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Serpstat Review 2024 Features & Pricing (Is Serpstat Good?)


Overall Verdict

Serpstat tool is well known for it's SEO tools. If you want to rank your website, then Serpstat is surely gonna help you.It is one of the best SEO tools available on the internet. It gives the best features which one should expect from a website. The pricing of this tool is very compatible and affordable to the customers making it one of the best among it's competitors. Serpstat finds out the organic keywords for your website. After finding them, it also helps us finding what our competitors are using as Top SEO terms.

Out of 10


  • The most upvoted SEO tool on Product Hunt
  • Collect keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Determine the value of keywords
  • Discover international data at no additional cost
  • Get long-tail keywords easily
  • Analyze keyword trends


  • More pricing options needed for newbies
  • Sometime dashboard loads slow
  • Sometimes the SEO research of the website is inaccurate


Price: $ 69

Looking for unbiased Serpstat Review, we got you covered here.

Getting on the top of search results is not that easy. SEO helps us in making our website visible on the major search engines and also provides tons of free organic traffic. But in order to do so, we need to do proper SEO optimization by using legit SEO Tools.

Are you a digital marketer looking for an inexpensive tool to research keywords?

Serpstat is a free, fast, easy to use keyword research tool. It lets you search, analyze and export keywords data in CSV format that can be used to do further analysis with other tools. Serpstat provides tons of helpful information like competition rankings, search engine position, keyword extractions and much more!

If you want to boost your SEO rank this tool is highly recommended. You can use it to help your business get more visibility in the eyes of search engines.

If you need a tool that helps withglobal marketing campaigns then Serpstat should be the first thing you should check out. Check out our review here.

We will discuss Serpstat Review 2024 With Special Coupon Code, Is It Worth Buying?

Using an SEO Tool will give a better edge to SEO optimization and give you detailed insights about keywords, backlinks analysis, Search Analysis, Rank Tracking and Site Audit.  

Serpstat Review

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront : Is Serpstat Worth the Money?

Serpstat All-In-One SEO platform that is one of the best and affordable SEO tools that we have ever seen. Serpstat is the best growth hacking tool for SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Search Analytics, and  Marketing. In this post, we have featured Serpstat Review 2024 that includes all the details insights about this amazing SEO Tool.

Serpstat is all about saving your time and efforts in finding the best working keywords that help you in getting tons of traffic and sales. Just get benefit from your competitor’s experience by simply attracting leads right through the organic and paid search. It also helps in tracking down your main competitors and improve your content marketing along with your SEO and PPC efforts.

Serpstat testimonials

So, let start the most awaited- Serpstat Review  2024  and discuss all the main features that you will be getting with Serpstat Discount Coupon. Let’s get started here.

 Serpstat Review 2024 Top Pros & Cons of SerpStat Review

What Is Serpstat? 

Serpstat is all-in-one SEO platform that offers impressive service at such an affordable price. Basically, Serpstat was founded in the year 2013 as a keyword research tool and since then Serpstat keeps on growing.

Serpstat Review— Growth hacking tool for SEO Serpstat Review— Growth hacking tool for SEO

And in the year 2016 Serpstat turned into all-in-one SEO platform that becomes the choice top-notch digital marketer and bloggers. Serpstat offers more than 5 advanced and essential tools that will be the one-roof solution for all SEO needs. More than 100,000 professionals from all over the world are already using Serpstat.

You don’t have to worry about any specific SEO techniques or tools since it covers the most used stuff in the SEO industry. You can add as many keywords as you want, and analyze them in detail. You can also do some advanced reporting on your performance like ranking trends. Serpstat is designed with ease of use in mind so that businesses with no experience in the field can use it.

The best part that we like about Serpstat is that it ’s affordable and the features you will be getting at this price is awesome. And trust me, you’ll not going to get advanced features at this price with another SEO tool out there in the market.

Interesting Facts:

How reliable is the Serpstat SEO tool ?

  • Serpstat is having more than 100M Keywords in their database.
  • Serpstat is currently having more than 95,000 Active Users.
  • Serpstat basically processes more than 5M Requests per month.
  • Serpstat mainly updates 15,000 keywords every minute.
  • Serpstat gives daily updates of the rank tracking data right in 12,000 cities.
  • Serpstat uses more than 10 TB of Disk Space right for storing data.

You might have questions for Serpstat like this: we will try to best to answer everything

Is the SERPstat SEO tool worth it?

Is the SEO tool Serpstat free?

How reliable is the Serpstat SEO tool?

Is there any Serpstat Coupon Code & Serpstat Free Trial?

What is SEMrush vs Serpstat An Honest Review?

What is Serpstat and is it a good keywords search tool?

Is Serpstat better than SemRush?

What are some of the features of SerpStat SEO tool?

Is Serpstat really good at what it does?

Is Serpstat the right SEO tool and analytics platform for your website?

Is Serpstat Worth It?

Is Serpstat right for you?

Is Serpstat Worth the Money?

What is your review of the SEO tool Serpstat?

Tools Offered By Serpstat : Serpstat Review

1) Position Tracking:

Just monitor your own and competitors web pages rankings daily. With this feature, you will get the complete research of SERP right with the advanced analytics. This feature also offers SERP Historical Data along with the keywords groupings by tags.

Position tracking in SERPstat

The best about Serpstat is that they provide the global analysis of 100 results right for each of the monitored keywords. This feature will also give you insights of rank tracking along with keywords grouping capabilities.


  • Local Search
  • SERP Historical Data
  • Keywords Clustering by tags
  • It also shows the market shares fluctuations.
  • Gives the complete research of SERP right with advanced analytics.

2) Backlink Analysis:

Here with this amazing feature, you will get Backlink data right in one click. Now get all of the detailed backlinks analysis reports right with Serpstat. You will get a list of anchors with all of the referring domains with the pages.

Overview Backlink Analysis serpstat

It provides full backlinks data collected over 120 days. You can also keep tracks of all of your competitor’s backlinks analysis. You will also get all of the quality scores of all the referring domains. Now you can also find the pages that generally attract the most links.


  • Backlinks data in one click
  • Find the pages that attract most links
  • Get the quality scores of referring domains
  • Keeps track of your competitor’s backlinks strategies

3) Keyword Research:

Serpstat generally gives the in-depth URL analysis and Serpstat is the first page-oriented platform right for a deep competitive analysis that will generally help you in finding the best working keywords right for a single URL.

serpstats keyword research

You can also research all of the niche questions along with finding the ideas right for creating traffic-driving content. Just rank your URLs right on the first page of google. Here with the help of Tree-view algorithm, you can simply check your pages positions.


  • In-depth URL analysis
  • Insights On Search Questions
  • Related Keywords
  • Adaptable Features
  • Tree-View keyword Distribution

4) Site Audit

Serpstat offers SDO (Serpstat Domain Optimization) scores that generally shows how your website is optimized. With this feature, you can simply allow you to compare the quality of your website optimization right with your competitor’s optimization.

Audit Summary - Site Audit

You can simply find out all the errors of your website and then start your SEO and link building in a right way. Just don’t let all the bad pages and the errors to stop and hinder your rankings. Get all the audit reports with detailed insights of your errors so that you can rectify it in a super easy way.


  • SDO (Serpstat Domain Optimization) Score
  • Helps in cleaning up your website
  • Find out all the errors and bad pages of your website
  • Just plan all of your SEM strategy and the budget properly

5) Competitor Research:

Now get the complete list of the website and the pages right in the organic and the paid search that generally ranks for the keywords in the same category. You can simply find the all of the pages with the best visibility in your niche.

Just follow the visibility and all of the keywords trends as here you can simply find out what strong and weak point your competitor is actually having. You will also get the keyword map of your competitor’s website.


  • Niche Leaders Identification
  • Analyze all of your competitors online
  • Follows the visibility and also the keywords trends
  • Just monitor the progress of your competitors
  • It also provides the keyword map of your competitor’s website

So, here we have ended up with 5 legit tools that are being used by the SEO professionals. Just make sure you are using them in order get the maximum benefit.

Key Features of Serpstat: Serpstat Review

SEO competitor analysis tool Competitive keyword research tool

The features that you will be getting here with Serpstat is quite praising and the best part is that the pricing is too low. Just benefit right from your competitors experience right in attracting the leads right through the organic and paid search.

Just track all of your main competitors and improve your content marketing along with your SEO and PPC efforts.

Keywords Research:

SImply supplement all of your website content and ads right with the top performing keywords along with expanding your online presence. Just collect keywords for SEO and PPC campaigns. Just get a list of proven and profitable keywords are using.

Serpstat Review — Keyword Research

Search Analytics:

Now find out which keywords place your competitors in the leading search results. You can also conduct competitive landscape analysis in order to identify competitors and just know your competitor’s strengths and weakness. You can also find out the direct organic competitors.

Serpstat Review — Search Analysis

Advertising Analysis:

Just research all of your competitor’s advertising campaigns along with getting highest possible ROI right from your PPC activities. Identify all of your competitors in AdWords. You can also unveil your competitor’s advertising strategies along with the budget too.

Serpstat review discount coupon

Content Marketing Ideation:

Simply discover and create unique content that is working best in your niche. Here you can simply search suggestions database right for content creation. Just use the related keywords database. You can also track your contents number of share right on Facebook.

Serpstat review discount coupons

Competitors Research:

You can get all of the competitive intelligence right for strategic decision making. Here you will be able to automatically identify the top competitors. It also provides the Domain Vs Domain Tool.  Just get the batch analysis right up to 200 domains.

Serpstat review discount coupon code

Rank Tracking:

With this feature, you will be able to monitor your and your competitor’s webpage rankings daily. Here you can do the complete research of the SERP right with the advanced analytics. It also facilitates global city-based tracking.

Serpstat Review- Rank Tracking

Market Intelligence:

Simply learn from the domains leader in your niche, country and across the globe and then simply research their success. Just evaluate the distance that generally separates you from your industries.

On-Page Audit:

Just stay on the loop of your website stats. Here the On-Page audit allows you to simply perform an instant in-depth analysis of the web pages simply by addressing the multiple ranking factors. You can also fix and find the on-site and also the off-site issues. Here you can also discover the gaps in the domains.

Serpstat Review- On Page Audit

Reports and Infographics:

Now you can get all of the essential information right on your projects and the query history right in a single window. You can also track your domains and keywords positions. Using the diagrams and the charts you can simply visualize large amounts of data right in an effective way.


Serpstat is having their API feeds daily rankings, competitors analysis along with the position tracking and the keyword research data right into your own reporting systems.

Backlinks Analysis:

Get all of the backlinks data in a single click. With this feature, you can keep a track of your competitor’s backlinks strategies. You can simply collect the backlinks data collected over 120 days. Just get the quality scores of referring domains.

Serpstat Review — Backlink Analysis

Ways in which Serpstat can Improve Your Site’s SEO

1. Conduct site audits to identify and correct errors

Serpstat features seo audit

After signing into your Serpstat account, the first thing you can do is conduct a site audit to find and resolve technical SEO problems with your website.

Simply take these moves to do this:

  • Add a new project by going to My Projects > Add New Project.
  • Hit ‘Create’ after entering your domain and domain name.
  • Serpstat will show an audit report that looks like this in a matter of seconds. You will see the platform’s Serpstat Domain Optimization (SDO) Score and the total error divided into three categories: high, medium, and low priority inaccuracies, in summary.

You will see a brief overview of each error and advice on repairing it by clicking on the corresponding number next to each error form.

Examine all of the errors on your web thoroughly, with particular attention to high-priority errors that can seriously damage your site’s SEO.

2. Compile a list of benchmarks

The next step is to use Serpstat to check your site’s current results in paid and organic search platforms. This data will give a good idea of which facets of your site need to be modified for you to score higher in the SERPs.

Technical website SEO audit online SEO checkup from Serpstat features Technical website SEO audit online SEO checkup from Serpstat

To do so, type your domain name into the search window, then choose the ‘Root domain’ choice from the drop-down menu.

Serpstat will also provide you with a high-level analysis of the site’s success in various fields, including organic keywords, Pay – per – click keywords, keyword location distribution, organic search rivals, rating tracker, and more.

This information will show you whether your traffic is rising or declining, whether or not your scores have increased or decreased, among other metrics. Export this information to a PDF or spreadsheet, and go over these measurements again and see if the SEO activities are paying off.

 3. Determine who the organic competitors are.

The next step is to determine who your site’s primary organic competitors are. These are all the pages you’re dealing in web pages and which use similar keywords.

Serpstat Growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and content marketing

Serpstat will generate a table of the top organic competition based on relevance, popular keywords, and share of exposure.

Similarly, click on popular keywords to see how you compare to your nearest organic rival in the SERPs.

Missing keyword data will reveal the particular keywords your opponent is ranking. If these keywords are relevant to your company, this information can be extremely useful in developing your content strategy.

This data can be exported to a database for manual inspection and analysis.

4. Look for the best-performing content from your competitors.

What pages on your competitor’s site are the most popular? What kind of advertising is producing the best organic search results for them? This is the next thing we can try to figure out.

Go to Website Analysis > Domain Analysis > SEO Research > Top Pages after entering the competitor’s domain in the search box.

Serpstat top pages

This article would reveal the best pages of Google’s Top 100 rankings for your competitors. It will also display the organic keywords, user engagement, and future traffic generated by each page from organic search.

The information you’ll find here will assist you in coming up with content ideas for your website. Examine the rivals’ strengths and shortcomings to build content that stands out.

5. Research the top-performing keywords of your competitors.

Serpstat Growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and content marketing

You will do the same thing for your competitor’s top-performing keywords.

Enter the URL of your opponent in the search box and press the ‘Search button.

Click on organic keywords and see all of the keywords that your competitor’s site is ranking for, as well as their ranking spot, search frequency, and PPC rivalry.

Export the keyword list to a file for analysis and sorting by hand.

These are the keywords you can focus on when writing your next post.

Keep in mind that if you wish to rate higher than your rival, you must produce significantly greater content than their current content.

6. Take a look at your backlinks

You can periodically review your backlink profile, and a tool like Serpstat will help keep track of current and new backlinks to your blog.

Go to Backlink Analysis and enter your domain into the search window.

Serpstat will give you a quick rundown of your site’s referral domains, sites, complete indexed pages, referring pages, and so on. You will also see metrics like Alexa Rank, Serpstat’s Page Rank, and Trust Rank (similar to domain authority and page authority by Moz). Tap on ‘Referring Domains’ to perform a full backlink audit. You can see all the domains connected to your site from this page. You can save this information as a CSV or PDF file to review later or send to your customers as a summary.

7. Examine the backlinks of your competitors

Referring domains Backlink Analysis serpstat

It is insufficient to produce material superior to that of your rivals. To outrank your contemporaries, you must also produce high-quality backlinks for each piece of content you make.

Spying on your competitor’s connection profile and using new sources for authoritative backlinks is one of the simplest ways to do this.

Go to Backlink Analysis > Referring Domains.

And type the highest competitor’s domain into the search window.

Keep an eye on the overall number of referral domains that lead to your competitor’s website. If this is a considerable amount, the competitor’s domain is likely to be very strong.

Another thing to keep an eye on is the consistency of the backlinks the rival is building. A good link profile is indicated by backlinks from high DA sites (in this case, a high Serpstat Page Rank).

Spend some time looking at the connection profiles of your competitors and come up with new ways to get backlinks for your pages.

8. Look for long-tail keywords.

Serpstat — Growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and content marketing long tail

Content creation with backlinks is your best choice if you want to score quickly in Google SERPs.

Consider a theme on which you’d like to produce material. Take the term “content promotion,” for example.

To see a list of organic keywords, go to the report’s ‘Organic Keywords’ section. For each keyword, Serpstat will display the keyword complexity and frequency.

In an ideal world, you’d choose a keyword with a low keyword complexity score (less than 10) and a reasonable volume (300-500). This are the keywords with the least amount of rivalry, which means you can score higher in the SERPs even more quickly.

9. Make a list of your PPC competitors.

You should know who your paying search rivals are if you use PPC advertising to direct traffic to your website.

You will see details about keywords, rivals for that keyword, ad samples, and ad analysis when you type a keyword into the search field. You can also type your URL into the search field and have Serpstat find your PPC rivals.

Serpstat PPC tool

10. Research Your Competitor’s PPC Campaigns for Insights

Observing your rivals’ PPC promotions will assist you in the following ways:

Make catchy news about your PPC advertisements.

·   Improve the ad titles.

·   Show URLs should be optimized.

Type your competitor’s URL into the search box and go to:

Website Analysis > Domain Analysis > PPC Research > Ad Research |

to see their PPC campaigns.

You can see your competitor’s PPC ad copy, the keywords they’re bidding on, the CPC value, and the monthly amount of traffic they get from Google from here.

11. Keep tabs on your search engine rankings

SEo tool Serpstat rank tracking

Keyword rankings in search engines change regularly. As a result, keeping track of location shifts in SERPs for keywords the site ranks for is critical to staying ahead of the curve.

To manually add to Rank Tracker > Positions, go to Rank Tracker > Positions and click on ‘Add Keywords.

You may also add unique tags or URLs to each collection of keywords.

Serpstat will view a Rank Distribution graph after the keywords have been applied, showing how the site ranks for the tracked keywords in the Google Top 20.

Scroll down to see where each keyword ranks in the SERPs, as well as its search volume and ranking record.

Growth hacking tool for SEO, PPC and content marketing

Pro Tip: Using the dropdown menu on the right, you can see your competitors’ scores for the tracked keywords.

12. Boost the Speed of Your Website

Google Chrome and several search engines apply the site speed as a ranking factor. Websites that load quicker appear to rate higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) than websites that load slowly. As a result, it’s essential to address all of the website’s speed problems.

Serpstat will help you find page speed and UX problems on your platform and make recommendations for changes on both the desktop and mobile versions.

Pick your project by going to Site Audit > Loading Speed.

The tool will then show all of the errors that need to be fixed to increase your website’s speed. If you click on any of the bugs, you’ll get advice on correcting the problem on your website.

Serpstat Review Pricing: Serpstat Coupon Code 15% Off (Serpstat Free Trial)

Serpstat pricing is simple and affordable as they also provide the Serpstat data for free. You have the various plans that you can subscribe according to your needs. Here are the plans:

Personal Plans

  • Plan A- $19/monthly
  • Plan B- $69/monthly. This plan allows you to perform 4,000 searches per day along with 10,000 results per report. It also gives 5 lakh export rows per month
  • Plan C- $149/monthly. This plan is also known as the standard plan. It gives 5,000 searches per day along with 30,000 results per report. It also gives 50 lakh export rows per month.
  • Plan D- $299/monthly. This plan is also known as Advanced plan. It gives 8,000 searches per day along with 50,000 results per report. It also gives 15 Million export rows per month.

Business Plans:

  • Plan E- $499/monthly This plan is also known as the Enterprise plan. It gives 12,000 searches per day along with 75,000 results per report. It also gives 25 Million export rows per month.
  • Plan F- $999/monthly
  • Plan G- $1499/monthly
  • Plan H- $2,500/monthly

Serpstat discount coupons

Business Plans:

serpstat discount promo codes

Serpstat Free Trial 7 Days  2024 

You will be pleased to know that here you will be getting a free trial offer. Here you can simply sign up for your free account by using your email or the social media accounts in order to try their amazing features for free.

The free version offers many features but here you will be limited to the number of queries is limited. But here if you just want to get familiar with Serpstat then this Free Trial offer is for you. And simply by using the free offer you will get to know the detailed insights by using it.

🔥What Makes Serpstat Such A Powerful Service? Serpstat Review

Serpstat has a massive and ever-expanding base which includes 230 Google Bases and 9 Yandex bases. They have 1 Trillion Links and 160 Million Domains in their Backlink Analysis Module. API is made available for each and every plan with different limits along with all the necessary tools. It also offers unique functions like Clustering and Text analysis as well as Site tree. Serpstat offers support for the multi-tier system, and a top-tier support team is available for all the users. Their training videos on Youtube, their Tutorials, and regular posts on the blog are completely free to access.

Serpstat Reviews Customer Service

Successful companies all share one thing in common: excellent customer service. It’s a business advantage that you have to work with. Serpstat’s customer service team is friendly and compassionate, and they have tools to help you become a specialist in no time.

Serpstat Academy, a free online learning hub, is also available. This is where you can learn everything you know about keyword testing, competitor analysis, and SEO at all stages, from beginner to advanced.

These are the sites to go to if you want to read more about how to use the product:

  •       Serpstat User Guide – In-depth guides and walkthroughs about how to use Serpstat can be found here.
  •       FAQs – In this segment, you’ll find answers to all of your Serpstat-related questions. If you are concerned about the items, look at this section before contacting customer service.
  •       Serpstat tutorials, how-to tools, and actionable tips are available in the How-to Guides section.
  •       Serpstat Blog – Not only can their posts help you boost your overall SEO awareness, but they will also help you increase your effectiveness on Serpstat.

In addition to these tools, you can chat with a Serpstat expert by clicking the chat icon on each of the pages. A Serpstat expert can answer your question in less than 5 minutes. It’s all awe-inspiring.

Serpstat Reviews & Testimonials By Marketing Experts & Customers

Serpstat seo tool recommendations Serpstat recommendations and reviews


Serpstat customer reviews and case studies

Serpstat customer reviews

Refund Policy:

If somehow you are not satisfied with the services of Serpstat then you can also claim for your money back as here Serstat also offers 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Here if you are willing to get then refund then you can simply ask for the refunds right within 14-Day from the date of submission. Just make sure you are claiming for the refund for within 14-Day within the date of purchase.

FAQ’s on Serpstat Reviews

Are there any SEO or PPC services offered by Serpstat?

The service will aid in the optimization of a website and its rise in search results, the elimination of technical errors through Audit, the expansion of semantic core, the gathering of competitor information, the analysis of backlinks, the tracking of keyword positions, and the overall awareness of a website's state.

What benefit do I get from data I find on Serpstat?

Serpstat data may be applied in a variety of ways. You can find out who your immediate rivals are and who they are targeting. You can see which keywords bring traffic to your website and which keywords your competitors use to attract traffic. Serpstat is mostly used for keyword research and competition analysis, but it may also be used for online market research.

What is the source of Serpstat data?

For each keyword in our database, they examine the top-100 Google search results. Serpstat also obtains this data from third-party services that are subject to NDA. You may find statistics on the number of keywords, domains, search recommendations, and advertising in their database.

How frequently is the search volume in the Site Analysis and Keyword Analysis tools updated?

Keyword search volume is updated in Website Analysis and Keyword Analysis tools as follows: high-volume keywords are updated once a month on average, while low-volume keywords might take up to three months to update.

What Google volume does Serpstat show?

Serpstat, according to Google, provides the monthly average frequency of a term in a broad match during the previous year.

How can I use Serpstat's subdomain analysis report?

If a website is examined, the Subdomains report displays all of its subdomains. The following indications are included in the report: the number of subdomains, the URL of each subdomain, and the number of words by which each subdomain is rated (in the top-100 Google).

How frequently is the Traffic Trend updated, and how is it calculated by Serpstat?

Every 2-3 weeks, the traffic is updated. This statistic is a rough estimate that corresponds to the website's actual traffic. CTR is used to calculate traffic. We evaluate SERP rankings as well as keyword quantities.

What do SERP features mean?

SERP features are search results that go beyond the standard blue link and a few lines of page description. These may include answer boxes, knowledge graphs, carousels, local packs with maps and dozens of other elements. You'll see special icons beside keywords that produce such features in the search results.

What Is the Importance of Tracking SERPs?

The top 100 search results for a term may be delivered through API in JSON format using Serpstat SERP Tracking. The developer-friendly API parses the SERPs for 100 000 keywords in one hour in the chosen area - an incredibly powerful and incredibly convenient method to obtain precise data on your rankings directly into your PC, CRM, or app. Focus on your SEO and let Serpstat handle the tracking.

What does Malicious sites signify, and how does Serpstat identify them?

Crawlers use a verification process similar to Google Chrome's algorithms while examining websites. Sites that Google Chrome does not suggest visiting are flagged as dangerous, and when you try to navigate to them, you'll see a notice.

What is SDR?

On a scale of 0 to 100, Serpstat Domain Rank is a measure of domain authority. The higher this metric is, the more trustworthy the domain is. The number of sites connecting to the examined domain as well as the number of sites linking to these referring sites determines this. As a result, all sites in the index that are linked to the analysed domain are considered.

What tasks will help to close the Serpstat's backlink tool?

The backlink analysis tool from Serpstat is meant to look at links to other sites and their pages. You may use the module to assess the current link mass of your site and rivals, track new and lost links, verify incoming link anchors, and track sites that are unsuitable for contributors.

What is the procedure for requesting a refund?

Serpstat's Terms of Service state that you can get a full refund within 60 days after purchase. Only through the AppSumo or Stacksocial websites can you seek a refund.

What is the purpose of the Tree View report?

The Tree view report is a one-of-a-kind Serpstat report that includes all of a domain's pages as well as the key keywords that each of them is ranked for.

How can I check the status of my subscription credits?

Please go to your Profile, Account Details area, to check your subscription credits. You may look up all of the details regarding your Plan there.

🔥How to contact the Serpstat support team?

Contacting the support team of Serpstat is simple. The support team is available 24/7 to help the customers. There is a live chat feature at the Support option of the website. The green chat feature means the live chat feature. Also, you can mail your queries to Serpstat at the mail they have mentioned on the website.

🔥If your plan expires, will your projects stay?

Serpstat keeps your projects for 90 days. This means Serpstat gives 90 days to renew the plan. If the plan isn't renewed in this period, Serpstat automatically deletes all the existing projects and the existing data permanently.

✅How can you delete your Serpstat account?

Deleting your Serpstat account is a straightforward process. After opening the website, simply log in to your account. After logging in, just go to your profile. After going to the profile section, click on Security, and you can delete your account manually. Or you can also contact the Support team through live chat to delete your account.

✅What is Serpstat?

Serpstat is a multifunctional search engine optimization tool that provides keyword quality control, text analytics, clustering, site audit, rank tracker, backlink analysis, keyword analysis, and website analysis.

😍Who can use Serpstat?

Those who can gain maximum benefit with Serpstat are - • Search engine optimization (SEO) specialists • Pay-per-click (PPC) specialists • Entrepreneurs • Authors and journalists

😍How can I reap from the data I discover on Serpstat?

Serpstat data may be used in a variety of ways. You will learn from the immediate rivals and the demographic they are trying to reach. You will discover which keywords generate traffic to your website and which keywords generate traffic for your rivals. Though Serpstat is mostly used for competitive analysis and keyword analysis, it may also be used for conducting online market research.

🔥Is it possible to access Serpstat from multiple devices?

This is not possible for security purposes. If the account is discovered to be in use from several devices, you may automatically get an email message.


Serpstat Alternatives & Competitors 2024

1) SEMrush

One of the best alternatives of Serpstat is Semrush. This online visibility management software offers more than 50 products, add-one, and tools. It includes tools for content, search, market, and social media research data for over 140 countries, as well as seamless integration with Google and the task management platforms. Semrush can prove to be one of the best solutions for the companies who are serious about making their presence online.


Semrush offers three pricing plans, viz Pro Guru and Business plans.

  • The Pro Plan works well for the marketing newbies and the small in-house teams. It costs $119.95 per month (Monthly Billing) and $99.95 per month (Annual Billing).
  • The Guru Plan is great for the growing agencies as well as marketing consultants. It costs $229.95 per month (Monthly Billing) and $191.95 per month (Annual Billing).
  • The Business Plan is perfect for the large enterprises and agencies. It costs $449.95 per month (Monthly Billing) and $374.95 per month (Annual Billing).

You can also get in touch with the sales team and get a customized plan for your agency or business.

2) Ahrefs

Ahrefs Check Out Our Social Media SEO Tools

The next alternative on our list is Ahrefs. This software company develops both online SEO tools as well as free education material for the marketing professionals. Ahrefs offers a wide range of features like Competitor Research, Website Audit, Keyword Research, Link Building, Rank Tracking, Content Research, Mentions Monitoring, and a lot more. It has a massive database of over 400 billion indexed pages and more than 11 billion keywords.


Ahrefs offers four pricing plans viz Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Agency.

  • The Lite Plan costs $99 per month (Monthly Billing) and $82 per month (Annual Billing – $990 a year)
  • The Standard Plan costs $179 per month (Monthly Billing) and $149 per month (Annual Billing – $1790 a year)
  • The Advanced Plan costs $399 per month (Monthly Billing) and $332 per month (Annual Billing – $3990 a year)
  • The Agency Plan costs $999 per month (Monthly Billing) and $832 per month (Annual Billing – $9990 a year)

3) SE Ranking

Seranking review online

SE Ranking is the next alternative on our list, which is an all-included user-friendly SEO software. It offers all the SEO tools that are needed for the successful completion of online marketing projects and is a perfect solution for SEO pros, agencies as well as business owners.

This software offers a complete tool set for keyword research as well as position tracking, competitor analysis, website audit, keyword grouping and suggestions, automated professional reporting, backlink monitoring, and a lot more. Along with these standard SEO tools, the system also provides you with a set of additional features like Social Media Management, White Label, and Marketing Plan, which aims to bring the professional digital services to an entirely different level.


SE Ranking offers three pricing plans viz Optimum, Plus and Enterprise. The price changes according to the Ranking Check Frequency and Subscription Period.

Optimum Plan

  • Daily (Rank Checking)
  • 1 Month: $39 per month
  • 3 Month: $37 per month
  • 6 Month: $35 per month
  • 9 Month: $33 per month
  • 12 Month: $31 per month
  • Every Three Days (Rank Checking)
  • 1 Month: $31.2 per month
  • 3 Month: $29.6 per month
  • 6 Month: $28 per month
  • 9 Month: $26.4 per month
  • 12 Month: $24.8 per month
  • Weekly (Rank Checking)
  • 1 Month: $23.4 per month
  • 3 Month: $22.2 per month
  • 6 Month: $21 per month
  • 9 Month: $19.7 per month
  • 12 Month: $18.6 per month

Plus Plan

  • Daily (Rank Checking)
  • 1 Month: $89 per month
  • 3 Month: $84 per month
  • 6 Month: $80 per month
  • 9 Month: $75 per month
  • 12 Month: $71 per month
  • Every Three Days (Rank Checking)
  • 1 Month: $71.2 per month
  • 3 Month: $67.2 per month
  • 6 Month: $64 per month
  • 9 Month: $60 per month
  • 12 Month: $56.8 per month
  • Weekly (Rank Checking)
  • 1 Month: $53.4 per month
  • 3 Month: $50.4 per month
  • 6 Month: $48 per month
  • 9 Month: $45 per month
  • 12 Month: $42.5 per month

Enterprise Plan

  • Daily (Rank Checking)
  • 1 Month: $189 per month
  • 3 Month: $179 per month
  • 6 Month: $170 per month
  • 9 Month: $160 per month
  • 12 Month: $151 per month
  • Every Three Days (Rank Checking)
  • 1 Month: $151 per month
  • 3 Month: $143 per month
  • 6 Month: $136 per month
  • 9 Month: $128 per month
  • 12 Month: $120 per month
  • Weekly (Rank Checking)
  • 1 Month: $113 per month
  • 3 Month: $107 per month
  • 6 Month: $102 per month
  • 9 Month: $96 per month
  • 12 Month: $90 per month

You can also contact sales for a custom plan.

4) Accuranker

AccuRanker Review - Homepage

The fourth alternative we will be talking about is the Accuranker which is a standalone SERP tracker which is known for delivering the most accurate and up-to-date keyword ranking data. It is a great tool when it comes to tracking the keywords, keeping track of the competitors, measuring market penetration, and quick keyword ranking refresh across every significant search engine. You can also analyze the SERP history for understanding the ranking trends and a lot more.


1000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $109 per month

Annual Billing: $99 per month

1500 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $159 per month

Annual Billing: $139 per month

2000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $209 per month

Annual Billing: $199 per month

3000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $309 per month

Annual Billing: $279 per month

5000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $429 per month

Annual Billing: $389 per month

10,000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $649 per month

Annual Billing: $579 per month

15,000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $849 per month

Annual Billing: $759 per month

20,000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $1049 per month

Annual Billing: $939 per month

25,000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $1249 per month

Annual Billing: $1119 per month

30,000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $1449 per month

Annual Billing: $1299 per month

35,000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $1649 per month

Annual Billing: $1489 per month

40,000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $1849 per month

Annual Billing: $1649 per month

50,000 Keywords

Monthly Billing: $2149 per month

Annual Billing: $1929 per month

5) Web CEO


The last alternative on our list is WebCEO which is a next-generation Internet Marketing platform offering its users a set of about 22 powerful tools, which includes rank tracking, keyword research, SEO audits, domain analysis, backlink tracking, internal link analysis, paid search management, social media management, competitor research and a lot more. Their white-label feature offers the digital agencies a freedom of customizing the reports and making them look professional.


Web CEO offers four pricing plans viz Solo, Startup, Agency Unlimited, and Corporate. They also offer a free trial for 14 days.

  • The Solo plan costs $35 per month (Monthly Billing) and $29 per month (Annual Billing).
  • The Startup plan costs $99 per month (Monthly Billing) and $74 per month (Annual Billing).
  • The Agency Unlimited plan costs $99 per month (Monthly Billing) and $74 per month (Annual Billing) (+scanning fees).
  • The Corporate plan costs $299 per month (Monthly Billing) and $224 per month (Annual Billing).

6) Rannko

Rannko software

Rannko is an easy and efficient Rating & Credibility app that improves consumer service by allowing you to manage your customer ratings, web profile with listings, and overall reputation, all in one place. They work by comprehending the nuances of how feedback and reliable online details affect companies, and they can assist in the betterment of businesses through an easy-to-understand but reasonably complex set of review and reputation features.

Reach out to potential clients while still helping you establish the prestige you so richly deserve. Why do companies need further reviews? Businesses with more ratings rank higher in the quest, and businesses with an overall rating of 4 stars or higher rank even higher. Your online credibility is also tracked by Google and other platforms based on your customer interactions.

E.g., your company’s response time and whether or not you responded to a query on Google My Business. Rannko is here to help you boost your prestige!

It’s a quick and straightforward method of presenting, viewing, and analyzing search data for the business and customers. You should use keywords, Google Analytics, and some domain statistics to better track the health of an SEO campaign, see what is effective and what isn’t, and look good to clients. This is the tool to use if you want to keep track of ranks, local rankings, and competition.

7) Plug-In SEO

Plugin SEO

Check your SEO, make some necessary changes, and increase your ranking. For leads and revenue, SEO power tools are essential. Check for bugs and solve them with efficient and straightforward software to increase traffic from search engines. Plugin SEO will help you surface more frequently in search engine results and increase your conversion rate if you want to gain additional traffic from search engines Such as Google. Whatever your SEO needs are, They can assist you with it.

8) Rank Ranger

The SEO Rank Tracker from Rank Ranger is a feature-rich app that provides regular rank updates on keyword ranking for both computers and smartphones on 500+ search engines worldwide and additional Google insights. SERP screenshots, local rating, SERP attributes, a Featured Snippets discovery app, and more are included.

Rankranger seo

All of the results are automatically fed into white label advertising dashboards designed to attract, with several third-party integrations such as Google Analytics and Google Company, Search Console, Yext, social analytics email marketing, and call monitoring tools. An SEO suite of Rank Insights includes a check on fluctuations, access to the SERP Features and featured Snippets, Above the Fold, Meta Tags, Search Console and Local result, Keyword Research, Site Audit, and Site Explorer with Competitor Insights. Apart from this, features like APIs and custom plans are open on request.

9) InLinks Inlinks Optimization

Inlinks SEO

This is where advanced content management begins. An entity-based SEO platform can make you rank higher and keep you ranked higher for longer. Content optimization for SEO is just the beginning. With InLinks, SEO becomes even more precise. InLinks optimizer optimizes for BERT and RankBrain and provides subject suggestions, with related questions, contextual topics, and the most critical factor; Synonyms are taken into consideration.

It is capable of comprehending millions of entities in detail. Create material that outperforms that of your rivals. Create material that will perform well in search engines. Rephrasing current pages is pointless if you want your runners to score higher in Google. By looking into the background, you can optimize what hasn’t been written yet.

InLinks goes beyond reviewing competitor content to delve further into the more extensive information graph to search for additional interesting and semantically related ideas. Any subject can be explored in depth. InLinks gives you expert-level data to help you create or improve your content.

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Conclusion: Serpstat Review

Serpstat review pricing

Serpstat excels at three things: keyword testing, PPC analysis, and competitor analysis. It can be used to discover new keyword options, content strategies, review PPC initiatives, and conduct comprehensive competitor analysis. It’s one of the most inexpensive SEO resources on the market, with plans beginning at $69 a month.

Serpstat is a good option if you’re looking for a vital SEO tool that’s also affordable. Sign up for their trial plan to give the tool a try.

Is Serpstat Worth It? 

In Short : 

Features: Serpstat is like a search engine for business owners. The tool provides various services to them such as keyword research, backlink analysis, article promotion, and content creation. It also has the ability to measure the success of marketing campaigns in real time.

Advantages: Serpstat helps business owners to gain knowledge about their prospects and also manage their websites effectively.

Benefits: Serpstat is helpful as an overall SEO platform that offers everything you need at an affordable price; it can do your SEO needs better than anybody else.

Sign up for a free Serpstat account.

If you have some Serpstat-related questions, please leave them in the comments section.

Please feel free to express yourself. Maybe you’d like to learn more about how to use Serpstat to better your site’s SEO; check out this comprehensive tutorial and how-to guide.

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  1. I used Serpstat and within a month, I got one of my sites on the first page! Keyword Rank Tracking data updates every day, I get anything from 5M to sometimes 100M queries per day which can be processed up to 15,000 keywords per minute. The best part is that I don’t need any other tools just for keyword rank tracking.

  2. Serpstat has simplified SEO and SEM to an all-in-one easy tool that helps brainstorm keywords, keyword research and even SERP analysis. We all know the arduous task of finding a niche and then filtering through thousands of keywords. With Serpstat, you can find tons of potential but also relevant results in just minutes so it’s no need to fight with the other big guns anymore because Serpstat’s got your back!

  3. Serpstat is a new free tool for marketers. This product helps you track the performance of your own website, including your rankings in SERPS, backlink analysis with linking pages… all in one place. Furthermore, this feature includes an extensive set of automated options to stay on top of key updates and features like SEO best practices like keyword research.
    Serpstat is simple enough for beginners but can also cater to companies that want more advanced features like international language support or RSS feeds. The app even lets you keep tabs on competitors – if their site ranks well then it could be competition time! Serpstat is totally free too so why not start using it today?

  4. Serpstat lets you perform all the tasks!
    Serpstat lets you perform professional SEO tasks, such as website analysis (URL and domain analysis), rank tracking, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, keyword research, site audit, competitor research, SEO research (organic keywords), PPC research (paid keywords), and more. Serpstat also has a bunch of new tools that are still in beta, such as a custom report, database storm, or keyword clustering.
    It’ll help you with everything!

  5. There are some things I’d like to suggest for improvement.
    Additional estimating choices required for beginners

    At some point dashboard stacks moderate

    In some cases the SEO exploration of the site is erroneous

    The site has numerous SEO apparatuses which help us a great deal. Be that as it may, the device needs Content advertising highlights

  6. Serpstat is the most upvoted SEO device on Product Hunt
    It helps in gathering watchwords for SEO and PPC crusades
    It likewise decide the worth of watchwords and helps in finding global information at no extra expense
    It’ll assist you with getting tail catchphrases effectively and in investigating watchword patterns

  7. Serpstat tool is well known for its SEO tools. It helped me rank my website. It is one of the best SEO tools available on the internet.

    Serpstat is a powerful tool that can help you find the best keywords for your website.

    It is leading keyword research and rank tracking software that helps marketers and SEO experts get the most out of their campaigns.

  8. I’ve been using Serpstat for a quite a time and the SEO site audit feature is super good. It also has a very clean Ui. Also the daily rank tracking feature is helpful.

  9. I was suspicious at first because I’ve never heard or seen anything about this site before. But then I just didn’t have time to think, and made a purchase for a paid tier of the site. Next thing you know, an email arrives with a professional-looking login page that had easy to use navigation system and intuitive interface – exactly what it said it would be from the words of its clever marketing! The membership gave me access to all sorts of tools including the backlink analysis module which is very powerful for finding a competitive advantage over my competition!

  10. I’m not a huge fan of Serpstat’s price plan. It only offers one pricing option for newbies, and I would have loved to see some more lower-tier options available. In my opinion, the dashboard loads quite slow too, so you probably want to move slower if you’re using it on a desktop or tablet device. Other than that its features are great! The site has top-of-the-line SEO tools including a competitive rank checker and keyword research tool which help me get better results in search engine optimization well beyond any other platform that I’ve tried before.

  11. Serpstat is a powerful SEO analysis tool that offers hundreds of useful features and premium support. With both analytics-based tools and formulas, the site analyzes any user’s webpage in seconds with precise results. The interface is easy to use and user-friendly, which makes it great for newbies who want to do basic analysis or pros who want detailed data on long-tail keywords.

  12. Serpstat is a powerhouse of SEO tools that has anything and everything that you need to succeed in the search engine optimization world, all at an affordable price. I was able to do backlink analysis, site tree analysis, and much more without paying for any extra packages like other companies would make me do. My favourite feature is how they included video tutorials! The Serpstat team really loves their users and will be there anytime day or night.

  13. Serpstat is the bomb!!!! It has so many features that I never knew were there. I’m kind of an amateur SEO genius, but sometimes, things just get too hard for me to solve on my own. With Serpstat everything became ridiculously easy! All you have to do is sign up and they will tell you which UI level is best for your needs (free or paid). Whenever something goes wrong with your website they are always available to help us out with their Help Center or Live Chat Support !!! And don’t forget about the training videos on Youtube !!! That’s right, free tutorials !!!!

  14. There are so many features to take advantage of, so much data at your fingertips. Serpstat has a user-friendly interface and a great customer service team to help you with anything that comes up. Plus it’s really reasonably priced! The site tree feature is my favourite–I’m an SEO expert now thanks to their clear instructions and diagrams for success. I recommend Serpstat as the best toolset on the market by far–in fact, it’s nothing short of astonishing how well they do what they do.

  15. Serpstat, a powerful but pricey SEO tool. As a newbie to this website, I find it hard to navigate and repetitive knowledge all over the place. It has an amazing variety of tools that are really helpful for finding things about particular sites or keywords, but there isn’t enough information out there on what content should be used in different situations like blogs, social media posts etcetera.”

  16. Serpstat is the best SEO Tool out there, it does everything you want for your business. It helps to boost ranking in search engines and have a maximum number of visitors that convert into paying customers. Serpstat supports small to big scale businesses from beginners to experts focusing on both Organic and Paid Traffic. I feel “Serpstat is a gift sent straight from heaven! My life has been much better since installing this plugin!”

  17. It’s free and will help you avoid any SEO mishaps. The website has many features to make it easier for anyone, even the novice marketer. However, one thing I want to point out is that sometimes the SERP research on Serpstat is inaccurate; if you’re checking rankings, in particular, every once in a while, this could be problematic. Other than that though, there are no cons with Serpstat!

  18. Serpstat is a multifunctional SEO tool that helps me grow my business and earn more money. All-in-one SEO platform that is affordable, easy to use and navigate which made things easier for me as I’m not an expert in digital marketing like others are. The best thing about it was – It helped me save tons of hours figuring out what keywords are the best for growing my business. If you want believe us just try!

  19. It is the key to success.
    You might know that everything matters when it comes to ranking on Google search, including your website optimization and all-around great SEO practices. You also need a reliable platform capable of providing accurate keyword data in real-time with Serpstat. It has helped me find high conversion keywords for my client’s site within minutes! The customer service is unmatched – I don’t know if they sleep or what but any time there’s been an issue, they’ve fixed it ASAP. If you’re serious about getting ahead in this highly competitive digital marketing world right now and want true and honest insights straight from statistics and not just hearsay then Serpstat will be able to deliver for you every single day.

  20. I use Serpstat to help me find high-quality keywords, spy on my competitors’ traffic, track SERPs for all of my projects, and design great SEO campaigns. The reports are incredibly well designed and easy to read – I can spot problems in rankings hours faster than with other tools! I have never seen a keyword tool that’s so approachable for novices or experts alike.

  21. Serpstat is a top SEO platform that will help us with all their online marketing needs. Serpstat has everything- analysis, data, keywords, ranking report sheet and social media monitoring. It’s the perfect tool for digital marketers looking to make smarter decisions about their campaigns.

  22. Serpstat is an all-in-one SEO platform that offers a set of professional SEO tools that will let you perform SEO tasks, such as domain and URL analysis, keyword research, SEO and PPC research, competitor research, rank tracking, on-page audits, backlink analysis, and more. When compared to major players like SEMrush or Ahrefs, Serpstat has a very competitive price starting at $55.
    I’d highly recommend using Serpstat!

  23. Serpstat is quite an expensive SEO tool. I used to have ProSEO which helped me a lot but sometimes it was not enough. When Serpstat came along, I needed this for my small business site, so I decided to try it out because of the free trial period. Basically, it’s a great tool with cool features for content marketing etc., but there are some cons too. For example, you need more pricing options or sometimes dashboard loads slow or website has many SEO tools which help us a lot but the other lacks in the content marketing area and sometimes web page loses connection and they said that its not big issue usually they fix that by themselves (mostly).

  24. Serpstat is one of the best SEO-checking platforms out there. It has a reliable, reliable SERP checking service with plenty of data to back it up – all at an affordable price! And they’re always adding new features too. I love how Serpstat automatically checks your rank for you and even does some advanced reporting on my performance like ranking trends. The best part is that you don’t need any experience in the SEO field to use it since it’s designed with ease of use in mind.

  25. Serpstat is a powerful tool for any business owner to learn more about their prospects and also manage their website effectively. The keyword research alone is worth the cost, as it covers 800+ million of annual queries in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Russian language formats with multiple word variation support. For content creators too busy to create new content on a regular basis Serpstat has an artificially-intelligent assistant that can take care of it all while you do something else.
    The article promo (AKA link building) metrics will alert you when someone is linking to your page so you can contact them immediately and ask for coverage or links back in return. This part might sound salesman-y but seriously this saves lots.

  26. I want to keep using Serpstat because it has a really awesome SEO page audit tool and extensive knowledge base from which I can learn both about Serpstat and SEO. I like its UI which is clear and has lots of useful explanations.
    Serpstat is one of the most affordable professional SEO tools out there. You can access a set of professional SEO tools for as little as $69/month or $55 if you buy a yearly subscription. Serpstat has many of the features that big players like Semrush or Ahrefs offer for a way higher price. Yes, Serpstat is totally worth it!

  27. Serpstat instrument is notable for it’s SEO apparatuses. Assuming you need to rank your site, Serpstat is clearly going to help you.It is extraordinary compared to other SEO apparatuses accessible on the web. It gives the best highlights which one ought to anticipate from a site.

    The evaluating of this instrument is truly viable and reasonable to the clients making it truly outstanding among it’s rivals. Serpstat discovers the natural watchwords for your site.

  28. Serpstat is a big-time search engine for business owners that need some help. Serpstat has all of the features you could imagine and can easily provide reports on how well your marketing strategies are working. It’s basically like investing in Google to provide monthly results with just one—somewhat hefty—fee, except it has social media, keyword research, content creation and promotion tools as well. So if you’re looking for a new marketing tactic or just want to up your sales game, Serpstat is worth it at least once!

  29. Whether you are an SEO expert or beginner, Serpstat provides some of the best tools for ranking on Google’s first page. There is no need to spend money on any other software as it has powerful features and offers unlimited keyword tracking through its premium subscription plan. Plus, there is a free trial period so that you can test out their service before buying!

  30. The best SEO tool you’ll ever find.

    Serpstat is undoubtedly the first one for both keywords research and PPC ads management. The user interface of Serptsart allows smooth work without any hassle, download it right now to get all your product requirements sorted out. With this amazing software you won’t have to worry about Google’s algorithm changes or competition-driven SEO because Serpstat will help you in getting tons of traffic through organic search as well as boosts your online visibility by ranking higher on paid ad platforms. Get hold of every opportunity that comes across your way with the experience from other competitors- make life easier and use a time saving SEO tool like Serpstat.

  31. Serpstat is a brilliant and advanced SEO tool that helps you take your website to the next level. It provides an in-depth analysis of both backlinks and SERPs (search engine result pages). I can’t believe there was no other solution for this before Serpstat! This program really has many features that go beyond just rank tracking. Its backlink analyzer is superb at providing details on all sources of organic traffic, not to mention it offers objective data on what people are searching for.

  32. I constantly find myself wasting hours a day on my computer. It starts with me reading articles, chatting on instant messenger, or scrolling through Facebook. But inevitably I end up applying the lost time to work-related tasks like looking for new keywords and checking out competitors instead of paying attention to what important deadlines need my attention.
    Serpstat saves me from this dilemma by providing easy access to these sometimes tedious tasks—and does so while keeping in mind just how expensive our company’s resources are relative to their upkeep cost. Not only has it allowed me more room for creativity because I don’t waste time pixel peeping over wireframes anymore, but it has also genuinely cut down on stress when I realize a part of our upcoming.

  33. Serpstat is a great tool. If you have ever been curious about something specific but didn’t know how to put it into words, this site will give you the answer! I love being able to research whatever question comes up online with this site. It makes me feel so much more informed and confident in whatever decision I need to make.
    This product has helped me gain more knowledge on topics that I didn’t know existed before! Researching your topic of interest should be quick and easy with Serpstat’s help. The graphics and information here are beautiful and easy to understand (and they’re very fun too!). It really does provide all these functions: position tracking, backlink analysis, keyword analysis – what’s not to love?

  34. I used Serpstat because it offers a lot of features that I need to do SEO. After using many different tools, I found out that this is the best one on the market. It has all essential features including keyword research and rank tracking. It also has some cool reporting like ranking trends and data-driven audience insights.
    The only downside about Serpstat is maybe version compatibility and interface with other software but these small things can be easily overlooked in the big picture which all benefits you get from an excellent product like

  35. Well, I’ve been using Serpstat for more than 3 months now and it has helped me tremendously. It provides all sorts of information about keywords; recent articles, their ranking history (which is helpful to study competition history), SEO/SEM data like the difficulty of the keyword, advertising cost per click (total CPC) – which is not something you get in other tools.

    Serpstat just might be one of your best investments if your company relies on internet marketing. And another great thing about this product that will please both novices and experts alike is that there are pre-made template reports that can be used with a few clicks so you don’t have to start from scratch each time!

  36. Serpstat is a powerful tool for business owners that saves time and improves the marketing performance of their websites. In just 30 seconds, you’ll know what keywords your audience is searching for so you can find them on search engines. With its cache of reliable research like industry news, blog articles, market reports or keyword ideas in hand, Serpstat will help build links to promote your product by analyzing sites which have great traffic volume with strategies such as guest posts and article submissions. It also tracks competitor keywords and ranks domains based on different metrics making it easier to put your brand ahead of competitors with creative content drives using tricks from social media platforms like Facebook feeds or Google+. Overall, I’d recommend this app for beginner companies who are distributing online.

  37. I searched for the best, affordable SEO Tools I could find and here is what Serpstat All-In-One SEO Platform has given me.
    It’s a new era of marketing when it comes to PPC, all you need to do is just use numerous keywords that bring you traffic and sales with no headache of ranking in Google. Profitfully tap into your competitor’s tricks by using their research methods like keyword research in SERPS or Search Engine Result Pages and get $100 off on trial if we purchase an annual plan right now!
    We at Serpstat want you to experience our world class, hassle-free platform which will save tons of time and provide fruitful results with only a click away!

  38. Stand out from the crowd and get Serpstat. It’s so much more than just a keyword research tool! Serpstat has loads of services but it makes them easy for business owners to use. Plus, it provides you with in-depth reports on where your site is excelling and what needs fixing — all at such an affordable price! The best part: no pesky monthly subscription fees, you pay once and that’s it!

  39. Serpstat is a powerful SEO tool that provides all you need in one spot. I love the backlink analysis because it helps me understand what other websites might link to mine, and how many links there are. I also love being able to access my analytics reports in real time- not only does this save me loads of time, but also cut down on errors! The keyword research helped me create content for our website that was unique and valuable; the high quality articles have led to an increase in traffic which has ultimately raised conversion rates. If you own a business with no idea about online marketing, Serpstat should definitely be your first stop.”

  40. Serpstat is a powerful research tool for deciphering SERP. With an easy-to-use interface and tons of features, it may quite possibly be the best backlink analysis service out there.
    When you just need to know either who your top competitors are or what keywords dominate your industry – Serpstat does both in one low monthly fee, making it invaluable for online marketers looking to stay on top of their game without paying too much money or subscribing with Google SERPS services. As someone with lots of experience testing these products (seriously), I can say that not only is Serpstrat less expensive than all its competitors but also simpler to use!

  41. We have been using Serpstat for over a year now and it has helped us update our website to be eligible for higher ranking in Google searches. Plus, Serpstat analytics is much more user-friendly than any other SEO tools out there.

  42. Serpstat is one of the best, cheapest, and most reliable SEO tools that I’ve come across. It allows for easy research on keywords, gives insight into internet marketing campaigns (paid/organic), speeds up your search engine ranking pages (SERPS) with their extensive database of contributed research work by thousands of other marketers. Serpstat is an award-winning SEO tool; it includes various features like keyword analysis with accurate monthly search data updates to check how many potential customers are looking for your product online. With its diversified sets of features like Content Marketing seamlessly integrated with PPC ensures sales growth through Organic searches, SERP messaging to outrank competitors, the perfect platform has arrived!

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