Shopify India: The 10 Best Shopify Stores in India 2024– Is Shopify legal in India?

In India, the e-commerce sector has seen widespread growth in the last 5 years, powered in particular by internet penetration and the booming smartphone industry. Particularly from its inception, Shopify has become the first choice for beginners to start their selling business online. The advent of reliable internet connections served as a blessing to the e-commerce industry as people are now easily purchasing online goods and accessories from anywhere, everywhere.

That prompted even small retailers to enter the e-commerce market. Industry statistics suggest the Indian e-commerce industry is growing at a rate of 25 percent annually and is all set to cross the 100 billion dollar mark by 2022.

Perks of having an eCommerce store in India!

Most of India’s small and medium-sized retailers are recognizing the benefits of e-commerce, following the new trends in taking the business online. Through their online shops, they are thus able to mark the steps of their new business journey. Selling online in India can more than support you in a few ways. Some key advantages include:

  • Flexibility
  • Faster order processing
  • Reach to a greater audience
  • More low-cost marketing channels
  • Easier Order Management
  • Attractive growth opportunities

About Shopify India ( Do Indians buy from Shopify? )

Shopify is one name that more than 90 percent of the world of e-commerce is well aware of! It is the most dependable e-commerce platform when it comes to providing tools and services for establishing a successful e-commerce business. Shopify Inc. is a global e-commerce corporation operating the proprietary E-Commerce platform primarily designed for online retailers and point-of-sale retail systems.

Shopify India

Online merchants and store owners may make use of this platform to integrate essential e-commerce services’ into their businesses to simplify the process of operating a small merchant online store, including payments, discounts, distribution and customer engagement tools.

Shopify has been the most commonly used e-commerce site for quite a few years now, since they recently revealed that their service has now expanded to more than 1,000,000 businesses across 175 countries as of June 2019. Their total amount of gross merchandise for calendar 2018 exceeded $41.1 billion, making them the largest e-commerce company and a global leader in this region.

Advantages of Using Shopify In India

Shopify India has transformed the way people buy and sell goods in India. It is considered the fastest-growing e-commerce platform and is slowly but surely receiving wider acceptance each day. The advantages of having Shopify stores in India becoming apparent especially when compared with top self-hosted e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce or word press for small and medium businesses.

Advantage of Shopify India


  • It is easy to set up a responsive website, either with a free or paid theme.
  • Shop using secure Web servers. Hence the probability the website will break down is very small.
  • The process of adding new or any content to the website is fast.
  • Shopify has a dedicated support department that is available 24/7. Additionally, on YouTube videos and web articles you can get lots of information about commonly asked questions (FAQs).
  • In Shopify App Store there are many applications like Plugin SEO, Facebook Store, Oberlo, Klaviyo and many others that can be used to boost sales, finance, and marketing. Consequently, the rating of the seller on every search engine is greatly enhanced.
  • Shopify has a smartphone app that keeps you updated when you’re on the move. Consequently, a seller can run a store from virtually any location.
  • It can be completely personalized, with the aid of the Shopify developers.
  • The checkout process is safe, as it is secured by an updated SSL encryption scheme.
  • SEO Friendly websites. Shopify scored 97 percent in SEO, according to recent studies. This is because it has features built-in that help optimize content. This is advantageous because it allows a store in search engines to be ranked favorably, which directly enhances sales.
  • Users benefit from a quick, reliable and secure checkout process.
  • Ability to use Facebook as a primary marketing platform increases the size of the market.

Top 10 Inspiring Shopify Stores in India May 2024

Now as it is clear, that the e-commerce sector in India has huge potential and the sudden boost in internet users in the country has allowed businesses and customers to get connected instantly through just a tap. Whether small or medium scale, there have been many e-commerce brands and businesses in India that have taken advantage of the booming internet scenario in the country and made the most out of it when it comes to scaling and establishing their businesses.

If done the right way, setting up your e-commerce empire in India is not a hard thing to do. Plus, if you have built your e-commerce store using Shopify India, then you are sure to go a long way. So, here are the 10 best examples of Shopify stores from India that will inspire you to set up your own e-commerce business and just nail it!


Femella- Shopify Store in India

Femella is a female clothing brand that has been dedicated since 2008 to bringing the latest trends and fashionable styles at a reasonable cost. The fashionable Shopify store has a white background and is minimalist. The context makes the photography of the deep red cover stand out and makes the appearance of the website full of life.


Raymondnect-Online Shopify Store

Thanks to Raymondnext you will get the new set of fine clothes to your doorstep. When looking for a description of their website, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” is the perfect phrase. It was designed with dark shades, which gives the first impression that it is perfect for a gentleman’s apparel store to be cool and laid back.


Goodstuffofficial- Online Shopify Store

The first feeling you get when browsing the website of this Shopify store is an abundance sensation. The brilliant color choice and high-quality, illustrative photography make the website perfect for selling clothes to quirky and fun-loving shoppers. In addition, their navigation tabs are at the top, making browsing through their vast set a worthwhile experience.


Yellowfashion- Shopify India Store

Yellow fashion store offers the most outstanding Indian wear collection for any event. Their website is incredibly comprehensive with loads of information, including their hours of contact and opening. Besides that, the use of a bold combination of colors like yellow, brown, and pink on their logo demonstrates how eager they are to promote their brand. Generally, a consumer typically has an easy time navigating through the website, as access to different categories of items is easy.


Shalinindia- Shopify India Store

Looking for a traditional yet timeless piece of art, a musical instrument, and home and kitchen accessories to enhance your home decor? Well, no more quest. Their website consists of five navigation options but it does have loads of imagery that shows the items on sale perfectly.


Nonasties-Online shopify store in India

Nonasties is an online store that deals with 100 percent Fair Trade Cotton Fabric cotton clothing. The Shopify store’s website design is simple with minimal navigation panel that gives the store more room to provide good-sized photographs of their items, which works well in making the website have a lifetime.


Namustore-Online shopify store in India is a household name for any lady who wants to refresh her holiday wardrobe and turn it into an effortless charm in the Shopify India platform. Shopify store architecture is clearly elegant. Their photography style does not adopt the traditional square grid style which gives the panel designs the perfect twist.


Royalenfield- Shopify India Store

Royal Enfield Gear is an online shop dealing with a range of safe motorcycle wear such as safe jackets, headgear, helmets, gloves and bags. The dark colors coupled with the perfect font choice offer the perfect combination of product fun and quality. Besides that, the background camouflage color print and wooden pictures give an impression of adventure and resilience that any adventurous person would love.


Fabmart- Shopify India Store

Fabmart is an Indian retail company focused on Shopify that was founded by Alphonse Reddy in 2012. The white background and the combination of bright and dark colors combined with the playful font on the logo give an impression of tranquility and harmony that suits the brand of the shop.


Hugedomains-Online shopify Store

Huge domains have allowed you to get any premium domain name you may like at a meager rate. The website has a monochrome-blue background, with black and white font display. It has been carefully built to show a lot of details on the website’s front face while ensuring it doesn’t get crowded.

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Conclusion: Shopify India: The 10 Best Shopify Stores in India (2024)

To sum up, starting an e-commerce company in India is a great idea, especially right now, given the flourishing market for it. But it will be best for you to brace yourself because it will not be as easy as it might seem. You will face obstacles when it comes to trying to register and legitimize your online business. And, if you fight this and get the business heard, you’ll be facing a decent proportion of the competition from people like you who want to become the next Jeff Bezos.

What you need is your own vision and almost foolproof plan for how to achieve this vision, the confidence and dedication to see it to the end. At this moment the world of e-commerce in India is your well of limitless possibilities. That being said, you shouldn’t think twice about signing up for Shopify India and start building your eCommerce store. Simply visit the Shopify official website and GO FOR IT!

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