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ShipStation is an advanced e-commerce and shipping solution that allows online merchants to import and manage their orders.

This platform does not limit the number of distribution channels that the user can use to import information, and is integrated with a range of shopping cart applications and markets to ensure unobstructed execution.

The large list of available integrations also includes payment gateways, email providers, and popular BI tools, or add your preferred shipping service or provider for free.

This system is also one of the few representatives in its industry that is optimized for mobility.

This means that the user has a special application that allows you to track, send and manage jobs of all kinds. mobile devices As you can read in the Prices section, ShipStation offers several payment models where you can easily describe the method of payment that best suits your business.

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About Shipstation

ShipStation is a comprehensive order management center that saves businesses time and money. Satisfied users define it as the ideal execution organizer and industry leader, integrating all the operators, e-commerce tools and business intelligence systems that make online commerce successful.

With this system, companies offer customers more professional service, avoiding delays and costly mistakes.

ShipStation is a web-based multi-carrier shipping solution for e-commerce retailers. Designed to streamline the execution process, this software offers a variety of integrations that allow you to synchronize your business with sales channels, shopping carts, payment gateways, and the most common factors.

In this review, I will highlight the main features of this application. I will also look at the community’s response and share my impressions of the user experience.


With ShipStation, you can import order data from an unlimited number of sources, including all major baskets and markets. Once the data is saved, you can use the advanced features of the system, such as: For example, use automated labels to place orders and print your product in bulk.

The best part about this process is that adding distribution channels does not cause recurring costs.

The ShipStation does not stop you from working with your favorite operators and suppliers. You can add all the accounts you use, configure the details of the orders for your business in a specific way and organize them within minutes.

One of the most notable advantages of this system is that it is extremely easy to use. Follow the instructions of the provider, and you can start it successfully on the day of installation.


Another key benefit is that ShipStation retains the discounts offered by operators and distributors (up to 40%) and imports them into your free USPS account to reduce your monthly subscription.


  • Web-based or locally installed
  • The software is completely web-based.
  • There is nothing to install.
  • Hardware and software requirements
  • There is no hardware or software required.
  • All you need is a web browser and an internet connection.
  • user-friendliness

You can try out the ShipStation Manager yourself by registering for a free 30-day trial. When you log in to the test panel, you will be redirected to this page immediately.

It then shows a short video tutorial that explains the basics of creating an account. From there you can connect your ShipStation account to your favorite shopping carts and markets.

During my test, I decided to go to the order page first:

Then I decided to create commands manually. Note that your orders must be automatically imported once you have integrated your shopping cart.


I was able to automatically calculate shipping costs by adding the weight of my product, the shipping methods, and the dimensions of the package. It was relatively easy to get started. This information will also be imported from your shopping cart.

One of the most convenient features of ShipStation is the ability to create custom views. Custom views allow the user to customize the user interface based on various criteria. You can choose between different interface sizes, select the menus to include, configure your default page, and much more.

You can access this feature by going to the configuration page and selecting display options. For me, custom views are the hallmark of professional software, and every application that implements them gets high marks.

Automation is another very important feature in enterprise software, including ShipStation. Automation lets you create a set of rules that apply when a command meets the right criteria.

For example, you can set up a standard shipping service for orders originating from a particular country, or perform a simple task, such as a, For example, the automatic addition of labels to specific order types. I really like this kind of show and was happy to see that it is included here.

Although it may take some time to master some of the most advanced tools, the basic functions are simple. I created shipping labels and delivery notes just minutes after registering for the test. It is a very useful software.


If you are having difficulty recognizing the function of a function, hover the mouse over the small blue “help tags” scattered throughout the administrator. You can also simply email technical support (or live chat if you’re logged in to Silver Plan or higher).

  • Simultaneous printing of labels and delivery notes.
  • Own brand in delivery notes, shipping labels, and shipping confirmation emails
  • Integrations for USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL accounts
  • Free Express 1 account with discounts on USPS Priority and Express Mail
  • Automatic restore of orders from multiple distribution channels.
  • Personalized e-mail confirmations and tracking information
  • Returns calculated and compared in real time.
  • Automated shipping options with predefined rules and command filters
  • The processing is done with a single click
  • Reporting tools for orders, products, shipping costs, etc.
  • Integrations for all major markets and online markets.
  • API access and custom storage integration
  • Batch printing of 500 orders at the same time.



ShipStation has great reporting tools on the Perspectives page. Depending on the type of report, the data is filtered by date range and other criteria. You can also export information to Excel or PDF. Here is a summary of the different options:

  • Reports
    • Order Details
    • Country Comparison
    • Buyer Comments
    • Item Demand Summary
    • Product Sales
    • Returned Products
    • Shipment Count By User
    • Shipped Items
    • Shipping Cost
    • Shipping Manifest
    • Batch Detail
    • Account Balance History
    • Inventory Low Stock Report
    • Inventory Audit Report
    • Inventory Out Of Stock Shipments
    • Inventory Status Report
  • Hotkey & Barcode Scan Actions
    • Hotkey Reference Sheet (Keyboard Shortcuts)
    • Barcode Scan Action Report
    • Barcode Scan Action Quick Reference Sheet
  • Raw Data Exports
    • Customers
    • Orders
    • Shipped Items
    • Shipped Orders
    • Product Aliases
  • Charts & Graphs
    • Operations
    • Customer Engagement
    • Sales Trends
    • Customer Overview
    • Product Highlights

Integrations & Add-Ons

One of ShipStation’s main outlets is integration with a variety of operators, markets and baskets, including the Shopify application.
If your platform does not happen to contain ShipStation, you can use the API. The custom memory integration feature is also available if you need to natively import commands from an incompatible source. Ask your developer what option is best for your business.


Customer Service & Technical Support

All customers have access to e-mail support, live webinars, the ShipStation Knowledge Base, and the Community Forum. Silver or higher plans can be supported by chat. In addition, dealers can receive phone support with business plans.

Negative Reviews & Complaints

In general, customers are satisfied with ShipStation. Customer ratings and reviews on third party websites (like this one) are very positive, but that does not mean ShipStation is not in debt. Some things that ShipStation customers do not like:

Customer Management Issues:

If ShipStation does a good job of managing shipments, it has some disadvantages in identifying customers. In ShipStation, you can not specify credentials in a customer’s account information. ShipStation also has trouble recognizing the same customer when buying from two different distribution channels. Instead, the software creates a duplicate customer account. This makes it difficult to identify repeat customers.

Bad Customer Service:

Some customers report that technical support is difficult to reach and not very useful. It would be good if telephone support was available in the subordinate plans.

Issues with ShipStation Connect:

In the “Disadvantages” section of the discussion forums, I’ve seen several mentions of ShipStation Connect. It sometimes seems to cause problems when printing shipping labels with the service.

International Shipments:

Users claim that ShipStation could add more features to their international shipping capabilities.

In general, customers seem to be satisfied with ShipStation. In general, complaints relate to very specific issues, not the overall design and operation of the software.

Positive reviews and testimonials

As I said, the reactions to ShipStation are generally positive. ShipStation receives high reviews from the Review Boards and is currently rated A + by the Better Business Bureau. These are some of the things that online retailers and other commentators praise more about ShipStation.


The goal of ShipStation is to simplify the management of your business, and that’s what we do. Basically, the software automates the shipping process, which facilitates the calculation of shipping costs and the printing of labels and delivery notes.

Ease of Use:

After the initial learning phase, ShipStation is very easy to use. The most important functions are easily accessible in the backend and the administration window is well organized.

Much integration:

Integration capability is one of the main reasons why merchants choose ShipStation instead of other shipping solutions. You’ll probably find that ShipStation is integrated with your distribution channels and your favorite baskets. See the complete list of integrations.


You can use the ShipStation user privileges to give different employees access to different aspects of shipments in your organization.

Pros and Cons


  • Their Postage Rates with USPS are amazing, I mean REALLY GOOD.
  • Customer support is always there to help.
  • Strong integration with BrightPearl.
  • Easy to set up and implement.
  • Ability to create manual shipments.
  • Immediate tracking information provided to customers.


  • It’d be great to see Freight on ShipStation, especially ones like FedEx or UPS.

Pricing: How Much Does ShipStation Cost?

ShipStation offers users six price packages for SMEs and businesses. Review the details and choose the best plan for your business:

Admission – $ 9 / month

  • 50 shipments / month
  • All distribution channels.
  • 1 user
  • Labels and brands.
  • Support via email and community forum

Bronze – $ 25 / month

  • 500 shipments / month
  • All distribution channels.
  • 1 user
  • Labels and brands.
  • Support via email and community forum

Silver – $ 45 / month

  • 1500 shipments / month
  • All distribution channels.
  • 2 users
  • Custom packaging and brand labels.
  • Support forum for live chat, email, and forum

Gold – $ 65 / month

  • 3000 shipments / month
  • All distribution channels.
  • 3 users
  • Custom packaging and brand labels.
  • Support forum for live chat, email, and forum


Platinum – 95 USD / month

  • 6000 shipments / month
  • All distribution channels.
  • 5 users
  • Custom packaging and brand labels.
  • Support forum for live chat, email, and forum

Company – $ 145 / month

  • Unlimited shipping/month
  • All distribution channels.
  • 10 users
  • Custom packaging and brand labels.
  • Support forum for live chat, email, and forum

A free 30-day trial includes access to all features. No credit card required. If you choose to purchase a package and are not satisfied with the product within 90 days, ShipStation offers a full refund without any questions.


ShipStation is fully web-based, offering a FREE 30-day trial and a FREE USPS Postage Account. Our top priority is always maximizing the customer experience. ShipStation’s easy-to-use interface, rich and robust features, time-saving tools, and exceptional supplier support – ShipStation strives to deliver the highest quality product and delivery service on the market.

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Conclusion: ShipStation Discount Coupon Code

ShipStation works. The software uses a solid design, has obviously been extensively tested and is able to perform the various tasks efficiently.

If you have a small or medium business and would like a multi-operator shipping option, especially if you need a Shopify store, a WooCommerce store, or other software integrations, I highly recommend this application.

Although it is not perfect. Some client management features are missing in the software and some conflicting reviews are related to the quality of customer service. However, if you’re ready to spend some time learning the workflow, you’ll benefit a lot.

ShipStation is a management software for entrepreneurs. They do not try to explain how new companies can change the world or how good their employees are. ShipStation tries to sell you a product that speeds up and simplifies shipping. And they do too.

Do not wait for the voucher codes of the ShipStation. Also, share discount codes and ShipStation deals with your friends and social networks.

You can now get all the information on this amazing “ShipStation”. Share your Review about ShipStation in the comment section. Have you ever used ShipStation for your business?

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