Definitive Guide To Start Dropshipping With AliExpress 2024 [100% Working ]

What do you think are the best ways to earn money online while you sip a coffee at your home or watch the beautiful sunset while you work and earn?  I had written an article on the best was to make money online. Dropshipping is certainly one of them.

Dropshipping hasn’t been known much and it is often confused with the E-commerce too. It is one of the most efficient online business t makes money without spending a large sum on your store.  Today, I am going to explain to you in detail how to Start Dropshipping With Aliexpress.

What Is Dropshipping? Definitive Guide To Start Dropshipping With AliExpress 2024 [100% Working ]

In simple terms, Dropshipping is the online business where the manufacturer directly supplies the products to the customer. The customer uses your store to order the products and it is directly delivered by the supplier/manufacturer to the customer.

You act as the retailer here. You don’t need any real inventory to keep your products.  You just need to choose your products from the supplier’s inventory and add it to your store. I have given a detailed guide on How To Start a Dropshipping Website in my previous article.

Start Dropshipping With AliExpress- What Is Dropshipping

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Why Should You Dropship?

I have been often asked this question as to why Dropshipping is better than the most of the online businesses. The foremost reason is that the cost of Dropshipping is quite low as compared to the other online businesses in India.

Dropshipping Model- Start Dropshipping With AliExpress

  • Easy To Go: This type of business is the easiest to go with. You don’t have to worry about keeping any kind of inventory. In fact, you don’t need any kind of skill in digital marketing or a pro to be on the internet. All other things like logistics, packing and keeping inventory are all taken care of by the supplier.
  • Huge Savings: The most important part of the Dropshipping is that you can save up a huge amount of money. You have no cost for keeping or renting the warehouse. Also, you don’t need to buy items to keep your stock updated. You will only purchase the product once the customer has ordered it; this means that none of your products will be unsold.
  • Flexibility: There are no worries about the time or the workplace. You can manage your business from almost anywhere. Also, you can choose the category or niche as according to your personal interest.

How To Start Dropshipping With AliExpress?

There might be a number of Dropshipping websites that provide you with the suppliers and the products to add to your store.  But in my opinion, AliExpress is the most perfect platform for the dropshippers. It is widely used by most of the dropshippers around the world.

 Why AliExpress with Dropshipping?

There might be the numerous reasons to choose AliExpress as your Dropshipping partner.  Low prices and the small volume of order with free shipping are certainly the reasons you should choose this platform.

AliExpress- Start Dropshipping With AliExpress

  • Widely Available Products: AliExpress has got more than 100 million products to choose from. Each of the categories and sub-categories has more range of products. You can always choose any of the products to form the wide range of products available to you.
  • Fully Automated: AliExpress allows you to automate 95% of the store using certain tools. If even it is not automated, you can simply do it in few steps.
  • Latest Trends: Noting remains constant in the business. Thus, knowing the change in the trend is vital. The manufacturers in AliExpress are well aware of the latest trends in the culture, clothing, fashion or anything.
  • Shipping: Shipping is also the one department where you can save up a large amount of sum. AliExpress has the wide range of products that offer the free or low amount of shipping. You must be aware of the shipping charges to when importing it to your store as no customer would want to pay a large sum for the shipping.

   Start Dropshipping With AliExpress Easily

I have laid out the complete roadmap to start the Dropshipping business using the Aliexpress below. Follow the guide below to start the Dropshipping using Aliexpress.

1.  Find Your Niche

The first step to start your online business is to look for the most profitable niche. However, I would also suggest you choose the niche that interests you. If you are choosing the niche that isn’t of your interest, then certainly you will be bored to explore it and it wouldn’t be great to stick to that business.

You must first look for the popularity and trends for that particular niche. If the niche that you have chosen isn’t really popular among the netizens, then certainly you are going to lose in the game. Thus, for checking out the popularity of any existing niche, I would recommend the Google Trends.

You can check the most popular niche by exploring. Filter the result accordingly and your results will be displayed in each category.

2.      Create Your Store

The next step is to create your store where you can sell your products. I would recommend using Shopify for creating the store. Shopify is one of the best and most prominent platforms for creating the E-commerce store.

You can read a detailed guide on How to create a store using the Shopify. It gives free domain and hosting as well as the designing of the store. You can also use the Shopify coupons to purchase it for a discounted price.

Some of the reasons as to why I have recommended Shopify is:

Shopify-   Start Dropshipping With AliExpress Easily


  • 100+ templates to choose and customize it accordingly
  • Free domain
  • 14-day free trial
  • Design your store with customized colors, themes and set up your homepage and product page quickly.

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3.      Choose the Products To Sell

After creating the store, it is the time for choosing the products of your niche. But before choosing the products, you need to find the right supplier for those products.

To find the right supplier, you need to broaden your query:

You can also find the right suppliers by using searching few queries on Aliexpress search box such as:

  • Keyword+ suppliers
  • Keyword+ distributor
  • Keyword+ dropshippers
  • Keyword+ dropshipping
  • Keyword + warehouse/ reseller

Look for the suppliers that have a good rating. You can find a decent number of suppliers in your niche here.

After choosing the right supplier, you need to choose the best products from those suppliers. Look for the products that have got good reviews. You can also select the winning products using the Uduala.

Just sneak into your competitor’s E-commerce store and find the winning products using the Uduala tool.

After choosing the products, you will need to import it into your store. But how would you pull out the products from the Aliexpress to your store? This can be done using another tool- ‘Oberlo’.

Let’s Know Oberlo

Oberlo is one of the tools that have been officially recommended for the Dropshipping with Aliexpress. Almost all the Dropshipping stores that use Aliexpress for Dropshipping find Oberlo very useful.

 Start Dropshipping With AliExpress Easily- oberlo

Oberlo is highly regarded on the Shopify app market with over three hundred positive reviews and the services are currently being used by around 6500 Shopify stores which all in all generate around 36 million dollars in sales. Oberlo deals exclusively with AliExpress and rightly so, considering how much of a titanic eCommerce site it is.

The Oberlo comes for free with the Shopify account. With the paid Shopify account; you can use Oberlo to add up to 500 products to your store for free.

After importing the product to your store, you can edit the product description. Add the images, add the description and edit the pricing for the product.

      How To Choose the Right Suppliers?

Before choosing the right products, it is important to select the right supplier for your niche. Although, AliExpress verifies its suppliers well it would still be better if you choose the better performing supplier for your niche.

  • Do not always choose the cheap products: Do not go for the suppliers that have always the cheapest pricing. Sometimes, you might be deceived by the low pricing and poor product quality. As you are just the Dropshipper and you haven’t really seen the products, so it is important to know the quality of the products before adding it to your store.
  • Look for the Suppliers with positive feedback: Reviews really matter. If you are a dropshipper the only possible way to trust the supplier is by looking at the positive feedback by the other Dropshippers and the customers.
  • Look for the responsiveness of the supplier: Now, why I am saying this is because most of the suppliers use the autoresponders and that makes your service slower. Before selecting the supplier, you can test the supplier by sending him the mail. If he sends the informative reply and replies within a few hours, then surely the supplier has high performance. If you are relied upon through the autoresponders, then you should wait and look for the other suppliers too.     

How To Choose the Right Product?

You should be well aware before choosing the right product for the Dropshipping. Choosing the right supplier as well as the right product can be troublesome if you are inexperienced and thus you need some guidance.

  • No fake products, or brands: Do not choose the branded products to sell your product s as it might not be a legitimate way. You should be a licenses reseller to sell those products. Look for the unbranded products and make sure there are no logos of the brand on it. Also, if you are niche something such as the electronic or clothing, you don’t need to look for the brand there.
  • ePacket delivery: Customers love it when the products have a low shipping cost. Thus, while looking for the products to Dropship in Aliexpress, try to get the products that offer ePacker delivery which is absolutely free. The ePacket delivery is the most economical as well as the quickest delivery from China to UK or the US.
  • More orders: When choosing a product, make sure you have filtered it well. Choose the most relevant products by looking at the most number of orders form a specific product. The products with more than 3,000 orders are considered the most popular.
  • Ratings: Now, if even you haven’t found the product with more than 3000 orders, look for the high rating. The product should not be rated less than 4.5 stars. A 4.5 start or more means the seller has got the positive feedback and the product has high quality too. You can also install the Chrome extension; Aliexpress Seller Checker to keep a check on the best products in the Aliexpress.
  • High Margin: Always look for the cheap products, do not go for a high priced product. People would only come to your store if they find something cheaper than your competitor. Also, take care of your margin too. The margin shouldn’t be too high as compared to the pricing.
  • Look for the great product photo:  Do your proper research for finding the products. Make sure the photo is not stolen and is a genuine one. Do a quick Google search image and you can find out which image is real.

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What Type of Payments does it accept?

After you have started the Dropshipping using the Aliexpress, you will need to pay for the products after they have been ordered.

AliExpress accepts a number of payment methods. Credit Cards are the most common payment method. Thus, it accepts all types of credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express.

Why I would recommend using the credit card is because if you need a refund if the product quality is poor and you want a return, you can file a dispute with the credit card company and get the chargeback.

This protection is not available with other payment methods. There are a number of payment methods for the Dropshippers:

  • Wire Transfer
  • Web Money
  • DOKU
  • QIWI
  • Giropay
  • Cash Payment
  • iDeal
  • AliExpress Pocket and various others…

Conclusion:  Definitive Guide To Start Dropshipping With AliExpress 2024 [100% Working ]

To conclude, I would say that the Dropshipping is one of the most amazing online businesses I have seen with the considerable amount of investment.  You would just need to give the time and a lot of dedication to this business.

DO not rush to the business and keep your nerves calm. The first sale may take months to come but it will be the best feeling when it comes. Also, keep reading more guides on dropshipping to stay updated.

Take care of the SEO when you Dropship using any platform. Read the success stories and follow the best Dropshippers on the internet. I hope you have liked my guide on Dropshipping using the Aliexpress.

Share your views with us in the comment box and do not forget to share it on social media.


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