Shopify Affiliate Review 2024: 💥 Unlock $2,400 Per Sale

Shopify Affiliate

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The Shopify Affiliate Program offers an enticing opportunity to earn substantial commissions by promoting this platform. It stands as a genuine avenue for boosting your income.

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  • Trusted Brand
  • Recurring Commissions
  • Cookie Duration
  • High Commissions
  • Diverse Marketing Materials


  • Geographic Restrictions
  • Long Sales Cycle


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Welcome to our Shopify Affiliate Review for 2024. In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, Shopify stands out as a powerhouse, empowering entrepreneurs to create and grow their online businesses.

The Shopify Affiliate Program offers an enticing opportunity to earn substantial commissions by promoting this platform. But is the promise of making up to $2,400 per sale a legitimate opportunity, or too good to be true?

In this review, we’ll dive deep into the program, exploring its features, benefits, and income potential to determine whether Shopify Affiliate is a worthy venture.

Whether you’re a seasoned affiliate marketer or just starting, our insights will help you unlock the truth behind the Shopify Affiliate Program in 2024.

Shopify Affiliate Review

How to Create Your Own Shopify Affiliate Account? 🚀

The first and foremost step is to create a Shopify Affiliate account. Here’s how:

1. Visit Shopify affiliates and sign up for it. Now, you can set up your own referral link.

2. Here’s an example of a default referral link with ‘BloggersIdeas’ as the ID:

You can also use a plug-in and enable it as:

3. If you run and manage a blog, you can create the account using the blog’s title, which will be easier to remember.

4. Now that you have successfully completed signing up for the Shopify Affiliate Partner Program, you can use the link to promote Shopify and earn big, literally!

How does it Work? Shopify Affiliate Review 2024

After creating your account on Shopify Affiliates, you will be provided a special link to Shopify that can be promoted across blogs or social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any other.

What next? The moment a new customer signs up for Shopify through the link provided, you will start earning.

Pre-sale commissions mean you get to earn 200% of the subscription fee paid by a customer each and every time you refer someone to Shopify.

This is precisely how you can earn up to $2,400 per sale!! The mode of payment is PayPal, and the minimum payout will be $25. Just focus on building long-term partnerships with influencers, bloggers, and ambassadors!

This is how you can earn money:

There are three ways using which you can make money with Shopify just by being their partner. This is pretty easy and straightforward.

All you have to do is promote Shopify using the resources they provide, and just when you refer a customer to create their eCommerce store and choose the plan, you earn credit for completing the sale!

  • Referrals: Earn up to 20% monthly revenue for each and every customer you refer.
  • Theme/ Template sales: Earn up to 70% for each theme you sell in their Theme Store.
  • Mobile App sales: Earn up to 80% revenue share for each app you sell in the App Store.

Who can be an affiliate? Anyone!

A blogger

Do you want to gain the most out of your website traffic? Why not promote one of the industry’s leading brands? Now, monetize your blog by simply adding Shopify banners or affiliate links to your blog posts.

You can also write detailed reviews about this program, rule SERPs, drive more traffic and increase the number of sign-ups – consequently leading to increased income!


A publisher

So what if you don’t run a blog? Even then, you can earn by promoting Shopify. To make a sale, you can use any internet marketing medium like email, paid campaigns, social media sites, media buys, or any other to refer customers.

Every time a customer signs up for Shopify Affiliates, you would see the numbers rising higher!

What Resources Do You Get? 🌟

Are you wondering how Shopify supports its partners and what resources they provide to promote the platform across the globe? We have listed it all out here!

You can use these resources to promote Shopify, one of the best eCommerce platforms:

  • Monthly Affiliate Newsletters that highlight upcoming events, new features, and several other details
  • Marketing Collaterals such as hand-outs, banners, and templates
  • Shopify Affiliate Dashboard that enables you to keep track of the amount of money earned, the number of clicks you generated and when you are due to receive your next payment

One of the most amazing parts about the Shopify Affiliate Partner Program is that even when business owners sign up for a free trial of 14 days of Shopify eCommerce solution, they still get paid as and when they upgrade after the trial period.

You would also never face any problem promoting the Shopify eCommerce shopping cart platform on Google AdWords or Facebook Ads. What more?

The dashboard is really easy to use – providing you every bit of the detail at your fingertips pertaining to the money earned and the amount due. You just have to get your link, begin promoting it, and watch the numbers go up!

Want To Learn More About Shopify? Here Are Some Quick Facts!

Shopify is a robust eCommerce solution which is simple to use yet very effective. It enables business owners to create their own website, buy and sell products, and much more.

There are some really easy to use tools and built-in security feature that have proved to be a big boon for ever retailer wanting to have their own affiliate program.

  • Shopify was established in the year 2006.
  • Today, there are more than 243,000 active Shopify stores.
  • Shopify’s top three categories are Electronics and Accessories, Fashion and Apparel, and Home & Garden.
  • The eCommerce shopping cart platform provides more than 120 beautifully designed themes/ templates to business owners to choose from and create a user-friendly, visually stunning online store.
  • Shopify’s revenue for the fourth quarter of 2015 was calculated at $70.2 million.
  • The eCommerce solution is highly recommended for small to medium businesses.
  • The platform enables retailers to efficiently manage every aspect of their business – from product catalogs, order information, and customer data to inventory from a centralized location.

With Shopify, retailers can create a fully functional eStore that is search engine friendly as well as easy to navigate for the buyers – enabling them to quickly find the goods they are willing to buy.

Further, you can also manage customer orders and keep a tab on inventory levels to ensure that the store is always updated with relevant, accurate information.

Why Become A Shopify Affiliate? 🙄

As per our discussion with experts at MarketersCenter, “Shopify Partner Program is indeed a great opportunity to be associated with a brand and promote to earn big!

As an industry-leading eCommerce platform, Shopify is here to stay, and they are very serious about treating their affiliates well in a bid to grow the business.”

They further added that any source of traffic, such as email blasts, social media, banner displays, PPC, or any other, can be used to promote and earn leads.

Shopify affiliate

There are a number of existing small businesses and new entrepreneurs who are willing to set up their online stores. This is where your role comes into play!

Your task is to promote the eCommerce solution through the Shopify affiliate program and start earning commissions.

You have to actively promote the platform and perform target marketing to outshine your competitors and start earning big.

Still, looking for Reasons to sign up for Shopify’s Affiliate Program?

  • Shopify affiliate program offers a number of opportunities to bloggers and publishers alike.
  • All sources of traffic are accepted.
  • It is an unsaturated affiliate program and niche.
  • Shopify provides two options for commission: 200% of the customer’s first bill or 20% revenue share on each customer. You can also earn a pre-sale commission, which widely depends on the plan that the customer chooses to buy.
  • The more sales you make, the more commission you get to earn.
  • From blog content and banners to logos and newsletters, you are provided with a number of promotional resources to make the task much easier for you.
  • Shopify makes timely payouts – ensuring your business runs smoothly. You will be paid twice a month via PayPal.
  • You can easily see the number of clicks you have generated, how much you have earned, and when your next amount is due using the dashboard provided. You can also manage your affiliate shops from one single location.
  • Shopify affiliates boast of earning industry-leading conversion rates.

Several studies have proven that referral marketing is one of the best ways to make sales and generate revenue. This is how powerful the Shopify Affiliate Program is for bloggers as well as publishers.

And referrals don’t just mean your family members, relatives, or friends. They can be your social media influencers, bloggers, or just about anyone.

Pros and Cons: Shopify Affiliate Review

Pros Cons
High Commissions Long Sales Cycle
Trusted Brand Competitive Niche
Diverse Marketing Materials Geographic Restrictions
Recurring Commissions
Cookie Duration

FAQs about Shopify Affiliate Review

😍 What is the Shopify Affiliate Program?

The Shopify Affiliate Program includes entrepreneurs, educators, influencers, and content creators who inspire and teach their audience about entrepreneurship with Shopify. The program is free to join, and allows you to monetize your audience and earn commissions from each new Shopify merchant referral.

👉 How will I know if my application is accepted?

Our team will carefully review your application and in most cases, applications to the Shopify Affiliate Program are processed within 5 business days. If your application is approved, then you'll receive an email confirming your acceptance and some tools to help you get started.

👀 Can I become a Shopify Affiliate in any country?

Yes. The Shopify Affiliate Program is global and we welcome you to apply as long as our third-party affiliate software supports your country of residence.

🚀 What information can I track about the merchants I refer?

You can track your total merchant referrals and those who have successfully switched from a trial to a paid plan. For privacy reasons, you cannot track the revenue of a specific merchant.

Conclusion: Shopify Affiliate Review 2024 🔥

As we conclude our journey through this Shopify Affiliate Review for 2024, we find that the allure of making up to $2,400 per sale is indeed a reality within the realm of affiliate marketing.

The Shopify Affiliate Program offers a legitimate and lucrative opportunity for individuals to earn substantial commissions by promoting a trusted e-commerce platform.

By harnessing the power of this program and applying the insights gained here, you can embark on a journey of financial empowerment and entrepreneurial success.

Your path to achieving the promised commissions is clear, and the Shopify Affiliate Program stands as a genuine avenue for boosting your income in 2024.

So, seize the opportunity, explore the features, and unlock the potential that awaits within the world of Shopify affiliate marketing.

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