Shogun Page Builder Review 2024: Features & Pricing [My Experience]🥇

Shogun Page Builder

Overall Verdict

With Shogun I was able to find the sweet spot between user friendliness and extensive configuration options. It's the best option for Shopify store owners who want to expand their businesses but don't want to deal with code. If you want your Shopify store to stand out from the crowd, you should check out the Shogun app.

Out of 10


  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Beautiful templates
  • Detailed analytics to measure how your pages are performing
  • Choose when to publish your pages with page scheduler
  • Sync products between multiple stores
  • You can easily add sections, columns, sliders, tables, tabs, and accordions


  • It’s more expensive than other page-builder apps on the market
  • Live chat support is only available on higher-tier plans


Price: $ 31

In this Shogun Page Builder Review, I look at one of the most popular Shopify page builders available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons.

Is it right for your business? Let’s find out. Shopify is an eCommerce powerhouse with many tools, themes, and selling possibilities.

This powerful combo makes buying easy for merchants and customers. Shopify’s extensive toolkit may make it difficult to personalize for certain eCommerce pros.

Beginners can utilize the visual composer, but those who want a more customized online store need developers or Shopify specialists who can code.

Shogun, a popular Shopify tool, allows companies to customize without developers. Shogun, a drag-and-drop page builder and editor, lets retailers design custom web shops without coding.

Bottom Line Upfront:

Shogun’s simple UI lets me customize and organize my pages to reflect my brand. My own web design studio! Best part? I can accomplish that without coding. Shogun is my go-to tool for generating beautiful, unique pages. I can now make changes and view them in real time without waiting for coders.

The easy Shopify connection is a bonus. Shogun and Shopify work well together, so I can use Shopify’s extensive features and Shogun’s customisation. It’s transformed my e-commerce shop, and my consumers have noticed. My business now offers a unique shopping experience thanks to my individual touch.

Shogun is a great option for Shopify merchants like mine that want greater design flexibility. It will unleash your creativity and make you a web design pro.

With Shogun, you can use the visual styles of your existing BigCommerce design to create a faster, higher conversion landing page. This makes creating marketing campaigns and product promotions perfect and stress-free.

The application is cataloged as a drag-and-drop tool to create beautiful custom pages in Shopify. It is rated 5 stars, with many excellent reviews.

Shogun works well with all Shopify themes and has a page importer to change existing pages.

Shogun Page Builder Review

Shogun Page Builder Review: Best Drag & Drop Builder for Shopify & Bigcommerce 2024

Shogun’s ability to enable non-technical individuals like me to construct beautiful websites quickly and easily is a major selling point. This has been a game-changer for me, as I am not a tech specialist.

Using Shogun, I quickly and simply developed a visually engaging online store that reflected my company’s values.

Shogun’s extensive library of modifiable templates is one of my favourite features. It allows me to pick from a number of pre-made, expertly crafted layouts that I may modify to my own.

This not only helps me save time but also makes my websites appear more expert.

Shogun Page Builder Review

In addition, Shogun lets you create a new page from scratch if that’s how you want to work. This allows me to create websites precisely as I imagine them.

Shogun has been tried and tested by the 3,115 users who have reviewed it on Shopify’s app store. I am certain that I made the proper decision to utilize this page builder for my online shop in light of the favourable comments offered by other users.

Key Advantages:

  • Mobile reagent
  • Add custom HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Exhaustive library of elements that make your landing pages attractive to users.
  • Incredibly knowledge database and responsive support system
  • Whether you’re a developer or not, Shogun lets you follow the creative process easily
  • creating high-conversion landing pages.

Shogun Page Builder: Features of the Application

Shogun Page Builder Features

1. Easy-to-use Editor:

Personalize your pages with our easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. There is no coding required!
Work with your existing design. Keep the style of your design and create a completely custom layout with Shogun editor.

Standard for Mobile Responsive with the ability to create a unique experience based on screen size.

2. Pre-made Page Templates

Increase sales with our library of over 30 professionally designed page templates. Page templates for product pages, home pages, landing pages, product collections, and blog pages.

3. World-class Technical Support

Receive world-class technical support from our team in the US and Australia. E-mail reply on the same day for all plans. Live chat and priority email are the best plans.

4. Library of Robust Elements

It is not necessary to install 20 applications to get the desired functions!

The article library includes Instagram, Countdown, Accordion, Shape, Picture, Add button, Tabs, Cursors, Parallax, Table, Video, Social Buttons, Map, Icons, Sections with wallpaper and videos, Buttons, Title, Separator, Text, Columns, and HTML.

The product elements include the product title, image, price, variation, quantity, product gallery, “add to cart” button, and collection.

5. Developer Friendly

Those who are familiar with code can create fully reusable and custom drag-and-drop elements. Non-technical team members can reuse these custom items repeatedly.

Feature for Shopify

Shopify offers an incredible number of features, themes, and sales options. They all come together to provide retailers and buyers with a simple e-commerce experience.

However, many e-commerce experts point out that the Shopify platform is not the easiest to customize. The visual composer offers interesting tools for beginners, but merchants who want a more personalized online store usually need to use Shopify developers or experts who can write code.

For merchants looking for ways to customize their business without the help of a developer, one of the most popular apps on the Shopify platform is a drag-and-drop creator and publisher named Shogun.

Feature for Shopify

Besides this, it also has got the features such as:

1. Increase the Design and Building capabilities

If you’ve worked with Shopify before, you know that customizing elements such as buttons, logos, colours, and other simple elements of the social network is a pretty rudimentary task.

You’ll get a preview button and a step-by-step guide to configuring your site design. However, your website is usually linked to the topic you have selected or the default structure.

Shogun provides page elements for videos, pictures, blogs, accordions, etc. In addition, the Shogun editor’s style options are incredibly robust, offering unlimited possibilities for designing and structuring the pages of all shop and blog marketing sites.

2. Designed Shopify Page and Import it

Let’s say you are not very technically savvy. You like the amount of Shopify themes but do not want to adopt them beyond his original creations.

With Shogun, you can import and edit pages of already-designed designs. This means that you can open an already-created homepage, a contact page or a blog page and adapt it to your own brand.

3. Integrate with Any Theme

This feature is pretty simple, but it’s good to know that the drag-and-drop builder works with any topic you choose, whether it’s a free theme or a premium theme.

4. Mobile Responsiveness with Previews

Google wants it and its customers, too. Mobile responsiveness means a reliable interface for everyone involved.

It is, therefore, logical that the elements of the drag-and-drop page generator exist when viewed on tablets, phones, and desktops or laptops.

The elements of the shogun page do just that. You do not have to worry about the appearance of a button or the image of a product when someone buys from a phone because you can preview in the editor.

5. Top-level Features for Developers

If you are familiar with the code, Shogun becomes even more powerful with the Custom Template feature. Developers can create fully customized elements in Shogun by writing their own fluids, HTML, and CSS.

Shogun Page Builder Review: Pricing

Shogun Page Builder Review Pricing

1. Build Plan

  • Price: $31/month
  • Annual Users: 24,000
  • Features Included:
    • 25 published pages
    • Advanced visual builder
    • A/B testing
    • Targeted experiences
    • SEO keyword content creation assistance
    • AI-driven copywriting
    • Page analytics
    • Access to all page templates
    • Reusable content sections

2. Recommended Plan – Grow

  • Price: $199/month
  • Annual Users: 120,000
  • Additional Features from Build Plan:
    • Unlimited published pages
    • SEO keyword analyzer
    • SEO and performance insights
    • Product page templates
    • Content scheduling
    • Bulk publishing
    • Global content sections

3. Advanced Plan

  • Price: $399/month
  • Annual Users: 600,000
  • Additional Features from Grow Plan:
    • Content syncing across stores
    • Custom CMS collections
    • Custom code elements with AI assistance
    • User permissions

Shogun Page Builder: Integrations

Shogun Page Builder- Integrations

Shogun Page Builder Customer Support

As you can see from the prices shared in my Shogun review below, e-mail support is offered for all packages.

However, they benefit from priority support for the baseline and the pro-plan. Based on our experience and many online reviews, Shogun quickly answers your questions with knowledgeable staff to guide you through any issues that may arise.

In addition to a blog, social media accounts, and frequently asked questions, Shogun’s developers seem to be in their game when it comes to engaging customers and showing them the best ways to use the app.

Pros and Cons of Shogun Page Builder 


  • Includes a free 10-day trial (7 days for BigCommerce).
  • The cheapest plan can fit into the budget of a small business.
  • Goes on many operating systems.
  • Fun to use and apply.
  • Available in the cloud of your browser.
  • Excellent software design.
  • Works on many different platforms.


  • Users who want to encrypt custom items or have access to live customer service need to pay the most expensive package.


🌐 Who should use Shogun Page Builder?

It is ideal for eCommerce business owners, marketers, and designers looking to build unique online stores or enhance their existing pages with advanced design and layout features.

🔧 How easy is Shogun Page Builder to use?

Shogun is designed to be user-friendly. Its intuitive interface allows users to easily drag and drop elements onto their pages, making it accessible even for those without prior web design experience.

📊 How does Shogun Page Builder impact site performance?

While Shogun adds functionality and aesthetic appeal, it’s important to monitor the impact on site speed and load times, as these can affect SEO and user experience.

🔄 Can I switch from another builder to Shogun?

Yes, transitioning to Shogun is feasible, but it requires planning. Existing content may need to be adapted or redesigned to fit with Shogun’s capabilities and layout options.

📝 Is there a trial period for Shogun Page Builder?

Yes, Shogun typically offers a free trial period, allowing users to test out the features before committing to a subscription.

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Conclusion- Shogun Page Builder Review: Who Should Use It? 

My impression of the Shopify editor has always been that it is easy to use but lacks in flexibility. Both newcomers and seasoned Shopify users may benefit from Shogun, a very effective drag-and-drop page builder.

Therefore, I would strongly suggest Shogun to e-commerce experts who lack the technological knowledge to personalize their online store fully. By doing it yourself, you can save yourself the money that would have been spent on hiring a developer.

However, for developers who work with Shopify customers, I recommend Shogun as well. Even without resorting to the custom templating/coding functionality, the drag-and-drop tools are sufficient to speed up the design process significantly.

Even if you didn’t use Shogun to create the site, after the project is complete, you can easily import the site into your own installation to show the customer how pleased they should be with the final result.

Leave a comment below if you have any queries concerning this Shogun review. If you have experience with this, please comment.

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