Sellvia VS Shopify 2024: Which Is Best For Dropshipping? (Detailed Comparison)



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Sellvia is a full-scale ecosystem providing anyone worldwide with all the necessary tools and resources to start and run a dropshipping effortlessly,

Shopify is the best e-commerce website, used by people all over the world. It provides great solutions for the e-commerce website and has been proven

  • eCommerce business for free
  • User-friendly solutions
  • Start a business from scratch with ease
  • Inventory Management
  • Unlimited Sales
  • Product Search
  • Sell from anywhere
  • Add Sellvia to your Shopify or WooCommerce store
  • Market your business
  • Provides a wide range of themes and flexibility.
  • Provides more apps and integrations
  • Offers the feature of multi-channel selling through various social media sites
  • Not a big product catalog.
  • You have to use third-party applications for selling digital products.
Ease of Use

Sellvia has a very user-friendly interface

Shopify has a very user-friendly interface and navigating through it is also very easy

Value For Money

It is a bit costlier than other platforms.

It is a bit costlier than other platforms.

Customer Support

Sellvia provides support online as well as on the phone

Shopify provides support online as well as on the phone

In today’s post, we’re going to be comparing Sellvia vs Shopify 2024 to see the best fit for running a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping has proven to be one of the easiest and most reliable ways to start your own business and get your financial independence.

It’s not a big deal to launch your dropshipping venture even if you don’t have any experience, specific skills, or lots of free time and money to invest.

The first steps will define your future success.

Are you interested in starting your venture? Actually, it’s not hard not only to start a venture but also to run it with no effort. Yet, it depends on the option you will choose to start.

Today we will tell you in detail which solution to choose for the easiest and the most beneficial business start — Sellvia or Shopify? 

They both tend to be top-level solutions, but each of them has its own pros and cons. This article will sort things out and allow you to start and grow a steady business bringing you financial success and something bigger.

Sellvia Ecosystem: what’s It All About?

There is an idea behind any business. The team of Sellvia is committed to providing each and every person worldwide with a chance to start a dropshipping business with ease and without reservation.

This is why they did their best to build a one-of-a-kind ecosystem providing all the necessary things, from A to Z, to start and run your eCommerce business.

Sellvia ecosystem: Sellvia VS Shopify

Sellvia is a full-scale ecosystem providing anyone worldwide with all the necessary tools and resources to start and run a dropshipping effortlessly, without third parties required.

The company has used its years of experience to create a unique solution. You’ll hardly find a second such a product bringing you all the necessary things to start and run a business.

At the moment, Sellvia offers two main solutions.

  • Use Sellvia to bring your current business to a whole new level

Are you already running a business, whether it’s dropshipping or anything else? Keep it up! Sellvia offers you to discover new potential for it with no effort and get something bigger!

Subscribe to Sellvia to have full access to all the benefits Sellvia provides with 10+ thousand trending products, that are 100% ready-to-sell-online, and dropship over the United States with fast shipping to be one step ahead of all others!

Use Sellvia to bring your current business

Beyond all this, you’ll get stellar product pages and marketing materials for products from the Sellvia catalog and lots of other benefits you evaluate immediately.

  • Start an eCommerce business for free with Sellvia

The hardest part is to start, isn’t it? The team of Sellvia strongly disagrees with that!

Are you an eCommerce newcomer willing to start a business? Not a big deal! Sellvia does its best to let anyone worldwide start a venture with no risks and any skills required!

The team of Sellvia is happy to create a unique eCommerce business for you from scratch TODAY & FOR FREE!

Start an ecommerce business for free with Sellvia

Traditionally, to start an eCommerce business, you need to build a website, create a design, choose and import products to sell, etc. Guys from Sellvia believe that everyone deserves a chance for a better life, regardless of their skills and things like that. That’s why Sellvia is glad to build a business for each of you individually, with no money required to invest.

Since many people are now seeking their own selves, they need to have a chance to try themselves at eCommerce with no burdens — Sellvia gives you a ready-to-go business for free

It will remain for you only to give it a try, and, with Sellvia, it doesn’t cost you a fortune!

What’s Behind Shopify?

We all need to find what we’re meant for. Some people find themselves in reselling businesses, and this is what guys from Sellvia use.

As well as Sellvia, Shopify helps entrepreneurs worldwide start their eCommerce businesses and sell products all over the world.

What’s behind Shopify: Sellvia VS Shopify

Basically, both Sellvia and Shopify have similar concepts behind their companies.

  • New opportunities for your current business

Do you wonder what’s the difference between gambling and running a business? Right, when gambling, you need to feel a moment to stop. When you run a business, you should never stop.

Are you already running your own business, whether this is an eCommerce venture or brick-and-mortar store, and you’re looking for ways to discover new potential for your business or switch to a more beneficial business scheme? Say no more!

New opportunities for your current business

Shopify is happy to hold you in their arms and help you take your business to a new level. Shopify even launched Shopify Plus POS to let you move seamlessly between in-store and online retail on their eCommerce platform.

  • This is the support that matters

Would you like to run a reselling business, but you don’t know how to start it? This is Shopify that will help you.

With Shopify, one has a chance to start a business and put it on track. You need to create a website on your own, but Shopify offers you different themes to choose from and designers to hire. Beyond this, they offer a free trial (14 days) for you to give it a try and then make up your mind.

shopify support that matters

Both Shopify and Sellvia are committed to providing people with a chance to start a business with no skills and things like that or take your current business on a beneficial eCommerce journey with new potential.

Sellvia and Shopify differ from the others due to their pure desire to help eCommerce newcomers and experienced entrepreneurs. That’s why both companies started their own infrastructure to let them start and run a business from A to Z.

This is the same concept behind both companies. Yet, they have different views.

Sellvia VS Shopify: Which One Suits You Better?

Speaking about running your own business, your future success depends heavily on the option you’ll choose to start wirth.

To let you make the right decision, let’s consider both options, what they have in common, and what the difference is.

Sellvia Vs Shopify: What’s In Common?

  • Full-size platforms

Both Sellvia and Shopify are thorough in eCommerce. That’s why they both offer all-in-one solutions to meet the needs of each entrepreneur. Above all, they both let you give their solutions a try with no risks due to a free 14-day trial. Everything genius is simple!

  • Free trials

Guys from Sellvia and Shopify offer a free 14-day trial for you to both try your hand at eCommerce with no risks and try their platforms with no investments. And this is really great! This is enough to appreciate the benefits both platforms provide and make sure they’re quite user-friendly.

  • User-friendly solutions

Both Sellvia and Shopify are proud to be user-friendly. At first sight, the solution from Shopify may seem a little bit easier to use. Yet, after some time you’re likely to appreciate Sellvia’s dashboard and how it all works since it’s powered intuitively and has more options for customization.

As you can see, both companies have the same values. They are eager to provide their clients with all-in-one, user-friendly solutions, and let people try their hand at eCommerce with no risks and investments.

How to choose the one to start or grow your business with? There are several differences between them, so they’re all different in the work.

Sellvia Vs Shopify: What’s The Difference?

  • Start a business from scratch with ease

Do you own a business, whether this is an eCommerce business or a brick-and-mortar store? Great! This is your chance to discover new horizons for it with both Sellvia and Shopify.

The first steps are crucial.

We all start somewhere. If you are an eCommerce newcomer who is eager to start your own business, it will be a lot easier to do this with Sellvia.

Sellvia will not just help you with your business launch. Guys from Sellvia are happy to build a business for you from scratch, absolutely free of charge!

sellivia Start a business from scratch with ease

One can build a business from scratch with Shopify, but this will be a bit more challenging. With Shopify, you get an opportunity to build it on your own using benefits from Shopify, contacting designers and developers, considering product strategy, and things like that. Yet, that’s a whole other story.

  • Import and sell products in a couple of clicks

People are eager to start and run a business effortlessly. This is the exact reason why Sellvia serves as a US dropshipping supplier with its own fulfillment, with thousands of trending products that are in stock.

With Sellvia, you’ll get a 100% ready-to-go solution, so you’ll be ready to sell from day one. Sellvia even processes all the info for you to automate your business management and minimize your participation.

sellvia Import and sell products in a couple of clicks: Sellvia VS Shopify

Speaking about Shopify, it’s all different. It also gives you an opportunity to import products, but mainly through third parties, and that’s important.

This is one more reason to be messed up with thousands of suppliers, hundreds of thousands of items, and spend your extra time on that, the time you can devote to more important business tasks.

  • You’re What You Sell

The products you sell are the calling card of your business. And they have a great impact on your business as a whole.

With Shopify, you get a wide range of products to choose from. Yet, these are the products from 3 party suppliers you need to establish relationships, pay for their services, etc.

This is why the process of import is a bit different depending on the supplier you deal with. One of the most popular suppliers Shopify clients work with is Oberlo which fulfills products from China with long shipping, quality issues, etc.

shopify You’re what you sell

If you run your business with Sellvia, you can import products from its catalog in a couple of clicks, and this is convenient.

Sellvia’s product assortment is smaller. Although there are 10,000+ items in its catalog, they add a significant number of new products on a daily basis. But that’s not the point. The point is that all these items are selected for eCommerce exclusively and time-tested, so there’s no reason for you to worry, even for marketing.

Moreover, Sellvia helps its clients launch their own brands and spread their own vision through their unique products.

Right, having launched their own brand, they get a chance to create an infinite variety of one-of-a-kind products due to Sellvia’s production capacity.

  • Put your business promotion on autopilot

If you make the right decision regarding the platform to run your business with, you’ll be able to let experts do all the job for you, and it will remain for you only to promote and grow your business.

It’s a real pleasure to do marketing for your business, especially if you have experience in this area. If you don’t, you could use a little help.

Both Shopify and Sellvia provide top-level customer support, and maintain help centers and educational resources — these are Sellvia Marketing Academy and Shopify Learn. This is where you can easily find all the necessary information on how to run and grow a steady business. Shopify even 

Unlike Shopify, Sellvia provides not only customer support, help, and marketing centers. It provides products in its catalog with marketing materials to easily start and run ad campaigns you will definitely benefit from.

These creatives have proven to be high-converting, so you won’t have to spend extra money to test them. This is why Sellvia is really a ready-to-sell-right-now solution.

Actually, there’s more. Both platforms offer lots of add-ons and other software for you to put your business growth on autopilot. But here’s the difference: Shopify can boast a wide range of plugins and add-ons, but there’re lots of them made by third parties, so their functionality and prices can raise questions.sellvia Put your business promotion on autopilot

Sellvia offers only self-made software solutions for their clients to use for their businesses and benefit from. There are not many of them, but all of them have wide functionality and require only small one-time payments. Sellvia is fully responsible for them and provides customer support. Profit!

  • Ready-to-sell right now

Both platforms can be treated as pretty similar. One can’t say for sure which one is 100% better for immediate success.

With Shopify, it will take you time to start and make it big. Sellvia provides you with a ready-to-go and ready-to-sell solution, with all the necessary tools and materials to make it big from the outset.

sellivia Ready-to-sell right now

What’s more, Sellvia is more focused on eCommerce, dropshipping, and the United States exclusively.

  • Time Is Money

How not waste money and increase your chances of success? You can either target the whole world, spend lots of money on business development and promotion, and finally come up short.

On the contrary, if you work hard on your business strategy, even a narrow target audience can let you make a fortune. Shopify allows you to target the whole world.

If this is a priority for you to target each country in the world, and you’re ready to deal with the trading specifics of each country, Shopify is exactly what you need.

shopify Time is money

Sellvia, in its turn, is started to work with the target audience of the United States.

It really doesn’t matter where you live, you can start your business from anywhere in the world. Yet with Sellvia, you’re able to target the United States only. It may seem to you that there’s a kind of boundaries for you as a business owner. Actually, it’s not like that, but this brings a lot of benefits.

First of all, this is a well-thought-out logistics. Sellvia has its own fulfillment in the USA. It lets them process orders within 24 hours and ensure fast shipping within 1-3 days. This is very fast, and this is exactly what an average US customer expects.

And all the tools and techniques Sellvia provides are time-tested and work well for the US market. This is a chance for you not to waste your time and other resources going everywhere, but to focus on a particular market and make the most of it for your business.

Shopify lets you target the whole world, and this is great, but that requires you to know each of your target audiences well to benefit from that. Sellvia, in its turn, provides you with all the necessary things to focus on one particle market and finally get your financial independence.

Fortunately, there’s something more important behind that: starting a well-thought-out business lets you make a difference.

  • Change your life for the better and let others do the same

People start their businesses to make money, to get their financial freedom, and things like that. Some of them believe there’s something more important — they know that they’re meant for something bigger.

Shopify allows you to grow a steady business, there’s no doubt about it.

sellivia Change your life for the better

After long days or weeks of work, you’ll have a generic online store like every other store on the Internet.

In the solution from Sellvia, there’s a clear trend toward creating something unique.

Due to their infrastructure, fulfillment, and logistics, they make it easier for you to make your customers happy and give them what their dream of — this is a high-quality product with detailed description and shipping within 4 days.

If this is only a way to make money for you, both options deserve your attention. If you wish to do good in this world and make other people’s lives a bit brighter, convenient, Sellvia suits you perfectly. They will be happy to share this idea with you.

Sellvia VS Shopify: How To Make Up Your Mind?

If you want to start a business or grow your current one, it’s crucial for your business strategy to choose a solution that will suit you best. This is what mostly affects your future success.

Take Your Business To New Heights

If you already have a business, whether this is an online store or a brick-and-mortar one, both platforms will help you make the most of it.

Shopify has several tariff plans ($9-299/mo) you need to choose from to use the platform. The basic plan for $29 per month provides you with an opportunity to run your business with no effort, but the full functionality is available in costly plans.

Sellvia offers only one tariff plan that will cost you $39 a month, and not a cent more. For this money, you get access to the whole Sellvia ecosystem, with no limitation, but with 10+ thousands of trending products to sell, product pages and marketing materials for them, fast shipping over the USA, etc.

Guys from Sellvia don’t divide their clients into those who pay much and those who pay less. Sellvia is committed to providing each and every person worldwide with an equal opportunity to grow their unique business and make a difference.  

Try your hand at your own business with no risks and investments

Each of you deserves a chance for a better life. And this is a reason to start your own business, get your financial independence, and make your wildest dreams a reality.

You may start a business with Shopify.

In this case, you’ll have to create your business from scratch on your own, using the benefits Shopify provides, or spend lots of money on website development, design, customization, and things like that.

sellivia Try your hand at your own business: Sellvia VS Shopify

Having spent lots of time and money, you’ll finally have a regular online store that will differ from others. According to Shopify itself, entrepreneurs spend on their business launch 20-40 thousand US dollars within their first year of operation.

The team of Sellvia is happy to build a business from scratch for you FOR FREE individually.

This is a newcomer-friendly solution, absolutely ready-to-go. You will get a unique business, with a one-of-a-kind product range, etc.

All you need to do to get a ready-to-go business is to subscribe to Sellvia Pro with a free 14-day trial. When your trial is up, Sellvia’s ecosystem will cost you $399/year or $69/month. Although it’s not costly, Sellvia gives you a lot of this money to let your business flourish.

Newcomers are afraid of being left alone with their issues. Sellvia will never let it happen.

sellivia faq

Though both companies provide customer support, Sellvia’s support team is a bit friendlier. It seems that these guys are really concerned about your challenges, so they always do their best to help their clients promptly.

Plus, those who subscribed to Sellvia Pro got their own personal manager that is always in touch with them willing to solve all their issues.

Let experts do the job

Shopify makes you do everything yourself. Sellvia is happy to help you perform all the necessary tasks to make your business journey effortless.

The team of Sellvia is glad to take over the most essential tasks to let your business flourish. This is why they offer you SEO and SMM packages, product catalog upgrades, email marketing setup, and brand awareness campaigns.

This is not just about making money only.

Sellvia can help you move further and start a business you’ll be proud of — these guys are willing to build a brand for you from scratch and spread the word about it. It’s your chance to share your own vision with the rest of the world through your own, unique products, and build a loyal community around your brand.

Freedom of choice

When you run a business, you need to have freedom of choice.

If you choose Shopify to run your business with, you’ll be strictly limited to running it with Shopify only. Sellvia, in its turn, is compatible with other solutions.

The point is, Sellvia doesn’t limit someone to use other solutions if you want. You can easily integrate Sellvia into your business wherever you’ve built it with WordPress, WooCommerce, and even Shopify! Right, if you run a business with Shopify, you can use Sellvia to discover new heights.

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Entrepreneurs Trust Them

When you run a business, you need to find a person or a company you’ll definitely trust. Otherwise, it won’t pan out.

Both Sellvia and Shopify claim that they provide top-level customer service, that’s great. You may confirm this by visiting websites such as or People are sure that Sellvia deserves entrepreneurs’ attention.

According to reviews on Trustpilot, those who use Sellvia note that the company provides top-level support, all-in-one infrastructure, and product assortment.

Sellvia is a reliable

Sitejabber’s users believe that Sellvia is a reliable partner who you can safely team up with.

Shopify reviewss

With Shopify, it may seem to you that something can go wrong. 

Trustpilot, Shopify

According to Trustpilot, Shopify doesn’t always meet the entrepreneur’s expectations.

On people mostly complain about bad customer support, you know. Probably, people’s issues were solved by Shopify’s support team, but that’s kind of a mystery.

sitejabber shopify

Now you know everything about Sellvia’s and Shopify’s concepts and the way they treat their clients, what they offer, etc. This should be pretty enough to make up your mind and choose the platform that suits you best to take your business to the next level or even start an eCommerce business with no hassle and risks.

Choose wisely, and have your business always flourishing and making your ambitious dreams come true!

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