Top 13 Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs 2024: What Is The Most Profitable Program?

Tax preparation affiliate programs are special partnerships where you can earn money by helping people find services or software to do their taxes.

Imagine you have a website or a social media page where you talk about money or give advice on taxes. By joining a tax preparation affiliate program, you can share links to tax services.

When someone clicks on your link and decides to use that service for their taxes, you get paid a small fee for referring them. It’s a way to make extra money while helping others with their tax needs.

That sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? I’m sure that it does, though.

By becoming an affiliate in the tax prep corner, you can help millions and millions of people. The tax preparation business is worth $11 billion per year right now, and we know it’s only going to grow.

And now that I’ve said that, I’ll tell you about some of the best tax prep affiliate programs you can join to start getting checks every day. Let’s get it!

Top Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs

Top 13 Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs 2024

1. TaxAct Affiliate Program

With TaxAct, you can fill out your tax returns in the way that works best for you. TaxAct is still the best value in the business of making tax returns.

TaxAct Affiliate Program

In short, they can help you file your tax returns. Their services are made in a way that will help you solve any tax problem you might be having.

Through their software, they are good at giving cheap filing solutions. This makes it easy for US taxpayers to get the best deal quickly.

The software is one of a kind and doesn’t leave anything out. It dynamically solves the problem. The best part is that it shows you the problems so you can keep an eye on them.

There are both direct and indirect ways to make money as an affiliate of the software. The sign-up process is also simple and easy. On, you can sign up for the program for free.

All TaxAct Online returns and desktop programs offer a 10% commission rate. There are 45 days to make a referral.

2. OnLine Tax Affiliate Program

The company OnLine Tax ( helps people who are having trouble filing their tax returns.

Their affiliate program is easy to join and has a lot of things to do. You wouldn’t want to miss the chance to become a partner in this company if you like starting and running businesses or making connections with other businesspeople.

OnLine Tax Affiliate Program

I understand that you may not be pleased with this information, but the referral program pays a fixed fee of two dollars for every referral. Therefore, it’s important to have a large audience before joining the program.

The program offers affiliate links, creative materials, tracking tools, and referral links to help you invite your friends and family to sign up with OnLine Taxes and save money on taxes. However, you will only receive the $2.00 referral fee if they fill out and e-file their tax return through OnLine Taxes.

Regarding payments, the affiliate commissions are sent twice a month after eight tax returns using your referral code. You can find more information on the links provided below.

I would suggest joining the program only if you have a significant number of followers, as the commission of two dollars may not be very helpful otherwise.

3. TaxCE Affiliate Program

TaxCE is an IRS-approved provider of continuing education for enrolled agents, tax preparers who don’t have credentials, and tax preparers who do have credentials.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act made changes to tax law, and their new classes go over those changes.

TaxCE Affiliate Program

You can sign up for one of their classes to learn more about taxes and other tax-related information (which I don’t know much about, which is funny).

Now, I’ll tell you what you’ll get out of it. Once you become one of their affiliates, I think you are one step closer to making a lot of money.

It’s easy to fill out their form. All you have to do is fill in the fields with the right information. You signed up for their program.

Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be given a unique referral/affiliate link that you can share to earn commissions. And by the way, their affiliate program is run by Tapfiliate, which is a new affiliate software.

You can get a commission of up to 15% for every purchase made through your link, even if it’s your own purchase. Doesn’t that sound cool?

With their easy-to-use dashboard, you can keep track of every sale. Through PayPal, you can get commission payments quickly and easily. I find their payment procedure quite efficient.

4. FileYourTaxes Affiliate Program began in 1995 as a small, family-owned business in Southern California that was both a tax practice and a technology company.

FileYourTaxes Affiliate Program

Since then, they have continued to offer the best tax preparation service online, just like they say they did in their local office.

Today, they are a leader in the field of online Individual Income Tax Preparation, and they are adapting their unique methods to business tax, payroll tax, information return, and other filings.

The affiliate program is an easy and cheap way for your website to offer extra services.

There are more than 50 million people who do their own taxes, so offering a way to do that can get more people to open your emails and visit your website.

Their affiliate options range from a simple solution that doesn’t require much work on your part to a private label solution that is fully curated.

5. Savvy In Services Affiliate Program

In the past few years, Savvy In Services has helped our clients with important things like starting a business and getting their taxes ready.

Savvy In Services Affiliate Program

The Tax Preparer Affiliate Program from Savvy In Services can help you become a tax preparer.

This program is for anyone who wants to promote Savvy In Services, no matter how much or how little experience they have.

But they don’t make their commission rates clear. But once you’ve signed up for them and been approved, they’ll give you all the information you need.

After looking at their services and how customers feel about them, I can definitely say that you should try this affiliate program.

6. Taxslayer Affiliate Program

Taxslayer is a company whose goal is to help people with their taxes online. They can help you if you need tax services or tools to help you do your taxes better and save money.

There are many good things about their affiliate program. One thing is that you can join the program for free and earn commissions all through tax season.

Taxslayer Affiliate Program

From what I’ve been told, the commission is a pretty good deal. All you have to do is send customers to TaxSlayer’s Simply Free, Classic, Premium, or Self-Employed services.

The landing pages are actively managed and optimized, and this program has a high conversion rate. You will have no trouble finding people who are interested in it.

As an affiliate, you will get a link that can be tracked that you can put on your website. When someone clicks on the link, they will be taken to the TaxSlayer website, where they can sign up and file their taxes.

7. FreeTaxUSA Affiliate Program

They are an E-file provider that is okay with the IRS. FreeTaxUSA is a company whose main goal is to help people file their income tax returns using software that is easy to use.

FreeTaxUSA Affiliate Program

Their affiliate program is simple to join and pays well. You can fill out the field information quickly and easily on their website.

That’s all you need to do to make extra money. Then, do your best to get the word out about their service. If you can get a good number of people you refer to buy something, you will definitely get enough money.

Keep up your efforts, though, and talk about what’s good about this service. The base commission rate is a great 15%, and it can go all the way up to 65%!

I think that’s pretty impressive. Don’t miss out on this one. Just do it. Not only can you trust the company, but what they’ve done with CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is really impressive.

Also, I wanted to let you know that you can sign up for their affiliate program on both Rakuten LinkShare and CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction).

8. TurboTax Affiliate Program

TurboTax is a company that helps people file their taxes quickly and easily. TurboTax has come a long way since it first came out.

TurboTax In is a company that can help you with your needs, whether you are starting a new business, growing an existing one, or just need help filing your business or personal taxes.

TurboTax Affiliate Program

If you join their affiliate program, you can get a lot out of it. It is one of the tax products that sell the most online. TurboTax says that its affiliates can benefit from a lot of things.

Here’s what I’ve found: you could make big commissions in as little as four months. From January to April, you can make a lot of money if you work hard. As much as possible, tell people about the program.

You can make money when people use the links on your website to buy federal and state tax returns from TurboTax Online.

Do you know why I think it can be a good way to make extra money?

Well, TurboTax has a lot of benefits for the people you refer, so it has a good chance of getting them to sign up. For example, it will save them time when they are doing their taxes and help them make sure that their information is entered correctly.

A lot of people have trouble filling out their tax returns, so this will be interesting to them.

You will get all the information you need once you sign up for their program. The referral period is seven days, and the commission rate is up to 15%.

  • Affiliate Signup Page: TurboTax Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rates: Up to 15% commission on validated sales
  • Cookie Duration: 7 days

9. E-file Affiliate Program

E-file is a company that assists individuals in filing their taxes accurately and conveniently, saving them time and energy. E-file provides an inexpensive tax filing service that is both simple and affordable.

Therefore, e-service files are likely to appeal to a large number of people seeking easy and low-cost alternatives to expensive tax filing websites.

E-file Affiliate Program

Promoting their affiliate program is a good idea since it will benefit individuals who are concerned about making errors on their tax returns.

The program offers access to professional tax software and all the necessary tools for preparing tax returns for your clients.

It appears to be something that people would be interested in learning more about. Awin’s affiliate program (Affiliate Window) provides E-file affiliate programs. They offer a generous 40% commission rate and a 120-day cookie, which is quite appealing.

  • Affiliate Signup Page: E-file Affiliate Program
  • Commission Rates: 40% on qualified referrals
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days

10. H&R Block Affiliate Program

H&R Block is a leader in the tax business. From what I’ve heard, it’s one of the best in the business. They have a lot of products that make it easy and simple to file taxes.

Aside from helping with taxes, they also help with other financial matters. Everyone can find something they like.

H&R Block Affiliate Program

The training program teaches you how to start a business and market it well. It also teaches you tax terms, how to use tax preparation software, how to do your taxes, how to follow IRS rules, and how to use banking products.

Then, wouldn’t it be fair to say that the H&R Block website is a great place to learn more about tax filing? This is one of the best affiliate programs in the world.

In fact, it says that it is the online home of one of the world’s largest tax service providers. They help people in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and US military bases around the world with their taxes.

People who are looking for a good tax preparation company that can help them with their money can easily be told about this affiliate marketing program.

11. KeeperTax Affiliate Program

Did you know that freelancers contribute about $1 trillion to the US economy each year? KeeperTax is a platform that helps freelancers with their tax filings, ensuring that they file their taxes accurately and efficiently.

QuickBooks Affiliate Program

Their website is impressive, with great marketing and presentation that would entice anyone to work with them. As an affiliate, you’ll earn a flat fee of $20 for every approved sale you generate.

While this amount may not be significant, you can explore other affiliate programs on this list to find more opportunities. You can use the links below to learn more about KeeperTax and its affiliate program.

12. LibertyTax Affiliate Program

LibertyTax has grown from having 5 offices in 1997 to having more than 3,000 offices in the US and Canada today. Their whole business is based on helping people with their taxes in as many ways as possible.

It works well for people who are too busy to do their own taxes. Even better, they can work with a virtual CPA to do their taxes online.

In their own words, they let you “live” while they “do the taxes” for you.

Usually, they don’t work with affiliates who have low “traffic” scores. If you get a good amount of traffic every month, you should apply to this program. If you don’t try, it will be a waste of your time.

Affiliates who tell people about this program will get a 5% cut on any online sales or purchases of eSmart Tax software.

This tax affiliate program has a cookie period/referral period of 45 days, and you can join CJ Affiliate to get started.

13. QuickBooks Affiliate Program

Let’s talk about the last one. I did talk about this program in one of my posts about affiliate companies that pay per lead.

QuickBooks Affiliate Program

This company is known for its QuickBooks Accounting Software, in particular. The best thing about this software is that it makes it easy to keep track of sales.

You don’t need to be good with money or know a lot about accounting. The software will take care of everything.

A lot of people don’t have the time to manually fix their tax information. This software is here to save the day! When it comes to their affiliate program, the QuickBooks Affiliate Program gives affiliates an exciting chance to offer QuickBooks to their customers.

By selling QuickBooks financial software through their website, affiliates can earn commissions. Isn’t that easy?

Even better, you will have the chance to make up to 10% commission on sales that come from your website.

They will help you promote their software by giving you the well-known QuickBooks logos and showing you how to add content, banners, and links to your website.

As soon as a banner is up on your site, you can start getting paid.

This affiliate program is open to anyone who is interested in running a small business. Just remember that you must have a website that works if you want to join. Okay, but where do you sign up? CJ Affiliate is the answer.

How to Opt for Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs?

Choosing the right tax preparation affiliate programs involves a few critical steps:

  1. Understand Your Audience: Identify their tax needs to match them with suitable services.
  2. Research Programs: Look for reputable tax preparation services offering affiliate partnerships with favorable terms.
  3. Compare Commission Structures: Evaluate how much you can earn and under what conditions.
  4. Read Terms Carefully: Understand all program rules, including marketing restrictions and payment thresholds.
  5. Check for Marketing Support: Prefer programs providing materials and support for affiliates.
  6. Apply and Plan: Submit your application and strategize your promotional efforts.
  7. Monitor Performance: Use the provided tools to track your success and areas for improvement.
  8. Adapt and Optimize: Continually refine your approach based on performance data to maximize earnings.

By following these steps, you can align with tax preparation affiliate programs that complement your content strategy and audience interests, enhancing your potential for success.


🔍 How do I find tax preparation affiliate programs to join?

You can find these programs by searching online for tax services that offer affiliate partnerships, checking affiliate networks, or visiting the websites of popular tax preparation companies to see if they have an affiliate program.

🛠 What tools do I need to succeed?

Having a website or blog that focuses on finance, taxes, or related topics can be helpful. You'll also benefit from marketing tools and platforms like social media or email newsletters to promote your affiliate links.

📈 How can I increase my earnings from tax preparation affiliate programs?

To boost your earnings, create high-quality content that addresses common tax questions or concerns. Use SEO strategies to attract organic traffic, and consider running targeted ads during peak tax season to increase visibility.

🤝 How do I choose the right tax preparation affiliate program?

Select programs that align with your audience's needs. Consider factors like the reputation of the tax service, the user experience it offers, commission rates, and the support and resources provided to affiliates.

🔑 What are the key strategies for promoting these affiliate programs?

Effective strategies include writing detailed reviews, creating comparison guides, sharing tax tips and deadlines, and using email marketing to remind your audience of upcoming tax filing dates.

🚀 How do I track my performance in a tax preparation affiliate program?

Most affiliate programs provide a dashboard where you can track clicks, conversions, and earnings. Use this data to understand what works best for your audience and adjust your strategies accordingly.

👩‍🏫 Can I join multiple tax preparation affiliate programs?

Yes, you can join multiple programs to offer your audience a variety of options. This can also help you maximize your earning potential, but make sure to manage your promotions effectively to avoid overwhelming your audience.

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Conclusion: What are The Best Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs?

So, yes, these are some of the best affiliate programs that you can join to make money off of your audience.

All of the tax prep companies I’ve listed are reliable and were chosen by hand. If you ask me which ones I like the most, I would say these five:

  1. KeeperTax
  2. QuickBooks
  3. E-file
  4. TurboTax
  5. Taxslayer

For now, that’s all. I hope this post was helpful and interesting for you. If you liked it and thought it was interesting, please share it and let us know what you think in the section below.

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