Tailor Brands Free Trial 2024: What is the Free Logo Sample?🚀

Are you ready to elevate your business identity or personal brand without the hassle of complicated design processes?

Tailor Brands invites you to explore its intuitive and innovative platform, offering a unique blend of AI-based logo maker and user-friendly customization options.

The logo generator from Tailor Brands may not have the most sophisticated customization possibilities, but it is certainly simple to use. Given that it is a subscription-based business, the pricing seems weird, and I must admit that I don’t like the way Tailor Brands handled that.

But Tailor Brands might be the best option for you if you want to do more than simply design a logo and don’t mind paying a premium.

With the free trial, you get a sneak peek into the vast array of services Tailor Brands provides. Create stunning logos, develop your brand’s visual identity, and experiment with various design elements, all at your fingertips.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a small business owner, or just exploring personal branding, our free trial is the perfect starting point.

Discover the ease and creativity of designing with Tailor Brands. Sign up for the free trial today and start crafting a brand identity that resonates with your vision and captivates your audience.

About Tailor Brands:

Tailor Brands

A cloud-based graphic design tool called Tailor Brands assists companies in the marketing, internet, automobile, and other sectors in building their brands.

It allows them to create their websites and social media pages, target the correct audience, and monitor results. Team members can design logos with Tailor Brands, use pre-made social media post templates, and make unique business cards.

Tailor Brands Free Trial:

Although your logo previews are free, take in mind that there is no free trial, free plan, or money-back guarantee.

Tailor Brands: What is a Free Logo Sample?

Tailor Brands What is a Free Logo Sample

A free logo sample on Tailor Brands is essentially a preview of the logo you create using their Logo Maker. It allows you to see a 200×200 pixel watermarked version of your logo design.

This sample is provided for free so that you can get a sense of how your logo looks before making a purchase. However, there are a few important points to note about the free logo sample:

1. Not for Commercial Use: The free logo sample is intended for preview purposes only and is not meant for commercial use. This means you cannot use the free sample for your business or any professional purposes until you purchase the rights to the logo.

2. Watermarked Version: The sample comes with a watermark, indicating that Tailor Brands still owns the rights to the design.

3. Ownership Rights: Tailor Brands retains full ownership and rights to designs that haven’t been purchased. To gain full rights and a high-resolution version of your logo without a watermark, you would need to subscribe to one of Tailor Brands’ subscription plans​​​.

A free logo sample is a helpful tool for getting a glimpse of your logo’s potential design and making an informed decision before committing to a purchase.

Steps to Create a Free Logo Sample:

Step 1. Start by Entering Your Logo’s Name and Tagline: Begin with entering the name of your business, blog, or the primary focus of your logo. You can also add a tagline if you wish​​.

Steps to Create a Free Logo Sample

Step 2. Specify Your Industry and Business Description: Although optional, providing your industry and a brief description helps Tailor Brands tailor the logo design to suit your business needs. You can skip this step if you prefer​.

Specify Your Industry and Business Description

Step 3. Choose Your Logo Type: Decide whether you want a name-based, initial-based, or icon-based logo. For an icon-based logo, Tailor Brands offers a range of icons and abstract shapes to choose from​.

Choose Your Logo Type

Step 4. Select Your Font Style: This is an important step as it defines the look and feel of your brand. Tailor Brands will present different font options based on your preferences.

Select Your Font Style

Step 5. Register Your Account with Tailor Brands: This allows you to save your creations and access them anytime in the future​​.

Register Your Account with Tailor Brands

Step 6. Choose and Edit Your Design: Once you’ve picked a logo design, you can further edit it to suit your brand identity. You can tweak elements like color, font, layout, icon, icon size, tagline, and letter spacing​​.

Choose and Edit Your Design

Step 7. Download a Free Sample: Tailor Brands allows you to download a 200×200 watermarked version of your logo for free. This sample is not for commercial use, and Tailor Brands retains full rights to designs that aren’t purchased​​.

Step 8. Consider Upgrading for Full Rights and High-Resolution Version: If you want to own the full rights to your logo and get a high-resolution version, you can subscribe to one of Tailor Brands’ subscription plans. They offer various levels of service, including logo file access, business card creation, website building, and more.

Step 9. Experiment with Typography and Colors: Pay attention to the fonts and colors as they play a significant role in conveying your brand’s message and identity. Each font and color has its own personality and conveys different meanings​​.

Step 10. Finalize and Purchase Your Logo Design: Once you’re satisfied with your logo, you can finish the editing process and purchase the design by selecting a subscription plan and entering your payment information.

How Do Tailor Brands Work and its Features?

Tailor Brands is an automated branding platform that leverages artificial intelligence to help users create unique logos and develop a comprehensive brand identity.

Tailor Brands is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, making it a popular choice for small businesses, startups, and individuals who are looking for a quick, affordable, and effective way to develop their brand identity.

1. All-in-One Branding Platform:

Tailor Brands provides a comprehensive suite of tools for creating a brand identity. This includes logo creation, business card design, website building, social media management, and more. It’s aimed at helping people turn their ideas into real businesses​.

2. Unique Designs:

This service emphasizes the use of an AI algorithm that designs logos specifically tailored to match a business’s unique brand identity. Unlike other services that may rely on pre-made templates, this approach ensures that each logo is original and distinct.

3. Easy and Intuitive:

The design process is streamlined and simple, making it accessible even to those without any prior design experience. By following a structured series of six steps, users can easily bring their brand to life with a professional-looking logo.

4. Fully Customizable:

After the initial design is generated by Artificial Intelligence, users have the freedom to customize every aspect of their logo in an editor. This includes changing colors, fonts, and icons, allowing for precise alignment with their branding vision.

5. Loved by Businesses:

The popularity and effectiveness of this logo generator among businesses suggest that it successfully meets the needs of a wide range of clients. The AI’s ability to match fonts and colors, coupled with its analysis of current design trends, results in aesthetically pleasing and trend-conscious logos.

6. Design Flexibility:

Users have the flexibility to customize their designs extensively. This includes choosing font styles, colors, and other design elements to ensure the final product aligns with their vision and brand identity.

7. Branding and Marketing Tools:

In addition to logo design, Tailor Brands offers a range of tools for broader branding and marketing efforts. This includes business card design, presentation templates, social media analytics, and even an option to create an online store.

8. Customer Support:

Tailor Brands provides support through various channels, including an extensive knowledge base with how-to guides and FAQs. While they offer email support, there is no live chat or phone support.

This combination of AI-driven uniqueness, ease of use, deep customizability, and proven popularity makes the service a strong contender for businesses looking to develop or refresh their brand identity.

Tailor Brands Pricing:

The logo pricing at Tailor Brands varies depending on what is included in the package. The prices can range from as low as $4.00 to upwards of $2500. Here are some options you might consider when choosing a package:

  • Vector / EPS file: High-quality image files that can be resized without losing design quality, suitable for various sizes from billboards to business cards.
  • Transparent PNG: A logo design on a transparent background, allowing it to be used on any colored background without color clashes.
  • Design guidelines: Includes detailed descriptions of each design element, like Hex color codes and exact typeface variations.
  • Brand strategy: Offered by design agencies, this can include color palettes, imagery, tone of voice for messaging, and sometimes competitor analysis.

Each package offers different features, so the cost will vary depending on the complexity and the inclusiveness of the services provided.

The final payment options include PayPal, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club, JCB, Discover, and MasterCard.

Tailor Brands Support:

A wide selection of brief how-to manuals and FAQ sections can be found in the on-site knowledge base. They cover pretty much everything, from the fundamentals, such as how to use Tailor Brands’ logo maker, to more complex topics, like how to use a website builder.

You can use the convenient search box to look for any problem you’ve run into. Respect for that!

You can now use email or live chat to get in touch with the Tailor Brands customer service department. There is no phone number given.

Using the live chat feature is essentially pointless. Every time we attempted to contact someone, we were sent to email support because no one was available to chat.

All of this brings to mind the flaws in the Tailor Brands app. The system of support is adequate, but there aren’t many choices, which is disappointing.


👉Does Tailor Brands offer a free trial?

Tailor Brands does not offer a traditional free trial for its logo-making services. However, they provide a free logo sample, allowing you to preview a watermarked version of your logo design.

👀How do I get a free logo sample from Tailor Brands?

To get a free logo sample, create your logo using the Tailor Brands Logo Maker and then download the sample directly from the logo editor on their platform.

💁‍♀️Can I use the free logo sample for my business?

No, the free logo sample is not meant for commercial use. It's a preview tool to help you decide if you want to purchase the full rights to the logo.

👍What happens when the free trial is over?

Following the trial period, you can select the plan that's right for you, decide on your billing cycle, and begin using all the wonderful features! Our Basic Plan has a price as low as $8.00/month.

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Wrapping up: Tailor Brands Free Trial 2024

If you’re seeking a quick and affordable way to create a logo, Tailor Brands is a perfect choice.

Tailor Brands may be the solution if you lack the time or resources to pay for a professionally designed logo or if you are concerned that your technological proficiency is inadequate.

It enables sole proprietors and other small-scale online retailers the chance to outperform the competition in the branding sector.

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