SurveySparrow Review 2024: Is It Worth the Hype? (SurveySparrow Features & Pricing)

SurveySparrow Review

Overall Verdict

SurveySparrow is much cheaper and have features like Customization, Integration APIs, Internationalization, User, Role, and Access Management, Performance, Mobility, Reporting, Executive Dashboards, Performance Benchmarking, Reporting & Dashboards, Employee Pulse Surveys

Out of 10


  • Creates Beautiful Surveys
  • Incrdeibly Easy To Use
  • No-code platform
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Stellar Customer Support
  • Offers Rich Insights


  • Not much of machine learning
  • It doesn’t have reputation management software


Price: $ 449

86% of the customers don’t mind paying more for a better customer experience. It’s not the number of features your product has, or the size of your team, or how big your store is that’s going to help your business.

While traditional marketing struggles to retain its power in this pandemic-hit world, our current, customer- & – social-media-driven era demands one to invest in superior customer experience & timely customer support. And that’s the best move your business can make in 2021.

The times have changed, and if you want your brand to grow, however small or big it is, you must take that step towards customer-centricity.

Fortuitously, there is more than one proven method to refine or transform the experiences you deliver to your customers completely, and I’m here to introduce a tool that will help you.

Meet SurveySparrow!

I first noticed this tool when it won the coveted Red Herring Top100 North America award last year. The tool is just over three years old, and the more I acquainted myself with it, the more impressed I was. 

It does more than just surveys and offers complete experience solutions to refine customer/employee/product experiences. And, in this article, like always, I have decided to do a raw review to help you know whether SurveySparrow can live up to the hype, the strengths & the weaknesses. Let’s dive in.

SurveySparrow Review

Overview-SurveySparrow Review 2024

Surveysparrow - Overview

When I say survey, what comes to your mind?

A long list of questions set in a plain format, where you tick the box? Let me introduce you to the next-generation feedback tool.

Started in 2017, as the world’s first chat survey that offered a conversational UI, the intent behind SurveySparrow was to prove that surveys need not be boring and dull. The dynamic UI, inspired by Whatsapp chats, helps you engage your respondents better & collect a whopping 40% more responses.

Currently, SurveySparrow has outgrown the ‘survey tool’ category and has established itself as a conversational experience management tool. 

From surveys to automation & business intelligence to case management, SurveySparrow can be defined as the only platform you’ll need to manage all the interactions across your organization. The advanced integration capabilities help you stay connected to all your existing tools, while the localization features help to blend you in wherever you’re. No hassles, no paperwork.

Named as G2’s fastest-growing product consecutively for two years, the platform has a 4.5 & above rating across the internet. Their 50,000+ customer base includes industry giants like Grant Thornton, Gucci, Godrej, Warner Brothers, and more.

Let’s dig a little deeper & analyze some of their highlighted features now, shall we?

Features- SurveySparrow Review 2024

Features- SurveySparrow

Being an end-to-end experience platform, there are many advanced features that you don’t usually see in a survey tool. The process doesn’t stop with collecting responses, and the software helps you go a little beyond.

 Classic forms

The platform can build any survey for any purpose and in any language. While Classic forms are conversational, chat surveys keep them dynamic, and the UI resembles chatting software like WhatsApp. 

You can either start one from scratch or pick one from the templates. The library hosts 200+ survey themes for you to choose from. From Logic to variables, SurveySparrow has all the features you need to make them personalized and as engaging as possible.

You can share your surveys via Email, SMS, QR code, Social share, and more. The omnichannel engagement lets you reach your audience wherever they are.

Chat surveys

While Classic forms are conversational, the chat surveys keep them dynamic, and the UI resembles chatting software like WhatsApp. They are engaging and make one forget that it’s even a survey. You get to add Logic and params to keep the survey flow as personalized as possible. This keeps the chat surveys you create very intuitive and adds the humane element. They’re also mobile-first surveys, rather than just mobile-friendly. 

No-code Chatbots

Having chatbots embed in your website or product can drive more engagement. The no-code chatbots from SurveySparrow can be embedded into your site, hassle-free, but more importantly, code-free. You don’t have to write a single line of code during the entire process. Build & design a bot that matches your brand, copy the code and paste in the javascript. It’s as easy as that.

In-built NPS platform

Net Promoter Score or NPS is often quoted as the ultimate single question you need to build customer loyalty. SurveySparrow has a dedicated NPS platform with specially curated features to help you create a customer fandom.

The NPS question is, “How likely are you to recommend us to your friends/family?”. The respondent marks his willingness on an opinion scale. And based on the rating, the customers are divided into promoters, passives, and detractors. With the advanced report features from SurveySparrow, like sentiment analysis and NPS trends, you get to strategize custom actions for your customers. 

In-built 360-degree assessments

The 360 feedback software helps you create completely customizable and easy-to-set-up assessments to collect actionable employee feedback and data. With features like question pippin & custom params, you get to make the assessments highly intuitive. With robust reporting features & cross-tabulation features, you get to generate personalized development plans for your teams.

And the best part?

These assessments can be designed to be a part of the continuous performance review, rather than limiting it into being an annual ritual. Set it up once, and then automate the feedback loop.

Offline Kiosks

What if you could create a survey online and then collect responses even if there’s no internet? Offline surveys from SurveySparrow help you collect responses offline. The data is updated and stored as soon as you can establish an internet connection. The platform guarantees no data loss and an internet-free experience. This feature comes in handy when you have to collect in-store feedback or gather data from a remote zone.

White labelling

This is a neat enterprise-grade feature. With Custom Domain, you get to remove SurveySparrow from your survey URLs before sharing them. The Custom CSS allows you to customize your surveys to the pixel. No exceptions! And, you also get to customize your email surveys to fit your branding style completely. It is ‘You’ all the way!

Advanced Integrations

With 1500+ integrations in place, SurveySparrow is very integration-friendly and has already enabled many. Be it your CRM or HR software, SurveySparrow helps you manage all your data under one roof and avoids the drama of using multiple tools. It’s quick & convenient.

Some of the extended functions made possible with integration include:

  • Conducting daily scrum via Slack or Microsoft Teams
  • Running remote employee engagement surveys via Slack/ Microsoft Teams
  • Real-time alerts for customer support team with responses at Slack/Microsoft Teams
  • Adding coupons with Rybbon
  • Collecting payments via Stripe
  • Updating Leads in Hubspot
  • Multiple No-code applications

Executive Dashboard

The executive dashboard from SurveySparrow can be called a second brain to your feedback management system. The visually appealing dashboard helps you collect, compare & correlate all your survey data in one place.

At a single glance, you get to understand customer trends, employee behaviour, project progress and more. Uncover hidden insights and thus reach better decisions.

Custom Reports

Most of the survey solutions out there generate a high-level report. You’re left to read in between lines on your own, make notes, and do separate reports on each trend. The custom reports from SurveySparrow, as the name suggests, helps you build & design ‘n’ number of reports with the responses and metrics that fit your requirements.

Sentiment Analysis

This is the perfect feature to boost up your voice of customer programs. This feature lets you read more into the comments left by your customers for you rather than just going by the rating. It’s highly analytical and helps you understand customer sentiments and attitudes towards you. It sorts through heaps of data and helps you tag the responses appropriately. Sentiment analysis automatically understands open-ended responses, saves your team a lot of time & effort.

Custom Workflows

Workflows are a compelling feature and let you design a workflow best suited for different types of responses collected via your surveys. You can define the conditions, and the responses that satisfy those conditions follow a custom workflow in real-time.

To put it into perspective, let’s say we have a software request from your employee. Once the employee submits the request, set conditions that decide his eligibility, and if it does, an approval email is triggered to the IT team; if not, a review email is sent to the manager.

Case Management

This feature ties together all the other elements involved and helps you close the feedback loop. A submitted request can be marked as a ticket, invite stakeholders to collaborate, share private notes within your team, track its progress, and categorize them by priority. It helps you to make sure that all the responses are accounted for and an action is triggered. From the review generation to issue resolutions, the feature makes it possible to manage everything under one system.

Custom Data Center

SurveySparrow offers you a custom data center to assure that your organization of any geographical region can comply with data sovereignty & security requirements without compromise. Data protection & security is something that SurveySparrow holds to its core.

Multilingual Surveys

The multilingual surveys are a highlight from SurveySparrow. These surveys can be translated into any language that is supported by Google translate in a click. This ensures a global reach for your surveys, effortlessly. 

The multilingual surveys from SurveySparrow avoid the need for a separate translator and create a separate survey altogether. This also means your team saves a lot of time and effort. Even if nobody in your team can speak dutch, you still get to craft a dutch survey and send it across with zero hassle.

Recommended Templates

SurveySparrow Templates-SurveyMonkey vs Surveysparrow

With 200+ pre-designed templates available in the library, SurveySparrow helps you create surveys in just a few clicks.

CSAT surveys

SurveySparrow helps you create the best CSAT surveys. From identifying the right customer pool, to asking the right questions, and helping you act on the insight, the platform helps you handle the CSAT surveys, effortlessly.

The CSAT surveys require one to draft questions like a conversation, rather than an interrogation, and the dynamic UI of SurveySparrow is perfect for it. Furthermore, customer satisfaction is not a one-time business. It requires continuous monitoring to identify the loopholes and the strengths in the customer journey you offer. Turning your CSAT surveys into recurring surveys keeps the entire process automated.

With advanced report features and intelligently designed filters in place, SurveySparrow helps you uncover insights on what makes your customers happy and all the keywords related to it, touchpoint-wise. This helps to create custom strategies to refine each customer interaction, rather than all-in-one blanket treatment.

CET surveys

The Customer Effort Score Survey will help you to measure your customer’s ease of experience. The CES is a metric that finds out the amount of effort the customer had to invest as they pass through different touchpoints. It could be getting an issue resolved or filing a request, or requesting a return of the product, or more.

The CES survey question typically asks the respondent to rate the experience in between very difficult to very easy. The idea behind the metric is that an easy-to-use product will increase customer loyalty and reduce customer churn, considerably.

Payment forms

From ordering a cake to giving a donation and setting up an order, payment forms from SurveySparrow help you to run payments within a survey. With the help of Stripe integration, your business can set up a secure payment gateway and collect online payments. You can also run discounts and help your respondents avail coupons. 

You can also configure fixed variables, using Expressions and manage transaction amounts even better. Automating receipt generation helps you to track every order made. With over 13 currencies to choose from, nothing hinders the transaction experience you deliver to your customers.

Beta Tester Survey

Your product experience is not complete without the beta-testers. It is their feedback that factors in when it comes to your products. From the features to upgrades and even the entire product lifecycle is designed around the beta testers’ feedback. 

This survey template from SurveySparrow is highly customizable and can be personalized to feel like an engaging conversation. Gather unbiased, and honest feedback every single time.

With the help of rich share options that promise Omni-channeled feedback, share your surveys via Email, SMS, or even via a QR code. Collect data in real-time and start generating custom reports that dive deeper into every aspect of your product and the journey you intend it takes.

SurveySparrow’s reward management system is powered with advanced integration with Ribbon and will help you incentivize your Beta program in just a few clicks.

Customer NPS Template

The Customer Net Promoter Score Template has been thoughtfully curated to measure the loyalty of customers towards your brand/product/services. This shows a very clear picture of customer confidence.

The willingness to recommend you, to put their credibility at risk, they should truly believe in your business. This also tells whether your customers are not thrilled, or just satisfied, or are delighted with your service. 

Thus, customer NPS helps you categorize your customers accordingly and to initiate remedial or reward programs according to their attitude towards you. For example, if they rated you 9, reach out to them to learn your strengths.

It would also be the perfect time to ask for a review or a testimonial. If they have fallen into the passives category, release a coupon or some other incentive to turn around that slight feeling of mistrust. If at all they have given you a rating of 5 and less, know that they’re on the verge of churn and reach out, proactively. 

Employee Satisfaction Template

One of the most common mistakes a company makes is ignoring its employees. Remember strength comes from inside. Employees are the face of your brand, and if they leave a bad impression, it affects your brand. 

Treating your employees right is as important as serving your customer as kings. Launch an employee engagement program, to understand and listen to your employees regularly. Most of the time it is your employees that know your customers better than the c-level management employees. 

Identify how engaged your employees are, run a happiness survey every month, monitor how productive your workplace is, see if the culture is nurturing and more. 

Stand-Up Scrums

Running a daily scrum is easier than one thinks. Using your favorite collaboration tool at work, be it Slack or Teams, you get to run daily scrums remotely, within the platform they’re in.

You’re saving a lot of time, & effort. Plus, you don’t have to break your work conversations to do it. You can take the survey within a Slack/ MS teams channel, and redirect or share the surveys within the platform towards any individual user or a channel.

Projects can be tracked, updates can be notified, and there’s a lot more clarification on who is doing what in just a click. You can also generate task reports and performance reports without hacking and analyzing a dozen spreadsheets. SurveySparrow will do it for you.

Get back to Work Template

As the world is still struggling to recover, SurveySparrow has come across this amazing catalog focused on helping the employees get back to work at their own pace. The get back to work is a collection of all the forms, surveys, and other employee-friendly solutions that an organization would find a necessity to put together in one place.

From COVID pre-screen surveys to attendance bot and Transportation request to Customer Support survey bot, one can set up a mini-catalog for their employees returning to work, and also extend a helping hand to their customers during these unfortunate times.

Most Popular Use cases

SurveySparrow features- Surveymonkey vs Surveysparrow

Customer Experience

Most of the time, your website is where your customer makes the first contact with you. And, from there to the end of their journey SurveySparrow helps you station multiple feedback units at every touchpoint in your journey and help you put customer retention on autopilot.

With the capability to cater to such a wide array of surveys, when combined with robust reporting features, SurveySparrow helps you understand customer preferences and cater to them, right away!

Turning your customers into your raving fans is tricky and requires the right strategies and the right software by you. SurveySparrow helps you collect feedback from your customers, and then use it to help you meet and go beyond customer expectations.

Improved customer retention means more growth. Acquiring new customers is more costly and thus enhancing customer loyalty is the best way for you to achieve a healthy customer lifetime value. Churn hurts your business, whether you’re a big brand or a small start-up. 

SurveySparrow helps you monitor your customers actively and thus helps you build better, stable relationships with your customers.

Employee Experience

From automating the recruitment process to closely monitoring employee behavior and engagement, SurveySparrow helps you build a highly productive work culture.

The NPS surveys help you understand employee loyalty, while the 360-degree assessments help you put in place a continuous performance improvement program that boosts employee morale. 

With many organizations functioning remotely, the tool helps you stay connected with your teams remotely and continue collaborating with them effortlessly.

Building an awesome work culture is not a day’s work. The exclusive employee experience solutions from SurveySparrow helps you set up a self-help employee portal to manage all the employee interactions and activities in one place. The platform is perfect to kick-start your employee experience program. 

Product Experience

The success of a product is closely tied to how close it has come to meeting customer expectations and market trends. SurveySparrow will help you build a product that your customers will love. The platform has all that you would need to design an excellent product roadmap.

With the right product experience management software like SurveySparrow, you get to define your target audience. Not just that. You will be able to identify the right placement for your product and perfect the pricing and market strategies. 

Once that is done, you get to outline your ideal customer persona. Being a complete product experience management platform, SurveySparrow also helps you to host feedback units at every relevant touchpoint and collects customer inputs to help you get the feedback loop going.

Sales Experience

Wall of Love - Surveysparrow review

Delivering a world-class customer journey needs an impeccable B2B sales experience. With SurveySparrow’s you get to refine every key point in the journey. From prospecting leads to scheduling demos, the platform helps you transform the onboarding experience you deliver to your new customers.

The feedback from these different key points will also assist your customer-facing teams to improve and work on their demo calls and other onboarding activities.

Moreover collecting feedback from different touchpoints, and employing an omnichannel engagement to the customers will help you increase the conversion rates, and keep them stable. This also helps to drive brand loyalty better.

The quality of the sales experience you deliver plays a key role in forming the foundation of the relationship you build with the customer and the brand.

Market Experience

Identifying and uncovering the best ways to reach out to your customers is crucial to your business. SurveySparrow’s suite of solutions designed exclusively to cater to the market experience needs is intuitive and smart.

SurveySparrow helps to attract more visitors to your websites, keep your brand easily discoverable to your potential customers, motivates your existing customers to work as your brand ambassadors, manage customer traffic, and grow from valuable insights generated from feedback.

From lead generation to engaging market surveys, SurveySparrow lets you run successful market research, single-handedly. The omni-channel approach helps to monitor and track customer pulse or changing market trends as closely as possible. With real-time notifications, you get to stay on top of the data, all the time.

Ease of Use

Being a no-code platform, SurveySparrow is easy to set up and easier to use. It is a vast platform, packed with features, but with regularly updated help articles and a vibrant community in place, the platform is designed to function as a DIY platform. There are also free personalized demos available.

The landing dashboard, the survey builder with a preview screen, and the placement of clickable tabs are very user-friendly. It’s all placed in such a way that every other feature you need is only a click away. 

The platform also offers free personalized demos where the product expert will walk you through the product and discuss your use cases. 

Customer Support

The support team of SurveySparrow is something that I have seen highlighted in many reviews along with the product analysis. The biggest plus? They’re all humans.

It’s not a bot that you’re stuck with, and they do not charge extra for support, even for free users. They’re available 24/5 via email or call. And, as the reviews say, they’re one of the best things about SurveySparrow. 

The support team proactively reaches out to the users to make sure that they’re getting the most out of the platform. They share some of the best use cases suited for your business and work with you to achieve a solution.


Surveysparrow - Pricing

SurveySparrow’ pricing plans are also something that deserves an applaud. It has been carefully designed to be simple and as straightforward as possible. There are no hidden charges, nor do they ask for credit cards while signing up.

The trial is for 14 days and lets you explore all the premium features, including the enterprise-grade ones, for free.

The basic plan starts at $19 USD per month, while the enterprise plan goes up to $449 USD a month. Custom pricing is also available to accommodate your requirements perfectly.

The one thing that I loved about their pricing was how it scales to fit your needs. And, considering the number of solutions offered like Case Management, Subaccounts & more, the pricing seems to be very reasonable & attractive.

In a nutshell…

The Pros 

  • Ideal for businesses of any size
  • No-code platform
  • Identify, manage, & refine experiences end-to-end
  • Advanced Integrations to extend functions
  • Affordable & reasonable pricing
  • Amazing customer support

The Cons

  • It doesn’t have reputation management software
  • Not much of machine learning capabilities

Marketplace Availability

Hubspot Apps Marketplace

The Hubspot users can integrate their Hubspot account with SurveySparrow from Hubspot’s marketplace. The integration will help to unify their accounts at both platforms free of cost. The user can directly capture data from their surveys and populate their Hubspot account.

The entire process can be automated and thus keeping the process hassle-free. Map the questions to the contact fields or other custom fields and that’s it. The sales team can fetch data from Hubspot and initiate the pipeline. The multilingual support and mobile-first surveys make it easy to engage your leads.

Google Workspace MarketPlace

SurveySparrow -Wall of Love

Any Google user can access and install SurveySparrow from Google Workspace. Integration with Google spreadsheets helps you store and share data as simple sheets. It is perfect to reach out to a larger audience.

While the Google Analytics integration helps you monitor survey performance closely and helps you optimize your feedback collection methodologies for a better outcome, the integration with Google Tag Manager lets you improve visitor analytics of all your survey campaigns. 

From form submissions to page visits, the integration helps you cover user interactions, and then the data can be pushed into analytics tools to gain a much deeper insight. 

Slack App Directory

If your business uses Slack, you can easily install SurveySparrow from the App Directory. Enabling the Slack integration helps your teams stay within the platform and conduct or participate in daily stand-ups or weekly reflections. The user can also use it to run all sorts of employee surveys and collect responses quickly

Additionally, SurveySparrow also helps to create any survey or polls without leaving Slack and collect responses within the set channel.  You can also notify a user or a Slack channel for every new survey response.

This can be used to alert your customer-facing teams when a customer gives a bad rating & close the feedback loop, efficiently.

Customer Reviews


Founded in 2017, nearly two decades after SurveyMonkey, SurveySparrow has managed to be one of the pioneer survey software in the industry.

For a company this young, they have 573 reviews on G2, a popular survey review platform with an average rating of 4.5 of which 66.5 percent of the reviews are from small businesses, 23.3 percent are from mid-market businesses, and 10.2 percent from the enterprise sector.

They are on a mission to accumulate more of the enterprise sector in the coming years. Let’s hear what a user in computer networking has to say about SurveySparrow.

“SurveySparrow has a unique flow to its surveys that makes your users feel as if they are having a conversation with you instead of being bombarded with questions. The flow is very natural and easy to understand for even the least tech-savvy individuals”

Prominent customers of SurveySparroe include Godrej.

FAQs- SurveySparrow Review

🔥How does the 14-day free trial work?

You can easily create a free account without a credit card. After you create an account with SurveySparrow, you can explore all the features available in our Enterprise plan during the 14-day free trial period.

✔What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Amex, and Diner's Club. To pay by check, wire transfer, or ACH, please reach out to [email protected].

👓What happens after the 14-day free trial?

When the free trial ends, you will be automatically downgraded to the Free plan and won’t be able to access the features in the paid plans. However, you can upgrade anytime as per your requirement and access our best-in-class features.

💥Can SurveySparrow host a no-code survey catalog?

Of course. SurveySparrow can help you design and run a no-code catalog very easily. They’re very user-friendly. You can always reach out to the support team for further details.

👍 Is SurveySparrow a no-code platform?

Yes. Being an end-to-end experience platform, SurveySparrow can help you run no-code applications mostly within the platform. To further the functions, SurveySparrow has advanced integrations with many third-party software, making it possible to run even a complicated no-code solution.

🔥 Do I pay for customer support?

No. Helping the customers make the most out of SurveySparrow and to achieve a meaningful return of investment is something that the company believes in. Customer support is absolutely free, even for a free plan user.

Final Verdict: Should You Try SurveySparrow?  SurveySparrow Review 2024

SurveySparrow is a conversational experience management platform designed to help you refine experiences a better way. And, after my thorough review, I feel they have done real work to keep that title. They’re young & dynamic.

The growth from a survey tool that helped to collect feedback to an experience platform that helps you close the feedback loop, end-to-end, is amazing.

There’s still a long way to go for SurveySparrow to be considered as an enterprise experience management platform, but they’re definitely on the right track for it. They’re the most reasonably priced software in their category, not too pricey & very reasonable. 

The pandemic has left us all stranded and to invest in a customer experience that has equally robust customer support seems sensible and wise. I definitely recommend this tool for anybody who is looking to kick-start their customer or employee experience program.

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