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Shotgun Skyscraper Review 2024: How Good Is Authority Hacker’s Course?

Shotgun Skyscraper


  • zero time for each prospects
  • much more links can be acquired
  • Keyword research with ease
  • outreach in the smartest way
  • It have potential to scale a lot
  • Master Database


  • A Little Bit Expensive


Price: $ 997

In this post, we have featured Shotgun Skyscraper Review, Shotgun Skyscraper is a link-building course launched by Mark Webster and Gael Breton from Authority Hackers. With the Shotgun skyscraper technique, you get a ton of links with a minimal amount of effort.

Just like a skyscraper technique It all starts with a post. The post we write must be a highly informational, non-commercial article with the sole purpose of acquiring links.

Bottom Line Upfront: Shotgun skyscraper method is an awesome way to build high quality leads. The time required to build links this way is far less than competing methods.

As soon as you begin to build processes and learn the ropes, you’ll have a well built link building machine that pumps out links on a weekly basis. Why waiting for it, Try Shotgun Skyscraper course now!

One must then take that post and ask large quantities of people if they’d like to link to it. With the Shotgun technique, one must use a large amount of automation and streamlining to reach the maximum number of relevant prospects, all while staying on topic and avoiding coming across as a spam machine.

At last? You need to repeat the procedure again and again. Forever if you want.

Now the question arises: How much can you scale it? Well according to authority builders they have built over 4,000 links in the span of a few years using this method.

Shotgun Skyscraper Review

Shotgun Skyscraper Review 2024

How Shotgun Skyscraper is different from the traditional sniper and guest posting method?

If you are an SEO guy you have definitely heard the term Skyscraper. The most popular is perhaps “Sniper”. This method requires manually sifting through endless amounts of prospects sending out bespoke emails for each prospect.

Yes, this does get you more responses but the time required to send out each email is dramatically much more. In comparison to this, you will be sending out larger quantities of emails to more people in a shorter space of time with the Shotgun Skyscraper technique which yields far better results in minimum efforts.

Once again, when it comes to guest posting, Every guest post link requires writing a brand new article every single time and that soon adds up. With Shotgun Skyscraper, however, you can acquire multiple links with just one single article.

 I did interview with Gaee Breton Founder of Authority Hacker :

There are 7 modules in the course. Each comes with videos and text version.

  1. Shotgun SkyScraper 101
  2. Keywords & Content
  3. Gathering Prospects
  4. Data Management
  5. Initial Outreach
  6. Negotiation
  7. Advanced TacticsSOP’s and Job Descriptions

Module 1: Shotgun SkyScraper 101

This module gives you an introduction to the topic of this method. Mark will walk you through the basics of Shotgun Skyscraper linking, why it’s so good, who should use it, when and not, and what expectations and results it should have.

What is Shotgun Skyscraper – Authority Hacker

If you compare it to the guest post, you have to write new content for each guest post you create that really saves time and money. With the Shotgun Skyscraper technique, you can get multiple links with just this article.

Module 2: Keywords And Content

In this module, you get to learn how to choose the right keywords with the right content. However, please note that the keyword research you use is not the same as the keyword research for Shotgun Skyscraper. This is because you are not trying to classify this content, you create links to this content.

The point here is that you are looking for “informative” content where there is tons of competition. In other words, we don’t care if anyone reads our Shotgun Skyscraper content, it’s only for getting links to that content.

You need Ahrefs because Mark uses them in video training. So keep that in mind. You can get a test for $ 7, then it’s $ 99 a month. You can also consider buying group SEO tools that come cheap but it may be not accurate.

Module 3: Gathering Prospects

In this shotgun skyscraper module, you get to learn how to compile a list of potential customers here. You will find the most effective way to identify the websites to be reached. These are websites that already have an article linked to our topic. This is the Shotgun Skyscraper article you are writing for your website.

Shotgun Skyscraper Review: Email prospects

References are also required for this investigation. Although this research requires a lot of work, it does offer SOPs to help you speed up this process.

Another tool you need is You can use this tool to find the email address of all sites that you contact. Since your address is hidden on many websites to avoid spam, this tool is good at finding them.

Module 4: Data Management

In this module, you will learn exactly what the title says: data management. If not, the changes will collapse when you start unless your data is saved properly. This module is intended for this and will show you exactly.

data management and outreach

You will receive a brief introduction to data management, which explains some of the special features of Shotgun Skyscraper.

Module 5: Initial Outreach

Here the fun begins again. After ensuring that you have a system to organize your efforts, this module will teach you how to securely send bulk emails to your potential customers. You will also learn the relevant subject lines and receive various shipping templates that you can personalize.


It will show you how to properly adjust them. This is recommended as it can have a major impact. He will download his first campaign using another tool called Mailshake. This tool is a requirement and relatively cheap at $ 19 a month.

Module 6: Negotiation

Here’s the fun part: negotiation. Keep in mind that website owners receive a lot of emails. So the key is to stand out. The good thing is that you learn to deal with all sorts of situations without guessing what to do or say.

Negotiation – Authority Hacker

In this module, Mark uses his years of experience creating links to investigate the most common objections that website owners have to raise against their website.

Module 7: Advanced Tactics

This is the last module of the course. Here’s how to scale the Shotgun Skyscraper ethically and spam-free. You need a VA and a combination of automation for scaling. Some advanced tactics include how people’s names can be identified using US census data. UU. For better data quality. You will also use the Ahrefs content browser to identify potential customers.

Shotgun Skyscraper Review – Authority Hacker

You get more scope models that take a slightly different approach and pre-filter competitors to improve efficiency, warm up their accounts, and manage their shipping schedule, A / B testing, etc. If you want to attract customers, you can even learn how to run Shotgun Skyscraper for customers.

Useful Tools Used In Shotgun Link building Method:

In this course, they have used various tools for Shotgun Skyscraper outreach. Each of these tools has been tried and tested for years by them for outreach efforts.


mailshake outreach tool

Mailshake is your tool for accessing the email range. It offers powerful customization features that let you merge custom fields for each person on a large scale, and an incredible number of sophisticated tracking tools that let you track each campaign on a granular level.

Your basic plan should be good enough for what you’re doing, as most pro features are for sales marketing. However, the pro subscription offers fantastic AB testing options that speed things up. In addition, 5,000 $ 10 list cleaning credits are provided.


Shotgun Skyscraper Review –ahrefs tool for link building

Ahrefs is one of its kind which shows you everything you need to know about a particular site, keyword, or SERP page. It has powerful export functions and constantly outperforms the competition. Thanks to the Keyword Explorer function, no separate keyword software is required.

The best thing about this subscription is that you can stop and start at any time. If you want, you can even prepare a large amount of litter in your first month and be ready for the next few months.


This way, you can create a brand domain at a minimal cost. Although you can access a free account, setting up a branded email seems to be much more professional, and the shipping restrictions are very low. If you take expansion seriously, you should make this investment! for email extraction

Hunter always outperforms its competitors by resending large amounts of valid email addresses. Although not cheap at first, the quality of the results is worth it. You will not be charged for an email.

How Much This Course And Tools Cost?

The shotgun skyscraper course comes itself will cost a one-time fee of $997 and the tools they have recommended comes with:

  • Ahrefs costs $99 per month
  • costs $49-$99 per month
  • Mailshaker costs $29 per month
  • G Suit costs about $6 per month

This seems like a huge monthly cost, and it is. But you need to keep in mind that good quality guest posts can cost you anywhere from $100 to $500. And with this procedure, you will gain a massive amount of high-quality links.

What I Liked About The Course?

Link building is a skill and it is one of the most important things you should learn if you are an SEO guy or if you are building links for your clients.

The information you learn from this course is very valuable and can help you get white-hat links to your website. Shotgun Skyscraper deals with all aspects of link-building such as software configuration, expansion models, database management and monitoring. These are almost years of experience, which are summarized in around 40 videos.

The course itself is beautifully presented and everything is explained in detail. Mark Webster is extremely effective in this area and an excellent presenter. There’s also the email extraction tool that can save you hours of manual labor, which really adds value to this course.

What Users Say About Shotgun Skyscraper Course

Link Building Techniques - User Testimonials Link Building Techniques - What peoples are talking about

Bottom Line: Should You Buy Shotgun Skyscraper Course?

What Gael and Mark of Authority Hacker have created here is a cornerstone for anyone who is in the field of SEO and understands the importance of link building and wants to do it ethically without paying a single penny for each link.

If you’ve ever tried to get links with white hat techniques like guest posting, you already know how difficult it can be if you don’t really pay for those links. The goal of this course is to show you a new way of getting lots of high-quality links without paying for them.

In my opinion, you should definitely try out the Shotgun skyscraper course and let me know in the comments section below if you have any queries regarding the same.

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