RichPush Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype? (Case Study)


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RichPush is a robust platform for advertisers looking to leverage push notification ads. Its strengths lie in effective engagement and precise targeting capabilities. It's well-suited for marketers who want to explore direct and immediate ways to reach their audience, especially in a mobile-first digital landscape.

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  • Effective Engagement
  • Precise Targeting
  • User Interface
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Cost-Effective


  • Limited Ad Format


Price: $

The world of online advertising is competitive, and RichPush is a major player in the game of push ads.

This review serves as your guide to understanding what RichPush is all about. Whether you’re an experienced advertiser or just starting out, this review will help you understand RichPush’s offerings, how it works, and the pros and cons of using it.

Consider it as a map that will help you determine if RichPush is the right choice for your advertising plans.

I’ll break things down and make it easy to understand so you can make informed decisions for your advertising journey with RichPush.

RichPush Review

RichPush Review 2024: Should You Go for It?

RichPush is considered to be the best in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the United States, and Germany.


RichPush has some amazing and renowned partners and media, such as AffiliateFix, Affbank, Mobidea, Dr.Cash, afflict, and many more. The network’s minimum CPC starts from $0.003.

RichPush: What is it?

RichPush brags about having a global user base above 450 million, and they give you a very minimum CPC of $0.003.

It makes sure that its entire user base across the world consists of real users to ensure your budget advertising never goes wasted due to fake websites and users.

RichPush Ad Network: What Are the Conditions for Joining this Network?

There are certain conditions to be followed to join the RichPush ad network.

If you are an advertiser, you can just register in RichPush. The network does not have many strict rules as well as regulations for the approval of an account, which means that once you apply for the account, it will be approved instantly.

Also, you can join the network as a publisher if you want to monetize your website. Then, you will go to RichPartners to get a special code for your website.

RichPush: Features

There is a list of useful instruments that make the work with push traffic much easier. The RichPush team is constantly developing the platform and implementing new features to drive users’ performance.


1. Target CPA:

This feature automatically identifies sources that convert better and makes them prior to the sources converting worse. This way, the campaign can get more conversions for the targeted price.

2. Smart CPC:

This great feature allows saving your money. If it is possible to buy conversions for a cheaper price, Smart CPC will do it.

3. Automated rules:

The feature helps to create black-and-white lists automatically. You just need to make the rules for them (it will take just 5 minutes), and they will continue working automatically. You need not spend hours on the optimization process.

4. Micro bidding:

Now, in one campaign, you can create different bids for different parameters like OS, location, hour, site, etc.

5. Precise Targeting:

RichPush provides advanced targeting options, allowing advertisers to select specific demographics, interests, and behaviors to reach their ideal audience.

6. Large User Base:

The platform boasts access to a substantial and engaged user base that has opted in to receive push notifications.

7. High Visibility:

Push notifications are highly visible on users’ devices, making them difficult to ignore, which can lead to higher click-through rates (CTR).

8. Creative Flexibility:

Advertisers can use various media types, including images and emojis, to create visually appealing and engaging push notifications.

9. A/B Testing:

RichPush supports A/B testing, enabling advertisers to experiment with different creatives and targeting parameters to optimize their campaigns.

RichPush- How Does it Benefit the Publishers?

They ensure complete brand safety for publishers and allow each publisher to set their own rules for what they want or do not want to be displayed in their push advertising.

The network’s approval team adheres to these rules. Additionally, this method serves as an incremental source of monetization for publishers who wish to increase their ad revenue.

RichPush- How Does it Benefit the Publishers?

Push notifications are unobtrusive and help publishers monetize exit traffic. has some of the best rates across the industry and can monetize your tier-one traffic effectively.

1. Joining Requirement

Richpush publishers

Publishers can join the program without any specific requirements. However, it’s important to note that publishers cannot earn money from iOS apps as well as blogger websites.

In order to monetize their website, publishers must be able to implement the script on their own. It’s also important to keep in mind that there are different rates for different tiers of traffic, with tier one traffic receiving higher rates than tier 2 and tier 3 countries.

To maximize their earnings and receive good rates, publishers must generate a significant amount of traffic from tier-one countries.

2. Rates of CPM and CPC

When a user subscribes to push notifications, the network can send notification ads to these visitors. Over a period of 3-4 months, there will be a significant increase in revenue generated from push ads.

However, the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for these ads depends on user clicks and conversions. Among push ad networks, many native ad networks are highly demanded sources, and revenue is generated through clicks.

For tier-one traffic, the cost per click (CPC) could be around 10 cents, and the average CPC could range from 3-4 cents based on the traffic.

CPMs can be expected to be around a dollar or more for tier one traffic, while for tier 2 and 3 traffic, it could range from 10-50 cents.

3. Revenue Share:

A very efficient and generous revenue share of about 75%-90% is offered. The revenue share differs based on the geography of the incoming traffic and hovers in the range indicated.

4. Payment Mode and Cycle:

RichPush offers a few methods to make payments to publishers including Wire Transfer, CC, and Webmoney.

Furthermore, they ensure the processing of any outstanding payments to publishers is done within NET 30 days. RichPush has a great reputation in terms of timely payments to its publishers.

RichPush – How does it Benefit the Advertisers?

RichPush has a great user base of more than 450 million real people all over the world. They also have custom targeting options and unique flagship features, for example, Automated rules, Smart CPC, and Micro bidding.

Retargeting options are also permitted and are made available to the advertisers.

Richpush advertisers

RichPush offers several benefits to advertisers looking to reach their target audience effectively through push advertising:

1. Large and Engaged User Base:

RichPush has access to a substantial user base that has opted in to receive push notifications. This means advertisers can connect with a vast and engaged audience, increasing the chances of reaching potential customers.

2. Precise Targeting:

Advertisers can utilize RichPush’s advanced targeting options to tailor their campaigns to specific demographics, interests, and behaviors. This precision targeting helps maximize the relevance of ads, improving overall campaign performance.

3. High Visibility:

Push notifications are highly visible on users’ devices, making them difficult to ignore. This increased visibility can lead to higher click-through rates (CTR) and engagement compared to other advertising methods.

4. Real-Time Communication:

Push notifications allow advertisers to communicate with their audience in real-time. This is especially useful for time-sensitive promotions, announcements, or updates.

5. Cost-Effective:

RichPush often offers competitive pricing models, including CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille), allowing advertisers to manage their budgets efficiently.

6. Joining Requirement:

There are no special requirements for advertisers wanting to register on the RichPush ad network.

7. Minimum Deposit, Payment Mode:

As an advertiser, if you want to make use of RichPush’s services, you will have to pay a deposit.

A minimum deposit is $100. But after depositing $500, you will be provided with the full-service pack along with the personal manager. The payment can be made through Webmoney, wire transfer, bank card, e-pay, or Paxum.

Additionally, it offers an approval team that is available 24/7. It also offers a personal support manager to solve and address the glitches faced by the advertiser.

RichPush's services


Additionally, it offers an approval team that is available 24/7. It also offers a personal support manager to solve and address the glitches faced by the advertiser.

How to Create an Account and Run Ads with RichPush?

Creating an account and running ads with RichPush, a platform known for push notification advertising, involves several steps. Here’s a general guide to help you get started:

1. Creating an Account with RichPush

Creating an Account with RichPush

  • Visit the RichPush Website: Go to the official RichPush website.
  • Sign Up: Look for a sign-up button or link, usually found on the homepage.
  • Fill in Details: Enter your personal details such as name, email address, and password.
  • Verification: Some platforms require email verification. Check your email for a verification link.
  • Complete Profile: Fill in any additional information required to complete your profile.

2. Setting Up Your Campaign

Setting Up Your Campaign

  • Log In: Once your account is created, log in to your RichPush dashboard.
  • Create a New Campaign: Look for an option to create a new campaign.
  • Campaign Details:
    • Name Your Campaign: Choose a clear, identifiable name.
    • Target Audience: Define your target audience based on demographics, interests, location, etc.
    • Ad Format: Select the type of push notification ad.
  • Budget and Bidding:
    • Set your daily or total campaign budget.
    • Choose your bidding strategy (CPC, CPM, etc.).

3. Designing Your Ad

Designing Your Ad

  • Ad Content: Create the content of your ad, including title, message, and images.
  • Call to Action (CTA): Include a clear CTA button.
  • Ad Preview: Use the platform’s tools to preview how your ad will look.

4. Targeting and Optimization

  • Targeting Options: Utilize targeting options like geo-targeting, device targeting, etc.
  • Scheduling: Set the time and days when the ads should run.
  • Optimization: Use A/B testing and other tools to optimize ad performance.

5. Launching the Campaign

  • Review: Double-check all settings and content.
  • Submit for Approval: Most platforms review ads before they go live.
  • Go Live: Once approved, your campaign will start running according to your schedule.

6. Monitoring and Adjusting

  • Performance Tracking: Regularly check the performance of your campaign.
  • Adjustments: Make adjustments based on performance data to improve results.

7. Support and Resources

Support and Resources

  • Help Center: Utilize RichPush’s help center for detailed guides and FAQs.
  • Customer Support: Contact their support team for specific queries or issues.

RichPush: Is It Worth the Time Spent?

Push notifications are one of the most popular formats now. It offers huge traffic volumes, quite low CPC, and a wide range of GEOs. It’s crucial to choose the right GEO and vertical.

RichPush Insights will help you! Here, you can find all the top verticals, traffic volumes, and average CPC for different GEOs”.

richpush native ads case study

RichPush is worth the time and effort invested depending on your specific advertising goals and target audience.

This platform offers several advantages, including access to an engaged user base, precise targeting options, high visibility, and cost-effective pricing models.

However, success on RichPush requires careful campaign planning, creative optimization, compliance with privacy regulations, and continuous monitoring and adjustments.

Before committing significant resources, assess whether RichPush aligns with your objectives, audience, and budget.

Conduct A/B testing to refine your campaigns, and be prepared for ongoing optimization efforts. RichPush can be a valuable advertising platform if used strategically and tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

RichPush Case Study (Profit $370):

Country Target: Tier 1 (US)

Device: Mobile/Desktop ( I tried both, but got better conversions with the Desktop version)

Offer Niche: Health Product

Spend: 216.32

Profit: $370

Ad network: ShareAsale

For mobile lead generation, I would recommend going with Android & purchasing or selling with iOS users.

RichPush Case Study

Screenshot from ShareAsale earnings: 

ShareAsale earnings


Why I chose ShareAsale because they have a lot of offers in the health niche & I trust their tracking because every month, I make 5 figures from ShareAsale offers, and they have the best niche-wise offers.

You can choose health offers in ShareAsale according to power rank. For example check the screenshot below to understand better.

Richpush case study

See the power rank of these offers, they are best & many affiliate are promoting them.

Shareasale health niche Richpush Review case study

So, I hope this case study gives you an idea about how to choose the health offers from ShareAsale.

RichPush: Which Niches Perform the Best for Publishers?

RichPush is an ad network that performs well across all niches, but it performs exceptionally well in Nutra, Sweepstakes, Betting, Dating, Finance, and Gambling niches.

If you have a website or an application related to any of these niches, RichPush can help you increase your revenue from the traffic.

RichPush Support:

If you need support with RichPush, there are several avenues you can explore. Firstly, check their Help Center or Knowledge Base, which is typically available on their website and offers a wealth of information, including FAQs, guides, and tutorials.

If you have a more specific query, you can use the Contact Form on their website to submit your question. Some platforms also offer Live Chat Support for immediate assistance.

Alternatively, you can email their support team if you prefer written communication. For urgent or complex issues, see if they provide Phone Support.

Additionally, they might offer Training and Webinars for more in-depth guidance. If you have a dedicated Account Manager, contacting them directly can be highly effective.

The availability of these options may vary, so check which ones RichPush offers for the best support experience.

Mail id: [email protected]

RichPush: Customer Review

RichPush Review - Customer Review

Pros and Cons of RichPush Ad Network

Though RichPush  is one of the best ad networks to monetize from push ads and increase your revenues before you decide to opt for it, you could take a look at the pros and cons of using the ad network, which will give you a gist of the benefits as well as limitations:

Pros RichPush

  • It offers excellent traffic quality.
  • It offers timely and professional support.
  • It has a huge volume, especially for GEOs like India or LATAM.
  • The network has a user-friendly reporting system.
  • It offers many optimization options.
  • It offers many options for depositing accounts.
  • They have a 24/7 approval team as well as a personal manager.
  • They have a couple of efficient payment modes like Webmoney, wire transfer, bank card, e-pay, Paxum.
  • It delivers across desktops, mobile browsers, in-app and in-page formats.

Cons RichPush

  • You get a personal manager only if you deposit $500.
  • PayPal is not included in their payment modes.


📱 What types of ads can I run with RichPush?

RichPush focuses on push notification ads, which are concise messages sent to users' devices or browsers, often with a call to action.

🎯 How is targeting done in RichPush?

The platform offers targeting options like geo-targeting, device targeting, and user interest targeting to reach relevant audiences.

🔍 Can I track the performance of my ads?

Yes, RichPush provides analytics and tracking tools for monitoring ad performance, including metrics like click-through rates and conversions.

⏳ How long does it take for an ad to be approved?

Approval times vary, but RichPush generally reviews and approves ads within a reasonable timeframe. Refer to their guidelines for specifics.

🌍 Can I run ads in different languages?

The platform supports multiple languages, allowing ads to be run in various languages based on your target audience.

📈 Is there a way to optimize ad campaigns for better performance?

Yes, RichPush offers A/B testing and campaign optimization tools to enhance ad performance and return on investment.

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Conclusion: RichPush Review 2024

RishPush is an exceptional ad network that helps scale and test advertising campaigns. I have discovered that it is a fascinating platform.

It’s particularly strong in the push notification game, offering targeted options that can really help in reaching the right audience.

Of course, no platform is perfect, and RichPush has its quirks, but overall, it stands out for its specific features.

For anyone diving into the world of push advertising, it’s definitely worth a look. Just like any tool, how well it works for you will depend on your unique marketing needs and strategies.

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