SimpleFX Affiliate Program 2024: Is SimpleFX Good Broker?

SimpleFX Affiliate Program

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The SimpleFX Affiliate Program is a way for you to earn money by referring new clients to SimpleFX, a popular online trading platform for fixed-time trading. You can earn up to 50% of the trading spreads generated from your referrals, plus an extra 5% of the revenue generated by your referrals' referrals.

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  • High commission rates
  • Variety of promotional materials
  • Easy to use affiliate platform
  • Transparent and reliable


  • High minimum payout
  • Limited payment options


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If you’re looking for a commission-free way to invest, the SimpleFX Free Trading & Investing App might suit you.

With its affiliate program, you can earn referral commissions without any investment or trading experience.

With competitive commissions and tiered rewards, your earnings grow with each referral and turnover. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to monetize your online presence. J

oin the SimpleFX Affiliate Program today and start earning commissions for every qualified referral!

SimpleFX Affiliate Program

SimpleFX Affiliate Program 2024: What Is SimpleFX?

SimpleFX is a CFD (contract for differences) trading platform that enables CFD trading in cryptocurrencies, foreign exchange, global equities, and commodities.

It provides minimal costs, optional KYC (if you want to trade with fiat currency), and a respectable sample trading account so you can get familiar with the platform.

SimpleFX Affiliate Program

In addition, they feature a respected referral program and a MetaTrader 4 platform for sophisticated traders who need more alternatives.

SimpleFX differs from other crypto trading platforms in that it is a CFD platform, meaning that you do not have direct access to cryptocurrencies (or different asset types).

SimpleFX Affiliate Program: Features

Here are some other essential characteristics of the platform;

1. Ease of Use:

The platform is beginner-friendly without skipping essential trading features. Users unfamiliar with trading may utilize their demo account to familiarize themselves with the site.

2. Referral program:

If you have friends interested in CFD trading, you can invite them via a referral link and receive a percentage of their profits based on how much they trade.

3. Downloadable MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform:

Download MetaTrader 4 if you are a professional trader who would want a more comprehensive trading platform than the browser version.

4. Low fees:

There are no deposit or withdrawal fees, as well as no trading charges, so you retain your total earnings.

5. No forced KYC:

You are exempt from the KYC procedure if you want to trade the available pairings using cryptocurrencies. It is only required if you wish to begin depositing fiat cash.

6. Several asset types:

SimpleFX also provides access to trading stocks, commodities, and forex, using cryptocurrency or fiat currencies and cryptocurrency pairings.

SimpleFX Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a very effective strategy for boosting the client base of online brokers. It also establishes a robust community around the platform, which provides several advantages to diligent traders and crypto influencers. The devil, however, is in the details.

A network of affiliates is scattered. As any crypto fan is aware, this should account for the system’s benefit, but a suitable technology is required to function correctly. is an ideal application for managing referral campaigns and monitoring income sources.

Affiliates that promote SimpleFX may earn up to fifty percent of the lifetime income generated by traders they refer.

In addition, they get a portion of this commission on the spreads produced by the recommendations of their affiliates. This results in the formation of a lucrative network that is difficult to manage without specialist tools.

SimpleFX Affiliate Program

Thanks to a new agreement, SimpleFX customers can now access powerful referral and engagement solutions to expand their affiliate networks.

They get access to accurate, real-time information on traffic, conversion rate, and income. Affiliates of SimpleFX are provided with a reliable method for tracking the lifetime revenue earned by their partnership network.

Every SimpleFX user may access Unilink by clicking the “Refer Friends” button in the SimpleFX app’s top-left menu slide.

Create a new Campaign, and then choose the referral tool you want to use: a banner, link, or landing page. Unilink provides more than 40 customizable templates that handle all standard formats and the most widely spoken languages around the globe.

Utilize the formats and links to engage your friends and followers through your websites, email, and social media. Each user that joins SimpleFX as a consequence of your campaign will generate perpetual money for you.Β 

In the Unilink Dashboard, you may monitor the views, clicks, first and multiple-level conversions, and income generated by each of the traders you promote.

You may see your affiliates’ geographic location and the sort of device they are using. All of this information is current in real-time and may be shown for any time frame or campaign.

The Wallet is the essential component of the Unilink program. Here, you may follow each transaction your affiliates do and see the income and spread they produce. The trades of your multilevel affiliates are placed together to facilitate comprehension.

The new SimpleFX affiliate program delivers complete transparency while protecting affiliates’ privacy by anonymizing all personal data.

The SimpleFX affiliate program supports cryptocurrencies. You may easily convert your USD earnings to Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dash, and Litecoin to withdraw them.

Major Benefits of the SimpleFX Affiliate Program:

Here are the Benefits of the SimpleFX Affiliate Program

SimpleFX - Best Affiliate Program

1. Snowballing Income: Receive up to 50 % of the revenue share created by each customer you refer to SimpleFX, plus 5 % of the income generated by the traders your referrals suggest. View each transaction and maintain income management.

2. Universal Tracking: Using transparent third-party affiliate software, monitor the transactional data of your partners in real time. Determine their daily income contribution and enhance your network’s efficiency.

3. Protect Affiliates’ Data: The SimpleFX affiliate platform offers you access to the lifetime transactions of your referrals. However, all data is anonymous, allowing you to manage your revenue without compromising your privacy.

4. Simple Cookie-based System: Every aspect of the SimpleFX partnership program is transparent. Using an open cookie-based approach, they monitor the transactions and suggestions created by your network.

How Does the Referral Program at SimpleFX work?

Start with SimpleFX Affiliate Program now

1. Sign Up & Get Your Unique Referral Link: Upon signing up, you receive a unique referral link with a promo code in the “refer friends” section of the menu.

2. Invite Friends & Offer 5% Cashback: Share your referral link with friends, along with the promo code. When they sign up using your code, they enjoy a 5% cashback on all transactions for 30 days.

3. Earnings Grow with Active Referrals: The more friends you invite and the more they actively trade on the platform, the more you earn. You can earn up to 50% spread value based on the number of users you refer and their trading activity.

4. Ready-Made Landing Pages & Widgets: SimpleFX provides ready-made landing pages, banners, and widgets to save you time. Effortlessly engage your audience and increase your referrals.

5. Track & Optimize Your Performance: Utilize the intuitive affiliate dashboard to monitor earnings, track referrals, and analyze conversion sources. Data-driven insights help refine your strategy for optimal results.

SimpleFX Deposits and Withdrawals

Depositing cryptocurrency on SimpleFX is an essential process. In the web trader, pick the live trading account by clicking on the account type icon in the upper right corner of the screen, near the account and notifications icons.

After making the change, click on Manage Accounts and then click on Deposit. You may also begin by clicking the Deposit button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Here, you’ll choose the cryptocurrency you want to deposit, establish an account for it (with a safe password), and then follow the on-screen instructions to fund your account.

SimpleFX Affiliate Program - User reviews

You must first go through a KYC process to deposit fiat currency to verify your account. Here, you will be required to produce evidence of identification in the form of a photo ID with a selfie and proof of residence, such as a utility bill with your name and home address prominently displayed.

After completing this process, you may begin putting fiat dollars into your account using e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill. No credit cards are accepted here. There is no minimum deposit amount, and most deposit methods, both crypto and fiat, take roughly an hour.

Withdrawals must be processed using the same payment method used for deposits. If you’ve made deposits in several ways, you must utilize the method you used to make the most significant deposit.

Additionally, withdrawals take substantially longer to complete than deposits: it will take around 24 hours before you can access your cash, as the platform examines every outbound transaction for indications of fraudulent activity.

Except for Fasapay, the vast majority of withdrawal options do not incur any fees. The others have minimum withdrawal amounts, but no withdrawal fees are associated with them.

SimpleFX Fees Details:

No matter whatever deposit method you use, SimpleFX deposits are free. However, the great majority of cryptocurrencies have no minimum deposit requirement, and those that do have extremely low minimums. A few currencies with a maximum deposit quantity (such as BTC 0.015) are not supported here.

Withdrawals adhere to the same reasoning. While the costs are either nonexistent or extremely low, there is always a minimum withdrawal charge in addition to the network fee, which is determined by the blockchain and not the platform.

Each withdrawal must be processed using the same deposit method. If you deposit using several payment methods and generate a profit/loss, you may withdraw cash using the technique utilized for the highest deposit. Additionally, inactive accounts incur a 3 percent cost, with a minimum penalty of USD 25.

Trading with SimpleFX is commission-free to keep your total profit from a single deal. This holds for both Demo and Live trading accounts; moving between the two does not result in different conditions or costs.

SimpleFX provides a comprehensive overview of all trading pairs accessible on the platform, including their maximum or minimum size, spread, maximum leverage, and trading hours.

Earning Potential as an Affiliate:

The affiliate program offers five tiers, each with a corresponding percentage of revenue as commission based on turnover for the previous 30 days:

  • Basic Tier: 10% commission on turnover up to $5
  • Silver Tier: 15% commission on turnover ranging from $5 to $500
  • Gold Tier: 20% commission on turnover ranging from $500 to $5,000
  • Platinum Tier: 30% commission on turnover ranging from $5,000 to $15,000
  • Diamond Tier: 50% commission on turnover exceeding $15,000

SimpleFX Affiliate Program: Solutions for Investors

The SimpleFX Trading Platform offers a comprehensive suite of solutions for investors, including:

  • Lightning Network payments
  • Support for over 50 payment methods, including cryptocurrencies
  • Native iOS/Android apps for convenient trading on the go
  • WebTrader platform established in 2015, recognized at industry events
  • Lucrative affiliate program for additional earnings
  • Leverage options up to 1000x for enhanced trading flexibility
  • Wide range of financial instruments with over 25 new symbols added in 2022
  • Stake & Trade accounts and more


πŸ€” How can I check if I successfully opened an account under my affiliate?

You can verify this by accessing the affiliate dashboard. Click on your username and check your user ID. Your affiliate should see the same user ID in their conversions tab within their affiliate panel.

πŸ’° How much can I earn as an affiliate?

Their program has 5 tiers, offering percentage revenue as commission based on turnover for the previous 30 days. The earnings range from 10% to 50%, depending on your tier and turnover.

πŸ” How do I track my referrals and earnings?

You can easily track your referrals and earnings through the affiliate dashboard. It provides comprehensive data on your referrals, conversions, and earnings, empowering you to monitor your performance effectively.

πŸ’Ό What promotional materials are available to affiliates?

They offer a variety of promotional materials including banners, widgets, landing pages, and more. These ready-made resources are designed to help you engage your audience effortlessly and maximize your referrals.

πŸ“ˆ Can I participate in the affiliate program if I'm new to trading or affiliate marketing?

Absolutely! Their affiliate program welcomes participants of all levels of experience. Whether you're new to trading or affiliate marketing, our program provides the support and resources you need to succeed. Feel free to sign up and start earning today!

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Conclusion: SimpleFX Affiliate Program 2024

But what I want to talk about today is the SimpleFX affiliate program. I have been participating in the program for a few weeks now, and I have to say that it is one of the best affiliate programs that I have ever come across.

First of all, the commission structure is very generous. You can earn up to 50 % of the commission. And what’s even better is that there is no limit to how much you can make.

Plus, the tracking system is very reliable, so you can be sure that you will get credit for every referral that you generate.

Overall, I highly recommend the SimpleFX affiliate program to anyone looking for a great way to earn extra income. It’s a great platform with many potentials, and the affiliate program is worth checking out.

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