Are You Ignoring These 7 Strategies in Affiliate Marketing?

Are you happy with your Affiliate Marketing Conversion rate?

Ever wonder how to improve your affiliate marketing outcome?

Wouldn’t it be helpful if you find out what exactly happening with your blog’s affiliate marketing plan?

I’m sure you won’t ignore some key strategies which I’m going to highlight in this article… Because you might find out what you probably ignored, and shouldn’t have…


Don’t be…

They say, “Better late than never”…  And, I agree!

What exactly happens in Affiliate Marketing?

In Affiliate Marketing, we guide readers and audience with a certain service or product in the funnel (to promote it)… The purpose of guiding the readers is to make them aware, help them, entertain them along the way, and in addition to that we promote the relevant products and services that can make a difference for them, and of course we make some commission on the successful referral.

We all know how it works, but the choices we consider and decisions we make often make us slip outside the circle which makes our effort useless for our website or blog.

Haven’t seen some blogs which are above the average in terms of affiliate marketing ads?

Do you know what happens with them?

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Yeah, People start disliking those blogs, because they clearly show that those blogs are aggressive and keen towards making money…

Before giving you a sauce of secrets of Affiliate Marketing, I want to tell you some important elements that you might not see in the list of 7 Strategies underneath, but these elements are extremely important for your Blogging and Affiliate Marketing.

If you’re in niche blogging or planning to start a niche blog, you should definitely know how important Affiliate Marketing Strategies are for you…

Strategies in Affiliate Marketing

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You trust me?

Then consider these things important too:

  • Page Load Page: Do not underestimate the SEO guys who believe in page load speeds, because Google always emphasizes on page load speed, that’s why you have access to the tools like PageSpeed & Pingdom.
  • Premium Theme: Haven’t seen any problogger talking about using Premium themes on all blogging and content management platforms, no matter what. You shouldn’t forget, professionals use paid products because of one-reason, that’s is quality.
  • High Quality Web host: I’ve seen influencers recommending top quality web hosting companies, even Neil Patel and Jeff Bullas also love high-quality web hosting companies. Read about Bluehost and Dreamhost.
  • Cool Logo Design: Logo comes on the top whenever someone visits your blog. Name and Logo are probably two of the most important things for a blogger. Try AAA Logo or LogoMaker for designing a logo.
  • Better Images: Images count as important. If you don’t have any kind of subscription to stock photo websites like ShutterStock and iStockPhotos, then you might want to use Flick Creative Commons Collection to pick your required one or Canva tool to create banners and infographics.

Listen, that’s the secret: We all want to make money, of course, we do, but we have to keep things together, it means we have to show our readers that they come first, and we have to prove this by helping them and providing them with some great solutions, tips and secrets they can’t afford to ignore!

Take a look on the 7 Strategies you shouldn’t be ignoring in Affiliate Marketing:

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#1. Continuity in the Content Creation

Your Content Creation should be a continuous plan, no matter what. It gives your platform (blog) a stance of fresh-content generator in the eyes of search engines, which ultimately helps your blog to get ranked better with the passage of time.

It’s more of a Content Marketing tips, but we have to keep all things together which help you in making your Affiliate Marketing better.

Neil Patel, almost publishes his content on QuickSprout blog every 5 or 6 days… You might find his blog ranking on first page for many SEO and Content Marketing search terms.

#2. Highlighting the Relevant Perspectives

Staying to the point and explaining the affiliated product won’t be enough. People like to see great reviews + examples + case studies to actually understand what is best for them.

For example, if a blogger writes about blogging tips, he has to cover a wider perspective for convincing and guiding people about blogging. He can cover blogging for individual starters, blogging for businesses, blogging for women entrepreneurs or blogging for home businesses…

It is not necessary to keep following the industry’s patterns on running the blogging tips blogs. It would make a difference and give your voice a difference taste in the industry.

#3. Goal Oriented Content Strategy


This is important. Once you understand this and follow this tip, you’d feel a huge difference in your affiliate marketing conversion rate… It refers to the content publishing approach that encircles your organization’s goal.

For example, Buffer has a fantastic Content Marketers team and they are extremely professional with their content publishing. They make people follow Buffer Blog, and hence they successfully engage people, because people want to read their content. They not only cover Social Media related topics, but also write about Content Marketing and relevant tools.

So, they stick to their plan and strategy which is to make people aware about Social Media Sharing and Content Marketing Tools.

#4. Meeting the Niche Based Audience


Finding the targeted audience is one of the important elements of marketing. Without understanding and implementation of rightful strategies, we can’t succeed in meeting the niche audience.

Without focusing the niche, Creation of Content means you’re doing work for nothing – And you are trying to find the people on a planet where life doesn’t exist…

You might not want to do this.

SEO Powersuite is an ultimate SEO Management and Analysis tools with comprehensive set of tools to track the site ranking, web audit, link-strategy and seo spying in the single-bucket. Choose a single tool or grab the whole pack of SEO tools to start understanding you niche and audience.

The more you understand and be explicit with your strategy of targeting the niche-audience, the more you get better results with your affiliate marketing.


Adsempire reviews

AdsEmpire is a trustworthy affiliate network that provides exclusive dating offers from direct advertisers, a Smartlink solution, and worldwide GEO coverage.

Some key advantages and sophisticated features that affiliates should try:

– A large range of exclusive Dating offers – Advanced Smartlink Technology to monetize 100% of your visitors – CPL (SOI, DOI), PPS, and RevShare compensation schemes – Highest market payments and excellent EPC
– An experienced staff of affiliate managers with extensive dating knowledge.
– Weekly/monthly payments beginning at $250
– Global accessibility (almost 50 countries are supported!) with a particular emphasis on Tier 1 and Europe
– The following are the most convenient payment alternatives for you: Wire Transfer, Paypal, Paxum, Bitcoin, Paysera, and Genome

Furthermore, AdsEmpire often supports numerous meetups and conferences, hosts special parties for top partners, and holds contests with exciting prizes, promotions, and payout increases.

#5. One Step Ahead for Guiding the Readership

Affiliate Marketing isn’t just about making money, conversion rate increment, making profits and engaging people to sell things…

You won’t get a long-lasting success, unless you don’t believe in actually helping the people. You must believe in telling and sharing great things with your audience.

You always have to think first about your audience, then yourself… When it comes to guiding the readership, try to convey them great outcomes, results and findings in first place. When you show your honestly, they (audience) will start trusting you.

Why Bloggers like Darren Rowse, Brian Clarke and Neil Patel are trusted among masses, because they delivered and helped million of people through their blogs and never showed them the wrong turn.

Guiding the readership isn’t something that you can do it easily, but you have to take a deep breath to do that. Once you sure that you’re doing it the right way, then you need to proceed and keep going.


Celina Conner, wrote a fantastic post “Top 5 Reasons  Web Marketing Now Relies on Content Strategy

She almost predicted about Content Strategy back in 2012, when it wasn’t very clear that how Content would turn out to be a big thing in coming years.

Buzzsumo is an extremely popular social media sharing analysis tool which tells you about the most popular and shared content on social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn against certain keyword.

All you need is to utilize the best strategies and highly recommended tools to understand what is important to your audience.

Hunt. Prepare. Serve.  That’s should be your goal in order to be staying one step ahead of your audience to tell them, entertain them and convey them high-informative stuff.

Do you think I forgot about Affiliate Sales?

No one forgets that, neither am I…

Once you start helping your audience, you’ll get grabbing their trust, then it would be easy for you to sell them some great products of the industry or products you are personally using and promoting.

#6. Delivering the Real Value in the Reviews

Reviews shouldn’t be meant for selling. If so, then it would be unfair to call them reviews. Now it means, you have to be on your best to create or write a review on any certain niche product. In Affiliate Marketing, you have to write a review of the service or product you’re using and promoting.

Now personal usage gives you an advantage, as your turn to a confident reviewer as a happy customer of the product/service you’re promoting…

People would eventually trust you more, because you have seen and used it (product/service), rather than someone who didn’t actually tested the product, and just writing the review for the promotion.


Ebooks, Slideshares and Videos are popular formats to publish the reviews or helping your blog post based review of the certain affiliated product.

I liked Pat Flynn’s resource page where he added all the products which he uses everyday for his blogging, podcasting and other online ventures. Pat is famous for his successful blog ‘Smart Passive Income“…

#7. Solutions Enriched Content Publishing

Content shouldn’t just another form of sales pages. Share the love. Show awesome. It means you have to be on your toes while writing and working on your blog.

Make readers feel home.

Do you know why successful bloggers are so much popular and people just love them, probably because they share great things with people.

I regularly read blogs like:

Because I know I’ll find something useful on these blogs.

If you assure your readers that your purpose of blogging isn’t circled around just promoting the products and making commissions out of the referrals, then you might get attention of the readers…

But, it would be you who needs to decide to whether to do that or not…

Your Part

Now tell me about your blog and affiliate marketing plan. Did you ever think that your affiliate marketing plan needs some tweaks? Did you ever want to hear something on your Affiliate Marketing Programs conversion rate?

Would you consider these strategies for making your Affiliate Marketing Plan more comprehensive?

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