Monetize Your Website with RollerAds In 2024 Case Study $6,000

Hey! We’ve heard you’ve got a website, don’t you? Our friends from RollerAds are willing to pay for the traffic it generates. Specifically, RollerAds would like to show their ads to your users.

What kind of ads? Push notifications — an unintrusive ad format and the main specialization of this ad network for 5 years straight.

Monetizing your website with RollerAds is safe, convenient, fast, and profitable. Scroll the article down for more details.

What Is Push Notification? RollerAds Case Study

Push notification is a small notification window with a tiny picture popping up on the user’s screen. They have to give their explicit consent to receive push notifications.

RollerAds Review

Having done so, your audience will start seeing RollerAds’ offers, and you will begin earning money.

The size of the consenting user base determines your level of income — the more, the better. Talking about the ad format advantages:

  • Push notifications complement other ad formats: There is no need to turn off other ad formats in favor of push notifications. They don’t mess with your SEO or monetization via AdSense. Using push notifications in tandem with other ad formats can boost your revenue through the roof.
  • Push notifications mitigate ad blockers and ad bots: Thus, your users are guaranteed to see an ad. This makes your money inflow stable and predictable.
  • Push notifications don’t mess with your website design: They’re neutrally colored small windows designed to be used out-of-the-box. This type of ad is UX-friendly on its own, but RollerAds knows how to make them even better.

What RollerAds Offers to You?

RollerAds has a lot of advertisers who are willing to explore new markets, and your website has an established audience. Expand your user base of push subscribers, show them ads, and get paid.

Special for our readers, RollerAds has prepared a cool promo. During the registration process, make sure to tell your manager a super-secret promo code 🤫 to double your first payout: PUBIDEAS

For instance, your first $500 withdrawn turns into $1,000! Enabling monetization to start earning is a straightforward process in just a few steps:

Sign in - rollerads

1. Register as a RollerAds publisher

2. Wait for RollerAds moderation to complete

3. Implement a couple of code lines, either:

  • Manually through HTML — fear not, their specialists will guide you through
  • Or via the dedicated WordPress plugin for WP-based websites

Done. All your future visitors will be prompted to subscribe to push notifications. Each consenting user expands your subscriber base, and the larger the audience, the more substantial your payouts.

Make sure to tell your manager the code when completing the last step before March 31, 2024. After that date, the code expires for good.

Reasons to Partner with RollerAds:

RollerAds has been on the market for 5+ years, specializing in push notifications. Throughout 2023, more than 7,000 publishers joined RollerAds and monetized their websites.

Everything has already been prepared; only your traffic is missing. The RollerAds network is willing to pay you even for the users from the rarest GEOs.

Roller Ads Features

Register on RollerAds today to start earning money for being popular. What are the additional benefits of working with RollerAds?

1. Quick setup: Registration, moderation, implementation, then the money starts rolling.

2. Whitehat ads only: No drugs, adult, or illegal items — your website is safe from shocking ads.

3. Customizable ad categories: Moreover, you can turn off some ad categories simply because you dislike them.

4. Payouts on your terms: Do you want to get paid twice a week? — deal. Would you prefer some specific payment provider? — you’ve got it. All you need is to have at least $5 in your account.

5. Referral program: Bring a friend to RollerAds and receive 5% of their future income.

6. Revenue snowballing: With each subscriber, your money inflow will only grow. Over time, you will start earning much more than initially suggested.

7. Easy database transfer: If you monetize your website with push notifications before, simply transfer your user base to RollerAds — no need to start everything from scratch.

8. 24/7 all-round support: RollerAds specialists won’t rest until they make you happy with your income. 

9. Advertising without ad blindness: RollerAds specialists have learned to use push for advertising in tandem with informing. This “hybrid” format helps to make ads less predictable, preventing the users from turning a blind eye to ads.

10. Customize your push subscription window and content locker: To make them integral to your website. RollerAds lets you tailor the subscription window and content locker to make sure they fit your website design like a glove and attract more attention from potential subscribers.

“Hybrid” Case Study:

Wanna know how push notifications from RollerAds perform in the field? Check out their recent case study:

Nicos Michaelides owns 170+ broadcasting websites, e.g., In total, they generate 0.5–3 million users monthly.

70% of this traffic is generated via search engine result pages (SERP), and 30% is attributed to direct links from betting sites. His messages have an open rate of 3%.

Nico used to work with another platform, struggling to retain subscribers and generate stable money inflow. The monthly revenue would be $1,000–1,500.

Then Nico joined RollerAds and increased his monthly revenue sixfold in six months. Check this out:

  1. Average monthly revenue has reached $6,000
  2. Monetization has brought up to 70% more value
  3. Nico set everything up and made no changes afterward — push notifications work autonomously

This is a perfect illustration of the aforementioned hybrid format in action. Both ads and game announcements were delivered using push notifications.

While the results are good, they are not the limit. Join RollerAds today and achieve even greater performance.

RollerAds Pros & Cons

Here are some quick pros and cons of RollerAds to sum it all up in a nutshell for you.

 RollerAds Pros

  • Multiple Targeting Options.
  • Charge only for delivered clicks.
  • High revenues for Publishers.
  • 5% referral commission.
  • Safe and anti-fraud system.
  • Easy and smooth campaigns with useful campaign tools.
  • Variety of payment methods.
  • Additional Monetization through other existing Ad formats.

 RollerAds Cons

  • Multiple ad formats are not available.
  • The live chat option is not available right now.


🤔 How Do Roller Ads Work?

Think of Roller Ads like a smart assistant for advertising. They show your ads on different websites, making sure they're seen by people who are most likely to be interested in what you're selling.

🔍 Can I Track My Ad Performance with Roller Ads?

Absolutely! Roller Ads give you tools to see how your ads are doing. It's like a scorecard showing how many people saw your ad and if they clicked on it.

🛠️ How Easy Is It to Set Up Roller Ads?

Setting up Roller Ads is pretty straightforward. It's like putting together a simple puzzle. You choose your ad, decide who should see it, and set your budget. Then, Roller Ads takes care of the rest.

🔐 Are Roller Ads Safe and Secure?

Yes, they prioritize safety. It's like having a good lock on your front door. They make sure your ads are shown in safe places and keep your business information secure.

🌍 Can Roller Ads Reach People Worldwide?

Definitely! Roller Ads can go global. It's like sending a digital postcard that can reach people in different countries, helping you spread the word about your business far and wide.

🚀 Who Should Use Roller Ads?

Anyone who wants to boost their business can use Roller Ads. Whether you're a small shop owner or run a big company, Roller Ads can help get your products in front of the right eyes.

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Conclusion: RollerAds Case Study 2024

Push notifications from RollerAds are an easy way to start monetizing your website.

With quick setup, full support, fast monetization, and years of experience, RollerAds helps you profit big. You decide when to get paid and which ads are to be shown.

It’s your website, and RollerAds specialists respect that. These guys are veritable professionals and will heed all your wishes and desires to make your work comfortable and profitable.

Register on RollerAds and reach new peaks of profit jointly.

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