10 Reasons For Starting an Ecommerce Store With Magento 2024

 Magento helps you to manage entire store operations by providing flexibility, ease of integration, multitasking and a lot more.

For an eCommerce store owner, continuous flow of revenue is a matter of life and death. The simple reason behind this analogy is the fact that all eCommerce store owner wants – is money – a passive recurring income. 

 To achieve that, you must play smart and make wise decisions while selecting an eCommerce platform. There are a large number of eCommerce platforms available. Magento is the ultimate leader, with a consolidated position as one of the top three biggest platforms with regards to eCommerce usage distribution statistics. Magento is the top choice for eCommerce platform

You might have read this analogical statement over the internet:

 Born To Be an Ecommerce Store

Do you know why this statement was written this way? Because the developers/programmers have built a Magento platform specifically for eCommerce businesses. 

In other words, Magento + eCommerce = success, truly, it’s a lethal combination. 

In this blog, I will highlight the top 10 reasons why eCommerce enthusiasts choose Magento for their online stores.   

10 Reasons For Starting an Ecommerce Store With Magento 2024

Open Source

One of the eye-catching features which attract thousands of developers relates to the fact that  Magento is open-source. It means that anyone who knows about website development can use it to their advantage. Magento offers a Community Edition (CE) which is completely free. You can easily install it on your local server and use any version of Magento CE.   

Magento gives you an opportunity to add new features and functionalities by developing or installing the Magento extensions. You can find a huge library of extensions at Magento Marketplace. By integrating them, you can enhance your store’s progress at the same time.  

Magento Community

If you, as a developer, are facing any issues with your  Magento eCommerce store then, you can always rely on the trusted Magento Community. It guarantees that everyone is on the same page and achieving great success as per their expectations. Magento Community comprises of

Top Reasons For Starting an Ecommerce Store With Magento- Magento

Magento Certified Developers, programmers, bloggers, product managers and many others from all around the world. With the help of these quality people, you can build a top-notch Magento eCommerce store.

A big shout out to Magento for entrusting a tremendous and professional community forum which is assisting thousands of Magento developers and store owners.


The best thing about Magento is that it helps you perform various tasks at the same time without any headache. It helps you to work on other important tasks simultaneously while tracking your Magento stores performance. In short, Magento saves your precious time by managing entire sales operations including items, billings, customers information with a user-friendly interface.

High Performance

Magento Content Management System (CMS) ensures that their users never have to face the issues related to page load time, slow query processing and other dynamic or static operations. It guarantees optimum store performance while using minimal server resources. Magento leverages various modern web technologies including Varnish, Memcached, FPC, Redis, and other optimized database options to its advantage.

Here are some key performance features which Magento offers:

  • Magento offers faster and incremental indexing updates for fresh web content and better performance
  • Minifies JavaScript, CSS, HTML and compresses images to reduce file size for faster loading
  • Boosts up the checkout and order management databases with the help of MySQL Cluster
  • Uses Magento Performance Toolkit to measure and optimize the store speed 

Mobile Experience

Do you know? More than half of the site traffic comes from mobile devices. It’s mandatory that your store is primed for mobile viewing. To make your online business successful, you should concentrate on sustaining the maximum number of mobile buyers. 

Top Reasons For Starting an Ecommerce Store With Magento- Mobile Commerce

With Magento, you don’t need to worry about that, because it is compatible with smartphones and other devices as well. All of this happens with the support of HTML5 which maximizes the shopping experience and adjusts the images and videos. Moreover, you can customize anything you want with a built-in drag and drop feature to offer a better mobile shopping experience to your customers.


The Magento team (developers and security analysts) never compromise on the security features that Magento offers. They are keen to protect every single store from vulnerabilities and brute force attacks.

Top Reasons For Starting an Ecommerce Store With Magento- Security

Besides, Magento releases security patches and updates to help users remain worry-free in terms of security.  

Let’s have a look at the technologies that Magento offers to the users:

  • Magento uses strong data encryption based on AES-256 and hashing based on SHA-256
  • Performs regular scanning, external penetration testing, and bug bounty program to ensure platform security 
  • Secures admin panel login process with strong password requirement
  • Stays updated about security issues from Magento Security Center


P.S: A developer won’t demand anything else if he gets a chance to work with a flexible platform.

Magento does take care of that, as it allows the developer to customize and develop unique user experience and frontend for multiple devices. Therefore, as a developer, you can enjoy complete control over all the functions of your eCommerce store. Not only this, but it also offers the developers with the freedom to customize the backend to meet the specific business requirements.

SEO Friendly

Magento offers great Search Engine Optimization package which helps you to recognize your eCommerce store on various search engines. It means that Magento is an SEO-friendly platform. 

It includes a sitemap, positioning layer, SEO-friendly URL structure, URL rewrites, tags, descriptions and more. With this, you can maximize the chances to rank your online store higher on search engines. This feature helps to improve the sales ratio and conversion rate.

Ease of Integration

Magento allows you to integrate bundles of third-party services to improve store operations, including, but not limited to payment gateways, order management, database applications, shipping, order tracking, etc. The most important aspect about Magento integration is that it integrates Google tools such as Google Analytics, Google Checkout to monitor store’s performance while keeping a bird’s eye view on the last e-commerce trends as well. 

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