TacoLoco Push Ad Network 2024: Your Solution for Push Ads? βœ…

TacoLoco is a global push notification traffic network from the legendary smartlink provider LosPollos.

This platform offers high-quality traffic for purchase and provides traffic monetization solutions for individuals with their own traffic sources.

With tons of traffic from around the world at competitive rates for advertisers and favorable conditions for publishers.

I invite you to explore this powerful player in the traffic monetization market.

TacoLoco Push Ad Network 2024

TacoLoco’s platform presents an ideal opportunity for those seeking to generate additional income from their websites or landing pages.


Suppose you have a steady traffic flow and a high-quality audience. In that case, you can consistently earn passive income through push advertising as long as the subscription remains active and users continue to receive ads.

TacoLoco offers publishers a user-friendly environment with comprehensive visual statistics.

What Sets TacoLoco Apart from the Competition?

Here’s what sets TacoLoco apart from the competition:

  • Quick site registration and moderation.
  • Monetization of both Mainstream and Adult traffic across more than 200 countries.
  • Two subscription collection methods: via script or push links.
  • In addition to push subscriptions, in-page push monetization is also available;
  • Minimum number of steps to start monetization;

TacoLoco Features:

For those wondering how to monetize website traffic, TacoLoco offers:

TacoLoco Features

1. Monetization of Diverse Traffic Sources

  • Own and Third-Party Traffic: TacoLoco enables monetization of not just your website traffic but also traffic from third-party sources. This flexibility allows for a broader scope of revenue generation.
  • Versatile Traffic Types: Whether your site focuses on mainstream content or delves into more niche areas, TacoLoco’s platform can handle various traffic types, maximizing your earning potential.

2. Continuous Support and Partner Focus

  • 24/7 Support: TacoLoco provides round-the-clock support, ensuring that any queries or issues you encounter are promptly addressed.
  • Partner Income Focus: The platform’s support team is dedicated to helping partners maximize their income, offering insights and advice to optimize monetization strategies.

3. Conversion-Optimized Landing Pages

  • Ready-Made Landing Pages: TacoLoco offers a selection of pre-designed landing pages proven to be effective in converting traffic. These landing pages are optimized for various niches and audiences.
  • Ease of Implementation: These landing pages can be easily integrated into your monetization strategy, reducing the time and effort needed to create effective conversion funnels.

4. User-Friendly Publisher Interface

  • Intuitive Platform: The platform is designed with user experience in mind, making it easy for publishers to navigate and manage their accounts.
  • Functional Publisher Account: Publishers have access to all necessary tools and features in their accounts, enabling efficient management of their monetization efforts.

5. Convenient Payment and Withdrawal Options

  • Weekly Payouts: TacoLoco offers weekly fund withdrawals, ensuring regular income flow.
  • Low Minimum Threshold: The minimum payout threshold is set at $100, making it accessible for smaller publishers to withdraw earnings.
  • Multiple Payment Systems: Integration with various payment systems like Capitalist, Paxum, Perfect Money, TRC 20, and Wire Transfer offers flexibility in how you receive your earnings.

6. Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

  • Informative Dashboard: The platform’s dashboard provides detailed and updated statistics, giving you a clear view of your traffic and earnings.
  • Data-Driven Decisions: Access to real-time analytics helps in making informed decisions to optimize your monetization strategy.

7. Favorable Revenue Sharing and Earning Model

  • No Holds on Payments: TacoLoco ensures that your earnings are not unnecessarily withheld, providing a steady income stream.
  • RevShare Model: The platform operates on a revenue-sharing model, offering long-term passive income for the entire duration of the subscription. This model ensures that you continue to earn from each user for as long as they remain subscribed.

In summary, TacoLoco’s feature set is tailored to maximize website traffic monetization through a combination of user-friendly tools, continuous support, effective landing pages, flexible payment options, and comprehensive analytics.

This makes it an attractive option for publishers looking to enhance their online revenue streams.

How to Become a TacoLoco Partner?

Step 1- The registration process is quick and easy. Simply choose the ‘Publisher Registration’ form and provide your details: first and last name, email address, Skype ID, and traffic source.

Step 2- Create a password that you’ll use for logging into the system.

Step 3- Moderators will approve your account shortly, after which you can immediately enable monetization.

Step 4- So, after logging in, you are greeted by an informative dashboard where you will soon be able to track your results.

Become a TacoLoco Partner

We want to emphasize that TacoLoco offers earning opportunities to website and landing page owners and individuals without their own resources, such as affiliate marketers or media buyers.

informative dashboard

To get started, go to the ‘Traffic Sources’ tab and select your traffic source:

  • ‘Site’ – This option is for those looking to monetize their own websites.
  • ‘Stream’ – If you don’t have your own website but have access to other traffic sources, this is the choice for you.

In both cases, you’ll need to select the traffic type:


  • ‘Mainstream’ – suitable for platforms with any content except adult.
  • ‘Dating’ – is designed for the audience of online dating sites, including adult content.

Push Monetization for Site Owners:

If a publisher monetizes its website or landing page, it must go through domain verification to complete the setup.

Verification can be completed in two ways, and for both, you’ll need access to the site administration and its technical part.

Push monetization for site owners

The system will prompt you to confirm the domain by either uploading a file to the root folder of your site or inserting a particular script into the site’s code. After successful verification, click on “Add Placement”.

The platform allows website owners to buy push notification traffic and monetize it using push or in-page push notifications. To find out which method will be more effective in your case, it is better to test both options.

The platform offers two subscription collection methods for push monetization: per domain or via pop-up notifications (in the former, subscriptions have a longer lifespan).

TacoLoco edit placement

Configure the frequency and speed of notifications for your database and the display option – when clicked or when the page loads. Save the settings and get a script that needs to be placed in the site header (<head>). In the code, it will look like this:


If you choose In-Page Push, you can configure whether the notification is displayed at the top or bottom of the page, the time interval before the first display, and the pause duration after clicking or closing the notification before being shown again.

TacoLoco placement

Save your settings and receive the code. Unlike the script for collecting push subscriptions, which is integrated into the header, the script for in-page push must be placed within the <body> block.


This completes the setup. We’d like to remind you that you can generate revenue through push subscriptions on your website, landing pages, or pre-landing pages.

How to Monetize Traffic with a Push Link?

For those who don’t have a website: If you’ve selected ‘Stream’, all you need to do is provide a name and choose the type of traffic – either ‘Mainstream’ or ‘Dating’.

Now, let’s explore the additional settings available to TacoLoco publishers.

edit push link

The “Aggression” parameter determines how frequently users will receive push notifications prompting them to subscribe. The recommended value for this parameter with paid traffic from advertising networks ranges from 2 to 5.

You can use this parameter more liberally for users from accessible sources.

Additional features

“Traffic Back” is another helpful feature on TacoLoco, which allows you to monetize all traffic. With this feature, you can redirect users who have not subscribed to push notifications.

Where to redirect? For instance, you can send them to another offer or utilize a Smartlink, a tool for automatically selecting the most suitable offer.

landing page

The system will prompt you to select one or more landing pages. TacoLoco offers its own well-performing pre-built landing pages.

If you choose all available landing pages, you can activate a rotator that directs users to the landing page with the highest conversion rates based on specific traffic parameters.

Next, You get a Push Link and place it on the site.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings?

The conditions for receiving payments are specified in the “Payouts” section:

Withdraw Your Earnings

To receive your first payment through any available methods, please contact your account manager and follow their instructions. You won’t need to repeat this process in the future.

Additionally, it’s worth noting that TacoLoco has no hold period, and you can receive payments every Tuesday.

Additional Features

The “Opportunities” tab allows you to track your LTV (Lifetime Value) or revenue per subscription while it’s active. Please note that this figure may not always match the actual results, as LTV is influenced by various factors.

Additional Features

Quality Support

Every TacoLoco partner is supported by knowledgeable and courteous managers available 24/7 to answer your questions and address any issues. If you encounter difficulties at any monetization stage, contact your account manager.

Quality Support

Buy Exclusive Traffic From All Over The World

TacoLoco offers profitable site monetization and serves as a source of high-quality traffic. It objectively provides the best conditions for acquiring Mainstream and Dating traffic, which were the network’s original focus.

There are even more favorable conditions for advertisers:

Traffic From All Over The World- TacoLoco

  • Delivering over 1 billion advertising impressions daily;
  • Bidding per click starts at just $0.001;
  • The most profitable advertising formats: push notification, in-page push, direct click;
  • Flexible targeting settings;
  • Rapid moderation of accounts and campaigns;
  • Minimum balance replenishment – ​​$100;
  • Payment systems – Capitalist, Paxum, Visa/Mastercard, Wire Transfer;
  • Own anti-fraud system and verified sources;
  • Conversion traffic from 200+ geos for top verticals: Dating, Mainstream, Crypto, Adult, Utilities, Nutra, Gambling, etc.

How to Become an Advertiser on TacoLoco?

If you’re interested in purchasing quality traffic for your website or media buying purposes, please complete the advertiser registration form:

Become a TacoLoco Partner

Step 1- Once your account is confirmed, you can start using the platform right away. Your account will provide you with a wealth of useful information, including statistics, news, FAQs, technical support, and more.

TacoLoco dashboard

Step 2- On the “Dashboard,” you can discover information about your current campaigns.

top countries

Step 3- The “Traffic Chart” tab displays current rates, click-through rates, and impressions by country. Additionally, it provides notifications with helpful information for advertisers.


Step 4- In the “Campaign” section, you can track all campaigns, dividing them by traffic type, status, countries, groups, and platforms.


How to Set Up an Advertising Campaign?

Navigate to the “New Campaign” section to create an advertising campaign. Enter a campaign name and choose an ad format. The platform now offers high-quality Push, In-Page Push, or Direct Clicks traffic.

TacoLoco new campaign

Select the type of traffic based on the offer’s vertical:

  • Dating: Suitable for online dating, including the 18+ category.
  • Mainstream: This type of traffic performs well with sweepstakes and other popular directions, excluding adult content.

Next, add the landing page URL and tracking parameters for monitoring traffic. In each campaign, you can set limits for the number of impressions and clicks using the “Impressions capping” and “Clicks capping” options.

1. Advertising Creatives

The TacoLoco advertising platform provides a user-friendly ad builder. You can easily create native and personalized creatives, incorporating city macros, symbols, and buttons.

Advertising Creatives

2. Targeting

Within the “Targeting & Bid” section, you can set targeting parameters based on GEO, device type, and operating system (OS). The system will suggest a bid per click depending on the specified parameters.

targeting parameters

The platform operates on an auction principle – the higher your bid, the more impressions you receive, resulting in higher CTR and eCPC, increasing your chances of winning the auction.

The affiliate program offers high-quality traffic to critical verticals. Choose yours:

affiliate program

The platform assists you in managing your budget wisely. To prevent spending everything at once, consider setting a daily or total limit, a beneficial option for beginners.

advertising campaign

All that’s left is to submit your advertising campaign for moderation. Click “Create Campaign,”Β wait for approval (usually rapid), grab a cup of coffee, and monitor the statistics in the “Reports” tab.

Here, you’ll find an apparent report that can be sorted by days, sources, zones, campaigns, geos, and more.

TacoLoco reports

How to Top Up Your Account?

You can add funds to your account in the “Add Funds” tab. To start a campaign, you need a minimum of $20 in your account. You can replenish your account using various payment systems such as Capitalist, Paxum, Visa/Mastercard, or Wire Transfer.

Depositing just $100 into your account is sufficient to set up a campaign, and you won’t need to worry about your account balance.

When your funds run low, the system automatically reduces the number of impressions to prevent your account from going into the negative. Despite this, the quality of traffic remains consistently high.

You can also enable alerts about your account status in the “Profile” section:


TacoLoco is among the pioneers and major players in the traffic market.

This platform will suit you if you seek a dependable network with consistent payments, conversion-focused traffic, highly favorable conditions for monetizing push traffic, and 24/7 attentive support.

Why Choose TacoLoco?

There are a lot of good reasons to use TacoLoco as your site for push notification advertising, including:

Why Choose TacoLoco

1. High-Quality Traffic:

TacoLoco gives you access to a huge global network that shows your ads more than a billion times every day. This wide reach makes sure that your ads meet with a lot of different people, which makes it more likely that they will be clicked on.

2. Different Types of Ads:

The platform allows different types of ads, such as direct clicks, push notifications, and in-page push. This flexibility lets marketers make campaigns that fit the tastes and ways of engaging with different audiences.

3. Better Targeting:

TacoLoco has better targeting options that let you narrow down your audience based on location, hobbies, demographics, and more. This level of accuracy makes sure that your ads are seen by the most relevant and interested people.

4. User-Friendly Interface:

The platform is made to be simple to use, so it’s easy for both new and experienced marketers to make campaigns, start them, and keep track of them. The easy-to-use interface and detailed analytics help you make smart choices about how to improve ad success.

5. Competitive Prices:

Since buying per click starts at just $0.001, TacoLoco’s advertising options are cheap. This competitive pricing plan makes it possible for businesses of all sizes to advertise effectively without spending too much.

6. Strong Support and Resources:

TacoLoco has great support and helpful and knowledgeable customer service. The site also has many tools, like tutorials and best practice guides, that can help you get the most out of your advertising.

7. Compliance and Privacy:

The platform follows rules about user privacy and data security. This makes sure that your advertising campaigns follow the law and are moral.

8. Potential for a High ROI:

TacoLoco has a good chance of giving you a high ROI thanks to its high-quality traffic, advanced targeting, and low prices. This makes it an important tool for your digital marketing arsenal.

To sum up, TacoLoco stands out as a strong and effective platform for push notification advertising. It provides a good mix of quality traffic, easy-to-use features, and low costs, all of which make it a top choice for both marketers and publishers.


πŸ“² How do push notifications work in TacoLoco?

Push notifications are messages that appear on a user's device screen. Advertisers use TacoLoco to send these notifications to users who have opted in to receive them, promoting their products or services.

πŸ’₯ Is TacoLoco Push Ad Network effective for marketing?

Yes, TacoLoco is known for its high engagement rates and real-time delivery. It can be effective for marketing when used strategically.

🎯 What types of targeting options are available on TacoLoco?

TacoLoco offers various targeting options, including demographics, location, interests, and more, to help you reach the right audience for your ads.

πŸ–ΌοΈ Can I customize the appearance of my push notifications on TacoLoco?

Yes, you can customize the appearance of your push notifications, including the text, images, and call-to-action buttons to make them more engaging and relevant to your audience.

πŸ”’ How does TacoLoco ensure user privacy and compliance with regulations?

TacoLoco takes user privacy and compliance with regulations seriously. They often have opt-in mechanisms, and they may adhere to data protection and privacy laws in the regions they operate.

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Conclusion: TacoLoco Push Ad Network 2024

TacoLoco Push Ad Network is your gateway to achieving unprecedented mobile and desktop traffic success.

The platform empowers you to expand your mobile and desktop traffic reach, engage users effectively, and outshine competitors.

By choosing TacoLoco, you’re not just accessing a network; you’re gaining a strategic partner dedicated to helping your mobile and desktop traffic reach its full potential.

Join me today and embark on a journey towards mobile and desktop traffic excellence. Don’t settle for ordinary – choose TacoLoco Push Ad Network for extraordinary results.

Your mobile and desktop traffic success story starts here. πŸš€

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