Sellics Free Trial: Is It Amazon Ads Software Worth the Hype?

Sellics Free Trial, Is Sellics worth it? This post covers all such answers to the question.

Sellics Free Trial Coupons

Sellics is a SaaS-based tool that optimizes sales. All in one, it boosts ROI and cuts work hours.

Increase Amazon’s advertising revenue and get quality traffic using Sellic’s great features, with Sellics you can promote any product from your niche.

PPC ads are a great way to boost Amazon sales, but they’re not for everyone. Sellics, a PPC Campaign Tool, is a great option to get started with PPC ads.

Using historical data, optimize campaigns without a seller central report. It secures all data and protects privacy. Their data analytics are accurate.

What is Sellics?

sellics free trial

Sellics’ features are unique because it tracks real-time profit.

From keywords to bids, they visualize everything for users. It helps sellers track all sponsored Amazon sellers and the progress of their ads over time.

The tool checks every change to PPC campaigns and provides historical data not available in Seller Central.

Learn which changes made the ad successful. Maximize ad revenue and lower ACoS with their PPC features.

It creates a list of negative keywords so users can avoid them. Sellics has been a favorite of many users for a long time.

Sellics Pricing

Sellics Pricing

Less than $1k Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $57.00/Mo

$1k-60k Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $67.00/Mo
  • $57.00/Mo with a Bi-annual plan.
  • $47.00/Mo with Annual plan.

$60k-240k Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $97.00/Mo
  • $87.00/Mo with a Bi-annual plan.
  • $77.00/Mo with Annual plan.

$240k-600k Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $157.00/Mo
  • $137.00/Mo with Bi-Annual plan.
  • $117.00/Mo with Annual plan.

$600k-$1.2m Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $217.00/Mo
  • $187.00/Mo with Bi-Annual plan.
  • $157.00/Mo with Annual plan.

$1.2m and above Annual sales on Amazon:

  • $317.00/Mo
  • $287.00/Mo with Bi-Annual plan.
  • $257.00/Mo with an Annual plan.

Sellics Free Trial

Yes, you can use Sellics without cost for a period of 14 days before you have to make a decision about whether or not you want to keep using it. The good news is that in order to put Sellics through its paces, you won’t need to hand up any of your credit card information. Signing up will only take you one minute, and once you do, you’ll have immediate access.

It is important to keep in mind that in order for the tool to access your data, you will need to connect your Seller Central account.

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Conclusion: Sellics Free Trial

It is important for any Amazon Central Seller to get the PPC optimization right. Campaigns are very important, so they need to have the best keywords and bids.

Sign up for Sellics now to get a free 14-day trial.

The tool is for every aspirational Amazon Seller and has a lot of features. It fixes everything and makes sure that everything works well. The seller doesn’t have to worry about much, and the tool helps make things easier on its own. It also keeps track of reviews and lets users know what to do.

This is an extra feature that not many tools have, so it sets it apart from the others. Overall, it’s a great tool with a free trial and different pricing plans.

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