Sellics Review 2024 Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons: Is it Worth Your Money?


Overall Verdict

Sellics is the All-in-One PPC optimization & management platform for Amazon vendors and sellers, A best solution that let businesses of different sizes to monitor sales performance & automate PPC campaigns.

Out of 10


  • Detailed information about the product and the supplier
  • Intelligent, Innovative Dashboards
  • Automate your workflow
  • Niche Analyzer
  • Product Detector
  • Review Management Tool


  • Limitations in the starter plans
  • Customer support can be improved


Price: $ 47

Are you looking for an Unbiased Sellics Review 2024, Don’t Worry, I got you covered.

It’s easy to start an Amazon business. The real challenge is to grow your business and stand out from the competition. Growth today almost requires the use of multiple tools to get the right indicators at the right time for profitable business decisions.

How are you doing in the Amazon marketplace? Do you feel like all your hard work is going to waste?

Moving further in this Sellics review 2024, I will take you deeper into what you get with this tool. Sellics is among the top Amazon Marketing Packages but it has not earned the place it deserves.

When you connect to a merchant account, you will be directed to the product discovery page. A convenient navigation bar at the top of the page allows you to switch between the product detector, the niche analyzer, and the spy device.

The main features are hidden in a drop-down menu, probably because you need to log in to your central seller account. This can be a deciding factor for anyone who does not have an SC account to simply test the system software.

sellics features

If you have privacy or data security issues, the Amazon Marketplace web service & API Sellics access token provides limited data from your Seller Central account. Your credentials will not be shared.

As a member of the Amazon Solution Provider Network, Sellics will never share your account information with third parties or with Amazon.

Sellics Review

Sellics Review in a Nutshell


Bottom Line Upfront:  Sellics is among the top e-commerce data intelligence tool with expertise in keyword research and Amazon products. Sellics comes with a range of awesome features like Amazon SEO Tools, Amazon PPC Management, Listing Optimization & More.

Sellics Manages reviews on Amazon in a very efficient manner which is considered to be a very critical part of Amazon’s business. Sellics outperform all the major tasks like organizing, prioritizing, and responding to customer reviews in just a few clicks. To know more about Sellics Click Here.

Thomas-Ropel- Sellics CEO

In market research, there are competitive intelligence tools, such as Jungle Scout and Unicorn Smasher, or tools that let you manage your feedback as a jump sent. To successfully develop your Amazon business, you usually need to use a combination of different analysis tools to get the data you need.

Sellics Reviews & Sellics Discount

Sellics wants to break this cycle by providing Amazon sellers a package with all the tools they need in one place. Sellics is basically a one-stop-shop for Amazon’s marketer, who combines three to five different analysis tools in one package. You can use it to optimize rankings, manage ratings, monitor competitors, track various performance counters, and more.

What is Sellics?

Sellics Review - What is Sellics

Sellics is a successful leading software for eCommerce growth that thousands of brands and agencies use to succeed on Amazon.

Established in Germany as a simple keyword ranking crawler, Sellics’ dream is to provide an insightful and integrated all-in-one solution that uses comprehensive optimization across all main performance metrics of the Amazon market.

The company has several important names among its customers, including Bosch, KW-Commerce, Chal-Tec, Private Label Journey, L’Oreal and Brita use AI-based technologies to boost Amazon’s sales and market share, backed by analytical analysis and automation focused on cutting-edge machine learning algorithms.


Since its inception in 2014, the platform has been supplemented with features over the years to become an all-in-one software solution for Amazon marketers.

Sellics offers two separate software platforms: an Amazon Sellers Seller Edition and an Amazon Vendor Edition. The edition for the seller covered in this release is reserved for Amazon sellers with a Seller Central account.

If you still can not connect to your Central Seller account, below is a list of all features. I should give you a good idea of what to expect.

Sellics Features

1. Product Detector

The Product Detector gives you a detailed view of the various products sold on Amazon. This can help you discover the most profitable niches if you have trouble finding new product ideas.

Sellics claims that the 10,000 best Amazon vendors in their product database are filtered by category. You can use filters such as sales area, estimated sales, number of revisions, and weight to quickly search for thousands of products that match your criteria.

2. Niche Analyzer

niche analyzer

By analyzing the volume of sales and competitiveness in your desired niche with the Niche Analyzer, you can easily determine the number of sales generated in a niche and how difficult it will be to rank the keywords more effectively.

3. Cockpit

The dashboard contains widgets that show all sorts of useful data like sales and earnings, advice, performance, keyword rankings, PPC performance, and a list of all products with sales, revenue share, and current sales. It’s great to have a quick overview of where your products are located.

4. Spy Tool

With the spy tool, you can control the prices of your competitors and discover your bestsellers. It also allows you to track the actual sales volume of your target product, reducing the risk of investing in poorly sold products, and getting unsold inventory.

You can determine the actual sales volume of a product on Amazon and see at a glance how the lowest and the lowest price, as well as the price development of your products, develop. With the spy tool, you can also set up a hacker alert warning you when unscrupulous traders are trying to ‘stick’ your products at cheaper prices and steal your income.

5. Classification of keywords

sellics vendor features

With Sellics Keyword Ranking Tool, you can search for new keywords, keywords classified by your competitors, and any combination of keywords. Sellics claims to have 180,000,000 Amazon keywords in its database.

Search Volume Ad helps you find the most relevant keywords for your products. Keyword tracking lets you monitor how your rank changes over time and see the impact of your optimization efforts.

6. Review Management Tool

The notification management tool can notify you immediately when you receive a product review. It is no secret that negative valuations can seriously affect sales.

By receiving instant notifications, you can quickly respond to negative comments and mitigate damage. With Sellics you can leave a negative comment with one click directly from the panel.

7. Inventory Management

Manual stock management can be a problem, especially with a diversified product portfolio. Inventory Management automatically calculates the ideal replenishment date for your products based on your current inventory, sales speed, and delivery time.

8. Profit Panel

The profit chart is seamlessly integrated into your Central account to show your exact profit margins after all costs (FBA price, shipping, PPC costs, Amazon fees, action value, raw material costs) have been deducted in real-time.

The dashboard is updated every five minutes and can be used to track the benefits of all your products throughout the day.

You can enter your costs manually like inspection services etc, to get more accurate results, instantly see the profitability of each product, and find out which one is losing disproportionately money.

9. Sponsored Links Manager

Use the PPC Administrator to track, analyze, and optimize the performance of your Amazon ads. View performance statistics for your ads, sorted by revenue, cost, CPC, clickthrough rate, orders, impressions, and more, so you do not have to rely on Seller Central’s reports to determine the status of how your campaigns are performing.

The PPC Optimizer can recognize unconverted keywords and propose new proposals based on the announced cost of sales (ACoS) and individual keyword printing potential.

sellics Reviews - map

The administrator can integrate Amazon’s Product Advertising API to automate their campaigns and create custom rule sets that automatically change their keyword bids based on keyword performance.


Sellics is the Ultimate Amazon Vendor tool for Optimization & PPC management

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Clean Modern Layout, In-depth data with basic charts

😩  Cons

While tracking finances, software is bit confusing


Best on the market for amazon software. Great for amz vendor & seller

Overall Rating 4.5/5

 Sellics Pricing & Plan

Now, let’s talk about one important thing: pricing in this Sellics Review 2024

Before purchasing a package, you can test all the free features for 14 days (no Credit Card required). Sellics recommends that you test your Ranking Optimizer with two products. First, search for as many relevant keywords as you can.

If you do not know which keywords are most appropriate for your products, use the keyword rating feature to see the ranking of your most relevant keywords.

sellics Reviews - pricing

For example, if your product is a watch, the key keywords may be “best watch under $1000” or “Branded Watches”. Sellics recommends using the PPC Optimizer to see which keywords are being converted.

You should see your first rating at the end of the trial period. At this point, Sellics has collected enough data to produce meaningful reports on the tracked keywords.

At the end of the free trial, you can choose a subscription. Sellics uses a variable pricing model where pricing is based on the products sold.

Sellics recently changed its pricing model because it used a credit system for keywords or tracked products, which became very confusing and excluded users from the software. After all, they did not understand how it was done.

Sellics new pricing model is an improvement, but it can still be confusing as the subscription rate is now pegged to Amazon sales.

For example, if your revenue is between $ 1,500 and $ 60,000, Sellics charges you $ 67 per month with a six-monthly option of $ 342 ($ 57 per month) and an annual option of $ 564 ($ 47) US dollars per month).

Monthly Pricing is Listed below:


Regardless of their level, each plan gives you access to all the key features, to all Amazon markets with an unlimited number of products and keywords, and to Sellics’ mobile application.

Customer Support

You can access Sellics Customer Service via e-mail or live chat (the chat area is located in the lower-right corner of the home page) to receive customer feedback.

Depending on your time zone, you do not have to wait more than half a day to get answers to questions you send on weekdays (9 am to 6.30 pm, Paris time). The support team is very sensitive.

Sellics Reviews & Testimonials by Real Users & Customers

Sellics-Reviews-by real customers

Sellics Review RedditSellics-Review-Reddit

Sellics Glassdoor Reviews


FAQ Related to Sellics Review

✅Who is Sellics ?

Sellics is an all-in-one Amazon sellers tool that covers the features like competitor monitoring, Sponsored Products manager, profit calculation, and organic or PPC sales, review management, keyword ranking tracker & inventory management.

✅ How much does Sellics Cost ?

Sellics Pricing starts with $57 per month which goes up to $317 per month.

💥 Does Sellics offer Free Trial?

Yes, Sellics offers a free trial for 14 days.

👉 How can I cancel my Sellics account?

Sellics has a very easy to user interface &you can cancel your Sellics account any time. You have to log in to your account, find the account management page Under the subscription box, and click on terminate. Once you confirm your choice your Sellics account & Sellics Login stands to cancel.

🤔 Is Sellics secure?

Yes, Sellics is secure, Sellics complies with GDPR & USA Laws & hence all your data, transaction & credit card details are safe with Sellics.

🤔 How do I manage my Amazon reviews?

Click on Accounts & Lists on the top of the website, select the Amazon profile where you will find reviews, all the past activity will also be visible on this page, select reviews to see your reviews and comments posted by you, here you will have the option to delete or edit your reviews.

✅ What is Amazon Sellics?

Sellics is an AI-based algorithm platform for Amazon Advertising optimization. The software with the help of several combinations like keyword clustering, sales forecasting while considering and other factors give your business optimum results.


Conclusion: Sellics Review 2024: Should You Go for It?

Sellics is great because it brings together all the analysis tools you need to sell profitably in a package on Amazon. Get all the data and performance metrics you need to grow your Amazon business with options to browse and get more KPI information.

If you want an analysis panel that gives you the approximate profitability of your products, plus handy features like a PPC administrator and a ranking tool, Sellics is the answer. The comparison between Sellics and AMZ Tracker has also improved significantly.

The pricing model may be confusing at first, but it costs between $ 57 and $ 97 a month for most new Amazon sellers. For those who are more advanced in their Amazon business, it’s worth trying Sellics.

Sellics puts everything you need in one place and makes it easy to access. Selling on Amazon can be a lot of work and you have to make sure you’re keeping track of everything Sellics does a great job. This is why I recommend Sellics.

You can follow Sellics on social media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube & Sellics Linkedin Page Here.

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  2. Amazing article, thank you for posting! I loved reading this article. It’s extremely informative and clearly written. In my opinion that the points you made are spot on. I also appreciate the approach you discussed the topic. Excited to perusing more articles from you in the future!

  3. Sellics is a tool that enables you to create and maintain content for your products with ease. A simple and effective tool, you don’t have to think about how it works because the design makes it intuitive–from adding new content or editing old posts to boosting campaigns and assessing performance. You can also connect Sellics with social media platforms. Selling has never been so easy!

  4. “I’ve been using Sellics!”
    “Since I started using Sellics, my sales have gone from $100 a day to over $300 a day.” “With all the stress off of me about production and inventory levels, it was so freeing to click on an ad with virtually no risk versus my competitors constantly playing catch up.” “Not only did Sellics remove the need for constant app updates, but it also optimizes creatives automatically!”
    “All this time wasted running back and forth between MarketMotive AI and RM Bridge is now minimized thanks to Sellics’ deep Amazon API integration. I haven’t missed anything important because of it since launching this product two weeks ago.”

  5. A+ for Sellics! I love this app. It’s so much easier than paying someone to do it and keeping track of everything. I just set up my keywords, upload product descriptions within minutes, view tracking summary by date or keyword, export data to CSV file- how great is that?!

  6. I can’t believe this tool is FREE. I was struggling with using my a bunch of different tools to do everything, and Sellics has done it all in one place for me, and made it super easy to create the listings too!
    A perfect product for: people who don’t know much about Amazon or use any other selling channels but have been interested in learning more about how to be successful on Amazon within hours instead of weeks.

  7. Sellics is a leading web analytic that helps marketing teams and agencies transform the way they analyse their businesses. Sellics empowers organisations to measure every detail of customer interactions across all digital touchpoints, such as mobile devices, sites or widgets with artificial intelligence-based machine learning features.

  8. Sellics is a must-have for any company with an inventory on the Amazon Marketplace. Sellics integrates seamlessly with your store and automatically walks you through uploading your items to sell online as well as handles PPC advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Youtube and more. With Sellics robust product review tool it’s easy to enter reviews from across the world into your account. There are endless ways that Sellics can help automate tasks for you which saves money in time and effort.

  9. The team at Sellics is seriously on-point. The work they’ve done for us has been nothing short of remarkable – every day they seem to find new ways to improve our business and help save time. From a user perspective, I couldn’t recommend them more.

  10. It Totally depends on the kind of amount of the order you are about to make. Usually, you are not allowed to use more than a single Sellics discount or coupons for the same order. If you have multiple orders then you can use one coupon with every purchase.

  11. Sellics powerful software helps businesses reduce ACoS, maximize ad reach, and boost product sales and business profit. With Sellics, you’ll have everything you need to take your Amazon advertising strategy to new heights!

  12. Sellics is the leading advertising optimization software that helps clients drive product sales and business profit on Amazon. Our software is dedicated to helping maximize ad reach, reduce ACoS, and optimize your ad campaigns for success. Use Sellics today to improve your Amazon advertising ROI!

  13. Sellics is the ultimate Amazon advertising optimization software. We make it easy for clients to increase ad reach, reduce ACoS, and drive product sales and business profit on Amazon. With Sellics, you’ll have everything you need to succeed on Amazon.

  14. Unfortunately, there is no Sellics Responder discounts or coupons available right now. However, if you’re a subscriber to any of their monthly offers then this may not be an issue for long! You can save $240

  15. It’s unfortunate that there is currently no discount or coupon for military members. However, Sellics has many other offers running monthly which you can take advantage of by using any one of their deals!

  16. Sellics is a very easy to use marketing platform that tells you where your visitors are coming from, what they came to the website for and what media they consumed. It may not be as stable as it could be at times but with any bug fixes on their way, we can give Sellics 3.5/5 stars out of five stars!

  17. With Sellics, you can easily get an overview of your best-performing products and dive deeper into the reasons why they are performing well to better optimize your marketing. You can also access all customer feedback in one location to make sure that every single message is answered quickly – increasing customer loyalty!

  18. Sellics is a powerful tool that combines everything you need to be successful on Amazon.

    Hands down, Sellics is the best product I’ve come across. They have it all: tracking software for finding high-profit products and expanding insights about your competitors; live Amazon keyword research allows you to study trends and find crossovers while packing your cart with profitable items; the ability to compete against other sellers in any category with their fully customizable automated repricing module. For an idea of what these guys can do for you, they set up my account so I had 3k in profit running without me hardly doing anything! No ridiculously complicated setups or payment plans.

  19. I was very happy with the customer service I received but most importantly, my PPC campaigns are now running a lot smoother and more profitable thanks to Sellics.

  20. Sellics is a way of life, not just a tool. It’s fun to use and it has the support you’ll need if something goes wrong. In my opinion, it has everything I need in one package!

  21. Sellics is an innovative marketing software company that we really enjoy using. They have a user-friendly interface that anyone can understand and they offer great support as well if we ever need any help with anything–highly recommend!

  22. I started using Sellics for PPC campaign automation because I had heard a lot about the sellics

  23. I was a bit skeptical about trying Sellics in the beginning because I was not sure about marketing my company. It ended up being a really easy and creative process that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed!

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