Best Definitive Guide To Setup Private Proxy Server Easily 2024

Proxy servers have come a long way since their mainstream breakthrough in the early 2000s.

A concept that was initially rolled out to establish a reliable connection between distributed computer systems and the internet, today it has become a full-fledged business on its own due to the introduction of newer features and functionalities.

Best Definitive Guide To Setup Private Proxy Server Easily

Best Definitive Guide To Setup Private Proxy Server Easily 

A proxy server is a server acting on behalf of another computer to perform certain tasks and also has gained critical recognition for providing anonymity to users.

Private and residential proxies today allow you to surf through the internet while keeping your information anonymous by simply masking your IP address and spoofing your geographic location from the internet managers.

Setup Private Proxy Server- The Proxies

On the commercial front, private proxies are installed by corporate networks, educational institutions, and public sector websites to monitor the activities of employees and students and also block users in case of any abuse of the proxy server.

Thus private proxies have made a place for themselves as one of the must-have entities while setting up an effective internet network on both individual and commercial levels. So owing to this rising importance of private proxies, in this post I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide on how to set up a private proxy server from your home.

Best Proxy Server 2024

1. Bright DataVisit Site
2. StormProxiesVisit Site
3. ShifterVisit Site
4. MyPrivate ProxyVisit Site
1. Bright data

Bright Data is one of the leading and most reliable proxy servers in the world. Here the residential proxies they provide generally allow companies to simply harvest a vast amount of data just without being blacklisted by the internet providers.

The best part about Brightdata is that the IP address generally consists of more than 30 million IPs that mainly consists of real address.

bright data

Just scrape any web data and never blocked & never cloaked. Just start with one IP or simply scrape up to a million. You can use any number of IPs anytime and anywhere as Brightdata is one of the growing proxy networks in the world. Bright data is in more than 223 countries, 26,846 cities 11, 748 ASNs, and 592 Mobile ASNs.

The reason behind this global coverage is that they generally offer a free VPN service that is generally named Hola VPN for the exchange of the residential IDS.

Brightdata provides one interface right for all of the IP types.  This native VPN service generally goes into the pool right of the p2p servers. Here you can easily send concurrent requests in order for a single IP address.

And here the best thing about Brightdata is that you will never get slowed down too much by any of the rogue servers. The most important things are that here Brightdata will also make use of sales intelligence in order to give a better understanding of the customer who is going to need your service.

When we talk about the pricing of Brightdata then, it generally offers four amazing different packages that mainly keep on changing and it also depends on how much data you gonna need. The pricing plans of Brightdata start from $500 a month which will give you 40GB of usage.

And if your data requirement is more than the pricing goes up to $30,000 a month right for 10,000 GB. And if you see these prices are very expensive and mostly they are being preferred by large-scale brands and businesses only.


  • Employers and Job Seekers can connect easily
  • Bright data is a very reliable and secure proxy networks
  • It has easy integration and is highly scalable
  • Offers effective IP Masking to prevent you from getting blocked
  • It has global reach, you can use proxy networks in any country
  • It has an extremely easy setup process and uses multiple configurations.

2. StormProxies

If we talk about StromProxies then it is one of the most popular proxy networks when it comes to residential proxy servers especially back connecting. It offers the best Residential Backconnect Rotating & Private Dedicated Proxy.  

Here you can easily get 70,000+ rotating server proxies or the premium dedicated proxy.

StormProxies- Setup Proxies Easily

The StormProxies is known for high speed and performance as here StormProxies 1GB networks are generally optimized for high performance and fast multiple thread tools.

It also gives automatic and instant delivery and also here you can get instant access right after the payment. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for account activation or the proxies setup. You will also get unlimited bandwidth right at no hidden cost and also no limits on the bandwidth.

If we talk about StromProxies then it is quite different from other proxies in the market as the Rotating Reverse Proxies and Residential IPs proxies are something new in the market, the latest technology developed by StormProxies team members.

And trust me you will such services in the market. Here with StormProxies, you will also get 2-Day Money Back Guarantee, just try StormProxies 100% risk-free, and somehow if you are not satisfied with the service then get your money refunded in 48 hours.


  • High Speed and Performance
  • Provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Automatic and Instant Delivery
  • The IP address will be highly anonymous
  • Offers premium support 24/7
  • It also offers 2-Day Money Back Guarantee

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3. Shifter Proxies

Without having any second thoughts I would like to say, Shifter is one of the biggest proxy networks that is available out there in the market. Shifter network consists of-of more than 26 million IPs all around the world which we think is the quite biggest network coverage.

The thing we like most about Shifter Network is that it is genuine and reliable as the IP address is of the real home and real people. That truly indicates that users generally stand minimal chances of getting banned or may even be blocked when they are using their network. That really makes Shifter for data mining and harvesting purposes.

Shifter overview

The best part about Shifter is that the network is very dynamic and it generally rotates right between the several IPs address that will be porting your connection right after every 5 minutes. And here they also offer the biggest range of plans along with 24/7 customer support.

If you do have a budget and wanna more pricing variation then Shifter is for you as here it offers 10 different pricing plans that generally suit everyone’s needs and also allows for custom plans.

The service starts at $6.49 and the price can vary up to $12000. And also their packages are fixed and offer a number of ports along with unlimited bandwidth right at no hidden cost. They basically charge on the number of ports you generally require instead of charging per GB and also offer 3 Days money back guarantee.


  • New IPs every 10 minutes
  • Over 26 million IPs
  • Advanced Control Panel
  • Worldwide Locations
  • HTTP & Socks Compatibility
  • Selected multiple countries with GEO Plans

4. MyPrivate Proxy

Here MyPrivateProxy or simply we can say MPP is one of the leading private proxies providers in the world. This company was established in 2010 and the company generally provides more than 140,000 dedicated IP’s right with multiple subnets.

Setup Private Proxy Servers Easily- MyPrivateProxy

And the best part is that all the proxies they provide are hosted on fast dedicated XEON  servers with 8Gb Ram along right with blazing fast internet speed connections of up to 1GBps and also 99.99% up-time. It also offers multiple subnets right with 100,000 dedicated IPs and still counting on the numbers.

It supports multiple locations over more than 12 US major cities like Chicago IL, Seattle, WA, Phoenix AZ, Dallas TX, Los Angeles CA, Miami FL, Scranton PA, San Jose CA, Denver CO, New York NY and many more other locations.

If you are looking for data mining proxies, gaming proxies, SEO Proxies, and ticketing proxies then MMP is one of the best and most reliable options available out there in the market. Well-known brands like Adidas Nike, Barneys, Champssport, Eastbay, Footlocker, and MrPorter are some of them that support MyPrivateProxy networks.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Multiple locations
  • Non-Sequential IPs
  • 99% Network Uptime
  • 3 Days Money Back
  • And So Much More..

Best Guide To Setup Private Proxy Server 2024

How to set up a private proxy server?

The requirement and use of a private proxy vary across situations. The common use that a common person can probably think of is when you are using free Wi-Fi in a hotel, a public library or a cafe.

Now the thing about using such Wi-Fi networks is that there is no guarantee that the network is secure and your personal information is being scanned and intercepted or not. There can always be an unknown risk of using your bank card data or logins and passwords via these Wi-Fi networks.

The best you would like to do here is possibly hide your current IP address simply because accessing the resource you use requires anonymity. The worse that can happen is that you get banned by the search engine because of frequent connection requests.

In any of these situations, the loss would be more on your side, and using a proxy server is the best possible solution. There are two options to launch a proxy server:

  1. Find a private proxy service (paid or free)
  2. Create your own private proxy server.

The first option is not always safe and reliable simply because no one can be sure that no one else uses the same IP address that you might have purchased from the proxy provider.

In this case, a spam activity by someone else can lead to a proxy server ban on your side. So ultimately a better solution would be to use your own private proxy. This isn’t as hard as you think. Nor does it require you to be an IT geek. Creating your own proxy server requires the following things:

Steps To Setup Private Proxy Server In 2024

  1. Find hosting with SSH support
  2. Run the PuTTY application
  3. Configure PuTTY
  4. Open the session
  5. The proxy server is ready!
  6. Configuring the browser and other programs
  7. Testing

Step 1: Find hosting with SSH support

This is the first and most crucial step. It is highly recommended in order to provide the high level of security. Just begin by searching online for a hosting provider with SSH support.


Most modern providers support SSH connection by default and without additional payments. Good hosting costs about several dollars a month. Logically speaking, normally users will get tempted to go for the free service. A free service may please your pocket but the fact is, when something is made free there is definitely something important that may have been compromised in the process. So if you want better and safer results, I suggest you go for a paid service. Contact reliable tech support to know how to use an SSH connection.


You need to make sure that the hosting provider allows the creation of a proxy server. If they don’t provide this functionality, your account stands a risk of getting banned!

Step 2: Run the PuTTY application

  • Once you have got the perfect hosting with SSH, you will need the PuTTY program to create a local proxy server.
  • PuTTY while the name sounds funny, is an open-source client for various remote access protocols like SSH, Telnet, rlogin, TCP, and more. This service is extensively used to connect to a remote computer or a web server and execute various commands on it.
  • PuTTY logs and allows you to execute several actions like customizing fonts, colors, and resolution of the console. It further allows you to store keys of authorization in your memory and also supports working through a proxy server.
  • The good thing about PuTTY is that it is absolutely free so you won’t have to squint your eyes about first investing on SSH and then on PuTTY. Setting up PuTTy is pretty easy and does not require any special configuration, except for passwords for accessing the server, username, and password.

Setup Private Proxy Server- Putty Application

You can download the program for free from the official website of the program:

Step 3: Configure PuTTY

  • Now once you’ve launched the program, you will see a settings window that contains various fields to be filled. In the Host Name field, enter the domain address or IP address of your server.
  • If you are not sure about the information, you may take it from your hosting provider’s control panel. Next, enter the port in the Port field. For example 22
  • Now go to the Connection tab, then click on SSH and then Tunnels. Now add a port number. To do this, enter the port of the future local proxy server in the Source port field. For example 8888
  • Next up, check the Dynamic option and click the Add button. Once you do this, the port will be displayed in the Forwarded ports field. This will look something like D8888.
  • Now save the current settings in order to avoid configuring the app each time. Simply go back to the Session category in the left sidebar. Select Default settings and click the Save button.

Step 4: Open the session

  • After you have configured the program, open the session to create a local proxy server. All you need to do is click the Open button in the right bottom corner.
  • PuTTY will notify you that it does not have information about this server when you connect to the server for the first time. Click “Yes” to confirm the connection.
  • It is strongly recommended to connect to a reliable network or Wi-Fi when connecting to your server for the first time.
  • The program will then ask for your login and password. Carefully fill in the username and password and you’ll be almost done with the setup.

Step 5: After logging in: The proxy server is ready!

  • The information about the server including your proxy will be available at or localhost:8888 will appear on the screen when you enter your login and password.
  • Enter the address in any browser to make if everything works correctly. You will see “localhost” written in the corner in most cases.
  • In the end, you may choose to close the black window of the PuTTY.

Step 6: Configuring the browser and other programs

  • Now you need to configure the connection through the SOCKS5 proxy server to use the created private proxy server in the browser.
  • For this, you will need to specify or localhost:8888 in the settings.
  • The configuration settings in most cases are quite similar In the case of Google Chrome this is how it can be done:
  • Select Menu and go to Settings. Next, click on Advanced, then System, and then open proxy settings.
  • Now select the Connections tab in the Internet Properties window and click the LAN Settings button.
  • Next, in the “Configure LAN Settings” window, check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box and click on the “Advanced” button.
  • Then fill in the Socks field: address — localhost, port — 8888 in the “Proxy server settings” window. You may leave all the other fields empty.
  • Now close all the windows by clicking on the “OK” button. Your browser will now be ready to work through a proxy.

Step 7: Testing

  • Now it’s ideal to make sure that your proxy server has been configured and set up successfully and that you are online with it.
  • Simply open your browser and go to any service that determines your IP address and shows detailed information about it.
  • I would suggest you try it out on®. You will need to compare the IP address with the proxy server while both turned off and turned on.

Conclusion: Setup Private Proxy Server

Hey, now you have got the steps through which you can easily set up Private Proxy Server. We hope this post suits your purpose well. Feel free to share this post on trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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