Social Cat Review 2024: Best For Influencer Marketing?

Social Cat Review

Overall Verdict

Social Cat is a platform that connects brands with micro-influencers in order to help them create highly effective marketing campaigns. It leverages the influence of well-known social media personalities and enables brands to quickly build relationships with them, track their engagement and performance, and easily manage their campaigns.

Out of 10


  • Massive content library
  • Incredible customer support
  • Great matchmaking capabilities
  • Extrmely easy to use
  • Highly trusted brand
  • A lot of options to choose from


  • Dependency on Algorithms


Price: $ 99

It’s hard to find the right micro-influencers for your brand and even harder to get them to work with you.

Not only is it hard to find the right micro-influencers, but it can also be difficult to get them on board with working with your brand. After all, they are probably very busy people and have a lot of offers from other brands.

So, how can we solve this problem? Having struggled with this issue, I have found a solution that has been immensely helpful to my business. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with my readers. 

The solution is Social Cat. They offer a platform that connects brands with micro-influencers quickly and easily.

With their platform, you can search by location, interests, or social media following to find the perfect micro-influencer for your brand. Plus, they make it easy for both parties to connect and collaborate.

Let’s check out the Social Cat review in a little more detail. 

What is Social Cat?

Social Cat is the ideal collaboration platform for companies and micro-influencers. You may join the site as either a creative or a small business.

Regardless of your choice, you can build your profile within three to five minutes. You must respond to a few simple questions that emphasize your search criteria. The influencer marketing platform will connect companies and micro-influencers based on your profile.

Social Cat Review

Social Cat provides daily exposure to micro-influencers through the Daily Digest email system. If the businesses accept the micro-influencers partnership request, there is a match!

As soon as a match is made, Social Cat initiates an email introduction between the company and the micro-influencer so they may continue the conversation. 

Social Cat for Brands

Social Cat has facilitated over 5,000 partnerships that have generated over $250,000 for their respective companies.

With a three-minute registration, firms can eliminate uncertainty from influencer marketing and get prospective partnerships directly in their inboxes.

The solution pairs marketers with pre-screened micro-influencers in its database based on company information and the creators the brands are seeking.

When a company starts working with Social Cat, it is exposed to relevant micro-influencers, who then make requests for partnership.

Brands evaluate prospective cooperation requests from influencers who are interested in collaborating with them and approve those that are the best match.

When businesses accept a cooperation request, they may initiate a dialogue with the influencer to discuss campaign deliverables, content genres, and other pertinent campaign specifics.

According to user evaluations, the method is quick and straightforward, producing results within the first few weeks after posting.

Social Cat for Creators

With the Social Cat platform, micro-influencers seeking brand ambassadorship to promote early-stage enterprises, local brands, and small business owners have found significant success.

Creators open a free account and construct a profile highlighting their following and the sorts of businesses with whom they want a partnership.

Then, they await the arrival of matches and engage with little companies. Currently, Social Cat collaborates with TikTok and Instagram influencers in a variety of genres in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Social Cat – 8 Best Features

8 key features of Social Cat are mentioned below:

1. Manually Monitored Reporting System:

Brands may use Social Cat’s human-supervised reporting system to check campaign statistics closely. If anything goes wrong, their crew will assist you in resolving any problems.

2. Creator Reviews:

Before partnering with a creative, a business must learn what other companies think of them. This will provide you with insight into their work ethic and dependability.

Additionally, reviews from other businesses may provide important insight into a creator’s creative process and ability to execute mandates. It will help you determine if a certain creative is a good match for your marketing initiatives.

3. Creator Content Library:

Want to preserve the image of your company by ensuring that influencer material is factual and devoid of harmful or deceptive statements? The platform Social Cat has you covered.

They have a designated area for influencers to post their work. Here, brands will be able to download HD footage for repurposing.

4. Create Gifted Influencer Campaigns: 

Gifted partnerships are an excellent way to get started with influencer marketing on a budget. You may reach a wider audience by working with an influencer prepared to promote your business in return for free items or services.

This is acknowledged by the Social Cat platform, which offers the possibility to construct gifted influencer programs. This is a unique feature that I have yet to see on other prominent influencer marketing platforms.

Social Cat Features

5. Check Previous Campaigns: 

Before you sign an influencer, you must ensure that the material they produce aligns with your brand. They must comprehend your target audience and are capable of producing content that connects with them.

Social Cat allows you to review an influencer’s prior campaigns on the site to guarantee that you are working with a genuine individual.

Therefore, if you’re trying to collaborate with an influencer on an important campaign, you should investigate their previous brand partnerships before making contact.

6. Content Ownership Rights: 

As a brand, you must constantly safeguard your investment. When you pay an influencer to promote your product, you want to guarantee that you may continue to use the material after the partnership has ended.

On the Social Cat platform, marketers hold the right to utilize micro-influencer-created content in perpetuity and across all marketing channels, including commercials.

7. Good Vetting Process: 

When influencers register on the Social Cat network, they are subjected to a screening procedure. Their staff individually evaluates each application to guarantee that only qualified candidates are considered.

Ideal profiles have a ratio of three to one between the number of followers and the number of accounts followed. According to them, deviations from this norm are uncommon.

8. Simple Matchmaking Process: 

Finding the appropriate influencers may be challenging, particularly when starting. You may spend many hours exploring social media networks in vain. Here is where Social Cat comes into play.

The platform will pair your brand with the most appropriate artists. You may concentrate on other duties while they discover the appropriate influencers on your behalf.

They have a database of over 10,000 Instagram and TikTok micro-influencers across numerous genres that have been pre-approved.

What They Look At For Approving/Rejecting Profiles

3 factors that they look at for Approving/Rejecting profiles are:

1. Onboarding Information Completed:

Their system uses the information you supply throughout registration to connect you with relevant authors. The more detailed the information you offer, the more precise the matches will be.

Although certain stages of the registration procedure may be skipped, they advise against doing so.

It is in their best interest to assist you in expanding your firm, but they want accurate information. The registration procedure takes around five minutes.

Their technology uses the information supplied at the registration to link you with relevant creators working with them. The more detailed the information you offer, the more precise the matches will be.

2. Alternative shop set-up:

Numerous small firms are still active on Etsy and Amazon, and they assist them in reaching new consumers. Assume you are a small brand operating on any available e-commerce platform.

There is no cause for concern in this scenario: as long as your product page is operational, they may collaborate.

As general advice, ensure that this page is optimized with crystal-clear images of your items, simple-to-understand descriptions, and favorable customer evaluations.

Suppose you still need to get many client reviews. Work with micro-influencers from Social Cat, who will also evaluate your goods on any third-party site besides Instagram.

3. Landing Page and Social Media Presence: 

Start on the right foot with a landing page geared for conversions and a social media presence. They see this occurrence often.

Brands are excited to launch a new product, and they are already planning its promotion before one of the products is even complete.

A landing page is required for influencers to learn more about your brand and determine whether it aligns with their interests before promoting it.

There are no requirements for landing page approval. Still, it is in your best interest to have it conversion-optimized. The cooperation takes place on Instagram, and you must be able to monitor and measure it in real-time.

Thus, you must have an account. There are no requirements for an Instagram page, such as a minimum amount of followers, posts, or followers.

Social Cat Pricing & How To Sign Up

Step – 1: Go to the official website of Social Cat and click on ‘Pricing’.

Social Cat Review

Step – 2: Choose a plan of your choice and below it, click on ‘Start Free Trial’.

Social Cat Review- Pricing

Step – 3: Fill up the details asked for and click on ‘Register as a Brand’.

Social Cat Pricing & How To Sign Up step3

In case you are a creator, click on ‘here’.

Step – 4: Fill up the details asked for and click on Register as a Creator.

Register as a Creator

Step – 5: Fill up your Instagram username and click on ‘Update’. Then do the same for TikTok. 

Social Cat Pricing & How To Sign Up step5

Step – 6: Choose your niche and click on ‘Next’.

Social Cat Pricing & How To Sign Up step6

Step – 7: Choose appropriately and click on ‘Next’.

Social Cat Pricing & How To Sign Up step7

Step – 8: Choose a country and click on ‘Next’.

Social Cat Pricing & How To Sign Up step8

Just like this, complete the entire form. In the end, you will see something like this. 

Social Cat Pricing & How To Sign Up step 8.1

Wait for your account to get approved. 

Benefits of Using Social Cat 

There are many benefits of using Social Cat’s services. It saves you time since you don’t have to manually search through all the available influencers yourself—instead, you enter your criteria and let Social Cat do all the work!

Plus, it helps ensure that you are connecting with legitimate influencers who have an already established following rather than wasting time on those who don’t actually have much reach or impact on social media.

Additionally, Social Cat enables direct communication between brands and influencers so that both parties know exactly what they need from each other before making any commitments or investments. 

Finally, using this platform helps protect both parties from any potential scams or fraud by ensuring that everyone is verified prior to interacting with each other on the site.

As such, it eliminates any worries about dealing with unprofessional or disreputable micro-influencers who may not be able to deliver as promised—or worse yet, might try to defraud either party in some way! 

Why Do I Recommend Social Cat?

Below I have mentioned 15+ reasons why I recommend using Social Cat:

1. Stellar Support: There are over 300 reviews from satisfied companies and micro-influencers.

2. Low risk: Social Cat does not provide three-, six-, or nine-month contracts. You may cancel anytime.

3. Save Time: Their products link your business with micro-influencers that have been pre-screened. Stop manually looking for and contacting them.

4. Save Budget: Social Cat is the only site where brands may collaborate on creative projects. You do not need to invest in costly agencies and influencers.

5. Free trial period: There are seven-day free trials with full product access. Gain visibility, connect with, and engage with artists.

6. Reviews: The capacity to browse creator testimonials from other companies on Social Cat.

7. Cancel anytime: No commitments for three, six, or nine months. The monthly membership service.

8. Content Library: Creators post material to the site, which marketers can then download for reuse.

9. Affordable pricing: They provide custom pricing according to the Influencer Marketing requirements of both small and large organizations.

10. Messaging: The capacity to message influencers on the site and email them.

11. Reporting system: Manually monitored brand reporting system. If a partnership fails, it will intervene.

12. Previous campaigns: The option to see a creator’s prior campaigns with brands on Social Cat before pairing them with a brand.

13. Vetting process: They examine and approve each influencer on the platform by hand.

14. UGC ownership: Brands possess the right to utilize the material in perpetuity. It applies to all marketing channels, including commercials.

15. Matchmaking: Their product links your brand with a database of related artists. Stop looking for influencers manually.


✔️ What is Social Cat?

Social Cat is a platform that facilitates the development of extremely successful marketing campaigns by connecting businesses with micro-influencers. It allows marketers to swiftly create connections with influential social media personalities, measure their engagement and performance, and manage campaigns with ease.

🤔 Who can use Social Cat?

Social Cat is available for usage by businesses and micro-influencers. Companies may use the platform to identify and connect with the ideal micro-influencers for their brand, while micro-influencers can use it to discover brand partnerships and expand their influence.

👉 What are the benefits of using Social Cat for brands?

Using Social Cat for companies may help remove ambiguity from influencer marketing, facilitate connections with pre-screened micro-influencers, and launch campaigns in under three minutes.

✅ What are the benefits of using Social Cat for creators?

Creators may use Social Cat to establish brand collaborations and expand their impact, develop a profile that highlights their following, and communicate with small businesses.

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Conclusion: Social Cat Review 2024

All in all, Social Cat is an incredibly useful platform for digital marketers looking to increase their reach and visibility online.

With its easy-to-use interface and comprehensive suite of features, it provides businesses with everything they need to connect with the right micro-influencers and create effective campaigns tailored specifically to the needs of a given audience and brand message.

Whether you’re a business owner or a budding creator looking for collaborations, Social Cat is your go-to resource!

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