How to Sell T-shirts on Demand Using ThriveCart & Printful


Do you want to sell products of your design choices? Do you want to sell customizable products on demand? Then, you are reading the right article. ThriveCart is offering you to create goods of patterns, images, quotes, of your choice.

If you are facing some issues with printing on your T-shirts, ThriveCart can design one as per your wish. ThriveCart is integrating with Printful to provide you the facility of customizing your T-shirts and selling them through it. In ThriveCart, you can make a checkout page to sell t-shirts and start selling. 

You can sell your t-shirts with predefined designs and patterns, or you can offer the flexibility of customizing a T-shirt. It is an excellent way of maximizing visitors to your site and increasing sales of your products. The quality of ThriveCart to integrate with other applications has made it very easy to sell products on it and make money in the market. Check our detailed ThriveCart review to get detailed insights into the ThriveCart platform. 

What is Printful?

Printful is a platform that provides on-demand service to its customers. It allows its users to access everything possible to start selling customizable products in the market online as well as offline. There is a unique feature called a mockup generator that can help you create designs on things other than T-shirts like phone cases, tote bags, hats, and many more. Check our detailed printful review here. 


It has an excellent inventory service, so you do not have to worry about the inventory with Printful. The application works with the manufacturers and sends customized items directly to the customers. There is a simple guide that can help you to start using Printful. It will let you know about the variety of tools it offers to help you design your goals.

Features of Printful

Printful is an excellent platform for customizing clothing and accessories printing. The application offers some attractive features that can fulfill every customer with their prints. Below are some features for a better understanding of working of Printful:

  • Make Custom T-shirts: You can design T-shirts of your choice. Printing on T-shirts or other clothing depends on your wish to make logos, images, quotes, or patterns, or anything you want.
  • Sell Personalized Products: With Printful, you also can sell your products online or on offline stores. You can also customize your accessory designs to buy it for yourself.
  • Worldwide Shipping: You can make your product shipments worldwide with your brand name. You can create, and your name will be printed on the product if any purchase is made.

ThriveCart print On Demand

  • Discounts on Bulk Product Printing: You will get massive discounts on the bulk purchase of T-shirts with designer prints. If you buy more than twenty-five pieces, then you will get smart discounts. You can find the discount chart in the bulk discount guide where you can see various plans.
  • Wide Range of Products and Selections: There is a wide range of product catalogs from where you can select the design and style of prints you want on your accessory. After choosing the manner, you will get the same impression as you have selected.
  • High-quality Printing: It allows you to print high-quality images on your T-shirts and other clothing. It provides the best printing service to its customers before printing and shipping.
  • Warehousing and Fulfillment: Printful can help sellers to store their inventory items in their warehouse. They even fulfill the orders of your customers by making shipments and allow customers to track their goods on the way.

How Can You Print Your Products using Printful?

There are some following steps from which you can easily understand how you can make prints on T-shirts on demand. It comprises of three stages, let us discuss them:

  • Pick a T-shirt: Firstly, you have to pick a suitable T-shirt of your choice. Then select the color and style you want on it.
  • Design: After choosing the style and color of the T-shirt, you have to show some designing skills of yours. You have to create a design, i.e., easy to make with the mockup tool. Position the design of the appropriate place on the T-shirt, and rest is left on the application.
  • Delivery of Your Products: At last, you can collect your customized t-shirts for yourself, or you can sell them on various online platforms. 

Are There Any Samples Available in Printful?

Yes, you can see sample designs of people who have ordered. You can find a gallery full of those sample designs. From there, you can select, or you can create your unique design. These will help you find the most trending designs and patterns in the world of all time. You can use those as your base and can take ideas from those.

What Technology is Used byPrintful to Print on T-shirts?

Printful uses the DTG method of printing on fabrics. DTG stands for Direct to Garment technology. In this method of printing, the customer can make high-quality prints like photo images on the material. 

The different and variety of colors used in it will not affect its pricing as well. The customers do not have any restrictions on ordering the minimum amount of products. Printful uses Brothers and kornit printers to make prints on the fabric.

How Can You Use Printful with ThriveCart?

Printful is another application like Thrivecart. People can directly buy T-shirts from Printful or make use of any other app to make online purchases. Both ThriveCart and Printful are significant applications in their specific fields. They can be used together by an integrating feature.

You can integrate Printful with ThriveCart; customers visiting on ThriveCart can make purchases and customize their T-shirt designs using Printful. Customers on ThriveCart do not need to go or buy subscriptions from other applications for customizing their products.

How to Print T-shirts on-demand Using Printful and Thrivecart?

You can have a T-shirt designed with your choice by customizing the size, pattern, and color. Below are some steps that are given through which you can easily print T-shirts by using the ThriveCart integrated with Printful and sell them to your customers in your brand name.

  • From ThriveCart: You have to integrate your online ThriveCart account with a Printful store. You will be able to use features of Printful; then, you have to add the products that you want to design on. The customer will be able to see your already sold product and order it for themselves also.
  • Printful Factory: When the customer makes an order, the order will automatically be sent to Printful, where that order will be printed, packed, and shipped. You will get a notification and tracking records when the order is shipped.
  • Your Clients: Your customer will receive their order packed in the name of your brand. It will look similar to your package, like you are the one who sent it to the customers. 

Conclusion: Sell T-shirts on Demand Using ThriveCart & Printful

Above, you have a brief study about Printful, its features, how it can help customers in ThriveCart , how it can be used with ThriveCart, etc. Printful is an excellent application that allows users to create their T-shirts with their designs on them. On ThriveCart, users can sell their products by creating the checkout pages for tier products.

When integrated, both platforms make an impressive combo that can fulfill the customizing needs of their customers.

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