Strikingly Review 2024: Is It A Legit Website Builder?


Overall Verdict

Strikingly is one of the best & top notch free website builder for anyone to create a gorgeous, mobile friendly website easily Quick, simple and stylish. Strikingly, it is a kind of a beast to the website builder market.

Out of 10


  • Mobile Action Buttons
  • Unlimited Free Sites
  • Priority Customer Service
  • Site Membership
  • Customize Checkout
  • Embed HTML/CSS/JavaScript


  • Free plan have limitations
  • Newbies might find expensive


Price: $ 8

Looking for Unbiased Strikingly review Don’t worry, I covered you up.

Building a website is hard. You’ve spent countless hours trying to create a website. You’ve been told that you need to pay thousands of dollars to have one built.

You could have a website up and running in minutes with Strikingly. No complicated coding or design skills are required.

With Strikingly, you can create your own professional-looking website without having to worry about the technical aspects.

Strikingly Review

Bottom Line Upfront: 

Strikingly is a free, easy to use, and power-packed website builder with many features that allow you to customize your website to the way you want it. Its clean and modern design and layout will make you want to use it right away. If you want to try it out, it’s best if you do so without spending any money. Strikingly’s free trial offers you a 100+ page demo which is enough to give you an idea of what Strikingly can do.

Strikingly is an easy to use website builder that gives you options like: custom header, logo, links to your site, multiple pages with the ability to link between pages.

Strikingly reviews by users

Strikingly Review: What is Strikingly? 🥇 

Strikingly features and pricing

So, here is Strikingly: Smart and Simple Website Builder Endorsed by Seth Godin.

Strikingly is a feature Simple, rich website builder tool that enables people with no experience in Graphics Design to create modern and beautiful websites.

It is recommended by the marketing guru and best-selling author Seth Godin. Today, I am gonna do a detailed Strikingly review with all the pros & cons.  

When I first started using Strikingly, I tried to use their website builder as much as possible. While it was a fantastic tool for getting a quick website created, it was not conducive to the things I do and how I do them.

Strikingly Review

That is why I wanted to see how Strikingly’s WordPress version would be for me. I had a website that was fully responsive and had a custom theme that would be perfect for the events we worked with.

Right out of the gate, I noticed a major difference in ease of use–via the WordPress dashboard.

I love this new and improved Strikingly website builder. It’s free and full-featured, with an intuitive interface that’s easy to use. The Google Analytics integration is super-duper cool.

Strikingly Pricing:

Strikingly Pricing

1. Limited Plan ($8/month billed yearly):

  • Just starting with a custom domain
  • 2 Limited sites
  • Unlimited free sites
  • Connect custom domain
  • Free SSL for custom domain
  • Free domain for a year
  • 1 GB storage per site
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • Up to 5 pages per site
  • Sell a single product (5% transaction fee)
  • 24/7 chat support

2. Pro Plan ($16/month billed yearly – Most Popular):

  • Everything you need to launch & grow!
  • 3 Pro sites
  • Unlimited free sites
  • Connect custom domain
  • Free SSL for custom domain
  • Free domain for a year
  • 20 GB storage per site
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Up to 100 pages per site
  • Sell up to 300 products (2% transaction fee)
  • Remove Strikingly branding
  • Custom Forms
  • Password Protection
  • Site memberships
  • Paid subscription memberships
  • Store Product Reviews
  • Pop-Ups
  • Site search
  • Embed custom code
  • Custom font upload
  • Restore historical version
  • 24/7 chat support

3. VIP Plan ($49/month billed yearly):

  • Power features for businesses & membership sites
  • 5 VIP sites
  • Everything in the Pro plan
  • 100 GB storage per site
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 2,000 Active Contacts
  • Sell unlimited products (0% transaction fee)
  • Multiple Membership Tiers
  • Multi-Language & Auto-Translation
  • Send newsletters
  • Live Chat widget
  • Priority customer service
  • Phone support (English)
  • Dedicated account manager

You also have options for different billing cycles, including monthly, yearly, 2 years, 3 years, and 5 years, each with its own savings. Choose the plan that best suits your website needs and budget.

Why Build a Website or E-commerce Store Now?

Three words: Join. The. Revolution.

  1. Your buyers are online. There are 2.14 billion digital buyers, and e-commerce sales are expected to account for 18.1% of retail sales worldwide. They’re online; you should be, too.
  2. The pandemic triggered the digital and ecommerce turning point, and everyone went online. It’s time to go all in and go online.
  3. Technology is no longer the bogeyman. The no-code movement made technology less intimidating and friendly. Your competitors are only online, and you don’t want to miss out. FOMO is real.
  4. Last but not least, every entrepreneur, business, or even side project has a site or app these days. If you don’t, it’s hard to convince your audience or even your partners that you’re legit.

Now is the best time to start your business online. Launch your website or store in no time with Strikingly, and get your first customer today!

Key Features of Strikingly Review

Advantages: Strikingly is a powerful and user-friendly website builder that allows you to create customized websites with ease. With Strikingly’s software features, you can add graphics, maps, videos, and other elements to your webpage without the need for any coding knowledge or extra effort.

Strikingly Review- Features

1. Blogging

Strikingly’s strength lies in its blogging capabilities? It contains everything you need to start your blog: analysis, RSS feeds, social bookmarking, commenting, search, and visualization categories.

All you have to do is click on “Add New Section” in the page menu, select “Simple Blog,” and you’re done! You can create blogs now. This is also available in the free version, which is a bonus!

The description “Simple Blog” is more or less what she says on the tin. It is not the definitive blogging platform, but it has the tools and simplicity to create a simple blog that works well.

If you’re creating your own blog but want to get started, this is a good option. You can stay in the free version for as long as you like or upgrade your tiered price plans for additional features.

2. Business

If you have a business, the requirements of a website Builder will differ from those of a blog or personal website. As you may have guessed, Strikingly is the best option if you are a fast-growing company.

However, if you’re an independent professional looking to promote your brand or a small business looking for an online presence, Strikingly could be for you if you have a tight budget and want to get something online.

3. Personal

A striking range of models is aesthetic and elegant with high-quality images. With additional options such as gallery and large media areas, Strikingly is ideal for a small wallet or personal website.

So, if you’re looking for a fast, low-cost online presence and freedom of design is your priority, Strikingly will do a great job for you.

4. Ecommerce

E-commerce is characterized because you can buy and sell products online. There is a “simple shop” feature you can add to your website. In the free plan, you can only add one product (with an unlimited supply). So you need to update to add more products.

You have several options for updating. The limited edition offers five products for sale through your website. That’s up to 300 in the Pro Plan and 500 products in the VIP Plan. Our research has shown that Conspicuous is one creator of cheap websites that can sell.

Regardless of which plan you are in, it is easy to add the e-commerce feature, and while it is limited, it is good to have at least the option. Ultimately, it should be treated as an additional feature rather than the sole purpose of the site.

If your business relies solely or mainly on selling products, consider one of the most targeted E-commerce sites.

Benefits: Strikingly’s website builder is an excellent choice if you want to create a website with the simplicity and power of complex technology. It offers an easy way for non-technical individuals to learn how to build websites without requiring extensive knowledge.

Why Should You Use Strikingly? Explore 7 Strikingly’s Tools:

1. Help & Support

One of Strikingly’s strongest areas is assistance and support.

It possesses a great information base. Its articles frequently include videos and pictures, ensuring that you can discover information quickly and clearly.

However, if you want more assistance, live chat support is accessible 24/7. The ‘Happiness Officers’ are always there to help.

There’s also an idea forum where you may suggest new ways to make the site better. Surprisingly, you can vote on other people’s ideas. You can email them directly if you have a specific issue or wish to submit a ticket.

2. Social Media Integration

Nowadays, social media appears to be similar to oxygen: it appears that individuals, particularly companies, require it to grow and exist.

You may add and link to your social media accounts under the social feed area of Strikingly. Your visitors will be able to keep up with your updates this way.

Strikingly social media

Certain features, such as importing posts from a Facebook page instead of your own timeline, are not available in the free version.

To access these features, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan. Additionally, you can add a live chat function to your Pro plan using Facebook Messenger.

You can connect your website to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to display your latest updates on your site.

Although the social feed is not the most polished or user-friendly, it does its job well. Strikingly automatically checks for new posts every five minutes.

3. Analytics

Strikingly analytics

Strikingly, like other website builders, provides an analytics tool to keep you informed about your site visitors.

This tool offers information on the number of visitors, their location, the time of their visit, and the device they used to access your site.

You can view this information for different periods, such as the past 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, and 90 days.

This is the default analytics tool provided by Strikingly, and it provides a simple summary of your site’s traffic.

However, to get a more comprehensive and detailed analysis of your website, Strikingly recommends using Google Analytics. They have even provided a guide to help you install it in their help section.

4. Marketing & SEO

Strikingly SEO reviews

Explore search engine optimization (SEO) to improve your website’s visibility. It’s simple, and you can guide visitors to your site by building signposts.

Strikingly offers an SEO checklist. However, it has fewer marketing features than other website builders. The email marketing option is only available for Pro users, and you need to integrate MailChimp.

You can add basic forms and contact pages to your site for free. Decide if Strikingly is suitable for your website by evaluating its marketing capabilities.

5. Domains

With Strikingly, you can purchase a domain in any plan, even the free one, and connect it to your site once you upgrade to the Limited or Pro plan.

You can register your domain for up to ten years and choose from a range of TLDs to make your website address unique.

Strikingly provides instructions on how to register and connect domains. You can also transfer a domain from another registrar to Strikingly to manage all of your domains and websites in one place.

Finally, in the free version, you can customize your site’s URL without removing the Strikingly logo.

6. Security

Strikingly Security

All custom domains are enabled with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which allows users to access your site through Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS).

Do you have any idea what that means? It’s actually rather easy.  When a visitor comes to your site, the link between them and you is encrypted. This builds trust in your visitors and might even help you rank higher on Google.

This is done for all custom domains automatically (so you must be on either the Limited or Pro plan). It makes no difference whether you purchased your domain from Strikingly or had it transferred from another provider.

7. Backups & Restores

When you’re working on your website, Autosaves your changes for you, which is really convenient.

However, because there is no backup feature, it’s a good idea to make a duplicate of your site just in case. You may do this by heading to your dashboard and selecting “clone” from the “additional options” menu.

This generates an unpublished duplicate of your site for you. Because it doesn’t immediately sync when you make changes, it’s good to generate a fresh copy now and again to stay current.

Ways Strikingly can Facilitate your Load While Building a Website:

  • You don’t need to take in a code of any kind.
  • Facilitated by the scandalous AWS, a reliable source.
  • A single-tick SSL accreditation, expanding brand trust.
  • A front-end interface that lets you craft as you go.
  • Pre-planned segmenting for your site, regardless of the design problem.
  • The pressed front changed for a quicker stream.
  • Unlimited resources such as storage or stockpiling and transmission capacity, no fatigue loading.
  • 99% uptime, Saving you cash, time, and bother.
  • Different dialects are ideal for global groups and customers.
  • The barrier-free technician mode should allow anyone to work.

Strikingly Customer Support

Strikingly’s support team is friendly and helpful. They will help you set up your new site, walk you through the editor, or show you what else Strikingly has to offer. You can reach them through email or live chat on their website at any time of the day.

Their live chat is great, and you can even request a callback if the circumstances require it.

They have an FAQ page with some simple questions and answers to help you get started on your site as soon as possible.

So, if you’ve never built a website before, they can quickly walk you through how to create a striking, professional website with little to no effort.

They have a growing library of tutorials and documentation with detailed explanations for almost any topic you can think of, from editing the styling of your site to adding background images and videos.

The Strikingly documentation page is comprehensive and organized into clearly labelled sections that will help you find the answer you need quickly.

They also have a page that provides more explanations on some of their special features, such as their featured images and photo galleries. So, if there’s a specific feature you’re struggling to work with, they can point you in the right direction.

Strikingly Testimonials & Reviews from Customers

Strikingly testimonials

Strikingly User Reviews

Pros & Cons of Strikingly 


  • Strikingly is incredibly easy for beginners with its simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • You can create a basic website in minutes, making it ideal for small projects and personal sites.
  • Strikingly’s templates are mobile-friendly, ensuring a good user experience on all devices.
  • Strikingly offers a free plan with basic features, allowing you to get started at no cost.
  • They provide responsive customer support via email and live chat.
  • Strikingly offers SSL security for all websites, helping protect user data.


  • Strikingly is best for simple one-page websites and may not suit complex projects.
  • Advanced customization options are limited compared to some other website builders.

Strikingly’s 6 Best Alternatives 2024


WordPress is the most widely used website builder on the planet. It is responsible for more than 39% of all websites on the internet, which translates to millions of web pages all over the world.

The content management system (CMS) should not be confused with the blog hosting service.

WordPress began in 2003 as a simple blogging tool. Since then, it has evolved into a content management system and a framework for developing applications.

In other words, WordPress makes it simple to create any form of website. Please visit our article on the evolution of the WordPress user interface to see how WordPress has evolved over time.

2) Wix

Wix is a cloud-based service that allows you to design and develop your own website or online store without having to know how to code.

You won’t have to bother about purchasing web hosting or installing software because almost everything you’ll need to construct and maintain your site is offered “out of the box,” and all takes place online.

Wix Review

Wix is a popular website builder that lets you create and manage your site directly through your web browser.

With a team of 4,000 employees and a user base of approximately 4.6 million live websites, Wix has offices across the world, in addition to its headquarters in Israel.

Squarespace and Jimdo are two other website builders, with 2.6 million and 494,000 websites respectively.

Because of Wix’s big scale, you can expect regular feature improvements as well as long-term security (i.e., the risk of the company dissolving and taking your website with it).

3) ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels, launched in 2014, has revolutionized online marketing in just three years. It simplifies the process of selling products and services online using sales funnels, a complex marketing technology.

ClickFunnels Review- Free Trail

Brunson, the creator of ClickFunnels, experimented with email marketing before settling on sales funnels.

ClickFunnels quickly became popular because of its ability to make funnel development easier and faster. ClickFunnels is a great tool for entrepreneurs looking for a simple yet effective sales solution or landing page editor.

4) Squarespace

Squarespace is an excellent platform for building professional websites. It offers the highest-quality designs and features on the market, and though it takes some getting accustomed to, the end results are well worth the effort.

It is recommended for those who are interested in design or have some technical knowledge.


It’s perfect for bloggers, small businesses, and creatives, offering SEO features, e-commerce capabilities, and social network integration.

You don’t need coding skills, but some technical confidence would help. Squarespace 7.1 provides more design customization than ever.

It’s the ideal platform for photographers, artists, and those who value outstanding design. However, if your site has a lot of text or low-quality photos, Squarespace’s designs may not be suitable.

5) Webflow

Webflow is a feature-rich website builder that aims to “empower designers, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs to develop for the web.”

The company provides a number of tools to help users create a beautiful, fully customizable website without sacrificing their freedom or forcing them to utilize pre-designed, static templates.


Webflow is a straightforward website builder that includes a visual web design tool.

You pay for it on a monthly basis because it’s hosted software. They make money by selling hosting services and charging extra for upgrades and more features.

You can sign up for a Webflow account and link it to your domain. You can also download your website and host it on a different server.

6) Simvoly

Simvoly is a newcomer to the market that has piqued the curiosity of small and medium-sized businesses for all the right reasons.

You can construct personalized websites, blogs, stores, and landing pages with our non-technical, user-friendly website builder.


Simvoly’s E-commerce solutions make selling products and services easy. PayPal and Stripe integrate effortlessly. Choose from over 50 responsive themes and view changes in real-time with the website wizard.

Simvoly’s blog feature allows publishing articles, photos, and videos, along with social sharing links.

Why Strikingly?

Where the strikingly really shines is support. They have won our extensive support test, pounding the established website creators like Wix and Squarespace. Now, it is also logical that the Strikingly prices seem a bit high in comparison.

So, if you just need a small website for an event, personal wallet, or other landing pages, Strikingly will be the perfect match for you. You will configure it in no time. I highly recommend you try it.


🤔 What is Strikingly, and what does it offer?

Strikingly is a website builder that specializes in creating simple, one-page websites quickly and easily.

🧐 Is Strikingly suitable for beginners?

Yes, Strikingly is beginner-friendly and requires no coding or design skills.

🔥How does Strikingly compare to other website builders?

Strikingly offers simplicity and speed for single-page websites, making it unique among website builders.

🚀 Can I use my own domain with Strikingly?

Yes, you can use a custom domain with Strikingly's paid plans.

🤨 Is Strikingly SEO-friendly?

Strikingly provides basic SEO features to help optimize your site for search engines.

🛠️ Can I integrate third-party tools or services with Strikingly?

Yes, Strikingly allows integration with various third-party tools and services for added functionality.

⚠️ Are there any limitations or drawbacks to using Strikingly?

Strikingly's simplicity may limit advanced customization options, so it may not be suitable for complex websites.

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Conclusion: Strikingly Review 2024

If you have no coding or design experience, don’t worry! With Strikingly, you can create a high-quality website in under 30 minutes that looks great on any device.

Don’t miss out on the new era of website building – get started now! Strikingly is trusted by millions of entrepreneurs and creatives as a top-page builder, and you can try it out for free for 14 days.

Each page is divided into sections that you can customize by adding different elements, such as images, text, or contact forms.

If you don’t find what you need, you can search for more options in your App Store (although the selection may be limited), or you can add HTML code directly.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a paid plan to access this feature.

Download the Strikingly mobile app!
Google Play Store: Strikingly
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Open Source: Strikingly 
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