ProPush Review 2024: (Monetize Push Notifications) Is It Worth It?


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ProPush offers a range of attractive features for publishers looking to monetize their traffic through push subscriptions. Push notifications are a quick way for brands to earn revenue by displaying pop-up notifications to users and subscribers on desktop browsers and smartphones.

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  • Detailed Reporting
  • Competitive CPC Rates
  • API Access
  • 24/7 Support
  • Various Monetization Options


  • Earnings Volatility


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Push notifications have become an increasingly popular way for small brands from all over the world to earn revenue in the competitive online market.

As someone who is always looking for effective advertising tools, I became curious about ProPush – a platform that has been gaining attention for its push notification services.

I wanted to explore its features, usability, and overall effectiveness to see if it could be a valuable addition to any marketing toolkit.

In this review, I will dive into what ProPush has to offer and provide a clear picture of its benefits. Let’s get started and see what ProPush is all about!

Why Are Push Notifications Important?

When the brand you subscribed to releases a new juicy offer, it might interest you, and you will click on the notification to know more about it or even end up purchasing or subscribing.

ProPush Review

This becomes a win-win situation for both the brand and the customer!

  • As a brand, you get to earn more revenue from the impressions, subscriptions, and purchases your customers make.
  • As a customer, you might stumble upon some cool and attractive products and new offers to purchase, which are usually up for a limited period of time.

To let businesses really up their push notification game, many online platforms have been developed to help websites create push notification campaigns.

ProPush is one such popular push notification platform. So, don’t blink. Read on!

ProPush Review 2024: (Monetize Push Notifications) Worth It?

ProPush is a popular platform developed to help internet companies, and websites monetize traffic through custom push notifications.

Created by Propellerads, a popular ad network, ProPush offers a wide variety of payment systems to Internet customers (CPS, Revshare).

Users of this platform can play with an easy setup, monitoring, and extensive statistics for each subscription.

Propush reviews

By pressing notifications, ProPush allows publishers to readily earn money. The platform has become a popular choice for bloggers and publishers to generate money from their web content depending on propeller advertisement accomplishment and expertise.

How Do You Earn Through ProPush?

Online businesses aim to offer their target audience what they need and earn profits in return. In this context, ProPush is a tool that can help you make money with push notifications and press lockers.

To get started, you need to add an intelligent tag to your blog, which we will discuss in detail later in this post.

This tag will require the user’s consent to receive push notifications. Once a client subscribes to these notifications, you can start earning money.

ProPush Payment Modules:

There are two main methods to gain cash on ProPush:

1. Immediate Income-CPS (Cost per subscriber)

Once a client signs up for push notifications, this payment system will only charge you once. Therefore, this model is called “Cost per Subscriber” and should not be confused with “Cost per sale.”

Here, there is no science concerning missiles. Whenever you sign up for push notifications, you just get paid.

2. Long-term Revenue-CPM Revenue Share Model (Revshare) 

Revshare is very similar to networks for internet marketing. The usual tale is still the same. Whenever someone subscribes to obtain notifications from the click, they will pay you.

How to Join ProPush?

One of the biggest advantages of using is that it is absolutely free to join! Once you sign up, you will receive immediate support.

According to many publishers and bloggers, it is easier to get accepted and start earning compared to other ad networks. To get started, simply follow these steps:

1. Visit ProPush’s official website.

2. Click on the “Register” button. You will be directed to a form that you need to fill out. Once submitted, you will be immediately approved.

3. Check your email for the validation link. If you can’t find the email in your primary inbox, make sure to check your spam folder.

4. Finally, log in to your account and start using!

Advantages of Choosing ProPush Over Other Push Subscription Networks:

Benefits of

1. Comprehensive Reporting:

ProPush offers detailed and real-time reporting on various metrics, allowing you to track your earnings, traffic volume, conversion rates, and more.

This level of reporting can help you make informed decisions and optimize your campaigns effectively.

2. Competitive CPC Rates:

ProPush boasts competitive CPC rates, which can potentially result in higher earnings for publishers. Keep in mind that rates may change, but the network’s attractive rates can be a compelling reason to choose them.

3. Lucrative Referral Program:

The referral program offered by ProPush allows you to earn a percentage of your referrals’ revenue for life. This can be a passive income stream, incentivizing you to refer others to the platform.

4. Effective Postback Integration:

ProPush’s postback URL feature enables you to gather essential data on conversions, leads, and sales. This data can be instrumental in optimizing your campaigns and traffic sources for better results.

5. Seamless API Integration:

ProPush provides an API for integration, allowing you to manage to push subscriptions directly from your website or application. This feature is useful for automation and streamlining processes.

6. Proven Company Background:

ProPush is operated by Propeller Ads, a well-established and reputable advertising company with a track record dating back to 2011.

The company’s longevity and reputation in the industry can provide confidence in ProPush’s reliability.

7. 24/7 Publisher Support:

ProPush offers round-the-clock customer support through various channels, including live chat, email, and social media.

Additionally, the availability of an exclusive Telegram group allows you to connect with the ProPush team, ask questions, provide feedback, and receive updates.

How to Add a Website Using Propush?

Propush: add a website

You can add your first website or a landing page to your account to begin earning once you have effectively enrolled with ProPush.

  • Log in to your desk using your email or username and password.
  • Click the button Add Source below.
  • You can also add a landing part apart from joining a website.
  • Enter the brand name of your website ( The URL prefix does not need to be added to HTTP or HTTPS.
  • Check your website by printing and inserting the code in the name tag of your website.
  • Then click Check.

You’re done with it!

Now, you can go to your improved page and choose the types of advertisements that you want to use to monetize your website.

How to Add a Smart Tag?

Add a Smart Tag

Now that your first ProPush website has been registered and published let us understand why you should attach a smart tag to your blog.

pricing push notification monetize

  • Your current and new customers will be subscribed to push notifications.
  • Your Smart Tag will demand your clients ‘ permission to send media notifications.
  • Earn on each push subscription
  • Your income will proceed to rise with each push notification subscription.

Other key functions!

  • Payment of traffic: teaser, redirect, clicker, etc.
  • Newsletters
  • Banners
  • Social traffic
  • Inappropriate traffic

Payment Modules

ProPush costs all registered publishers using billing techniques for CPS and Revshare. Everything is smooth as you see all the GEO CPS rates shown in your account. Detailed access to extended data like:

  • Number of subscriptions/unsubscriptions
  • Quality of subscribers
  • Number of messages sent

** And more!

ProPush pays editors for all types of traffic, and the Smart Tag function will do all you can to maximize your traffic. You can easily monitor your traffic sources.

You can also use the monitoring feature for S2S postback conversion. This will help you quickly find out which traffic sources offer the highest income.

How You Can Earn With ProPush.Me?

How to earn with ProPush.Me

1. Extra-Monetization with ProPush Tag:

You can set the ProPush tag on the landing page of any offer you are running. By doing this, you can generate additional profits from push subscribers collected from your traffic.

Importantly, the ProPush tag works in conjunction with your main offer, ensuring that it doesn’t disrupt your primary conversion flow.

This additional feature can increase your campaign’s profits by up to 35%. To learn more about this, you can explore the provided link.

2. Monetize Your Website or Landing Page with Push Subscriptions:

ProPush.Me allows you to monetize your website or landing page by subscribing users to push notifications.

You can earn revenue for each subscriber (CPS rates) or push notifications sent to your subscribed user database (RevShare).

This process is designed to be user-friendly and offers high payouts. To find out more, click on the provided link for additional details.

3. TrafficBack Solution:

ProPush.Me offers a solution called TrafficBack, which allows you to monetize your exit traffic.

It caters to users who may not want to subscribe or have closed the subscription window.

This feature ensures that you can still generate revenue from users who do not engage with push subscriptions. For more information, follow the provided link.

Earning with ProPush.Me is designed to be straightforward and flexible, catering to both affiliates and webmasters looking to monetize their traffic through push subscriptions.

Why I Recommend ProPush?

  • ProPush provides real-time monitoring of the website’s performance.
  • There are two advanced income models, RevShare and CPS.
  • Publishers have the option to earn additional money from the referral program.
  • Every impression and subscriptions pay you.


📈 What types of reports does ProPush provide?

ProPush offers detailed reports on earnings, traffic volume, conversion rates, CPM, and more.

💰 Are the CPC rates competitive?

Yes, ProPush offers competitive CPC rates, potentially leading to higher earnings for publishers.

🤝 Is there a referral program?

Absolutely! ProPush has a referral program that allows you to earn 5% of your referral's revenue for life.

🔄 Can I integrate ProPush into my website or app?

Yes, ProPush provides an API for seamless integration, simplifying push subscription management.

🌐 Is ProPush a reliable platform?

ProPush is operated by Propeller Ads, a well-established advertising company with a strong industry presence since 2011.

🆘 How can I get in touch with ProPush support?

You can access ProPush's 24/7 support through live chat, email, or social media. Join their Telegram group for updates and community interaction.

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Conclusion: ProPush Review 2024

Push notifications are outstanding and potentially the most prevalent way of getting a decent amount of internet revenue from online businesses.

This has many major advantages that make this such a hot attitude for publishers and website owners, and ProPush makes perfect use of all of these!

In the first place, joining ProPush is ABSOLUTELY FREE. The smart tag must be introduced once your website has been approved.

You can then select the option to replace CPS or rev. When selecting a CPS model, people visiting your locations are told to subscribe.

If you choose the option to exchange rev, you will be compensated for every affiliation and taste the tourists create. Here, after pressing allow notifications, you can also use the traffic back option to redirect clients.

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