Sellerboard VS Helium 10 2024: Which One Is The Best?( Pros & Cons )

Hello! Now you are going to have a look at a comparison between two popular tools that is Sellerboard vs Helium 10. The world is going tech-savvy and technology-driven connectivity is constantly expanding its forte to almost all niches of life, from education, and health to business and economy. E-commerce giant, Amazon with its origin Businesses bookseller, emerged as shoppers’ number one choice for groceries to sophisticated tech gadgets. Businesses supported Amazon, which revolutionized the whole online business game.

It is a whole another deal, building a brand online, marketing it, optimizing operations, and above all, unlocking the potential of your brand idea. How is this achieved? Through the division of work and specialization. Seek the aid of experts for each business operation and get services tailored to the needs of your business.

Bottom Line Upfront: Sellerboard is an amazing profit analytics service for Amazon sellers with additional tools like follow-up mail campaigns, inventory management, reimbursements for lost & damaged stock and other FBA errors, PPC optimizer, listing change alerts. Sellerboard is a much better platform than Inventory Lab in terms of features and pricing. There is a lot you can do with Sellerbard but first of all, you have to buy a plan on Sellerboard.

Here I have reviewed and compared two Software Suites as I mentioned before, Sellerboard and Helium 10, that provides you with a complete seller toolkit, which could be successful for your brand on Amazon. It is a challenge to be at least noticed in a highly saturated platform like Amazon. The two software render a multitude of services and products that could help you dive into the possibilities and dig out the absolute best of opportunities. All you need, right from the overview, key features to benefits to pricing, is right here!

Sellerboard VS Helium 10: Overview

Sellerboard Overview

SellerBoard is an accounting and profitability computing software service that is used by Amazon sellers that analyze profit expectation margins with accuracy. 

It also has some additional tools such as inventory management, follow-up mail campaigns, PPC optimization, listing change alerts, reimbursements for lost or damaged stock, and other FBA errors. 

_sellerboard Overview

I have personally tried Sellerboard and it is one of the best accounting services that are available for sellers on Amazon. It is also known as Amzcontrol. 

It also has a feature called autoresponder that sends us important alerts regarding our listings via mail. It also keeps track of information on our Amazon account and keeps updating us with different alerts. 

Also, one of the additional points is that  KPIs can be downloaded in text or spreadsheet forms that turn out useful for comparing data and results. It can also be operated on mobile phones.

Helium 10 Overview 

Helium 10 is an all in one software for e-commerce and marketing with no tools. It is trusted by agencies, brands, and a number of e-commerce platforms. It has save

Helium-10 - Amazon Seller Tool

ral different tools to boost up our sales from finding, launching, and selling a product. 

It helps to maximize profits. It has been created and developed by Amazon sellers. Features are added annually without any extra costs. It has 19 tools, each one providing a different cause.


When it comes to quality, the first use that we check in the bucket list features and Sellerboard. What are the extra benefits, what are the plus points, isn’t it? So let’s have a look at the unique features of Helium 10 and the Sellerboard.


  • PPC optimizer: It performs the task of optimization. It offers a dashboard that is much easy to review. It analyses every detail of your data minutely. Its unique algorithm performs estimation of profits by PPC campaigns. 

Sellers-sellerboard - PPC Optimization

  • Inventory management: It works in coordination with your FBA warehouse. It keeps us updated on the information of sales and their speeds. The advanced features track the profit margins that are expected. With such updated information being provided, you can never have a bare empty pocket. 

Sellers-sellerboard - Inventory Managment

  • Autoresponder: It keeps customer reviews. As the name suggests,  it is a tool that automatically responds to the reviews, messages of customers of products and keeps it. 

-Sellers-sellerboard - CashFlow

Verdict: When it comes to features, my pick would be Sellerboard, as it has a variety of tools so that when I fall short of tools for work, I already have choices. Besides, Helium 10 also has amazing features. It all depends on the need and our criteria whether which tool we choose.

Helium 10 

It has 19 different tools with different features. They are:

  • Cerebro: This is the most amazing tool in the list of Helium 10 tools that I found. This tool gives many keyword ideas using reverse A Cerebro provides data on competition going on in the markets including competitors, demanding products, trending keyboards, and IQ score of Cerebro.

Helium-10 - Cerebro

  • Black box: It is a  tool of research to find the fore products that are most profitable based on our needs and criteria that are most flexible and powerful. Black box can assist us to search for products, niche, targeted products, competitors, and trending keywords that can help increase the reach of customers.

Helium-10 - Black Box

  • Trendster: It is a tool that analyses data and which informs us about the season of a product and its need is constant or not in the market that is its need and requirement in the markets from Time to time. 

Helium-10 - TrendSter

  • Xray: It is available with the following features:

Helium-10 - X Ray

  1. Rating
  2. Reviews
  3. Fulfillment of products 
  4. Profitability calculator and much more
  5. Topmost ranks.
  • Follow up: It is a tool for automation of custom emails that helps us with branding, getting reviews, providing extra value to customers. 
  • Ads: automation of amazon PPC campaigns can be done directly from here. Along with it, simplification and optimization are also done. It also performs various functions like visualizing campaigns, viewing top products, keywords, setting up campaigns that are sponsored by brands. The algorithm of the tools suggests new keywords, negative keywords, and optimizations.

Helium-10 - ADS

  • Hijacking alerts: For frauds and suspicious activities, these tools give alerts. Much time before, it was also known as Brand Gate Checker. 
  • Magnet: It is a good keyword research tool for keywords in the list of tools of helium 10. It analyses and helps us to find the keywords that are demanding and popular and also help us analyze whether they are on our rankings or not.
  • Misspellinator: It is a search tool for the maximization of keywords. It also shows misspelled keywords. 
  • Frankenstein: it decreases manual efforts thereby taking less time to eliminate the words that are not required. 

Frankenstein- Helium-10

  • Scribbles: it automatically adds keywords to our seller central via amazon seller API. With reference to our products and bucket list, it helps us analyze the keywords of maximum demands that are on the rank list.
  • The other tools are portal, mobile app, market tracker, index checker, refund genie, inventory protector keyword tracker, the profit tool. These tools add to the benefits of users of Helium 10 and are used in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, India, Turkey, etc.

Pros & Cons:

As every coin has two sides, as each thing has its advantages and disadvantages,  similarly there are pros and cons of every software that help us to compare the features and choose best according to our needs. So let’s just have a glance at both the Helium 10 and Sellerboard and choose the best that suits our needs, criteria, and budget. 



  • Well-Integrated and accurate
  • An easy-to-use interface that is also fast
  • Great listing tools
  • Good communication
  • You do not have to pay for several tools separately
  • Highly recommended by Amazon sellers
  • Designed for usage on mobile devices; available for any OS, Android, or iOS
  • Multiple Amazon Marketplaces- US, Canada, European Union, India, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Egypt, Turkey, etc.
  • It has eBay and Shopify Connecters which can boost your sales with minimal investment of time.

Helium 10

  • User-friendly and widely used Amazon Tool 
  • Right Tools needed for Amazon 
  • Excellent product and keyword search tools
  • You can create a plan for your business free
  • Accurate data
  • Great learning tutorials 
  • It comes with some really useful extensions.



  • Lacks customization in terms of layout and design
  • Requires a listing optimization in the basic plan
  • Though it has a PPC optimizer, the feature is in beta, which some sellers might not prefer.
  • No review tracking tool and keyword tracking tool
  • eBay and Shopify Connecters are both in beta.

Helium 10

  • The free plan is limited in scope
  • The greater the  budget, the more useful it is
  • It has no Amazon PPC Manager
  • Interface lacks speed


Whatever the business deal, pricing should be of top-notch priority. Pricing packages vary between different service providers with the scale of your business, the gamut of services you avail, the level of expertise you seek from them, and yes, definitely your budget!

So while you consider alternatives, I recommend you to take a look at all these factors along with a comparison of the time frame you require these services and the period these platforms offer their services for. So know what your business needs and check out their pricing offer which you can find right here!


Sellerboard presents you with four choices to make payments. You can pay them monthly, half-yearly (10% off), or annually (20% off), under each of which you would have a further choice between standard, professional, business, and enterprise plans.

Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Pricing

Standard Plan: $15 per month 

  • 3000 orders per month
  • 150 autoresponders per month
  • 4 additional seller accounts
  • Can NOT manage users’ access by account, the marketplace, and products. Also, you can have a free trial.

Professional Pack: $23 per month

  • 6000 orders per month
  • 6000 auto-email responders
  • 6 additional seller accounts
  • Can NOT manage users’ access by account, the marketplace, and products. Again, you can have a free trial.

Business Pack: $31 per month

  • 15,000 orders per month
  • 15,000 auto-email responders
  • 8 additional seller accounts
  • Cannot manage users’ access by account, marketplace, and products. A free trial is available

Enterprise Pack: $61 per month

  • 50,000 orders per month
  • 30,000 auto-email responders
  • 16 additional seller accounts
  • You can manage users’ access by account, marketplace, and product. Yes, you can try it for free.

With all these plans, you will have access to Live Dashboard, PPC optimization, listing change notifications, inventory management, and automation. These were the distinguished price plans. 

Personally, when I was using Sellerboard, the plan that I chose and found to be the most appropriate was a business plan. You can also kickstart your businesses, enterprises with digitalization to compete in this rapidly growing world so that you reach all over the world.

Helium 10

Helium 10 offers you three basic plans as well as a free trial, which gets you acquainted with the main features of Helium 10 and a custom plan for custom solutions. Here, I have put up a concise view of Helium 10 pricing plans.

Helium 10 Pricing Plans

Platinum plan [ also most popular!]

$97 per month which includes product research tools, keywords research tools, listing optimization tools, operation tools, and limited use of analytics tools and marketing tools.

Diamond Plan

$197 per month, This includes all the features that come under the platinum plan but with greater scope in terms of operation tools, analytic tools, and additional perks.

Elite Plan

This pack comes with the best perks and seamless access to all features of Helium 10 and suitable for any medium-big business but to get a quotation for this plan you have to contact them.


It is obvious from above that Sellerboard puts forward a lower tariff, as compared to Helium 10. It is also to be noted that Sellerboard offers a broader set of packages than Helium 10, depending on your time commitment.

But ultimately, it is for your business that we are considering these alternatives. Choose whatever that best fits your description of the service you seek and your budget. So small businesses might go for Sellerboard because it covers most requisite services at a reasonable price and that too with excellence. But to be frank, I liked both the services. 

Sellerboard Vs Helium 10: Testimonials

SellerBoard Customer Review

Amazon-Sellers-sellerboard - Testimonials

Helium 10 Customer Review

Helium-10 - Testimonials

Quick Links:

FAQs On Sellerboard Vs Helium 10

✌How long can we use the free trial?

Sellerboard provides a 30-day free trial whereas Helium 10 gives you life-long access.

✌ Would you be able to cancel your subscription?

Yes, you will be able to cancel your subscription anytime on both these platforms. Helium 10 even guarantees a full money-back policy in case of cancellations within the first 30-day period.

✌Which Amazon Marketplaces are supported?

Sellerboard supports Canada, US, and Europe Marketplaces. You can directly contact Helium 10 for queries related to Amazon Marketplaces.

Conclusion: Sellerboard Vs Helium 10 2024 

Sellerboard and Helium 10 are two excellent Amazon seller toolkits that makes you all set to begin and operate your business brand on Amazon. Right from email marketing, rating, and review to inventory management, these platforms provide you with the best tools. 

Again, they are different, in terms of certain features and pricing as well. Unique features would give you an insight into the advantage you could receive if you opt for a platform. 

In comparison in terms of pricing, I felt that Sellerboard might seem to be more feasible for small businesses. However, knowing what you expect of the service and your business need is of paramount importance. Understanding where you stand in the chain, the plan of action you choose, and the ultimate goal determine your decision. So the ultimate decision is yours, but my favorite was Sellerboard! 

With Amazon leading the way, your business can certainly be the front runner with such Amazon seller software suites, specifically designed to optimize and grow your business online with much ease. Align your focus and keep exploring new avenues! 

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