Supermetrics vs Adverity DataTap 2024 | Which One Is The Best? (In-Depth Comparison)

Were you surfing online for the superb marketing analytics tool?  I have got what you desired. After using several tools, I present you the comparison of Supermectrics vs Adverity DataTap. I have found that these two software gives us the best ever analytics reports and also advertisement reach analysis.

Supermetrics and Adverity DataTap both are supreme marketing automation, and business intelligence tools you are searching for do continue reading.

Started advertising agencies or scrappy startups and are looking for platforms that can automate all this Data into a single spreadsheet and give you comparative report analysis?

Your search is over.

From Google Analytics report to Advertisement reach analysis, from data comparison to all other marketing reports, all these data in spreadsheets set you into a lot of bafflement.

If you aspire to start your advertising agency or scrappy startup right from scratch, doing without these tools would be baffling.  If you prefer to create actionable data better available for marketers for analysis or consort data, it can effortlessly be integrated into your BI tools and data warehouses.

Using these tools can make your data reach better marketers.

All you are enthusiastic advertisers, agencies, and digital marketers must utilize this gold mine internet has created for you.

All marketing campaign platforms that get integrated with these BI tools will help you to explore, visualize, and analyze your data. These tools can independently control and analyze your campaigns on various advertisements and marketing platforms like Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media.

That will profitably help you in a short time by giving you insights into segmented data as to what market strategies you necessitate to brace yourself more on.

Supermetrics vs Adverity DataTap

Supermetrics vs Adverity DataTap 2024 | The Ultimate Comparison

Supermetrics Overview

Supermetrics provides you with an exclusive plan to grasp all your business analytics needs, and now this is leveraging the potentiality of automation. Supermetrics is one such a phenomenal tool. An entirely- advanced business reporting tool started in 2013 with the use of google analytics. Check our detailed Supermetrics Review to get detailed insights into Supermetrics.

About now, it has integrated all possible analytical and metric tools effectively on a peculiar platform. Well-timed, they started such a platform, company diligent towards improvising before-mentioned thoroughly. With every update,  fascinate something surprising to the table.

Strategies helped Supermetrics to become one of the topmost players for BI automation in the market. This software collects data from a pool of sources, mainly social media, online market sources, web analytics, etc.

Google drive product in the Supermetric tools enables you to run queries, invigorate your data with just a push of a button, and also allows you to share your tracking and reports with your fellow mates.

Supermetrics vs Data Tap Comparison

This medium benefits marketers to generate comparative reports to help the business devise growth methods and contrivance them better the next time.

Utilizing Supermetric can acquire Customized and further detailed coverage with the formulation. The Uploader tool lets you power the costing and revenue data collected by successively campaigns on various platforms.

Adverity DataTap Overview

Data Tap holds exceptional advertising analytics and business intelligence platform record in allowing data-driven marketing teams to build better results and get more trustworthy execution, quicker and more comfortable.

DataTap analytics platform vs Supermetrics

By remodeling siloed data into striking insight, Data Tap decreases the difficulty in introducing the replacement toward maintaining multichannel campaigns.

Data Tap is a vendor-agnostic by creating direct contact with the consumer, throughout the platform that delivers an independent aspect of marketing performance across your business by automating data integration from hundreds of sources.

Data Tap is on the quest to empower teams with achievements and formulate most of their data and remodel valuable insights, confinements, and actions. By making the value of compelling data visualizations, Data Tap unveils substantial business results of marketing activities and acquisitions performance by touching actual fuel growth possibilities with augmented analytics.

Working Overview of Supermetrics

Google Drive feature allows one to automate reporting in Google Sheets and Docs. Way less techy than you imagined!

The line simply means transferring all your analytics reports from all your web and social media marketing channels onto Google docs in one consolidated spreadsheet. Invigorating everything these channels can be made with just a click to acquire an insight into your business’s most recent figures.

The User interface is extremely interactive and engaging; visiting the website once would make you spellbound to the interface.

Supermetrics Review Paid Channel Mix

With the auto-update feature, this software works on the cloud computing platform integrating all your tools into one. From quick excel reports using Supermetrics Data Grabber to acknowledging how your Ad campaigns are performing, Supermetric has it all.

You can excavate your data from all the available data sources in extension to marketing data in Google Data Studio and Google Sheets. Supermetrics used by Five hundred thousand people in 13000+ companies worldwide around 120+ countries.

Working Overview of DataTap

Data Tap is a polished marketing analytics platform that facilitates data-driven marketing teams to envision more beneficial firms and improve performance, quicker and more comfortable. The redesigned user interface of Data Tap builds it stand out of the crowd.

Data Tap is a fast-growing firm headquarters in Vienna and has offices in New York and London. Founded in 2015, Data Tap is one of the world’s leading brands and agencies, including Omnicom, Red Bull, GroupM, Unilever, Forbes, JD Sports, and IKEA.  Data Tap is on confinement to empower organizations to effortlessly utilize their data and turn it into powerful insights, decisions and unfolding.

Continued powerful working feature of Data Tap is the powerful Custom Online Databases and  Marketing Data Harmonization.

Data Tap is proposing the largest data connector libraries with 400+ data sources in marketing, e-commerce, and media. The company’s goal is to simplify the finicky process of data research and visualization, so the managing team has been operating difficult throughout the past few months to deliver even quicker and further powerful insights.

 Supermetrics Integrates with:

Supermetrics Integration vs DataTap


  1. Database
  2. MailChimp
  3. BingAds
  4. Google Search Console
  5. Facebook Insights
  6. Google BigQuery
  7. Twitter Ads
  8. Yahoo Gemini
  9. Adobe Analytics
  10. DoubleClick
  11. Adform
  12. Youtube
  13. Google Adwords
  14. SEMRush
  15. Facebook Ads
  16. Moz
  17. Google Analytics
  18. Stripe

Data Tap Integrates With:

  1. Hadoop
  2. Redshift
  3. Amazon web services
  4. MY SQL
  5. Amazon Red
  6. Sharepoint
  7. Microsoft SQL server
  8. Google Cloud
  9. PostgreSQL
  10. Amazon Redshift
  11. Google by query
  12. Microsoft Azure
  13. Snowflake

Pros and Cons of Supermetrics:


  1. Data analytics and Data mining are proffers.
  2. SEM or Search engine marketing tools proffer.
  3. A 14days complimentary trial.
  4.  Support  by Google Adwords and another Social Media Ad channel
  5. Remarkably thoroughly data visualization, including presentation.
  6. Report Scheduling, including auto-update feasible.
  7. You can pick the dedicated tool you instantly want to use, and you do not require to buy the full high-priced software.


  1. Do not support live chat or phone.
  2. Struggling to find noticeable clients like large-cap MNCs
  3. Has lesser business intelligence feature compared to its contenders
  4. Supermetrics does not give you a proper way to clean up your errors in the data. You might have to do it in a visualization tool, which will be time-consuming.

Pros and Cons of Data Tap:


  1. Link a whole collection of API hassle-free, in addition to an automatic approach.
  2.  This tool eliminated a massive hassle for us while engaging data and made the process significantly more accessible.
  3.  It provides an out of the pack choice to turn Facebook conversion data to line up the format of data to other principal marketing providers.
  4. Share individualized KPI monitoring dashboards for consumers.
  5.  Retrieving data of the addressed sources like relational databases, JSON files, and XML files made it feasible for customers.
  6. Delivery of  reformatted data within specific address database, data warehouse, or separate storage location
  7.  Scalable and flexible to be processing power up or down based on ETL volume.
  8. Record ETL factual data for auditing, including inherent data emendation needs.
  9.  The account manager provides technical assistance assigned for every account to assist in unique or complicated alterations according to needs.


  1. Control of UI dashboards could be a minimum further customizable.
  2. Customer service could be time lagging based on location as the customer support team is located in Europe.
  3. The database does not cover in the package – demands a separate budget for this.
  4. High-quality understanding of data to get the most out of the platform. For those people who are not highly skilled enough with using data, there can be an abrupt learning curve.
  5. UX flow improvement for ampler experiences
  6. The return of investment marketing analytics is not relevant over the check.
  7. Depending upon the return of investment analytics(ROI) is not up to the expectations.

Comparing Supermetric and Data Tap in different domains:

Audience catered


The most excellent for startups, digital marketing agencies, e-commerce companies, and individuals companies mainly focused on digital marketing aspects.

Supermetrics vs Data Tap- Data DAshboard

Data Tap:

  •   Great for advertising companies and agencies centered on digital visualization and business intelligence.


The price of their services is starting from $39 to $299 per month.

Supermetrics-pricing comparison


By far, the cheapest option you will find in the market amongst its competitors. With just 19$ a month, they offer plans in an add-on typology. Purchase the basic scheme with the least price and then pay for any add-on tools that you want to include.

Data Tap:

  •  Data Tap offers no firm expense plans as they prefer to provide a fair price that reflects all business’s needs and that you will never pay higher than you need to.
  • Pricing plans are provisory on factors.
  •  Numerous accounts individuals would approve to connect within those data sources. Based on the number of data sources,   one would like to integrate. How one would like to use the data (e.g., data integration only and given that it to 3rd party destination/custom manipulation of the data required / end to end solution )

Integration Software


  • Offers way less integrated tools and high user-friendly and less accuracy. It supports 60+ connectors.

 Data Tap:

  • When it comes to Data Tap, it offers more integrated tools with a less user-friendly interface and more accuracy 100+connectors.

Customer Satisfaction:


Supermetrics is reasonably economical in terms of pleasing customer requirements. The aforementioned has good reviews all over the internet but can not meet the level of Data Tap in satisfying the customer. It is more of a G suite Deck type tool.

Data Tap vs Supermetrics-Support-Forum
Data Tap:

Data Tap has awesome reviews and it’s highly rated in terms of satisfying customer needs.

Platforms and Training Supported:

  • Both super metrics and data tap are supported on Windows, IOS, and cloud platforms on the web and phones.
  •  Concerning training, both have the facility of webinars and online tutorials to help first-time users and beginners.
  • They also have appropriate documentation available on their official website to support their users in every way possible. Both stand at par in this sphere.

Languages Supported:

Supermetrics supports English only.

Data Tap: The following language and number formatting options are available: English and german.


👉 Do these platforms provide any discount plans?

Bad news for people that fall quickly fleeting in investing within the software. Because there is no free alternative in the market that can hardly get even close to the level of detailing and comprehensiveness, these professional tools offer us. They do not offer any coupons to purchase them for free either. The trial period is available with most of such tools available online. Currently, there are no free trials made available to the Data Tap. At most maximum, Supermetrics continue on 14-day free trial versions, but after the test is over, you will be addicted to the software. Firstly, they make you fall in love with the software and ultimately cause you to subscribe to the paid version; the aforementioned is their powerful marketing tactics.

👉 What are some alternative tools and software similar to the ones mentioned above?

Clear and point strategy, Azienda, Adverity, Looker, Act-On, Hubspot Marketing Hub, SEMrush, Google Chart Tools, SharpSpring, Mailchimp All-in-One Marketing Platform, and Adobe Analytics are more options you can look into, preferably. They are mostly similar in service terms to Supermetric or Data Tap but differ somewhere in pricing and data sources offered. The interface and interactiveness also perform a vital role in judgment making for automation software. Other alternatives to Data Tap are BIC Platform, ScrapingBot, and SocialJsIdeas.

👉 How safe and secure are the tools mentioned above?

For getting profound into the details of this question, you need to scout the Privacy policies and TOC pages of the software you are looking for in software?. But to be very concise, these online tools do not save your Data permanently on their servers. Once they have created your required report, they delete the collected data from their server's end. If they indeed used your cached data to refine your search results, that cache is also encrypted and removed once when not required for use. There are no 3rd parties with whom this Data is ever shared. Official APIs are used to connect to all the channels; no private networks are involved. All the information is SSL encrypted whenever brought over, using any data source. The Privacy Policy strictly restricts data handlers at all these tools to never be 100% sure, it is best to check out the soft wares TOC page and read their privacy policy. Servers; these online tools do not save your Data permanently on their servers. Once your reports or dashboards are formulated, they delete the collected data. Even if they use your cached data for better search results, it is encrypted and safe.


Supermetrics & Data Tap Comparison- Testimonials


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Conclusion: Supermetrics vs Adverity DataTap 2024 | Who Is The Winner?

Reporting Metrics and operations of the data united are extraordinary in Adverity DataTap. Although, the mid-market is more inclined towards Supermetric because of its being cost-effective and excellent functionality.

Question that strikes through the mind while looking for an end to end marketing analytics, and business intelligence tools as a new advertising agency or scrappy startup, both Supermetrics and Data Tap both are in cut-throat competition. Although many of the features provided by both are not the same, they surely operate in similar ways. Both the tools keep in mind the customer needs and market trends.

As far as the pricing and high security are concerned, undoubtedly Supermetrics is the winner, I can’t just skip the other side of the coin when it comes to insights and API tools.

Ultimately it is all about understanding your business and brand requirements and choosing the best online marketing sales funnel tool. Make an informed decision after reading various reviews, doing proper market research on all alternatives available, affordable pricing, and after weighing all the pros and cons.

I believe Judgment can’t be based solely on a service or a tool by one simple factual data or one professional’s guidance. While making your final choice; you should always use a marketing research term called “Data Triangulation.”

The statement means that you should always verify the accuracy of the data; you are making your judgment based on several sources. When you discover all the sources pointing towards one common preference, then I suggest you go for it. All our research-based content on both the tools have been triangulated of various origins.

Thus, you see a direct and credible landscape of what the professionals reason about these tools and software. If Supermetric is 20, then Data Tap is no less than 19, both are at par.

Simply, concluding that both Supermetrics and Data tap is an excellent tool for agencies and marketers that makes you quickly explore and visually analyze your marketing data and advertisement analysis reach analysis.

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