Teikametrics Review 2024 | 🚀 A Powerful Amazon PPC Manager ?

Teikametrics Review

Overall Verdict

Teikametrics is an effective sales and profitability management tool for Amazon.com. It helps users build their businesses, increasing profit margins. The programme combines data science and automation. It ensures consumers spend effectively and seize all possibilities. This tool eliminates rule-based bidding. They learn machine learning optimization. Users may examine their individual and account profitability, including promotions, fees, and advertising. Keyword automation in the programme saves users time. Teikametrics helps users boost sales, efficiency, and visibility via automation. The software's professionals are constantly available to support users.

Out of 10


  • Real-time smart tracking and accurate data reports
  • Unique features that provide you with custom reporting.
  • A complete and robust solution for all the large scale Amazon sellers and businesses.
  • User-friendly interface and exceptional customer service.
  • Completely managed services save you time and effort.
  • Automatic Keyword Action


  • Might turn expensive for small-scale businesses.
  • When it comes to support, the only thing I can really say is that they are occasionally a little slow


Price: $ 59

Looking for Teikametrics Review I am here to help you today.

Do you want a platform that helps your company to grow? Are you a brand looking to maximize profit by delivering more products and better customer service?

Amazon is a huge company and it’s tough to keep up with its ever-changing strategies.

The Amazon marketplace is not just about Amazon. It’s about the competition. Amazon has over 100 million products and over 2 million sellers in its marketplace. The money you’re spending on Amazon ads, Amazon PPC, and Amazon Sponsored Products is not enough to stay in the game.

Teikametrics is a robust, user-friendly tech platform that provides a precise approach for larger Amazon companies. It ensures that the company becomes more profitable by maximizing Amazon-funded product bids, and removing needless advertising from you amazon.

Teikametrics is a new-age Amazon advertisement management platform that aims to help you maximize your ROI from the expenditure that you make on advertisements.

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront :

Teikametrics is a robust, user-friendly tech platform that provides a precise approach for larger Amazon companies. It ensures that the company becomes more profitable by maximising.

Amazon funded product bids, removing needless advertising from your PPC promotions, and assisting you in finding lucrative new prospects. It’s one of the very few resources in the market with the added appeal of the human element, which others find to be a big selling point. At any time, sellers will reach out to someone on the other end of a phone line, live chat, or text. The Teikametrics team of experts will provide guidance or recommendations about how to use a certain feature to ensure that you get the most out of Teikametrics. Try Teikametrics free trial now.

Today I will do the detailed Teikametrics Review 2024 and will explore all the features of Teikametrics.

Teikametrics is a robust platform that helps sellers to build their advertisement campaigns using keyword bidding, automate their keyword actions, and do goal-oriented campaign optimization.

In addition to managing your entire advertisement campaign, Teikametrics also provides you with Walmart Ads support, a multi-utility account manager, advertisement strategy development, etc.

Teikametrics Review 2024

Teikametrics pricing details

About Teikametrics : (Top Pros & Cons)

Teikametrics is an Amazon advertising platform that operates on a pay-per-click module. This platform offers you keyword and bid automation and campaign management services for advertisers.

Teikametrics - Amazon Advertising

While most of the similar service providers purely run on AI, this platform prides itself on being ‘human-assisted’. I advise that you take the help of their in-house experts to build and run your campaign as they have a talented team of individuals who are dedicated to getting things done.

🔥Flywheel 2.0 by Teikametrics: New Feature

Teikametrics launched their new tool which is  Flywheel 2.0 connects your data and applies AI to optimize for sales and profitability. With more sales, comes higher sales rank and organic traffic, resulting in more data for our AI to optimize your business. It easily optimizes your business for smart, strategic growth on Amazon and Walmart.com.

Teikametrics Flywheel
Teikametrics Flywheel

What tools does Teikametrics offer?

Teikametrics offers a set of tools that are designed to help businesses to reach their full potential by providing a boost to their profits. This tool makes sure that you get the best ROI possible on the investment that you make for advertising.

🚀 Let’s look at all the tools that this platform offers for you to understand this platform’s potential

Amazon ads automation

Teikametrics Sponsored Products Optimizer

This tool helps the sellers to optimize their Amazon-sponsored product campaigns for profitability. The Teikametrics sponsored products optimizer helps the seller to stay at the top of the game and gives them a competitive edge over their competition. By using this tool, you can:

Teikametrics - Amazon Advertising Bid Optimization

Design Targeted Campaigns

The experts working for the company will help you in creating advertising campaigns in correspondence with the market standards and also meets the requirement of business goals.

Easy Keyword Researcher

You don’t have to worry about finding the most profitable keywords as the tool will take care of it for you. The algorithm is excellent in finding the best profitable keyword opportunities for your Amazon seller account.

Teikametrics - Amazon Advertising Add Keyword


It’s a hectic and frustrating process to adjust and readjust bids every few hours in Seller Central manually. Also, this algorithmic automation helps retailers to get the best possible placement and maximize profitability.

Easy Keyword Action

Teikametrics Sponsored Products Optimizer eliminates the need to copy, paste, and upload the list of keywords manually. You can complete all the tasks of the keyword on the dashboard itself.

Teikametrics - Amazon Advertising Goal Your Product

Teikametrics Sponsored Products Optimizer is fitted with multiple features all aimed at maximizing sales and increasing profitability. You can minimize your spending on wasted ads with this software. This tool allows all retailers to focus on selling products on Amazon.

Some of the Teikametrics that third-party retailers can optimize are:

Teikametrics optimization keywords tetsimonials

  • Teikametrics Flywheel
  •  Insite for FBA
  •  Sponsored Products
  • Expert Partner Services
  • SPO Managed Services
  • Expert Campaign Launch

Teikametrics Flywheel

The Teikametrics  Flywheel is an efficient tool that helps retailers to launch and maximize the profitability of their products. Total profitability can be increased with the help of organic ad product data.

Teikametrics - Amazon Advertising Custom Analytics

You can follow this three-step process to best leverage this optimization tool

Teikametrics optimization

Using Sales Data for improving Advertising

The smart algorithm of the software uses all the data points taken from the new point of sales to optimize Amazon advertising to help create the momentum that your business needs.

Optimizing Ads

You can use Flywheel Data Science to optimize data using its next-gen advanced machine learning algorithm. This will help you in cutting down costs and improve your conversion rate.

Increase Organic Traffic, Sales, and Reviews

Teikametrics optimization keywords analysis review

The algorithm tool is efficient in finding and generating new leads for your products. This lead generation is done by increasing sales, reviews, and organic traffic.

All of the product-centric performance metrics are applicable to both organic sales and ads. Its smart data management and tracking tools will provide the seller easy-to-understand charts and graphs. The seller can use these graphs to determine their course of action and put more resources into the area with maximum output. All of these automated advertising tools are AI-controlled and will function even if you are not available.

Flywheel makes it easy for you to analyze the actual level of product profitability. It makes sure all the relevant data and information is stored in a secure place for easy access. Flywheel makes sure every single penny of yours is used in such a manner as to maximize your ROIs. It is an excellent tool for managing your business as it will help you in spending lesser on advertising and generating more profit.

Sponsored Products

Teikametrics optimization sponsored ads
The sponsored product tools are efficient in helping you control your Amazon business.

Increase Productivity

The tool automatically recognizes the negative keywords and helps you save time and widen your margins.

Target Top Performers

The tool can automatically transfer the high performers from automatic campaigns to manual which will improve your ROIs.

Accurate Keyword Targeting

Teikametrics optimization keywords

You can refine your targeting by using the same phrases and keywords. Keyword targeting is an important and great tool to generate relevant traffic.

Adjust Bids

All the impressions and clicks are observed and recorded, which will help you in adjusting the bids for the highest-performing keywords to get a better sales conversion ratio.

 Insite for FBA

Insite for FBA is an excellent software that helps retailers discover new opportunities while managing investments and tracking profitability.

Maximize your Time and Capital

Teikametrics optimization keywords analysis

Insite for FBA helps businesses to gain more visibility than it requires and also helps make smart purchasing decisions. You can always improve your market sales and conversion rate, irrespective of how well you are performing currently.

This tool can easily determine which suppliers and products are not generating desired results and which of them are helping your business grow. You can use this data to restock only the products which are fast selling if you are on a budget crunch.

You can categorize your most profitable bets in the form of the supplier, buyer, product, and SKU. This software can help you in taking suitable actions by analyzing the sales ranks velocity and sales velocity.

You can see all your sales data spanning months and even years with the help of this software. This data is extremely important in determining your profit and growth helping you to plan for future campaigns.


You can determine the real profitability of your business by thoroughly reviewing all the cost data collected by the software. You can sort this data by account, supplier, and SKU to collect deeper insights into the aggregate business performance.

All the promotional and advertising fees are accounted for by the software to identify over-performing products. The tool also keeps a check on stale products that are not providing any profit and are tying up the capital.

Business Managers

Teikametrics optimization results

Insite for FBA is a robust tool essential for business managers, and it helps them optimize their businesses across multiple platforms. It can identify productive opportunities for each business.

All the collected data will help business owners in understanding which products and services are working and which are not. This can help retailers to prioritize the products that are performing well. Business owners can quickly jump on new opportunities and improve their profits and overall growth.

Who is Teikametrics most suitable for?

Teikametrics Flywheel feature

This is a robust platform if you use it properly. Teikametrics is most suitable for advertisers who are looking for a single platform to take care of all their Amazon advertisement needs in one place. Also, users who are looking to delegate most of this work will find this platform highly useful.

However, if you are looking to optimize both your PPC advertisement campaign and SEO performance, this is not the right tool for you. If you wish to generate revenue growth using insights into organic and other paid channels’ Amazon performance, you might want to consider other options.

Also, while this tool is useful for both small and big advertisers alike, the cost of operation can be significantly high for small businesses. It becomes challenging for small businesses to keep track of all the costs. Also, the monthly service charge for their team of experts which you need to run this tool efficiently alone can burn a significant hole in your pocket.

But it is important to note that if you are a large seller, this tool can be really beneficial for your business. There are a few tools that are as powerful and optimized, and user-friendly as Teikametrics.

Here are some more features of this great tool:

1. An algorithmic keyword bidding approach built on machine learning that allows you access to the best degree of optimization.

2. It consists of tools for Profit Analysis. Track your revenue on a per-account basis. At any moment, you will see all fees, discounts, and ads. Check your real benefit and set maximum bids to successfully market goods.

3. It provides easy Keyword Automation. Increase your keyword game. Automate and speed up your process to boost efficiency, sales, and product visibility.

4. Gather unique perspectives in real-time with reporting tools. You will get reports that are tailored to your individual goals. A dashboard with a structured summary. You will see comprehensive ACoS, market volume, net earnings, and other metrics. You may also use the forecasting and tracking features. Spending, impressions, visits, cost per click, click-through rate, conversions, and conversion rate are among the other metrics available in this view. The dashboard also shows keyword output in terms of net ad sales. The highest contributing keywords to net ad sales are only shown on the home page. Users will, though, have a closer look by choosing to see the keywords used in current and previous campaigns.

5. PPC management/Sponsored Products, which support and encourage brands. You will compare various forms of sales and devise a strategy based on your findings. For example, you should compare organic and PPC revenues to make smarter campaign choices.

6. Teikametrics’ app automates it, so all the user needs to do is log in, build a campaign, and follow the advice. Users could also set target ad costs based on revenue thresholds, allowing you to gain control of promotion without them having to track it. In the affiliate tracking area, users can see weekly action objects.

7. Negative keyword targeting enhancements, top contributing keywords, and automated manual campaigns are all registered, categorized, and reported for each campaign. Data on views, spending, revenue, and promotional expense on sales is available for each keyword in the categories.

Teikametrics Analysts and experience

Many of the features listed above, as well as their purposes, can be handled solely via the app. However, some sellers have found that dealing directly with Teikametrics analysts makes configuration and maintenance simpler, and you have that alternative as well. As opposed to resources that don’t allow you to collaborate with a team of experts, Teikametrics has a higher price tag. Teikametrics has a highly talented and committed staff, so the additional cost would be well worth it.

Especially if you don’t have the time to keep up with software updates. Teikametrics has a team of more than 20 e-commerce researchers who work with retailers. Teikametrics researchers will aim to interpret your company priorities in order to create successful campaigns that will help you achieve your goals.

Teikametrics Review Pricing Plans

Teikametrics has different flexible plans based on the features that you want to use. If you are a seller, you will be charged based on how much you spend every month on your Amazon ads. However, if you are a vendor or an agency, you’ll need to contact the company to get a quote.

Teikametrics - Amazon Advertising Pricing

Let’s look at various pricing plans that Teikametrics offers.

Free Trial

This platform offers a free trial to all users so that they know what they are getting into. This trial period lasts for 30 days, and you need to give in your credit card details to start using this platform.

Flywheel Self-Service

Teikametrics flywheel reviews

In order to access the Flywheel Platform, you need to shell out $59 per month. Also, you need to pay 3% of your monthly ad spend fee if you spend over $5000 every month. This fee is only applicable if you wish to use their feature of Algorithmic bidding.

By getting this package, you also get access to their highly efficient customer support. You get in-app support and access to their comprehensive help center and video tutorials.

Flywheel and Pro Services

While you have to pay the service charge of $59 to access the Flywheel platform like in all the plans, you pay extra for the features that you are getting. You also need to pay 3% of your monthly ad spend fee if you spend over $5000 every month.

Flywheel and Pro Services plan as the name suggests also includes Amazon and Walmart services additionally. For Amazon services, you have to pay $1500, and for Walmart advertisement management, you have to pay an additional $500.

While this cost looks quite a lot, the features and services that you get make up for it.

Flywheel and Premium Services

Teikametrics optimization keywords analysis reviews

Just like all the other packages, you need to pay the platform access of $59 and an additional 3% ad expenditure for above $5000. In addition to this cost, you also need to pay $5,000 for Amazon premium managed services and $1,000 for Walmart premium managed services.

This package brings not only many premium features but also gets complete management from their expert team.

 Teikametrics for Agencies

If you are an agency that wants to handle large-scale businesses, you need to connect with them. They haven’t revealed the pricing for agencies online. Instead, they want to know about your requirements and then give you a customized quotation so that you don’t pay anything extra.

Pros & Cons of Teikametrics Review:


The platform provides you with many positive aspects. Some of them are :

  • Fully set up, your account rep will provide you with an expert review of what you need and how much it costs before they get started on our solution. They’ll be happy to set up the service for easy monthly payment.
  • If you are looking for help managing your Facebook Ads, you’ll love Teikametrics. Teikametrics helps new and experienced advertisers get more out of their ads with lower costs.
  • By automating my work, it gives me more time to focus on other aspects of the business. They also have pretty good customer service. I plan to remain with them for at least another few months.
  • They helped a lot with setting up a business and kept us updated all the time. The tools they provide are incredible; I would definitely recommend them.
  • It’s simple. This helpful tool will suggest which items you need to reorder, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your small business.


A platform has pros will have cons too. We will share everything with you, even the negative points too. Let’s look into it :

  • When it comes to supporting, the only thing I can really say is that they are occasionally a little slow.
  • On occasion, users have to wait for a longer period of time to hear back from them regarding something they are worried about or needed help with.
  • There are a few cost issues but the pricing is way above what is reasonable. If you have a big ad spend (which you are possibly trying to reduce), the monthly fee can be insanely expensive.

Quick Links:

Testimonials for Teikametrics by its Customers

Brian Green
Account Manager @ ICON

Not only are our metrics and performance up and exceeding expectations, but I’ve been really impressed with the way that they manage our business.


Ryan Goldstein
Partner @ AgentRetail

Once you see the algorithm in action, you see how awesome Teikametrics and their technology really are!


Michael Hervieux
Founder @ Fin Fun

Teikametrics has definitely made the management of our Amazon advertising better. By combining the convenience of managing keywords and bids, along with being able to track our ongoing results, Teikametrics has given us more control over our Amazon advertising than we’ve ever had before.


Adam Klein
Director of Performance @ Nutribullet

Teikametrics came in with a very clear perspective on how to drive brand growth on Amazon, powerful AI systems and a strong managed services team.


Teikametrics reviews on facebook
Teikametrics Facebook reviews
Teikametrics facebook reviews
Teikametrics facebook reviews

FAQs Related To Teikametrics Review

Is the support staff of the platform really supporting or not?

Teikametrics is committed to delivering the best solutions with superior customer service. Their team of experts has your back. They are readily available at any hour to lend a helping hand. It’s about helping others within your community with the same concerns you have. They’re more than happy to pitch in and help you resolve issues related to finance.

Are there any tutorials available to understand the features of the app?

This company assumes that you have some basic knowledge of computer graphics and has created a lot of resources like video lessons, tutorials, etc. to help you get started quickly with all the basics. If these resources do not provide the answer to your questions, their friendly customer support team will assist you in person.

What kind of reporting am I going to receive?

With Ad Management, the Account Manager can send you standard weekly reports through email. Additionally, you can gain access to the Flywheel portal, which enables you to log in and review or export reports on request.

How much can I communicate with my Account Manager?

Contacts with your Account Manager are closely related to your service standard. You'll talk with Ad Management once a month and get weekly check-in emails.

What level of expertise would their analyst possess?

Their analysts are experts in advertisements rather than generalists. Their analysts have years of experience working directly in ads, ecommerce, and marketplaces. They are subjected to a thorough interview phase that involves tests of quantitative, empirical, and rational thinking. They are expected to continue their schooling, which includes qualification in Amazon search/display ads, data science training, and admission to Teika testing. They are compensated based on both customer success and retention, ensuring that their objectives match with yours.

Am I charged the $59 Platform Fee every time I begin advertising in a new country?

When you are a platform-only customer, your base fee will cover all countries where you are advertising. Your ad spend fee is applied to any ad spend that is not under optimization. This can vary for Ad Management customers.

Can multiple users access my Flywheel account? How do they get permissions?

Yes, you can have multiple people with access to your Flywheel account. You can control who has access in Seller/Vendor Central. Learn more about the process of adding and removing users from their official website.

Am I charged based on the number of users of my Flywheel account?

You do not need to pay based on the number of people using your account. Your bill as a Self Service SaaS customer is $59 for your monthly platform fee and 3% of what you spend on ads each month, but your first $5,000 in ad spend is free every month.

Why is it important to consider profitability, inventory, and product lifecycles when it comes to advertising?

Advertising should not be done on its own. It is important to understand other parts of your business to make sure that the advertising is going towards what you want. For example, knowing how much money you make from each sale will let you know at what point advertising will be profitable. Knowing if your product is brand new or already established will help you know if it is more important for advertising to sell as many things as possible or for it to be very profitable. You should also know how much of that product you have in order not to run out and never get any more again.

When is it appropriate to have Teikametrics manage my advertising for me?

Advertising is hard. It's very hard to know your goals, the competition, and the tools of Amazon and Walmart. Advertising also takes a lot of time because it takes so much experience to understand all these things. Let Teikamterics help you with advertising so you can save time, be more successful, and grow faster!

👉Does Teikametrics offer a free trial?

Yes, Teikametrics offers a free trial period of 30 days. However, you need to input your credit card details before you can access their platform. However, you can cancel this subscription at any time you like without having to pay any money.

👉Does Teikametrics offer 24 hours support?

Tiekametrics understand that your business runs 24 hours and from different time zones. Keeping this thought in mind, Teikametrics offers 24 hours support for its customers who avail of the pro and premium services. Their team of expert customer care executives is just a phone call away.

👉Are there any resources that will help you learn how to use this platform?

Yes, this website offers a huge database of video lessons, tutorials, step-by-step guides, etc. to make sure that you are able to handle most of your queries yourself. However, if you are unable to get the desired solution out of these resources, you can always connect with their customer support team.

👉Is it beneficial to use this platform if you are just starting out on Amazon?

While this platform has something for everybody, you might find this platform expensive. You might want to consider this platform in combination with other tools to keep your cost to a minimum. However, if you don’t mind the operational costs going high, this is a highly useful platform that will help you grow your revenues significantly.

Teikametrics Alternatives  2024

Teikametrics is a helpful tool in advertising products. The alternatives of the platform are :

1) Sellics

Sellics Review & Sellics Discount

Sellics provide a cutting-edge toolset to allow sellers and affiliates to increase sales on Amazon. Whether you need more traffic, higher rankings, or more conversions, Web Merchant is the solution to streamline your PPC management. Sellics has many features and functionality. Among them is the ability to add marketplaces like eBay, Amazon Australia, Amazon France, and Amazon Japan at no extra cost. Check out the Sellics review click here.

Pricing :

There are three plans available: From just $39/month, you get an optimum plan. The modern, sleek design is aligned with excellence and passion for the brand.

It offers a free plan too. However, you won’t get many features in it, but it is good for beginners.
In the professional plan, you can schedule unlimited marketing tasks, and keep track of all important decisions for $900/month.

2) Helium 10 :

Helium10 Review

You are busy and don’t have time to spend hours hunting for ideas. So that is what our tool helps you with. They dig through public data to find high-potential products that you can research, analyze, and potentially market. If you want to reduce churn, focus on the user experience. Move fast and fail fast, learn and scale faster than competitors. Helium 10 Review Click here

Pricing :

It offers four plans :

  • All the training and tools you need to start your small business are here for just $37/per month.
  • It empowers you to save time and remove complexity from your growing business for $97/month.
  • This is for professional sellers and is offered at $197/month.
  • For $397/month, it gives the most effective tools to scale and grow your Amazon FBA business.

3) Jungle Scout :

Jungle Scout-Keyword_Scout

It combines real-time pricing from Amazon with historical pricing data to give you AccuSales estimates of your products’ future sales and price performance. Check out Jungle Scout Review here.

Using Jungle Scout, helps you make smarter, data-driven decisions that improve your marketing.

Pricing :

It offers three plans to users :

  • A basic plan is a great way to validate your product idea when you’re browsing Amazon for just $29/month.
  • For everything you need to find new products, go for a suite plan for just $49/month.
  • Productivity is easy with access to even more data in the revamped Discover for just $89/month.

4)A2X :


A2X keeps track of it for you so you can focus on your business. It’s real-time, fully automated e-commerce accounting and tax calculation software.

We are a cloud-based inventory management system that allows you to manage your stock. It provides all the tools and supports you need to manage multiple accounts at once and gives all the features.

Pricing :

It offers three plans to its users :

  • For just $19/month, you get the mini-pack which includes fewer features than other packs.
  • Spending $69/month, you get features for business that are looking to grow in a particular field.
  • In the premium pack, which is $139/month, you get all the latest features In it.

Conclusion: Teikametrics Review 2024

Teikametrics testimonials

Teikametrics is a complete, powerful, user-friendly, and accurate solution for all the large Amazon businesses. This platform guarantees you more profitability by optimizing your Amazon functions like product bidding, reducing wasteful advertisements, and by providing you additional and new opportunities.

Also, the complete management feature also comes in very handy. Especially when you lack the technical knowledge or simply want to delegate out this business function. Their highly responsive and expert customer support team is a mere phone call away to help you with anything.

However, the only significant drawback of this platform that I understand is the cost of operation. These packages that I have listed above may seem fine and will be worth your money if you are operating on a large scale. However, if you are a small business or just starting out, you might want to look out for additional tools and services to take care of some functions.

If you have large-scale operations running on Amazon and won’t mind shelling out some money, you must get a subscription to Teikametrics. This is simply because of the high-quality features and support that this platform offers.

Jitendra Vaswani
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Jitendra Vaswani is a top-notch digital marketer recognized for his extensive expertise in the field. He has spoken at international events and founded Digiexe.com, a digital marketing agency, and Bytegain.com, a tool for SEO copywriting and local SEO. With over ten years of experience, Vaswani has made significant impacts in digital marketing. He is also the author of 'Inside A Hustler's Brain: In Pursuit of Financial Freedom,' which has sold over 20,000 copies worldwide and gained international acclaim. His work continues to inspire many in the digital marketing world.

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59 User Reviews on Teikametrics Review

  1. Teikametrics’ usability is its best feature. Popping in the campaign details and hitting save takes less than 8 clicks, which means you can use your time to make money instead of spending it on setting up an ad campaign! The interface is well-designed and easy to navigate. As an exhibitor, I was able to quickly approve invoices by just lifting my hand 25% of the time when using Teikametrics app–no need for managing ROI calculations or user data or running long reports that take hours when 25% suffices. That’s what makes it so useful if you’re constantly on the go like myself.”

    “Teikametrics saved me months in developing marketing automation

  2. Teikametrics is a game-changing, AI-powered Amazon advertising platform that delivers you keyword and bid automation. It minimises costs by engaging with the right buyers to maximise profit margins. It optimises your ads in real time so all ads are under budget. More importantly, it provides you with lightning speed insight so you can spend more time on what matters most – getting results!

  3. Using Teikametrics software has had a huge impact to our business. Really it comes down to the ability to more efficiently control our advertising. Keyword updates that used to take our team a full day to complete are now finished in 5-10 minutes. Being able to control our campaigns at a high level and offload all of the monotonous and repetitive tasks to an algorithm has been a lifesaver. We have tried several PPC services both people managed and software based solutions and nothing comes close to Teika!
    So what are you waiting, go try it out!

  4. I’ve been very happy using Teikametrics!
    Teikametrics is an efficient sales and profitability management software, using which users can expand their sales and profitability on the Amazon website. It increases the profit margins of the users by helping them to grow their business.
    The software features a unique blend between data science and next-gen automation. It makes sure that the users are spending efficiently and capturing all the opportunities provided to them!!

  5. I had my doubts about how a system could really be as easy as they sell it; but, I was blown away. It seriously took me under 10 minutes to set up and configure the account to suit my needs. The system is highly customizable and it doesn’t come loaded with all of those features that you don’t need (or want).

    The Teikametrics team has been responsive and efficient whenever we bust any bugs on our end which helped us resolve any minor issues we were experiencing with campaigns quickly. Like I said: high-quality service!

  6. When you have a product that has the potential to turn your business around, it’s important to know what is considered high performing. Teikametrics helps Amazon sellers maximize their profits by managing bids and keywords in an automated way. No need to deal with tedious, manual tasks anymore!

  7. Teikametrics is the best advertising product I have ever used. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and so amazing to use with automated keyword filtering which saves me SO much time! I never have to worry about setting up or monitoring my ads because they are set on autopilot. No complaints whatsoever; totally recommended!

  8. If you’ve been looking for an advertisement platform to help your marketing strategies, this is the tool. Teikametrics has improved my returns and improved customer service and it’s totally affordable and easy to use!

  9. I’m a really big fan of the Teikametrics platform. I like how user friendly it is, even for someone who’s not super tech savvy. I also think that it manages to offer me just enough automation without getting too complex or overwhelming me. And lastly, this was great because now my goals are much clearer than before and it doesn’t seem like such an uphill battle anymore!

  10. Teikametrics is a godsend for larger Amazon companies. I’ve always been interested in the work of an advertising platform, and this one seemed like the best fit for me. At first, it was kind of difficult to navigate and there were some big-time restrictions with their systems (my company developed many products and was working on tight timelines). It took us some time to learn how they operated because there wasn’t really much information available on their site but we finally figured out the ins and outs of not only what Teikametrics is capable of, but how it’s functioning as well. Recently we’ve made our share of adjustments so far so good!

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    Teikametrics is an efficient sales and profitability management software, using which users can expand their sales and profitability on the Amazon website. It increases the profit margins of the users by helping them to grow their business. The software features a unique blend between data science and next-gen automation.
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    Product description: Teikametrics is an Amazon Advertising Platform that operates on a Pay Per Click module. It offers keyword automation and campaign management for advertisers – making it easier than ever

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  54. I’ll first say that I would not have stepped a foot into the Teikametrics door without being on some type of try-it-out challenge like they do with phones and get contracts. And it was an excellent decision to enter this one time because going in knowing nothing about their products/services made me feel more comfortable and it felt like it would be easier to learn more about how they could help solve my problems while also making me money.
    I’ve been managing our Amazon account for years now, but never really spent too much time dealing with the intricacies of all aspects of actually running a business off Amazon.

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    I highly recommend the help of their dedicated team of experts that make running campaigns a whole lot easier— even though they do offer AI solutions as well!

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  59. I had my hand on Teikametrics for a while and am finally uploading my thoughts. If I’m being 100% honest, I’ll say that the experience was so smooth and easy to understand that it makes me wonder why we hadn’t sought it sooner. Not only is the platform tidy and streamlined but also makes advertising more than just a breeze – not to mention incredibly easy access. Their step-by-step instructions made sure I never felt lost during this process either, which was really helpful!

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