Shoptimized vs Booster Theme 2024: Ultimate Comparison (Pros & Cons) Who Wins?

Are you looking for a comparison between Shoptimized vs Booster? Are you confused and wish to know which one is a better theme for Your Store? No worries, Here. I’m about to explain, this is an in-depth study article through which I will help in finalizing a theme of your need.

In deciding between Shoptimized vs Booster, the following points you must consider:-

  • Which among them has the best functionality?
  • Which theme does your competitor prefer?
  • Which theme is comfortable to install and work with,
  • Which of them has the best UI?

And most importantly which of these themes will ensure improvement in sales and better conversion rates. I will clear all your queries and more.

I assure you that after reading this article you will be able to identify the best theme for your store.

So, let’s get started with an in-depth review of both themes in much greater detail, by comparing and analyzing the functionality and specs.

For What Reasons am I comparing Booster Theme and Shoptimized?

I once was in the same boots as you are… Struggling to manage my store and faced the same issues as you are facing.  It was so hard to make sales.

But with a change in theme, I was able to turn the table and started making sales better than ever before.

I understood soon that my low conversion rates were the result of my holding back to the free theme which did not assist me in converting my visitors into customers. There was no stimulus to buy, and visitors did not recognize that they were getting some great deals which they ultimately missed.

It was then I realized the need for a premium theme. I wanted a theme that pressurizes visitors and made them think about the deal and give them enough confidence to commit to buying.

To make a perfect choice, I decided to read the market extensively.

Even after hardcore research, I could not finalize between Shopify Booster Theme and Shoptimized just by their website.

So I decided to put in the time to analyze, compare, review, and examine both themes. I have been on several Shopify Forums, read several reviews and discussions on numerous community pages, and talked with individual shoppers and theme analytics.

In my passion to create a perfect Shopify Store, I have invested my money in purchasing various premium themes and then reinvesting my earnings.

As a result, I ended up purchasing both the Booster Theme and Shoptimizied. ( For various reasons and at different times- as described further in the article.

After installing them, I started monitoring and testing them.

Inquest to find the best theme, I tested almost everything.

I researched and monitored the conversion and sales of both themes, page load time, mailing list sign-up pages, abandoned cart rates, and many more.

So, I am writing a detailed comparison between Shoptimized Vs Booster based on my own research and findings. I’m sure you will be able to make up your mind about these themes by the end of the article. Let us start!

Shoptimized vs Booster Theme 2024 | In-Depth Comparison ( Must& Read )

Booster Shopify Theme Overview

Mark was the founder of the Booster Theme, he initially started his voyage with the drop shipping industry as a seller of lights for bottles. In the next 2 years, Mark’s store became the best and biggest online store that deals in LED Bottle Lights.

Booster Themes comes up with amazing features that are not available in free themes, they are accessible only with apps if you are using free themes.

Booster_Theme Overview

It has customization features to blend the theme with your product, niche, brand, or audience…. Etc. For example, you can design the header and footer section, and you can customize the CTA button to offer Free Shipping and other discounts. However, the customization feature is limited and not as good as the Shopify Turbo Theme by Out Of The Sandbox.

The features in this theme are presented in such a way that it increases the confidence of visitors in your Shopify Store, increases conversion rates, enhancement in AOV ( Average Order Value), and all these features are accumulated in the theme itself with no extra cost.

To cut the price down, they give inbuilt features so that you don’t have to pay monthly fees for adding features via apps. Hence I could say that the Booster theme will also help you save money.

Shoptimized Theme Overview

Shoptimized Theme was created by Bradley Long, a conversion rate expert. He is associated with several international brands as their consultant helping them reach their targeted ordinance and increase their conversion rates of online stores. He also manages his own Shopify Stores.

Bradley has been in the e-commerce business since 2005, his experience helped him in understanding the psychology of customers, and over time he learned what works and what doesn’t, leading him to create a premium theme that is optimized for boosting conversion rates.

Shoptimized Overview

Shoptimized Theme is known for its customizability and compatibility with different niches, products, brands, audiences, etc.

Shoptimized is optimized to meet the Mobile-First criteria, which ultimately helps in getting a better rank in google and other search engines.

The Mobile-First-based user interface helps in enhancing the user experience and resulting in better performance with Facebook Ads and other promotions giving lower CPC, CPP, CPM …etc.

It also solves the problem of a high bounce rate as the page loads faster keeping your visitors engaged with your landing page.

Several features in Shoptimized Theme are designed to give you better conversion rates, and average order value, increase the audience confidence in your store and collect information about visitors of the store to advertise to them and convince them for purchases and deals.

However, a few of the features mentioned above are not available with the free themes, you have to install third-party free or paid apps to get maximum output. It even sometimes makes your store look unsystematic as each app is crafted and designed by different software developers which is why they have a different user interfaces.

Also, the paid apps have monthly subscriptions, making it more feasible to use a premium theme that includes all these features inbuilt for free.

Booster Theme Features & Benefits

 Given below are a few features of the Booster Theme:

  • Single Click Update for a theme using a dedicated App designed by Booster, without redesigning the theme look.
  • Purchase Notifications on the website, show how many units are sold in real-time helping the customers generate confidence in the store.
  • UPsell PoP-UP for increasing the average order value.

_Booster_Theme - PopUps

  • Cross-Sell collection

_Booster_Theme - Cross Sell

  • Automatic Currency Converter will convert the price of your product immediately into the visitor’s country currency making the visits more comfortable and trustworthy.

Booster_Theme - Currency Converter

  • Exit Pop-Ups that help you collect your visitor’s email addresses and offer them discounts and sales benefits encouraging them to make purchases and revisit your store
  • Relevant Product Suggestions

Releated Product

  • Availability in 10 different languages.

Booster-Theme - Language

  • Automatic Mega Menu gives visitors a better user experience and easy navigation.
  • Custom CTA buttons that are optimized for Free + Shipping items.
  • Countdown Timer to provoke urgency and encourage actions by visitors.

Booster_Theme - Countdown

  • The number of units in stock represented on the website gives a feel of scarcity encouraging faster actions from customers.
  •  Approximate delivery time
  • Payment Gateway Security Badge.
  • Advertisement strip in the header.
  • Social Account Buttons to connect customers on your social media handles.
  • Direct to Checkout Button eases the purchase mechanism as they might leave your store if the purchase is too complex
  • The customized Cart Page is designed to make a sense of urgency encouraging the customers to make the purchase now.
  • FAQ Page
  • Testimonials Page
  • Allowance to add Map.

Having these many features inbuilt into your Theme helps you save time and effort. Helping you to skip the headache of installing several apps and regularly monitoring and updating them as sometimes they might run into some bugs which need to be fixed.

Shoptimized Theme Features & Benefits

Given below are the major Features of Shoptimized Theme:

  • Countdown Timer to provoke action from visitors

Shoptimized - Features

  • Stock Availability counts to create a feeling of scarcity.

Shoptimized - Remaining stock

  • GEO-IP Recognition creates social proof helping in generating more trust and familiarity with the visitors

Shoptimized - GEO

  • Currency Converter helps in converting the price tag in a few main currencies

Shoptimized - Currency Switcher

  • Estimated Shipping time button

Shoptimized - Get it By Timer

  • Email Pop-Ups to collect emails for marketing in the future.
  • Sales record of last 24 hours working as social Proof generating visitors’ confidence in the store.
  • Marketing Merger with well-known apps helps in increasing the sales rate and revenue of the store.

Shoptimized - Marketing Integration

  • Money-Back Badge ensuring customer satisfaction or Risk Reversal.
  • Value Proposition giving your visitors reasons to trust your store
  • Video Embedding Ability

Shoptimized - Video Embedding

  • Make sales of custom products without any need for costly premium apps

Shoptimized - Sell Personalized

  • Mega Menu Option

Shoptimized - Mega Menu

  • Well, Optimised Header Section with a mega menu for better navigation, offers, discounts, announcements, store’s phone number, ….etc.
  •  To increase confidence in Social Proof Pop-Ups of visitors purchasing from the store in real-time

Shoptimized - Social Proof Pop Up

  • Real-Time Traffic Count
  • Free shipping button

Shoptimized - Free Shipping

  • Upsell popup to enhance average order value
  • Custom CTA button, for testing text and choose the one that works best for your Store.
  • Cart page timer to provoke visitors to complete the purchase immediately.
  • Cross-sell popup for increasing sales with the same visitors.
  •  direct checkout for a better shopping experience.
  • Product badge to show available rebates and free shipping on the product picture.
  •  No Extra Cost + Shipping offers
  • Filters to find and locate the Products desired by visitors.
  • Site Search Automatic- Completion

Shoptimized - Site Search Auto Complete

  • Social Proof of volume Purchase.

Shoptimized - Social Proof

  • Exit Pop Up menu to hold back visitors before they leave with additional discounts.
  • Add to cart button
  • For encouraging sales, “ Dynamic Day “ cart coupons will show the discounts available on the respective days calling for action.

Shoptimized - Dynamic Day

  • Immediate Coupon Code Delivery for collecting emails for marketing in the future.

Who Should Use Booster Theme?

Booster themes are for those who are looking for a theme that would boost their store’s traffic and increase their conversion rates and average order value. It’s best suited for those who are looking for something to improve their store’s user experience without investing much time and money on different apps and managing them.

It’s for one willing to update the complete store with a single click using a dedicated app.

Who Should Use a Shoptimized Theme?

If you are looking for themes built on Mobile First Criteria, with amazing loading speed and good user interface along with several customizability features to make the store fit its niche, product, audience, brand, etc.

Booster Theme Pricing

Booster Theme provides 3 different plans

  • 1 Store License at $249 (now for $179)
  • 2 Stores License at $597 (now for $297)
  • 5 Stores License at $1299 (now for $497)

Booster_Theme - Pricing Plan

IMPORTANT: The cost of the theme is paid at once which is non-refundable giving you access to use the theme for a lifetime. However, the support service and updates are available for free only for the first year.

While looking at other recommended alternatives for Booster, it gives one-year free support service and updates with a 14 days money-back guarantee, which for sure makes it a better choice for the theme than Booster although it charges a higher price than that of Booster.

Shoptimized Pricing

Shoptimized presents to its client 3 different plans with given structure, discounts, and pricing.

Shoptimized - Pricing

  • 1 Store License at $167
  • 3 Stores License at $197
  • 10 Stores License at $597

NOTE: The pro & Ultimate Plans give access to the “ 7 Figure Store Blueprint” training course, which alone is worth $997 with “FB Ascension Formula FB Training” as a bonus.

IMPORTANT: The above-given prices are one-time payments, Non-Refundable, giving access to the Shoptimized theme for a lifetime with free support and update service for a year.

However, the best alternative of the Shoptimized theme comes with a free one-year update and support service with a dedicated app along with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Making it a better option despite the higher prices.

Booster Theme Free Download

Many of you might be in search of a free Booster Theme but it is not available. Yet if you find one it will be an unauthorized or cracked version of the theme with no support or update services which might even run into some bugs.

As per my, the current Discounted price is the best available price, so grab the deal before the original prices come back. Go check out our review on rocket theme if you are looking for WordPress themes and Joomla templates.

Shoptimized Theme Free Download

A few of you might be here searching for the free version of the Shoptimized theme which is not available.

And if you found one, it’s either a cracked version or unauthorized which will not provide support and update facilities.

If you are not willing to purchase the Shopify Shoptimized theme, then try out the alternatives I recommended below which are considered the very best Shopify Store Theme offering 14 days of money-back guarantee and lifetime support and update service.

Booster Theme Support & Updates

As mentioned before, the updates and support services are available only for the first year for no extra cost. However, you get access to the theme for a lifetime without any additional charge.

The updates are even easier to install using a dedicated app without any need for technical knowledge or the need of redesigning the store.

The support service is available seven days a week but does not support live chat. However, the testimonials on the website are positive about the support services.

Shoptimized Theme Support & Updates

As said before the support services are available 7 days a week. You can contact the support team by sending them a ticket in the member’s section.

The reviews and testimonials are positive for the support service.

Shoptimized - Support

The updates and support services are accessible for no extra cost in the first year of purchase. Unlike the alternative theme given below with free lifetime support service.

The updates are not as convincing as the alternate themes available as in order to get the updates you have to reinstall the complete theme. Which requires good technical skills as well as time and effort. Even you might have to customize the complete theme once again to fit your store type.

Pros & Cons: Booster Theme 


  • The theme is a one-time purchase and lifetime usability. However, updates and support services are available for only the first year of purchase with no extra cost while in the alternative theme below you receive lifetime validity and support services with updates.
  • Easy to update with a dedicated app.
  • Customizable enough to fit with any niche, product, audience, or


  • Built-in premium features that save your money as if it wasn’t available in the theme you would need to purchase it with a monthly subscription ending up spending much more money and effort.
  • Well-optimized for enhancing your sales and conversion rates.


  • Even it’s a one-time payment with lifetime access to the theme. It comes up with only one year of free updates and support services.
  • Non-Refundable, once the theme is purchased you can not get your money back.
  • The support team does not have a live chat, you need to submit your request and they will give you a response via mail.

Pros & Cons: Shoptimized Theme


  • Mobile-Friendly with a better user interface and good loading Speed.
  • One-time payment with lifetime access to the theme with one year of support and updates at no extra cost.
  • The developer is a well-established conversion rate expert working with top brands in the industry with several successful stores.
  • Has several positive reviews and sales testimonials on its official website. Since it’s not sold on any third-party store thus does not have any reviews other than those available on the internet and its website.
  • Well-optimized and customizable fits with almost all niches, stores, audiences, and products.
  • Easy to manage and build in features that replace several paid apps helping you save money.
  • Even have 2 bonus courses available with the Pro and Ultimate Plans for no extra cost worth $997
  • The support is available all 7 days a week.


  • Although the cost is a one-time payment with lifetime access. But the support and update services are only available for a year.
  • To update the theme, you will need to re-install the complete theme which might even need re-customization. It also takes a lot of time to get updated, unlike the alternative which has a dedicated app for updating.
  • No Refund policy
  • There are a few negative reviews about the customizability of the theme on the home page.
  • You also have to pay for the support services if you wish to make any changes in the codes. However, the theme is regularly monitored and updated and supports a good level of customizability.

Shoptimized vs Booster Theme: Testimonials

Shoptimized Review

Shoptimized - Testimonials

Booster Review

Booster_Theme - Testimonials

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Conclusion: Shoptimized vs Booster Theme 2024

With my experience and of many Shopify owners, it can be settled that the Booster Theme is the better choice of the two. If you are someone looking to grow your business, I recommend using the Booster theme.

Shoptimized Theme is built ideally for building an e-commerce store easily as it has all the inbuilt features that you might require. Thus, you do not have to spend extra on the designing of your theme.

The booster theme is one of the best high-converting Shopify themes. It is made to multiply your sales. The theme is mobile-friendly, easy to set up made with top apps to drive your sales.

Between Shoptimized Vs Booster Theme, which makes the store load faster?

Booster Theme makes the store load faster than Shoptomized. Also, Google ranks that store higher in ranking whose loading time is less, thus it is preferable to use the Booster Theme in comparison to Shopirimised.

I wish these themes will cover all the requirements and Hope, you choose the most suitable for them

Free themes are old news, and now you want to use premium themes in your store to attract more and more visitors and convert them into customers. Booster themes will definitely increase your conversion rates and profit by several folds.

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