Best Social Locker Plugin Review For WordPress

With every post, a blogger publishes he is insecure about the traffic on the post, naturally sometimes the post is well viewed and sometimes not. The major problems today internet entrepreneurs and bloggers face is the marketing of their posts, especially if they are new and site is low budget. Who today does not own a WordPress blog? But running the blog efficiently is a more responsible task than owning the blog. Getting fan and followers is a challenge indeed.

If you want your WordPress blog traffic, social sharing and worthy black links.  Many social networking research reports say that social sharing helps in ranking your website in search engines. Who today does not use social media plugin for your WordPress blog? And while Google takes 200+ algorithms into consideration you cannot ignore the social media sharing factor. But do you wonder there is a simple way to increase the number of shares and traffic, on your posts.

We are introducing a tool that will add viral traffic to any website. It is called Social Locker.

Best Social Locker Plugin Review For WordPress


What is Social Locker Plugin?

social locker plugin

Well, we all put up content on our websites, but the Social Locker Plugin hides some of the content of your website, and only allows to be displayed if the website reader comments on the social link or shares it. So if you want to see something to quench your curiosity you will have to share it first at Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking site, the moment you share on the social networking sites the hidden data is displayed. Social Locker helps to improve your website overall performance. The more likes and shares you get, the more traffic is followed to your website.

Social Locker Plugin Blocked Content
Many times we see that website developers do place social networking buttons, but still traffic does not flow in, even though your content is good, awesome, people love it, but they never bother to click your social shares, because they are getting nothing by sharing them, what you have to do is to lure them with something like discount, free recharge and hide your content until they share it.  With this app you can lock your content partially and only display when reader shares your link.


Social Locker Plugin Features

Social Locker is the best choice for all the bloggers and entrepreneurs across the world, because the application offers a very wide range of features.  It gives three social buttons like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus in the basic version, but if you want more buttons you have to upgrade it to the premium version. You can set any URL that can be liked or tweeted or shared on Google plus in your social Locker. The deep analytical feature about the app which you will surely like is it helps to optimize your locker, which can help getting traffic to your site.

Social Locker Plugin Dashboard

The plugin is developed with amazing effects and styles. Social Locker is very SEO friendly, thus taking all the worries of the bloggers. Coming more into locks, the content can be locked in methods first is manual and rest three are powerful modes (skip& lock, More Tag, CSS selector). The app is very good compatible with mobile phones and visual composer. The plugin is well designed that does not make your website heavy loading is quick and very much compatible with mobile.

 Social Locker Plugin Stats

Free Trial and Pricing

Social Locker always comes with a free trial version of 7 days as well. You do not need to pay any money or need any kind of card to avail services of Social Locker. After filling some relevant information you can avail the trial version of the Social Locker. The trial version is valid for 7 days, post that you to upgrade to the basic version costing you $24. Social Locker price is very pocket friendly compared to other market players of WordPress blogging. It is a onetime purchase and we doubt that price will stay at $24, pick up before it increases. No big or long duration contacts are actually required.

There is no subscriber limit paid for the accounts you are using. What really keeps Social Locker above the market competitors is it’s built in analytics tools. You can blur, transparent or totally hide your content, lots more you can do.

Social Locker Plugin Pricing

Social Locker Plugin Testimonials

Social Locker for WordPress reviews

Social Locker Plugin Summary ? Should You Buy ?

Social Locker Plugin is a super best email marketing product this can be said very convincingly after going through the whole features of the product. This comes up with fantastic locks which can blur or hide your content until the user shares the link with very much user friendly interface. Social Locker is the easiest and quickest product today to hide your content with integration with Google analytics.

All of the Social Locker plugin come with free support; the vision of social Locker is to make the work easier and simpler with plugin. Every query or support request is responded within one business day. Visit the help desk for additional resources.


Social Locker Plugin Analytcs


Here is a video by Internet Marketing Schule about the plugin

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