How to Sell Domains Fast: A Comprehensive Way to Online Income

I am sure you have heard about it. If you are in the online career arena then you must have. Not only is domain investing one of the biggest indirect businesses on the Internet but is consistently growing and innovating.

Domain Investments may seem easy but they require more effort than stock trading, Trust me, I have tried it. You have to get the right domain then appreciate it to the right value. Then there is the entire process of finding the right buyer and negotiating until you have a satiable price.

Diversified sources of income are an excellent way to leverage your financials and stay secure and stable. Domain Investing is one such opportunity. I am not saying that you will have million dollar deals each day but yes, you can make a substantial sum with gradual but maximum effort.

But How do you ideal tap into Domain Investing: Enter Sell Domains Fast

So you have the money to invest but what do you next. How do you tap into an industry that is not talked about at Management colleges and is very sector specific?

What you need to know and have is:

  • Knowledge of how domains work
  • How the value of $10 domain escalates to $1 Million’
  • The right buyer and seller marketplaces
  • The right modes of payment
  • Historical Data to predict trends and opportunities for you

Now back in the day, I would have told you to start one process at a time, research the world wide web, connect with known experts and this and that. But, no, this time its different. All you need to know has been brought into one simple book: Sell Domains Fast.

Aishwin Vikhona, one of the top domain investors in India, pens the book. Over the course of his business journey he has personally engineered high value domain sales and holds and expert view of the industry.

Before I wrote this post  I asked Aishwin, why the book? He had the following comment:

I was a regular mundane job goer once. When I learned about domains the concept fascinated me and I have been buying and selling them at a profit ever since. I realized that… if me, then why not others like me.”

Sell Domains Fast is actually the experiences and network of an expert compiled into a standard readable format with exceptional case studies, plethora of tools and resources and a list of contacts and people that help domain investments.

Why would anyone want to waste hours of research online when he could easily find everything in one book? That has to be worthwhile.

While reading the book you find that everything is chronologically organized. The book starts with the bare basics you need to know like how many types of domains are there, which kind of domains are more sellable than the others and stuff like that.

Once you are adept with the basics come the advanced stuff, all the tools and resources you can use to appreciate and know the world of domains better. As you go through the book your understanding of the domain business increases by leaps and bounds and you start making accurate speculations and estimations.

It also has information about the leading domain brokers and websites who help you in getting the most out of your domain sales.

Sell Domains Fast allows you to first understand the Domain Business top to bottom and then lays out strategies, tools and resources, explaining them in a manner which allows you to instantly start working on profitable investments

With that being said, I would personally recommend this book to any one who wants to invest seriously in domain marketing. Its not every time that an expert divulges all the secrets!


Jitendra Vaswani
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