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ROI Collective: One Affiliate Network disrupts the Global Industry

Learn why you need to apply to the financial verticals’ affiliate marketing network today!

With so many affiliate programs out there, you’d think your head would be spinning by now.

Basically, each advertiser comes up with its own concept of an affiliate program and a reward system to go along with it.  However, in a growing number of cases, affiliates find themselves holding on to the short end of the stick.

From delayed payment to a complete lack of transparency in this partnership dynamic, affiliates are constantly encountering issues and are left feeling frustrated.  All of that can stop right now – if you choose to make the right decision. 

ROI Collective was established in 2016 by active affiliate marketing experts who understand how this digital industry works and what makes it tick. Driven to create strong business partnerships between brands and affiliates, ROI Collective consistently presses all the right buttons.  Discover how ROI Collective’s unique setup could change the way you do affiliate marketing!

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What Makes ROI Collective A Force To Be Reckoned With?

ROI Collective isn’t your run-of-the-mill affiliate program but a powerhouse that guarantees exceptional performance for its advertisers and publishers alike.  Remaining unbiased puts its partners at ease and assures them that no one is receiving special treatment.

Your success is their success, and we can tell you these guys aren’t messing around with any shady business tactics.  Moreover, each party has a department that is 100% dedicated to handling their side, and the two work together seamlessly to create the best working environment.

Along with a unique setup that finds the advertiser or affiliate’s most suitable match among their database, this affiliate network can guarantee a successful partnership from the get-go.

ROI Collective

From there on out, ROI Collective advertiser management and affiliate management teams are only there to make sure things are running smoothly. 

Additionally, ROI Collective takes pride in accepting only those partners who are up to par with the network’s incredibly high standards.  In other words, only top-tier affiliates and big-name brands with proven results make it onto their exclusive database.  Results are the name of the game, and this network is not willing to sacrifice its excellent reputation in the industry.

Furthermore, ROI Collective isn’t one to cool its engines and consistently stays one step ahead of the game. This approach is especially prevalent when it comes to the performance of the network’s partners.

What Can ROI Collective Offer You?

ROI Collective has made a name for itself as a leading network in the Crypto and Forex online trading verticals.

The network offers continuous optimization and a comprehensive list of GEOs worldwide alongside the setup that makes for unparalleled results.

Whether you are an affiliate or an advertiser, your business’ health is always the affiliate network’s top priority.

This is achieved with the help of their dedicated brand and affiliate managers, whose job is to figure out what traffic sources and GEOs give the best results and how to improve those lagging behind. 

ROI Collective Offer You

According to ROI Collective’s website, affiliates who had joined the network managed to reach higher with their overall performance.

The average conversion rate stands at about 20-25%, whereas the average EPC is estimated at $250 in AU, for example.

Considering that these financial verticals are a highly competitive niche where brands and affiliates are constantly fighting over traffic, this is nothing short of amazing. 

ROI Collective is a network that celebrates its partners’ achievements and is keen to reward its affiliates accordingly and quickly. Long gone are the days when you had to fight tooth and nail over your payouts. Even better, there are no one-size-fits-all offers. Each affiliate receives an offer tailored to their traffic sources, GEOs, and volumes, but the reigning payment model is still the classic CPA.

ROI Collective Partners Share Their Stories:

ROI collective partners share their stories

ROI partners share their stories

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Why should I join ROI Collective?

ROI Collective has built a name for itself as a leading affiliate network in the financial verticals, so you can rest assured that you are joining a qualified company that has your business’ best interests at heart. Affiliates can be sure that this network won’t just burn through their leads or disappear with their money. On the other hand, advertisers can rest easy knowing they’re getting their money’s worth when they buy affiliate traffic. Both sides enjoy complete transparency and incredible results.

What will I gain by applying?

Not only will you get to enjoy exclusive offers that are customized to your traffic’s specifications, but you will also be able to enjoy individual or network-wide promotions year-round. During December, their latest campaign offered cash rewards up to $25,000 on their new and existing affiliates’ FTDs.

How does the Application Process go?

The application process is relatively easy to complete on your end. First, apply for an affiliate or advertiser’s account here. Once you fill out your contact info and key details of your business, the head of the relevant department will review your application. If the affiliate network can find a suitable match among their partners, they will contact you personally for an introduction and offer you a contract. Please note: Only verified affiliates who have received an API key can begin sending traffic to their affiliate manager.

Who do I reach out to for More Details?

As a verified ROI Collective affiliate, you can speak to your affiliate manager over the phone, Skype, email, or Telegram. Please refer to the Contact Us page if you are a new affiliate who has not yet been verified. You can contact the support team on the contact page or email your brand manager as an advertiser.

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