Sellics Vs Helium 10 Comparison 2024: Which One Is Lit??

Sellics Vs Helium 10

Overall Verdict

Sellics is a great tool, in our opinion, because it contains all the analysis software you need for Amazon in a unique and powerful package. Get all the information and efficiency indicators you need to grow your Amazon business.

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Helium 10

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This tool for Amazon sellers who want to grow their business by finding the right products to sell.

Helium 10 is for those who wants to become an Amazon seller but want to keep things under budget.

  • Product Detector
  • Niche Analyzer
  • PPC Analyzer
  • Black Box
  • Magnet- Keyword Research Tool
  • Cerebro- Reverse ASIN search
  • The Performance widget displays the sessions and conversion
  • Good Customer Service
  • Compatible with 8 Amazon markets
  • Offers free plan to their users
  • Optimization of the list
  • Follow-Up keywords
  • Historical data is limited
  • The limits are mentioned in the plans itself
Ease of Use

Sellics is really user friendly according their users. The tools provided by this platform can help you grow your business easily.

The user interface of Helium 10 is also good and all the tools can be used easily.

Value For Money

It is a little expensive than Helium 10 but the number of tools offered by Sellics is more than Helium 10. So it is totally worth that extra $10.

Helium 10 is a viable option if you are on a budget. You can try it out first by taking the free plan after that you can upgrade your plan anytime you want.

Today we can find many people who make millions thanks to Amazon FBA. And if you really want to become an Amazon marketer and make big profits selling products on Amazon, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to help because, in this booming digital age, everyone wants to get into Amazon FBA business. In this post, I have compared two best Amazon Sellers Tools (Sellics vs Helium 10 Comparison 2024) that include detailed insights of its pricing, features, functionality, pros & cons, and more. 

Getting started with the Amazon FBA business is very simple, but getting ideas out of trusted products, tweaking the product description, and tracking your success is one of the toughest tasks.

sellics vs helium 10- home start

In this case, we either take an expensive course or use a tool that will allow us to easily accomplish all of these tasks. Again, the question is how many tools you will buy for your Amazon FBA company to easily manage all the tasks. You also lose customers and sales. To avoid such mistakes, we offer the best solutions: Helium 10 vs Sellics Comparison 2024.

Bottom Line: Sellics is an all-in-one solution for Amazon sellers. Features like product detector, niche analyzer, spy tool and much more, is what makes it one of the best in the market. Become an amazing Amazon seller with Sellics today.

So let’s get started here.

Sellics Vs Helium 10 Introduction

With this tool, you can easily discover product ideas and deepen the market to explore and validate these ideas. As the name implies, it offers more than 10 tools for Amazon suppliers, with which they can make huge profits without any additional effort.

In the Helium 10 software package, you will find various tools like a black box, x-ray, Magnet, brain, and many more. Do not worry, I will review all these tools and explain how you can use them effectively to get the most out of them. In this post, we are going to share about Sellics Vs Helium 10 2024. See more detail in the below section.

Sellics Vs Helium 10 2024: In-Depth Comparison

Detailed Helium 10 Review

Essentially, Helium 10 is a powerful collection of tools with dozens of tools that allow Amazon marketers to easily find high-level keywords, spot trends, spot competitors, and optimize their SEO to grow exponentially.

Sales are exponential. With this tool, you can easily discover product ideas and deepen the market to explore and validate these ideas.

As the name implies, it offers more than 10 tools for Amazon marketers, with which they can make huge profits without any additional effort. In the Helium 10 software package, you will find various tools like a black box, x-ray, Magnet, brain, and many more.

sellics vs Helium 10 - Insanely Powerful Tools For Amazon Sellers

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We have also done Helium 10 Video Review. Check it out here.

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Detailed Inspection of Helium 10 Tools

1) Black Box – Product Search Tool

In fact, this is a product search tool, or you can say it’s a product search tool that can help marketing professionals easily find a profitable and profitable product that they want to sell by any criteria.

This is one of the most powerful tools and can deliver exceptional results based on a number of factors you specify to achieve what you are really looking for.

Save time and energy by searching for the most profitable Amazon products in any Amazon niche. With this product search, you can easily find profitable products and achieve higher ROI.

Sellics Vs Helium 10- Product Research


How can Black Box help you find the best products?

  • Discover your next products in seconds.
  • Find product options that meet your specifications
  • Simply get results based on data by simply using a multifactor algorithm
  • Just do all your research on one platform.
  • Just access the Helium 10 suite to easily create your new list.

2) Search for X-ray products – Amazon

Are you looking for Amazon with the hope of finding all your next bestselling products? If so, start the X-ray immediately.

Basically, Xray is a search for Amazon products. You can find this tool directly in the Helium 10 Chrome Extension. This will really help you to get an overview of a market when browsing Amazon.

Sellics vs Helium 10- Xray Product Research Tools


Xray shows the simple metrics that are actually the most important to make buying decisions of Amazon sellers. Simply get all the relevant information in a market with high growth potential.

You simply need to open Xray directly on an Amazon search results page or product page to review the potential possibilities of products that you really want to outsource. Without hesitation, I would like to say with this tool that you can make a more informed decision, save time, and simply make more money.

3) Magnet – Powerful keyword research tool

The Magnet is one of the most profitable keyword research tools on the market. Many successful Amazon marketers use these optimal keyword tools for their product lists. And you do not have to waste your time rummaging through different tools and hoping for the best available keywords.

However, with this tool, you can find the most appropriate keywords for your products. All you have to do is enter a basic keyword directly into Magnet. It simply creates a list of the most relevant and related keywords in just seconds.

Now you can easily rate the most profitable search terms and generate more revenue by integrating the keyword research tool – Magnet directly into your Amazon SEO process.

Sellics vs Helium 10- Magent


With this tool, you simply get the most profitable and best keyword that you can add directly to the front-end and back-end of your Amazon product page. Just use this newly discovered keyword mine for your Amazon product page. You will undoubtedly see an increase in your traffic and an exponential increase in your sales.

How can the Magnet help you with keyword research?

  • Within minutes, you’ll discover tons of relevant and profitable Amazon keywords.
  • You can potentially rank your Amazon keywords based on keyword rankings and search volume data.
  • It helps you increase the traffic on your Amazon FBA product list by simply switching to the most searched terms.
  • It can easily help generate more revenue by being found more frequently in the results of the A9 search engine.

4) Cerebro – reverse ASIN search

The brain is one of the most profitable tools and, indeed, an important tool for the keyword research process. All you have to do is enter an ASIN product and get useful information in seconds.

The brain is a great tool to discover your competitive keyword strategy, and indeed one of the most popular tools. Just enter and in seconds get hundreds or even thousands of keyword suggestions.

Helium 10 Review- Cerebro


Here you have access to all the useful information, which usually includes a large and accurate search volume, the number of competing products, and the competitors who actually advertise for specific terms.

Just use the ASIN reverse search tool that most successful Amazon FBA sellers should use.

How can Brain help you?

  • It helps you get the most accurate search results in the market so you can choose the keywords that best fit your needs.
  • Just discover the Amazon Keyword Research data, which is made up of billions of data points and customer search queries.
  • Just enter an ASIN and get thousands of relevant keywords.
  • Simply sort the keywords by exact phrase volume and the volume of large sentences.
  • And determine how many competing products actually exist for a given term or phrase.
  • Keep an eye on all sponsored ASINs to find out how many products are promoting these genuine products.
  • Finally, the Brain IQ score identifies the strong keywords that are generally searched for and where there is little competition.

5. Wrong Spell Checker

We all know that spelling errors are one of the most underrated ways to increase list optimization revenue. And by simply putting the type of poorly written person in the search field of your product, you can easily achieve very high sales and rankings.

But here you can use this tool to quickly find the most common spelling mistakes for your keywords so you can make money from your mistakes. With this tool, you can use spelling mistakes to sell more Amazon FBA products.

How can spelling mistakes help?

  • You can provide tons of misspelled variations to track your profitable keyword lists.
  • Just get the best Amazon keyword ranking results for poorly written search terms.
  • Simply increase your results and simply sell more FBA products by fixing misspellings in your list by maximizing the effort.

Why choose Helium 10?


Search for products

Explore ideas to gain products and deepen those markets to explore and validate these ideas.

Search for keywords

Look for keywords that increase traffic to drive more traffic to your ad.

Product launches

Launch products and categorize keywords with the CPR formula. Determine the number of units to sell to classify the keywords 

Espionage competitor

Discover the strategy of your competition by identifying the keywords in which your products are arranged.

Optimization of the list.

Build and optimize your product lists quickly to generate revenue while you sleep.

Follow-up Keywords

Track all your keywords, including reach, Amazon badges, and more. Whether you are launching a product or optimizing an existing list, keyword tracking is critical to Amazon’s success.


Get a refund for a lost or damaged inventory that Amazon has not refunded.

Helium 10 vs Sellics Comparison- Refund


And much more!

Kidnap notifications, inventory protection, keyword indexing, and many other tools that help you achieve your Amazon goals.

Pricing Plans:

Helium 10 vs Sellics Review- Pricing

Advantages and disadvantages | Compare Sellics Vs Helium 10 


  • It also offers a free plan for its users.
  • Search for products
  • Optimization of the list.
  • It comes with the keyword index checker
  • Search for keywords
  • Follow-up Keywords
  • Product Launches
  • Allows competitors to spy on
  • Stock Protection Help
  • Deviation alarms and product monitoring.
  • It comes with 13 powerful tools for Amazon sellers.

The disadvantages:

  • The limits are stated in the original plans.
  • Beginners find the tool difficult to use.

Check out this infographic By Helium 10:

Helium 10 Review Discount Coupon 50%

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Sellics Vs Helium 10 2024 | Which is Better?

Detailed Sellics Review 2024

Sellics is a Germany-based enterprise analytics company founded in 2014. Originally, over the years, a simple, keyword-based crawler has been expanded to become an all-in-one software solution for Amazon sellers.

The company has several important names among its customers, including Bosch, KW-Commerce, Chal-Tec, Private Label Journey, and L’Oreal.

Sellics vs helium 10 - The 1 Amazon Software to Maximize Your Potential

Sellics offer two separate software platforms: an Amazon Vendor Edition and an Amazon Vendor Edition. The seller edition covered in this release is reserved for Amazon sellers with a Seller Central account.

Sellics Features: Is it really all in one, the AMZ software?

When you sign up for a merchant account, you will be redirected to the product recognition page. A convenient navigation bar at the top of the page allows you to switch between the product detector, the niche analyzer, and the spy device.

The main features are hidden in a drop-down menu, probably because you need to log in to your central provider account. This can be a deciding factor for anyone who does not have an SC account to simply test the system software.

If privacy or data security issues arise, the Sellics access token in the Amazon Marketplace web service API contains limited data for your Seller Central account. Your credentials will not be shared. As a member of the Amazon solution provider network, Sellics never shares your account information with third parties or Amazon.

If you still cannot connect to your Central Vendor account, here is a list of all features that will give you a good idea of ​​what to expect.

1.Product Detector

The Product Detector gives you a detailed overview of the various products sold on Amazon. This can help you find the most profitable niche if you have trouble finding new product ideas.

Sellics vs helium 10 - product detection

Sellics claims Amazon’s 10,000 best vendors are filtered by category in its product database. You can use filters such as sales area, estimated sales, number of revisions, and weight to quickly find thousands of products that match your criteria.

2. Niche Analyzer

By analyzing the sales volume and competitiveness in your desired niche with the Niche Analyzer, you can easily see how much revenue is generated in a niche and how difficult it will be to classify the keywords more effectively.

3. Command Cabin

The panel contains widgets that display all sorts of useful data, such as revenue and revenue, tips, performance, keyword ranking, PPC performance, and a list of all products that include revenue, revenue distribution, and revenue in progress. It’s great to have a quick overview of where your products are located.

Sellics vs helium 10 - command cabin

4. Spy Tool.

With the spy tool, you can control the prices of your competitors and discover your best sales. You can also track the actual sales volume of your target product, which reduces the risk of investing in poorly sold products and preserving unsold inventory.

You can determine the actual sales volume of a product on Amazon and see at a glance how the lowest price changes.

5. Classification of keywords.

With the Sellics Keyword Ranking Tool, you can search for new keywords, keywords classified by your competitors, and any combination of keywords. Sellics claims to have 180,000,000 Amazon keywords in its database.

Sellics vs helium 10 - file detected

The volume search ads help you find the most relevant keywords for your products. Keyword tracking lets you control how your area has changed over time and determine the impact of your optimization efforts.

6. Check the administration tool

The Notification Management Tool can notify you immediately when you receive an evaluation of the product. It is no secret that negative valuations can seriously affect sales.

Receiving instant notifications allows you to quickly respond to negative comments and limit the damage. With Sellics, you can leave a negative comment with one click directly in the panel.

7. Inventory management

Manual inventory management can be a problem, especially for a diversified product portfolio. Inventory Management automatically calculates the ideal time to replenish your products based on your current inventory, sales speed, and delivery time.

8. Profit plate

The paytable will be seamlessly integrated into your Seller Central account to show your exact profit margins after deducting all costs (FBA price, shipping, PPC charges, Amazon fees, inventory value, raw material costs)

Sellics vs helium 10 - Sales and Revenue

The panel is updated every five minutes and can be used to track the benefits of all your products throughout the day.

You can enter your costs manually to get more accurate results, instantly see the profitability of each product, and know which costs are being disproportionately lost.

9. Sponsored Links Manager

Use the PPC administrator to track, analyze, and optimize the performance of your Amazon ads. View your ad’s performance statistics, sorted by revenue, cost, CPC, clickthrough rate, orders, impressions, and more, so you do not have to rely on Seller Central reports determining the status of your campaigns.

The PPC optimizer can recognize unconverted keywords and make new proposals based on the cost of sales (ACoS) announced and the ability to print individual keywords.

10. Recording quality

The ability to identify your product and location largely depends on the quality of your ad. Having the right keywords, pictures, headlines, etc. It is important to have an optimized list to improve conversion possibilities. Amazon SellerApp analyzes the product lists for best practices and gives specific recommendations for improving the quality of the list. Guaranteed results in the weeks.

11. PPC Analyzer

If you’re a serious seller, you’re likely to promote your products with pay-per-click campaigns (PPC campaigns). Very often, you will find that some keywords generate revenue, and others do not. Keyword Optimization and Amazon PPC work in complex ways. With the PPC SellerApp Analyzer, you can drive more sales and conversions of your PPC keywords. The PPC Analyzer helps you understand campaign performance and keep ACoS as low as possible by searching for the right keywords and adjusting your bids and so on. Everything you need to optimize your PPC campaigns.

12. Product Warnings

You do not have to worry about controlling your wallet and the competition all the time. Just configure the alerts you need, and we’ll let you know when you need action. You can configure a variety of alerts, such as the price of the purchase box, the list of quality, and negative ratings.

Sellics vs helium 10 - product manager

13. Source of the Product

If you sell private label products and consider a product, SellerApp can help you find the best way to get it. SellerApp provides an elegant solution to this situation by providing a complete list of suppliers from sources such as Alibaba as well as profile information such as price, trade guarantee, minimum order quantity, and returns rate. Once you’ve selected the providers you’re interested in, you can contact them through SellerApp in just a few clicks. It is great!

Discover Internet Marketing offers to Save your Money.

The administrator can integrate Amazon’s Product Advertising API to automate their campaigns and create custom rule sets that automatically change keyword bids based on keywords.

Sellics Pricing | Compare Sellics Vs Helium 10 Price

Before you buy a package, you can test all the free features for 14 days (no credit card required). Sellics recommends testing your classification optimization program with two products. First, search for as many relevant keywords as possible.

If you do not know which keywords are most appropriate for your products, you can use the Keyword Rating feature to show the ranking of your most relevant keywords.

For example, if your product is a watch, the keywords may be “Best Watch Below $ 1,000” or “Brand Watches.” Sellics recommends using the PPC Optimizer tool to identify the keywords you want to convert. You should see your first note at the end of the trial period. At this point, Sellics has collected enough data to produce meaningful reports on the keywords being crawled.

Sellics vs helium10 - Pricing Plan

At the end of the free trial, you can choose a subscription. Sellics uses a variable pricing model where prices are based on the products sold.

Sellics recently changed its pricing model because it used a credit system for keywords or tracked products, which became very confusing and excluded software users because they did not understand how it was done.

The new Sellics pricing model is an improvement, but it can be confusing as the subscription rate is now indexed on Amazon sales.

For example, if your income is between $ 1,500 and $ 60,000, Sellics calculates $ 67 per month with a semester option of $ 342 ($ 57 per month) and an annual option of $ 564 ($ 47) per month. Months).Sellics vs helium 10 - new review

Here is a breakdown of Sellics prices:

Regardless of your level, each plan gives you access to all the essentials, to all Amazon markets with an unlimited number of products and keywords, and to the mobile Sellics application.

Sellics vs helium 10 - 14 days free

Customer service

You can access Sellics Customer Service via e-mail or live chat (the chat area is located in the lower right corner of the home page). Depending on your time zone, you do not have to wait more than half a day to get answers to the questions you send during the week (9:00 am to 6:30 pm, Paris time). The support team is very sensitive.

Sellics Vs Helium 10 | Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages Sellics:

  • Sessions and Conversion Rates: The Performance widget displays the sessions and conversion rates for all your products, a feature that most tools do not provide.
  • Good customer service: You can contact the support team via live chat or e-mail. They answer questions pretty quickly.
  • Comprehensive Knowledgebase: Sellics has an online knowledge base that covers all features and gives advice on how to best use the tools to grow your business.
  • Compatible with 8 Amazon Markets: Sellics is compatible with several Amazon markets, including the United States. Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Mexico, France, Italy, and Canada.
  • Variable pricing options: The price of your subscription is determined by your annual sales. This is an improvement over your old pricing model.

Disadvantages Sellics:

Even test users need to sign in to the central provider account: they cannot test most features without logging into their central provider account.

  • Historical data is limited: Sellics can not extract historical data for two months in the Profit Table because the Amazon API imposes restrictions.
  • No user management tool: It is currently not possible to create multiple users with different rights. However, Sellics plans to introduce a user management feature in the future.
  • No download report: You can not export or download reports from your Sellics account.
  • Previous: Sellics calculates or does not display the return.

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Conclusion: Sellics Vs Helium10 (Our Recommendation)

Which is better? Compare both Sellics vs Helium 10.  Sellics is a great tool, in our opinion, because it contains all the analysis software you need for Amazon in a unique and powerful package. Get all the information and efficiency indicators you need to grow your Amazon business.

You have the opportunity to deepen your understanding and understand the basics of efficiency.

The two codes you have are: BID10 and BID50

Coupon: BID10 will give you 10% off every month

Coupon: BID50 Will give you 50% off on first month Only

In the comments section below, let me know what you think of the three tools and what you liked best.




Sellics is a great tool, in our opinion, because it contains all the analysis software you need for Amazon in a unique and powerful package. Get all the information and efficiency indicators you need to grow your Amazon business.

Price:$ 47
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