Profit Pixels Review 2024: Best Affiliate Program In Cyrpto Industry

Profit Pixels Review

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Profit Pixels is a collaborative program that boasts over a hundred proprietary offers in the crypto, forex, and trading sectors, as well as direct CPA and CPL financial propositions such as loans and insurance.

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  • Detailed reports section with real-time stats
  • 24/7 professional support
  • Native-speaking call centers
  • High CPA rates and weekly payouts
  • Advanced Tools and Features


  • Geographical Limitations


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Are you interested in working with crypto/trading offers? If yes, then I have some good news for you. Profit Pixels is an excellent affiliate program that you can consider.

As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies reach their all-time historical peaks, the demand for crypto/trading offers has skyrocketed.

So, many marketers are looking for the best programs and platforms to capitalize on this trend. Profit Pixels is a top-notch affiliate program that specializes in financial offers, including crypto and trading.

They have gained a reputation for themselves by offering a diverse range of high-converting offers, providing advanced tools, and delivering dedicated support to their publishers and advertisers.

Furthermore, Profit Pixels is continuously expanding its platform to include other verticals such as Nutra, loans, insurance, and more.

So, let’s dive in and discover why it has become a preferred choice for marketers seeking lucrative opportunities in the crypto and trading niche.

Profit Pixels Review

What Are Profit Pixels?

Profit Pixels is a collaborative program that boasts over a hundred proprietary offers in the crypto, forex, and trading sectors and direct CPA and CPL financial propositions such as loans and insurance.

The team at Profit Pixels are experts in the realm of crypto and forex affiliate marketing, and they prioritize securing the highest possible payout rates for their partners.

They establish direct relationships with trustworthy brokers, ensuring optimal partnership conditions.

Profit Pixels Review

Profit Pixels functions as a bridge between advertisers who aim to publicize their goods or services and publishers seeking to generate revenue from their online traffic.

The network utilizes a performance-oriented model, rewarding publishers for facilitating desired outcomes like clicks, leads, or sales for the advertisers.

This method guarantees a mutually beneficial partnership for both parties. Advertisers only incur costs for quantifiable results, while publishers stand to gain appealing commissions. 

This method is so win-win; it’s like the advertisers and publishers just high-fived each other… and then went out for ice cream!

What impressed me even more was Profit Pixels’ commitment to constant growth and innovation. They recently introduced the first direct Nutra offers on their platform, featuring incredibly enticing payout rates.

This expansion into new verticals showcases their dedication to providing diverse and exclusive offers. I am eagerly looking forward to the introduction of more verticals and specially curated offers in the near future.

Why Choose Profit Pixels?

When it comes to Profit Pixels, there are countless reasons why it has become my go-to affiliate marketing network. Here are the most important factors that have made a significant impact on my experience:

Why Profit Pixel

  1. The Best Payout Rates: Profit Pixels offers the best payout rates for in-house CPA offers in the crypto/forex/trading vertical. This means that I can maximize my earnings and achieve higher profitability compared to other networks.
  2. Diverse Verticals: While Profit Pixels excels in the forex/crypto//trading vertical, they also provide decent handpicked offers in other verticals. This diversity allows me to explore different niches and find suitable offers that align with my audience and marketing strategies.
  3. High-Tech Platform: What sets Profit Pixels apart is its high-tech platform, which is equipped with machine learning algorithms. These algorithms optimize conversion rates, helping me achieve better results and maximize my conversions. It’s reassuring to know that advanced technology is working behind the scenes to improve performance.
  4. Smartlinks and OneLink Tool: Profit Pixels utilize smartlinks, which are widely used in advertisements. These smart links streamline the promotion of multiple offers simultaneously, saving me time and effort. Additionally, the OneLink tool simplifies the process even further, allowing me to optimize my campaigns effectively.
  5. Extensive Pool of Landings and Pre-landings: Profit Pixels provides a substantial collection of landings and pre-landings that are ready for immediate use. This saves me the hassle of creating my own landing pages from scratch and enables me to start promoting offers right away.
  6. Native-Speaker Call Centers: Having access to call centers with native speakers is a significant advantage. It allows me to target specific regions and markets effectively, ensuring a higher level of engagement and conversion with my audience.
  7. Global Reach: Profit Pixels offers extensive coverage of more than 120 GEOs. This broad geographical reach provides ample opportunities to tap into different markets and expand my affiliate marketing efforts on a global scale.
  8. No Traffic Limitations: One of the great aspects of Profit Pixels is the absence of real limitations when it comes to traffic. This means I can drive as much quality traffic as possible without worrying about unnecessary restrictions.
  9. Personalized Support: Whenever I cannot find a specific offer I’m interested in promoting, I can always rely on my personal manager at Profit Pixels. They are responsive, proactive, and willing to work with me to launch the offer I desire under the best possible terms.

These are just some of the reasons why Profit Pixels has become my trusted affiliate marketing network.

Their commitment to high payouts, diverse verticals, advanced technology, and excellent support make it an ideal platform for maximizing my earnings and achieving success in the competitive world of affiliate marketing.

Verticals Offered By Profit Pixels

By partnering with Profit Pixels, you gain access to these thriving verticals, each with its own earning potential.

Their carefully selected affiliate programs, advanced tools, and dedicated support ensure that you have the resources and guidance to maximize your revenue in these highly sought-after niches.

1. Nutra Affiliate Programs

As a Nutra affiliate, you’re aware of the vast appeal of the Health and Beauty vertical in the affiliate marketing sector.


With people worldwide continually seeking to enhance their health and aesthetics, Profit Pixels has meticulously selected top-tier Nutra affiliate programs globally to help you effectively monetize your traffic.

Their broad array of Nutra offers ensures you have access to high-yield campaigns in this flourishing vertical.

2. Dating Affiliate Programs

Dating affiliate programs have a rich history in affiliate marketing. With countless individuals pursuing companionship and relationships online, the dating vertical presents substantial earning opportunities.


Profit Pixels offers an extensive variety of dating affiliate programs, incorporating both Cost Per Action (CPA) and Cost Per Lead (CPL) models.

They also provide smart links that streamline the promotion of multiple dating offers at once. By collaborating with them, you gain access to premier dating affiliate programs, enabling you to monetize your traffic and help people find their perfect matches. 

The industry average click-through rate for dating affiliate programs is 1.9%. (

3. Astrology Affiliate Programs

Astrology and psychic services, while niche, hold a steady place in affiliate marketing. The astrological services market in the U.S. alone surpasses two billion dollars.


Recognizing this unique vertical’s potential, Profit Pixels offers a variety of astrology affiliate programs. Their astrology offers include Cost Per Action (CPA) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) models, offering solid earning prospects.

Don’t underestimate astrology’s potential; delve into their astrology affiliate programs to tap into this vibrant market.

4. Finance Affiliate Programs

Finance affiliate programs cover a broad spectrum of subcategories, including loans, insurance, and more. The global demand for financial services makes finance affiliate programs a lucrative option for traffic monetization.


Profit Pixels provides a diverse range of finance affiliate programs to cater to various niches within the financial sector.

Whether your audience is interested in personal finance, investment opportunities, or insurance products, their finance offers can help you profit from their needs. 

Sure, you can make money from finance affiliate programs, but remember, you can’t take it with you when you go!

Affiliate Models Offered By Profit Pixels

Profit Pixels offers a range of affiliate models to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of affiliate marketers. Let’s explore the different models available:

1. CPA Affiliate Programs:

With Cost Per Action (CPA), I’ve had the opportunity to earn significant commissions by promoting offers that require targeted actions from leads.


Whether it’s getting them to make a deposit or complete a purchase, Profit Pixels provides a wide range of CPA affiliate programs.

This model has been popular in the industry, and it allows me to align the offers with my audience and niche, maximizing my earnings in the process.

2. CPL Affiliate Programs:

Monetizing sign-ups has become easier with Cost Per Lead (CPL) affiliate programs offered by Profit Pixels. I earn payments for each sign-up generated from my traffic, and there are options for both Single Opt-In (SOI) and Double-Opt-In (DOI) models.


While the payouts may be lower compared to CPA, I find that CPL presents an effective way to monetize cheaper traffic and capitalize on lead-generation opportunities.

3. IVR Affiliate Programs:

Pay-per-call is another avenue I’ve explored with Profit Pixels through their Interactive Voice Response (IVR) affiliate programs. By driving phone conversations initiated by my traffic, I earn a fixed payment for each minute of the call.


This model is particularly beneficial in finance, legal, and astrology niches, where I can target an audience seeking specific services. Maximizing my earnings per call has been possible by connecting the right audience with call center specialists.

4. Revenue Share Affiliate Programs:

Partnering for long-term profits has been made possible with Profit Pixels’ Revenue Share model. Through this classic affiliate marketing approach, I receive a fixed percentage of the revenue generated by the leads I refer.

This could include user purchases, deposits, or profits from betting or trading operations. It’s a great way to build ongoing partnerships with advertisers and continue earning commissions based on the success and profitability of the referred leads.

Revenue sharing

Profit Pixels’ diverse range of affiliate models has allowed me to choose the approach that best suits my strategies and goals.

Whether it’s driving targeted actions, generating leads, initiating phone conversations, or benefiting from long-term revenue share, I’ve found the flexibility and earning potential to be advantageous for my affiliate marketing efforts. 

 It’s like having a toolbox at your disposal, with different tools you can use to complete a task. Some may be more profitable than others, but each one is tailored to the job you’re doing.

How To Join the Profile Pixels Affiliate Program?

Step – 1: Visit Profile Pixels’ official website and click on ‘Join as an affiliate’.

Profit pixels affiliate

Step – 2: Enter your details and click the ‘Next Step’ button.

Profit pixels details

Step – 3: Enter traffic information and select ‘Next Step’.

Traffic information

Step – 4: Select who you are, enter the coupon code, check the box, and click “Sign Up”.


That is it. You can earn money as soon as your account is approved.


After completing the sign-up process and confirming my email address, I was directed to the Dashboard. This serves as the central hub for all my affiliate marketing activities. The Dashboard provides easy access to all the sections I need to manage my account.

I find the interface of the Dashboard to be stylish and user-friendly. The sleek black and green colors, complemented by a splash of orange, create a visually appealing environment to work in.

On the offers page, I can explore the wide range of available offers. They are categorized by funnel, insurance, broker, cannabis, crypto, loan, assets, and Nutra. I can also filter the offers based on GEOs, language, and terms such as CPA, CPL, and RevShare. If I find any offers that catch my interest, I can request access from my manager. They will assist me in exploring those opportunities further.

The Profile Settings section allows me to access important information related to postback (s2s) or API integration. I can ensure that everything is set up correctly and efficiently.

The API page provides a comprehensive manual that guides me through the process of connecting to Profit Pixels’ API. If I have any questions or need assistance with the integration, my manager is always available to help.

The Reports section offers detailed statistics on my leads, deposits, and even the status of the leads from the call center. I can gain insights into the performance of different GEOs and links, enabling me to optimize my traffic effectively and make data-driven decisions to maximize my results.

Profit Pixels also offers additional tools worth mentioning. One such tool is the ability to create a OneLink (SmartLink) that allows me to promote multiple offers simultaneously. This feature helps me identify the most profitable offers and GEOs, directing my traffic toward them for optimal results.

Furthermore, I can use ParkedDomains or choose from a selection of Prelands to enhance the profitability of my offers further. To gain access to the prelands, I can reach out to my personal manager, who will provide the necessary assistance.

What Traffic Is Accepted?

Profit Pixels offers me various advertising channels to generate profits. These channels include display banners, email advertising, push notifications, and mobile marketing. The program encourages me to explore different avenues to drive traffic and conversions.

However, it’s important to note that Profit Pixels has strict guidelines to maintain the integrity of its network. They have a zero-tolerance policy for fraud, motive traffic, and intentionally misleading customers.

Engaging in such practices can lead to severe consequences, including being banned from the program and not receiving payment for my efforts.

I appreciate that Profit Pixels takes these measures to ensure a fair and ethical affiliate marketing environment. This gives me confidence in the program’s commitment to quality and ensures that I can build a sustainable and trustworthy partnership with them.

By adhering to their policies and promoting offers genuinely, I can focus on maximizing my earnings and building a long-term profitable relationship with Profit Pixels.

What Are The Payouts?

At Profit Pixels, the payout rates can vary significantly based on my previous experience with the offers, the type, and the quality of my traffic.

The rates are not fixed and are discussed on an individual basis with each affiliate. However, I can expect to earn substantial commissions for successful conversions.

For example, in the broker and crypto offers, I have the potential to earn anywhere from $350 to $1000 for each deposit made by a user.


On the other hand, in the loan and insurance offers, which usually follow the Single Opt-In (SOI) or Double-Opt-In (DOI) model, I can earn $10 or more for each lead generated.

It’s important to note that offers with higher payouts often come with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) attached. These KPIs can include requirements such as a minimum deposit amount or a certain number of trades executed by the user.

As I establish myself as a reliable and successful partner, there is also the possibility of negotiating higher payout rates with Profit Pixels. This demonstrates their willingness to reward affiliates who consistently deliver quality traffic and conversions.

By understanding and meeting the KPIs associated with each offer, I can maximize my earning potential and build a profitable partnership with Profit Pixels.


At Profit Pixels, payments are processed on a weekly basis, providing affiliates with consistent earnings.

Affiliates have the flexibility to choose from a variety of preferred payment systems, including Wire, BTC, Webmoney, USDT, PayPal, and Payoneer.

This diverse range of options ensures that affiliates can select the most convenient and suitable method for receiving their payments.

Profit Pixels stands out from other programs by not having any hold period or withdrawal threshold. As soon as leads are validated, affiliates can request a payout and expect to receive it promptly.

This means that affiliates can access their earnings almost instantly, providing a seamless and efficient payment experience.

If an affiliate wishes to add a new payout method or make changes to their existing payment details, they can easily navigate to the Profile Settings section.

There, they can access the Payout Details option and follow the straightforward process to add the desired payment method. Once this step is completed, affiliates are all set to receive payments through the newly added payout method.

With the flexibility, promptness, and hassle-free nature of the payment system at Profit Pixels, affiliates can confidently focus on growing their business and enjoy the financial rewards without any unnecessary delays or complications.


📈 What makes Profit Pixels stand out?

Profit Pixels offers a user-friendly dashboard, real-time campaign stats, a OneLink feature for promoting multiple offers with a single link, access to optimized pre-landings, and various payment methods without a minimum payment threshold. Their in-house platform supports real-time stats, API and postback integration, domain parking services, and trafficback.

🌍 Which niches does Profit Pixels cover?

Profit Pixels covers a broad spectrum of niches including but not limited to music, dog training, fitness apparel, sporting goods, books, makeup and beauty, SaaS, e-commerce, sweepstakes, health and beauty, gambling, gaming, pharmacy, dating, smartlink, crypto, mobile app, adult, finance, pay per call, survey.

🔍 How do I join Profit Pixels?

To join Profit Pixels, you need to register on their official website, complete the required forms with your personal and traffic information, and follow the onboarding process which includes email verification and contact from a personal manager.

💸 What are the payment terms and methods?

Profit Pixels provides weekly or monthly payments through various methods including wire transfers, digital currencies, and PayPal. They stand out for their no minimum payment threshold policy, allowing affiliates to withdraw their earnings.

🔧 What kind of support does Profit Pixels offer to affiliates?

Profit Pixels assigns a personal manager to each affiliate upon joining. This manager is responsible for guiding affiliates through the onboarding process, helping them select the most suitable offers, and providing ongoing support for any questions or optimizations needed.

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Conclusion: Profit Pixels Review 2024

I highly recommend checking out Profit Pixels and exploring the offers they have to offer. Take advantage of their comprehensive range of verticals and discover which offers resonate the most with your audience.

With their commitment to your success and the opportunities they provide, Profit Pixels is a platform that can elevate your affiliate marketing endeavors to new heights.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced affiliate marketer, Profit Pixels provides the necessary tools and support to enhance your success and make your work more efficient and lucrative.

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