

It has remarkable features. They also showcase their popular podcasts on their website.


  • Spreaker lets users easily create audio content such as podcasts and radio shows with its intuitive interface that’s easy for all experience levels.
  • With Spreaker, you can upload your existing audio content or record live using its built-in tools. You can even add sound effects to enhance your audio when broadcasting.
  • Spreaker also offers features to help you grow your audience, such as custom URLs, detailed analytics, and social media sharing options.
  • With premium plans that offer advanced features like podcast monetization and embeddable players for websites and blogs, Spreaker is a great way to get started with audio content creation or take your existing audio content to the next level.
  • Spreaker also provides users with helpful resources like tutorials, technical support, and customer service options. This ensures that you’re always supported while creating your audio content.

4) Captivate:


Captivate is another of the best podcast hosting services focusing on audience growth and development.

The hosting service enables you to produce and broadcast numerous podcasts to generate revenue and promote your brand.

In addition, Captivate is an easy-to-use hosting solution, allowing newcomers to get started quickly.

In addition, it offers you quick access to a dashboard from which you can manage your podcast, review your analytics, and plan. Another advantage of Captivate is that it does not limit the number of uploads.

Whatever plan you choose, you can enjoy unlimited uploads with unique podcast hosting features and tools.

However, its only drawback is this hosting provider’s lack of free plans. You have the option of a 7-day free trial.


  • Create interactive learning experiences with quizzes, drag-and-drop activities, and more.
  • Engage your learners with audio and video tools to enhance the digital learning experience.
  • Quickly build beautiful courses without coding knowledge or experience required.
  • Provide accurate analytics on user progress and course completion rates.
  • Make eLearning content accessible from any device with an easy-to-use mobile version.
  • Simplify content maintenance and updates with automated workflows.

5) RedCircle:


With RedCircle, you can utilize your podcast to promote advertisements, accept contributions, and collaborate with podcasters on other platforms.

It is our pick for one of the top podcast-hosting platforms since users have complete control over their material. 

It also enables you to develop & distribute your material anytime you want, and you can pick on whatever platforms you want to share it.

RedCircle has no restriction on the number of podcasts that may be created. The biggest feature of this platform is that it offers a free plan with no restrictions, but advertisements will support your account.


  • RedCircle helps bring your business into the spotlight – with features like online marketing, website and app development, and custom-branded content creation to get your message out to your target audience.
  • With customized data analytics, you can track user engagement with your products and services to make informed decisions about reaching more customers.
  • RedCircle also offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services to help your business reach new heights.
  • Additionally, RedCircle allows its customers to create their own branded content.
  • Finally, RedCircle offers a range of customer service options so you can ensure that your customers are taken care of every step of the way.

6) SimpleCast:

SimpleCast Overview

The hosting service is well-known for its industry-leading, cost-effective features.

SimpleCast makes it easy to publish and distribute your podcast across several platforms, regardless of whether you are a novice with no experience or a seasoned pro with years of expertise.

Moreover, Facebook, Nike, Medium, Twitter, and several other prominent firms extensively utilize this famous hosting company.

Not unexpectedly, its great functionality and dynamic qualities have made it so popular that leading companies use it.

The most advantageous aspect of SimpleCast is that it is inexpensive!


  • A fully integrated website where you can customize and publish your podcast in minutes;
  • Powerful analytics and detailed metrics so you can understand exactly how listeners are engaging with your content;
  • Flexible publishing options on all major podcast platforms and,
  • Automated delivery of high-quality audio files to wherever your listeners are.

7) Transistor:


Transistor is an easy-to-use, feature-rich podcast service. Although a relatively new service, it has allowed users to produce successful podcasts with more audience participation and to develop a larger online following.

Transistor entered our ranking in large part because of its extensive analytical functionality.

It also allows you to publish your podcast to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts, providing extensive podcast analytics.

Additionally, you can quickly add each episode to your WordPress articles and websites.

Overall, it offers users some complete options for building a podcast audience and is the best option if you want your podcast to reach a larger audience.


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8) Podbean:

Podbean - Best Podcast Hosting Provider

PodBean is one of the most dependable podcast hosting services, offering everything you need to create and distribute a successful podcast to your audience.

One of the finest aspects of their services is that they make it simpler for beginners and experts to get started.

Another characteristic that distinguishes PodBean from the other hosting providers is its inexpensive unlimited bandwidth package. Using Podbean to create a podcast is simple and uncomplicated.

In addition, the hosting service offers superior design tools, allowing you to host your website online with innovative and original themes.

In addition to the typical capabilities of podcast hosts, users may now host video podcasts!

PodBean may be the finest answer if you’re looking for an inexpensive and top-tier podcast hosting platform! You may also use these podcast links in your video podcasting.


  • Podbean’s user-friendly interface makes creating and managing podcasts simple and efficient.
  • The Audio Monetization feature on Podbean allows content creators to monetize their podcasts by offering their audience ad space or subscription services.
  • Additionally, podbean’s tools and integrations enable you to share your podcast with popular streaming platforms easily.
  • Users can also manage their podcast subscriptions from within the app, allowing them to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes from their favourite shows.

9) BuzzSprout:

BuzzSprout is the best choice

BuzzSprout is the best choice if you seek easy-to-use podcast hosting services with amazing features. Simply upload your files, and the hosting services will take care of everything.

Additionally, it provides free instructional resources to help you get started immediately and offers several effective tools for optimizing your podcast.

BuzzSprout also provides a free WordPress plugin, which is a great feature.

If you do not already have a website, the hosting provider may construct one for you on which you can use your unique domain name and modify the design.

Finally, it provides excellent customer service, so if you get stuck, you know a crew is ready to assist you!


  • BuzzSprout allows you to get your podcast up and running quickly, with no tech knowledge required.
  • It has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop uploader that lets you add files from any device.
  • You can also use the built-in audio editor to enhance the sound quality of your recordings.
  • The platform offers automated tagging, so you can organize your episodes and make them easier to find.
  • With BuzzSprout, you can also distribute your podcast to major platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more with just a few clicks.

10) Libsyn:


Since 2004, this best podcast hosting provider has been a dependable podcast hosting service, serving the requirements of hundreds of users, including some of the most famous personalities in the world.

Libsyn’s major objective is to provide an easy-to-use platform that spotlights your brand and markets your podcast through several channels with highly effective features.

Additionally, using this tool, you can effortlessly monetize your podcasts and upload them from anywhere.

Libsyn also allows interfaces with different WordPress plugins and enables you to utilize its plugin, Libsyn Publisher Hub.

This may be your best option if you want a dependable and user-friendly solution with the most affordable price plan. You even have the opportunity to include affiliate marketing.


  • Libsyn provides a fast, reliable hosting service for your audio and video podcast files, allowing you to upload large media files in minutes.
  • It offers advanced analytics to track how many people are downloading and listening to each episode and which countries they’re coming from.
  • With their content filtering system, you can add tags and categories to your podcast episodes so they’re easier for listeners to find.

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Conclusion: Best Podcast Hosting Providers

In conclusion, I want to emphasize that the best podcast hosting plays a crucial role in creating a show that truly stands out from the crowd.

With the right service provider, I believe you can create an amazing and user-friendly platform for your podcast.

It’s worth noting that the best podcast hosting services may offer additional features beyond what I’ve mentioned in this post, so I encourage you to do your research and decide what will work best for your individual needs.

Additionally, keep in mind that many of the best podcast hosting companies typically offer free trials for new plans.

As someone who has been through the process, I encourage you to take advantage of these trials to try out different services before making a commitment.

Ultimately, finding the right podcast hosting provider means creating an environment where listeners can easily access your content and, just like I hope for my own show, get hooked on your incredible content.

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