ShipBob Review 2024: The Best Shipping Partner For You?


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ShipBob is a solid choice for e-commerce businesses looking to streamline their shipping and fulfillment processes. Its straightforward pricing and lack of long-term contracts offer great flexibility, which is a huge plus for growing businesses.

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  • Simplified Pricing
  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Seamless Integration
  • Free Standard Packaging
  • Strategic Distribution Centers


  • Limited Customization


Price: $

If you’re looking for compliance services, you can easily find them online.

Many services are now available online, making it easier for new companies to ship their products without significant investment in ShipBob Review.

ShipBob is one of the most popular services. As a compliance service designed specifically for new businesses and small businesses, it has been providing fast logistics for five years to avoid huge storage costs.

Before you use your service, you can read some comments first. Today, I am going to tell you about ShipBob Review, its proper insights, and its Pros and cons. Be Connect to learn more about this amazing website.

ShipBob Review

ShipBob Review 2024: Best Shipping Partner For You !!!

If you own a small online store or are a physical company that also sells online, you need to know all the details about ShipBob, one of the leading daily order fulfilment services.

Also, for orders in Los Angeles, New Zealand. York City, San Francisco, Denver, and Chicago. In addition, the seller offers deliveries to the US within two days. continental

ShipBob offers two main services: a software solution that allows companies to manage inventory, orders, and customer communications for free and physical logistics in the backend to complete orders and inventory.

ShipBob Review

ShipBob states that this is not an old-fashioned logistics service provider but that this centre is considered the next-generation compliance centre.

The company’s main advantage is its proximity to the dealers and end-users of Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago.

This proximity enables the vendor to offer Amazon-based pickup and delivery services at an affordable cost to small businesses.

ShipBob Key Features:

Let’s take a look at the unique features of ShipBob that distinguish your services in the fulfilment industry:

ShipBob Review- Features

1. No Pick-up and Packing Fees:

Most compliance providers charge a pickup and packing fee of up to $ 3 per order. ShipBob removes this fee completely.

All you need to pay is a storage fee of $ 5 per month per container (usually one container per SKU or item) or $ 40 per month and pallet if your inventory is high, plus shipping costs per parcel.

2. Flat Rate Receiving:

Another unique pricing element is that ShipBob charges a flat fee of $ 35 per delivery, rather than charging a fee per pallet or other unit received. This allows retailers to consolidate shipments and significantly reduce compliance costs.

3. Batch Compliance:

Batch projects are the best option for shipping large orders, such as marketing promotions, product launches, and backup rewards for crowdfunding campaigns. ShipBob receives the packages and ships the products in a batch.

In addition, no storage or set-up fees are charged; only the receipt and the costs of compliance (without storage) are paid.

4. Integrations:

As mentioned earlier, the ShipBob platform seamlessly integrates with existing software systems to improve efficiency and productivity. In addition, you can connect the solution to the most popular markets and e-commerce platforms.

5. Same-day execution:

The supplier ships as soon as the orders have been received.

6. Advanced Analysis:

Enables you to make smart business decisions based on data.

7. Internal Compliance:

You can have products delivered to your customers at strategically located locations of your suppliers faster. In addition, you can use your custom packaging to display your unique brand. ShipBob offers domestic and international landings, accelerated and overnight.

8. Order management:

You can check the order status and update existing orders.

9. Inventory Management:

Easily view/add products, send/verify inventory, and combine products.

10. Returns Management:

Quickly check the status of your returns and create return labels.

11. Detailed Reports:

View detailed reports on orders, deliveries, stock split, and sales performance.

More About ShipBob

ShipBob provides Amazon shipping and fulfillment solutions for e-commerce companies, combining shipping and logistics optimization, order and inventory management, forecasting data and knowledge, and customer communications.

ShipBob Review- Stats

ShipBob integrates with online e-commerce platforms and technology solutions such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, WooCommerce, ShipStation, Amazon and eBay.

Users can connect to one or more online stores, giving ShipBob the ability to import, retrieve, package, and ship orders. The shipment tracking information is returned to the store so that customers can track their shipments.

Organizations can manage orders directly from ShipBob, allowing users to monitor their status live at any time and track their progress.

Users can manage and export contact information directly in ShipBob and connect APIs to facilitate communication with customers.

Organizations can distribute inventory across multiple distribution centres across the country, review inventory status in real time, and receive alerts when an item is sold.

The ShipBob returns management process is designed to help ensure that returns in the supply chain are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Advanced filters let users find exactly what they need and save the view for later.

ShipBob’s advanced reporting capabilities help companies better understand their business, break down costs, view compliance times, and control which stores are used for compliance.

Businesses can add colleagues and give them access only to the information they need.

Where Can You Improve ShipBob?

Critics say ShipBob may need more space to grow, and some say they can not handle large orders.

Other critics say the company has broken parts or caused a loss of inventory.

Although these are minor incidents, this often indicates that a younger company is trying to keep up with growth.

Since ShipBob has only been around for a few years, they do not have as much experience as some of the most established companies in the logistics industry.

However, comparing your ShipBob with other established distribution centres can be interesting if your small business accepts large order volumes.

Why is Shipping Important?

Shipping is important to online businesses because the customer has already paid for the products but does not have them yet.

In a physical business, this should not be a problem as the customer selects the business package and brings it home.

Or pay for the delivery and wait for the product to arrive. This configuration is also less of a concern because the customer knows where to find the dealer for late delivery or if the delivered product is of poor quality.

ShipBob Review- Join

Online, the customer does not have the product and does not know where to go. He also has no idea where the package is.

For this reason, customers are anxious to get their products quickly. In the past, they would feel better if they could check and report the product if something was wrong.

The shipment may encourage customers to buy again or ruin your reputation as a seller. It’s too easy for someone to tell friends and relatives that an online product has arrived as planned and earlier.

It is also easy for a customer to tell others that they are dissatisfied with the delivery times and, more importantly, the shipping price and the condition of the item upon arrival.

The aspects of the shipment that should be affected are accuracy, punctuality, and handling. These are all things you can do with ShipBob.

Problems Fixed by ShipBob

Many ShipBob magazines cite him as a rising star in the compliance industry. The goal of this company is to provide small businesses with services that offer higher prices at competitive prices.

The main advantages are insignificant start-up costs, fast training, and low compliance rates. The supplier offers compliance with standards across warehouses across the country.

This means your customers can save the required inventory and ship lots if needed.

ShipBob also provides a niche for crowdfunding compliance services, as these projects provide a cost-effective way to ship large quantities of pre-orders and premiums simultaneously.

What Does ShipBob Excel do?

According to ShipBob‘s cumulative opinions, customer service is the best option. It is always an important part of a compliance service, whether in a physical business or online.

Communication becomes important when you work with outsourced compliance, as you will probably be working with it for years. You always need to know if your customers receive their orders on time, and ShipBob attaches importance to them.

They expand their customer service through personalized services to ensure that the recipients of the package are satisfied.

More importantly, the company enables its business customers to easily integrate ShipBob into eBay, Amazon and Shopify stores.

It also helps them to deliver two-day shipments, no matter where the small business is in the country.

ShipBob Origin

The co-founders of ShipBob, Divey Gulati and Dhruv Saxena, first ran an online store and sent the ordered products online, they went to the post office every day.

There, they saw many people doing the same thing. This gave her the idea to start an order fulfilment service.

Both Gulati and Saxena are software engineers and have begun to develop the logistical aspects of the company. They were originally launched in Chicago and then extended to several other major cities.

How Does This Work?

Traders connect their online store and/or market with ShipBob software and send their inventory to a ShipBob shipping center. Then ShipBob collects, packs and ships the product.

To automate the shipping process, the ShipBob software platform seamlessly integrates with Shopify, Big Commerce, Magento, Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Backerit, ShipStation, WooCommerce, and more.

ShipBob hopes to take advantage of the disadvantages small traders face when selling to Amazon. Amazon consumers are looking for the lowest price and know nothing about the various dealers who sell on the site.

With ShipBob, retailers can use their own boxes to give their customers a unique unpacking experience. As a result, ShipBob democratizes order fulfilment by providing suppliers with high-quality logistics capabilities on their own websites.

In this way, the supplier is trying to help small e-commerce businesses develop their brand.

Benefits of ShipBob

Benefits of ShipBob

Critics note that ShipBob is committed to maintaining low rates. The company simplifies its fee structure by charging only for receiving inventory, storage, and shipping, avoiding extra fees for “per unit” or “pick and pack” services.

ShipBob also offers complimentary standard packaging materials and doesn’t require long-term contracts, allowing for greater flexibility in service use.

To ensure affordable shipping, ShipBob compares the rates of major carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. By negotiating volume discounts, they can offer their customers the most economical shipping options available.

Retailers have the option to distribute their inventory across ShipBob’s network of fulfilment centres, which helps to reduce costs further and shorten delivery times.

Storage costs are straightforward, based on product size, volume, and SKU count.

Integration and shipping are streamlined with ShipBob. It seamlessly connects with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and WooCommerce, facilitating automatic import of all orders.

ShipBob’s numerous distribution centres across the country enable two-day shipping to customers.

Reduce the Compliance Costs

Every eCommerce platform wants to reduce shipping costs.

If you save shipping costs, you can use them in other areas of your business, such as optimizing your website or increasing your advertising budget to strengthen your brand.

ShipBob has negotiated reduced shipping costs with major carriers such as UPS and FedEx to help reduce your costs. You can also reduce the distance covered by packages by dividing the inventory into shipping centres so that orders are sent closer to your buyers.

ShipBob Pricing

Advanced analysis in the Web ShipBob software contributes to a more efficient supply chain. You can see maximum compliance hours, daily earnings, channel sales, number of orders per shipping area, and much more.

The more you create a command history, the more powerful this data collection tool will be.

ShipBob: Pros and Cons


  • Charges only for receiving, storage, and shipping costs.
  • Free from per unit or pick and pack charges.
  • Provides standard packaging materials at no additional cost.
  • No long-term contracts are required for service use.
  • Compares and negotiates rates with major shipping carriers.
  • Easily integrates with Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, and more.


  • Standard packaging may not fit all product needs.
  • Distribution centres are primarily located within the United States.


💰 Are there any hidden fees with ShipBob?

No, ShipBob maintains a clear pricing structure with no hidden fees for per unit or pick and pack services.

📬 How does ShipBob keep shipping costs low?

ShipBob compares prices from major carriers and negotiates volume discounts to secure low shipping rates.

📑 Does ShipBob require long-term contracts?

ShipBob offers flexibility with no long-term contracts required, allowing customers to use services as needed without lengthy commitments.

🔄 Can ShipBob integrate with my e-commerce platform?

Yes, ShipBob integrates with many e-commerce platforms, including Shopify, Amazon, WooCommerce, enabling seamless management of inventory and orders.

🌐 Where are ShipBob’s distribution centers located?

ShipBob's network of distribution centers spans across the United States, strategically located to facilitate quick delivery times nationwide.

⏱ How fast can ShipBob ship out orders?

ShipBob offers expedited processing where orders are often shipped the same day they are received, aiming for delivery within two days from their fulfillment centers.

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Conclusion: ShipBob is the Best Shipping Partner For You!!!

You can generate all your reports from a single control panel. ShipBob eliminates order-handling concerns, allowing you to focus on key aspects such as marketing, branding and business growth.

State-of-the-art technology is the key to high-quality logistics.

By using an integrated solution with a 3PL, you can save time, money, and big mistakes throughout the customer experience. The ShipBob software creates a smooth and seamless shipping process to meet customer expectations.

If you think it fits your needs and helps you serve your customers and be more profitable, read the free trial.

I hope this review has given you a better understanding of who ShipBob is and what they have to offer!

Have you ever used BShipBob (or one of their competitors) before? If so, we’d love to hear all your opinions, experiences, and comments in the box below.

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