Publisher Rocket Review 2024 Is It Worth It? 🚀 [New Upgrades]

Publisher Rocket

Overall Verdict

Publisher Rocket is my favorite since it reduces my research time by hundreds of hours and boosts my book sales on Amazon. This tool is essential for every self-published author who aspires to make a living solely from their writing.

Out of 10


  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Discover Bestselling Book Categories in Seconds
  • Learn About Other Authors & Their Sales
  • Find Keywords that Readers Actually Type Into Amazon
  • Find Profitable Amazon Ad Keywords Fast
  • Many book publishers got great sales


  • No Paperback ISBN extraction
  • More pricing options needed
  • It is not a web app


Price: $ 97

In this review of Publisher Rocket, I comprehensively summarize its primary benefits and drawbacks as a book marketing tool. Is it right for your business? Let’s find out.

The problem with self-publishing is that it is a lot of work. You have to do everything yourself – from editing to marketing.

There’s a lot of competition on Amazon. You know it, I know it, but did you know that over 2 million other books are competing for the number one spot?

You are sitting on an Amazon seller’s dream but not selling. You have been watching your book rank and sell slowly for a long time now. It’s been months since your last purchase, and that’s not making sense.

Your Amazon book sales will skyrocket with the help of their self-publishing service.

Publisher Rocket (formerly known as KDP Rocket) knows how to get your book in front of more shoppers; they know how to find those coveted keywords and market your books for maximum exposure.

Bottom Line Upfront :😍 

Publisher Rocket will help you get your book in front of more Amazon shoppers,  Publisher Rocket will save your thousands of hours of research time. Any self-published author who wants to make their dream of becoming a lucrative, full time author simply MUST have this tool in their pocket.

Publisher Rocket is highly recommended by me.

Publishing your book on Amazon is one thing, but getting it seen by the right people is another. In order to optimise sales, it’s important to carefully position your book. “Publisher Rocket” has helped me increase my book sales and publish bestsellers by providing me with the data I needed to accomplish so.

You should get Publisher Rocket if you’re serious about writing and putting out high-quality books on Amazon. A few Google searches can have a profound impact on your book’s visibility.

You can also seek up books and authors you admire on Amazon, which is a fascinating—and just plain fun—tour.

Another top feature of Publisher Rocket is that it makes finding keywords, sizing up the competition, and choosing profitable categories quick and easy. They have great customer support and team is ready to help you at best.

Publisher Rocket Review - Rocket Self Publishing Software to help find Kindle Keywords

I have featured Publisher Rocket Review with a Publisher Rocket Lifetime License that includes detailed insights into its pricing, features, functionality, support and more. 

Publisher Rocket Review

Is Publisher Rocket available for free? 🙄

Publisher Rocket does not come with a free trial. However, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you purchase it and then find it’s not for you. You only need to contact their customer service to have that taken care of. However, I doubt you’ll ever use it.

Are there any Publisher Rocket discount codes or coupons?

According to my analysis, Publisher Rocket does not currently have any coupon codes or discount coupons that I am aware of. However, given the low price and the fact that this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

Publisher Rocket / KDP Rocket Review – Is It Worth The Investment? ✨✨

Publisher Rocket provides an Amazon KDP platform for self-published authors, allowing them to become bestselling authors.

Publisher Rocket will save you tons of research time by making it easy to target your audience on

To become a bestselling author or, more importantly, be as successful as all the famous authors worldwide.

Publisher rocket dashboard

It is not just the type of research keyword tool. Some of the authors define it as the complete author marketing research tool. But concisely, one can say Publisher Rocket helps to know whether a particular book market is feasible and can be used for research fiction and non-fiction books.

Depending on intuition, one is equipped with the relevant data to know whether to enter a particular book as a niche. One should know the following points before writing the book to get an accurate knowledge of the market and what keywords customers use.

  • The type of books that are failing
  • What kind of books and ideas are people searching for
  • Variety of books that are succeeding 
  • The amount of money that people within that niche earn

Is Publisher Rocket really a mediocre add-on?

As a standalone app, it doesn’t require a Google or Amazon KDP account to function. A computer and internet connection are all you need. Some argue that the other guys are a built-in extension, making it easier to utilize. In answer to that, I have a retort. They’ve got to be insane. What are the Internet’s or programming’s least-remembered features?

That’s precisely what I’m saying! Extensions, plugins, and widgets, oh my! There’s no room for error here. Why? Because there’s always something more significant and terrible lurking around the corner. With its own set of features. Because they don’t have to rely on anything else, standalone databases and query tools are the best for programming purposes.

What Publisher Rocket Can Do For You?

The process of self-publishing is complicated, time-consuming, and expensive.

You’ve poured your heart and soul into your book. But if it stays buried in the depths of your computer, it will never have the chance to find its audience.

With Publisher Rocket, you can be sure that your book will be seen by the people who want to read it.

The Ultimate Book Promotion Tool!


Amazon’s ambiguity is lifted by Publisher Rocket, allowing you to know what people are seeking, how they buy books, how much money they spend, and how your competitors fare.

It accomplishes this in four fundamental ways.

  • Publisher Rocket can assist if you’re looking for a fresh book concept!
  • It helps you select categories that give you a better chance of becoming a best-selling author.
  • As a competitive intelligence tool, Rocket does not reveal which keywords your competitors are pursuing because Amazon withholds that information.
  • It is easier to construct AMS campaigns with greater effectiveness and efficiency if you use Amazon advertisements (also known as AMS ads).

RIchpush publishers

Evaluate your competitors-

Publisher rocket competitor analysis

Before writing a book, one should know the market’s competitive nature. It will help you understand what you want to do for the reader to be successful and also let you know whether a book’s writing is worth it. You can determine if the book is competitive by plugging into the competitive analyzer feature of Publisher Rocket software.

But some authors have the misconception that writing is all about making money, but there are many easier ways of making money rather than this. Writing a book to a hunger genre is just as fulfilling as writing to just a handful of people about to read.

Find the perfect category for your kindle KDP book-

Publisher Rocket KDP Rocket Case study

The category research is a new feature added to the Publisher Rocket tools. And if you want to be among the best marketers in the world, you need to first identify the best and right category. Using the KDP tool, you must go straight to the category search option and key in a descriptive column. This process is as simple as ABC

Earlier, the finding. The correct category for a particular book involved several hours spent on the Amazon search results, manually calculating book sales numbers, and jotting down categories. It is very time-consuming, as well as stress removal. 

It will produce a list of categories related to the book description through which you can rank with the other authors. You are provided with an analysis of the first 20 books in each category with the number of books to get them sold.

If you successfully rank yourself with the first 20, it allows you to be listed on the first page of the search results.

Validate and discover great book ideas-

Publisher rocket book images

Become a kindlepreneur- comparing and equipping yourself with the information gives the best ability to compare the differences.

Becoming a kindlepreneur and making more than $100 daily with only your book is achievable. The simplicity of it is that keying the idea in the search box and allowing the software to do what it has the best.

And the outcome of the results will provide you with a breakdown of keywords and related keywords that readers are searching for on Amazon. You will also have access to extra information like search volume for each keyword, the number of books competing for the keywords, and the average profit generated for the keywords to rank.

Publisher rocket results KDP rocket reviews

For this, you need to make the following points:

  • You should have an interest in the topic
  • Sizeable market
  • Break the competition in the market 

Write better titles and descriptions–  a book must be memorable only when the title of the book relates to the readers, and it not only needs to be exciting but should also connect to the readers and enable them to tell them what your book entails. Selecting the right keywords and incorporating them into the title, subtitle, and book description is still a mystery for many users.

There may be chances of millions of tons of results with the low competition but with the high traffic. These niches are said to be ripe for your book. If you know the keywords your target readers are typing on Amazon, you will be aware of every word they use.

This will also make it easy to include popular keywords in your title subtitle and the description aspect of the book.

Is Publisher Rocket Worth Your Money?

Publisher Rocket Review Is It REALLY Worth It ?

In my opinion, Publisher Rocket/Publisher Rocket is worth the investment. While it may be a bit pricier than its competitors, it offers more comprehensive data, particularly regarding book sales.

Being an author, it could be a crowded field. The US estimates that 6000 per day books are published. If you do not have a higher quality of information, the number of books sold may be fewer. Detailed keyword analysis says that it sets your books in the part others had never set and sold them accordingly.

And yes, Publisher Rocket is more costly than the other tools, but the quality provided is precisely what you want to be supplied to your books. Hence the Publisher Rocket is worth it.

Is Publisher Rocket Right for Me?

There is a learning curve using Publisher Rocket. Getting the information I needed to sell more books took three or four tries. I came to that conclusion after researching how much money my favorite authors were making from their works.)

There is also a lack of information on the international market, and many of my novels do well there.

However, Publisher Rocket has been an excellent resource for me:

  • Make an offer to a publisher for one of my manuscripts.
  • Helped another book stay at the top of the bestseller list for years.
  • Better book descriptions require better writing.

To make matters even more interesting, Publisher Rocket inventor Dave Chesson just revealed that Rocket would soon expand into other major Amazon nations, which means that I’ll have access to statistics that will help me raise my global sales.

It’s also easy to seek help if you run into issues or need advice on how to get the most out of Publisher Rocket’s features. The 30-day money-back guarantee means that if you test it out and don’t like it, there is absolutely no risk.

Publisher Rocket Pricing Plans

Usually, Publisher Rocket costs up to $97. As there is not any kind of hidden charges subscription or even an upsell. It is an excellent facility as compared to others because most people do not like subscriptions and also do not want to pay any additional fees to learn how to use the software. 

Publisher rocket pricing for life time
Publisher rocket pricing for lifetime

Many a time, certain questions come to mind about this tool. Therefore, some of the common questions that arise in the minds of customers are as follows:


Publisher Rocket will help you boost your book sales in front of more Amazon shoppers.

💰  Price


😍  Pros

Top Authors Using Publisher Rocket

😩  Cons

No Paperback ISBN extraction


30,000+ authors choosing Publisher Rocket as their go-to book marketing tool.

Overall Rating 4.5/5

More Features of Publisher Rocket 


Find keywords that readers actually type into Amazon:

It also shows how many people search for things. This provides the exact and accurate data that the book buyers are searching for. Using the rocket keyword’s feature, one can learn the following:

  • Keywords searched by shoppers and entered on Amazon
  • How many books are competing for that keyword
  • The approximate number of times a particular keyword is typed and searched on Amazon
  • How much are the other books earning with that keyword

 Discover best-selling book categories in seconds:

Publisher Rocket KDP Rocket review Online Publisher Rocket KDP Rocket review Online

This feature helps in looking for a niche category of the books that are best selling during the day and the frequency of books sold in a day.

  • Niche categories to choose from
  • How many sales would you need to make to be the newer and number 1 seller
  • Which categories will help you in selling more books
  • How many sales that day would you need to make to be listed in the top 20

Learn about other authors and their sales:

  • Analyzing what works for your competitor and what will also work for you is simple. You can even see their earnings. The book title and subtitles, which are doing wonders, are right before you. And this, in turn, increases your chances to grow sales exponentially. 

Find profitable AMS keywords fast:

Publisher Rocket will also help you with over 150 profitable keywords for your AMS book advertising campaign in less than 10 seconds. When you have the list of keywords, then click on export and upload it to AMS, and you are done with the process. Rocket collects all the listed information of all suggested keywords and titles. Relevant categories of new books.

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Publisher Rocket  Support

Support for Publisher Rocket is outstanding. The data got all messed up when I had a tiny problem with too many tabs, like duplicates of the tabs I intended to see. As soon as I got in touch with customer service, they could assist me immediately and swiftly gave an update that resolved the issue entirely.

When I called, I got an immediate response. Really quickly, though. Moreover, the email assistance was quite courteous and helpful.

Publisher Rocket Testimonials

Publisher Rocket KDP Rocket review Online

Publisher rocket reviews Kindle software Publisher rocket reviews Kindle software

Do any “Top Notch Authors” use Publisher Rocket (Publisher Rocket)

You’d be amazed at how much support Publisher Rocket gets from top publishers across the Internet. Here are just a few of the more prominent clients of Publisher Rocket

Alternatives to Publisher Rocket (KDP) 

Regarding Publisher Rocket Alternatives, two popular tools are Kindle Samurai and KDSpy. If you’re unsure which one to choose, it’s important to consider which is more fair and effective than the other.

KDSpy is a search tool that enables authors to gain a deep understanding of their chosen category. It provides relevant data, such as the number of reviews, sales, ranking, market size, and global competition in the niche.

On the other hand, Kindle Samurai is a keyword research tool that only works on window-based systems. It is cheaper than KDSpy but is only recommended for competition research. It requires running through Bootcamp on a Mac computer, and the end product results look like an Excel Spreadsheet.

Quick Links:

Publisher Rocket FAQs

Does Publisher Rocket work on MAC and PC?

Yes. It has been certified to work on both MAC and PC

Does it work for international markets?

Generally, it reads and interprets only the US market. And the tool is worked on for those to apply to the international markets. When it becomes a reality, it will be a free update for those using it.

Is Publisher Rocket useful for fiction authors?

Yes, it can easily be used by fiction authors and other authors. Publisher Rocket is suitable for you if you can have the answers to questions such as do you want to know the trends and suggestions that connect with readership? Do you want to know what the customers are typing in the Amazon search bar? And many more.

How does Publisher Rocket calculate the competition score?

Usually, the score is based on ranking factors such as title subtitle subscription, number of reviews, best sellers, and many more. It is precious and uses different aspects to do so. The scale also informs you about the difficulty of the number you choose from the keyword.

What about the software updates?

All the software updates come free of cost. No additional fee is charged. If you download and install the Publisher Rocket software on the computer, you expect it for the daily routine.

CONCLUSION: Publisher Rocket Review 2024 

Publisher Rocket is a top-rated recommendation from me. It is the paid keyword research tool that I often suggest to writers of fiction and non-fiction books who want to sell more books, save time, and enhance their return on investment (ROI) for each book.

In today’s market, keyword research is essential for every book company. Also, we must never lose sight of self-publishing as commerce. The findings of the market research that Publisher Rocket presents may help writers of all kinds, regardless of the genre they write in, feel more confident.

The only drawback I could identify with Publisher Rocket is that their book promotion tool does not have a corresponding Facebook user group. This is the only downside I could think of. I believe accessing an online community might benefit me in various ways.

The final conclusion is that physical book and digital sales are essential. Rocket may assist writers, but only if those authors are prepared to use actual data obtained from Amazon in their works.

As a user of Publisher Rocket, I have optimized both my books and my book advertisements (the material presented in Dave’s course assisted me in establishing my very first successful advertising campaign; the AMS keyword function was outstanding).

Your book(s) may get a better ranking on Amazon for relevant keywords that people look for using the search bar on Amazon with the assistance of Publisher Rocket.

And I am aware, without a shadow of a doubt, that several of my books that had not been optimized for KDP were moved up to page 2 as a direct result of my efforts.

After trying to add the 7 best keywords in KDP that I could discover, practically every book returned from the dead (page 2). I observed this happen after I added the keywords. It was pretty satisfying to finally start selling more copies of the book. Just for this one reason, this purchase was well worth it.

Having said that, you shouldn’t anticipate the modifications you made to immediately impact the situation. Some keywords might take a few days, up to a few weeks, or even months. Remember this after you’ve started changing your ebooks and books in KDP.

Regardless, now that I’ve finished writing this article, it’s time to study in a keyword book!

I really hope that my Publisher Rocket review was helpful to you in making the decision to use Dave’s program before you start writing your next book. Alternatively, enhance the book listing that you already have.


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  1. Publisher Rocket is a time-saving success. I’ve tried finding keywords for my ads manually, and it can be a pain! But Publisher Rocket makes the search easy–finding them in minutes! It’s been great because I can spend that saved time elsewhere to increase my sales.

  2. It’s crazy how something so simple can take my advertising to the next level. I used to think it was impossible for me to become a bestselling author, but now that The Publisher Rocket has helped me out, I’m soaring through success one day at a time! It’s so easy to use all you have to do is plug in your keyword and they handle basically everything else. All you need is ten minutes of marketing each day. With this hands-off approach, I’ve been able to bring in an extremely high amount of sales just by letting Publisher Rocket do everything for me.”

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  4. Publisher Rocket is a book marketing tool for authors who want to know what they’re getting before making a purchase. I use it to research keywords, find my categories, and manage ads. When I have questions or need feedback on specific details in the dashboard, their helpful team of customer service representatives are just an email away. One of the greatest features Publisher Rocket provides is its ease-of-use–it’s designed specifically for author’s needs.”

  5. Publisher Rocket is the most important, powerful tool I’ve ever seen for self-publishers.

  6. Publisher Rocket is a super-valuable tool to own so you can boost your book earnings, save time on data research, and leverage your author career.
    Publisher Rocket is designed to help self-publishers build a solid, profitable book business based on real data collected from Amazon.

  7. Using Publisher Rocket, I’ve been able to find the right words to use to make sure my book finds the right readers. I’ve used it to convince publishers to buy books I’ve written.
    Basically Publisher Rocket is a tool that helps you understand how readers use Amazon and choose the books they buy. It’s compatible both with PCs and Macs, which is nice.

  8. Publisher Rocket saves me hours of time in finding targeted keywords for my Amazon ads. I know how frustrating that can be, so it’s nice to find a product that does exactly what it says without any fuss or bother.

  9. Publisher Rocket is a great tool for publishing and advertising on Amazon. Pressures are relieved when life is made simple by the people behind Rocket!

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  11. Publisher Rocket saves me a ton of time researching keywords for my book’s promotions and advertising. It’s a one-time purchase that has been super helpful to me as I’m trying to best promote my work. With it, I can easily find keywords that are relevant to the topic of my books and maximize your chances of getting higher rankings on Amazon as well as increased traffic through ads.
    My favorite thing about Publisher Rocket is all the reports it generates so you know exactly what is going on with your promotion efforts because you have all this data at your fingertips! All self-published authors should grab this tool today so they don’t spend hours doing something Publisher Rocket can do in minutes!

  12. I swear by it. Normally I don’t write reviews, but this product was worth my time to put somethings down. I bought the pro version almost two years ago after spending many hours researching how to market my book online. What sold me on this tool unlike others that were much more expensive is the tools ability to place your books in front of Amazon customers, something all self-published authors want (and really need) these days if they want sales to go well! And not only can you find keywords and make competition sizing easy, but this program also has great customer support available whenever needed oh yeah – PLUS you get FREE lifetime upgrades!

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  16. Practically a must for any author, especially if you’re just starting out. Answers all your questions and helps with any troubleshooting you might need.

    Doesn’t require any knowledge of coding or design software, but has the potential to teach the user as they go along and further down their journey. Publication starts by uploading your draft file: PDF, Word doc., audio book mp3) and building a cover from scratch or by using one of our templates.”

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