PowerAdSpy Review 2024: My Personal Experience After 2 Years🔥

PowerAdSpy Review

Overall Verdict

Keeping one step ahead of the competition is crucial, and PowerAdSpy has become my secret weapon. It's more than a tool; it's a partner in crime that helps me succeed in a challenging industry. Therefore, if you want to take your advertising to the next level, you should definitely try out PowerAdSpy. I assure you that you won't be let down.

Out of 10


  • It tool helps you formulate a successful marketing strategy.
  • It allows you to access a database of 6 million + Facebook ads.
  • It allows you to understand your target audience.
  • It helps you do competitor analysis.
  • Has Advanced Search & Filtering.
  • Provides Filter by ios, android, desktop, mobile.


  • Need highly analytical in order to use this tool effectively.
  • You need to be internet savvy with the Poweradspy tool.


Price: $ 1

In this PowerAdSpy Review, I look at one of the most popular ad spy tools available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business? Let’s find out.

You want to know how your competitors are getting ahead of you. You need to know what they are doing that you’re not.

The hardest part of Facebook advertising is staying on top of the ads running by your competitors.

There are a lot of potential customers on Facebook, and your competitors have the upper hand in using Facebook ads.

You are struggling to get the same results as your competitors.

Did you know that? 66% of Facebook users locate and follow their favourite brands. Similarly, on the $33.71 billion-worth site, 90% of IG users are involved with a company.

There are various tools in the market (like Adbeat, AdEspressoAdPlexity, AdsXposed, and Advault) to study your competitor’s advertisements, but the Poweradspy tool is simply the BEST!!

Bottom Line Upfront:🥇

PowerAdSpy has limitless potential with its database of over 110 million advertisements from 100 countries.

I’ve been able to dive inside the minds of my competitors, evaluating their successful campaigns and understanding the methods that make them successful.

PowerAdSpy Review- Why Customers Like It

This is one of the best tools I’ve ever used, and I’ve been working in the dropshipping trenches for almost six years.

The broadness of PowerAdSpy’s coverage across many ad networks is what sets it distinct. PowerAdSpy can track any ad format, including native advertisements, Google ads, search ads, and the Facebook advertising network. It’s a one-stop shop for analyzing my rivals’ advertising strategies across all platforms.

Having access to such detailed information is priceless as I work to develop my own successful marketing strategies.

PowerAdSpy is my go-to tool for keeping up with the dynamic world of online advertising. Using its AI features, I was able to mine for hitherto untapped sources of inspiration and fine-tune my advertisements.

For What Purpose Do You Need Social Ad Spy Tools? 🥇

If you’ve never used them in your competitive research, here are several reasons why you should. Among its numerous benefits is that it is the finest way to determine what your rivals are up to.

Everything from ad language to creatives, landing pages, and current popular deals is visible.

Leveraging a competitor’s strategy may save you thousands of dollars and hours of testing creatives and discovering your target market, which is why these tools are valuable.

So, what distinguishes PowerAdSpy from other social network ad-tracking software? If you’re interested in Facebook Advertising, you must employ a Facebook spy tool.

Even if you only use one tool to track where your competitors are advertising, this can quickly add up. Customers can use PowerAdSpy to monitor their competitors’ social media advertising across many channels simultaneously.

Everything in one place gives you greater value for your money and is an easy way to keep track of what everyone is doing. So, how can you profit with PowerAdSpy?

I’ve had the opportunity to dig into the fascinating world of PowerAdSpy, an ad intelligence platform powered by artificial intelligence. Thanks to this fantastic resource, I have been able to outpace the competition and adapt with the changing advertising scene.

PowerAdSpy Review

PowerAdSpy Review: What is PoweAdSpy AI Tool? 

Have you ever wondered how your competitors always seem to have the best ads? I definitely have, but I recently discovered a game-changing tool that has helped me stay ahead of the curve.

PowerAdSpy is an AI-powered ad intelligence platform that can help you find the best-performing ads from your competitors’ campaigns.

With a database of over 110 million ads from 100 countries, PowerAdSpy has everything you need to analyze your competitors’ strategies across multiple platforms, including native ads, Google ads, search ads, and Facebook’s advertising network. Plus, their unique Chrome extension makes finding ads a breeze and pays you to do so!

PowerAdSpy Review

If you’re serious about staying ahead in digital marketing, I highly recommend PowerAdSpy. It’s been a game-changer for me, and I know it can be for you, too.

It expands on the success of previous platforms and provides advertisers with extensive insight into the campaigns and strategies of their competitors.

And, unlike other spy tools on the market, it does this across the following traffic sources and social networks, all of which can be accessed from a single platform:

  • Facebook
  • Google Ads
  • Google Display
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • Native Ads

Is PowerAdSpy Good?

My PowerAdSpy Video review will surely give you an answer to that. Yes, PowerAdSpy is good and very much legit.

Now that I’ve boasted about the Poweradspy tool let’s continue understanding it.

Whether you are a business owner, digital marketer, or freelancer, the Poweradspy tool provides the “POWER” to filter ads from a database of over 6 million advertisements (from 15+ countries) to identify the ones meant to perform best for you!!!

You may filter/search adverts using the following criteria:

1. Demographics (Age, Gender, Interests, Annual Income, and Spending Patterns) 

The Poweradspy tool allows you to understand whether the competitor’s target audience is male or female, low-income or high-income group, etc. This, in turn, allows business owners to understand their own niche.

PowerAdSpy Review Discount Coupon

2. Location 

The communication pattern and channel depend on the country, city, and zone where the target audience resides.

By understanding how the competitors communicate with their target audience in different countries, we can devise our own communication strategy such that our message (about our product or service) is properly conveyed and gels with the region’s culture.

This alone can become our Unique Selling Point (USP). Revealbot is another reliable ads automation tool to help you put your ads on autopilot.

3. Advertiser 

I will use the Poweradspy tool to filter Facebook ads by “advertisers” to learn the advertising strategy and marketing strategies of prominent firms like Nestle and Procter & Gamble and the advertising of key players in our field.

We can learn from successful ad campaigns and apply best practices to my approach.

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4. Call to Action (Play, Save, Like Page, Shop Now, Watch More, Donate, etc.) –

This option from the Poweradspy tool can help us identify what call to action (or CTA) will perform best for our brand.

Adding a “Shop Now” CTA to our shopping ad can result in far higher conversions than an ad with a CTA that reads only “Learn More about the product.”

To determine the best call to action for our ad, I will utilize the Poweradspy tool.

5. Other Tools

I recommend checking your media providers before using an adware tool. Maybe you’re curious about what and how other partners in different regions market a specific mobile Wi-Fi website.

You may utilize a VPN service using the browser plugin User-Agent Switcher!

Simply use a virtual private network to connect to the country of interest. Then, if you’re on a mobile device and have the User-Agent Switcher extension installed, go to the website.

If you don’t know which site to visit, create an ad network campaign, spend 50 cents, and your data will contain a long list of locations.

Also, contact your account manager for advice on advertising a certain offer to a specific group. You probably know a bit more than you think.

Key Features PowerAdspy:

PowerAdSpy Review- Features

1. Analytics

PowerAdSpy’s Analytics tab is a treasure trove of insights that allows you to dive deep into the details of the ads you’re tracking across various platforms.

2. Ad Details:

In this section, you will find essential information about the ad, including the original post, ad copy, and landing pages. This data will help you understand the ad’s messaging, design, and where it directs users.

3. Screenshot of Landing Page:

PowerAdSpy provides a visual snapshot of the landing page associated with the ad. Gives you a quick preview of the user experience when someone clicks on the ad’s link.

4. Saving Original Ads:

While the tool doesn’t save video ads, having access to the original ad copy is crucial. It ensures you can refer back to the ad even if it gets deleted by the advertiser or platform.

5. Ad Duration:

Get detailed information about when the ad was first and last seen, as well as the number of days it has been running. This will help you gauge the ad’s longevity and effectiveness.

6. Demographics:

The ad analytics include age, gender, and relationship status targeting.

7. Target Profiles:

Gain insights on your ideal customer profiles with information on the ad’s targeted profiles, and leverage successful targeting strategies to create effective marketing campaigns.

8. Social Engagement Stats:

A graphical representation of social media engagement statistics provides a quick and easy way to see how users interact with your ad.

9. Country Analytics:

Gain insights into the countries targeted by the ad campaign. This information provides an understanding of the global reach of the ad and where the advertiser is concentrating their efforts.

PowerAdSpy Platforms

PowerAdSpy Platforms

1. Facebook Ads Spy Tool

PowerAdSpy’s Facebook Ads Spy Tool is a potent resource for advertisers seeking a competitive edge on the social media giant.

With a whopping 14.7 million Facebook ads in its database, PowerAdSpy offers an extensive collection of ad creatives.

The tool provides a range of filters to help you pinpoint the exact ads you’re interested in. You can filter by ad type, call to action, ad position, country, and more.

For example, if you’re specifically looking for video ads with a “Shop Now” call to action from the USA, PowerAdSpy makes it effortless to find them.

PowerAdSpy doesn’t stop at merely showing you ads. It offers detailed analytics for each ad, including insights into ad engagement, demographics, and target profiles.

For instance, you can analyze the success of an ad by reviewing its engagement stats or understanding the audience it’s targeting through demographics.

Example: Let’s say you’re running a Facebook ad campaign for a fashion brand. By using PowerAdSpy’s Facebook Ads Spy Tool, you can search for successful fashion-related ads. You filter by ad type (image or video), select “Shop Now” as the call to action, and target ads running in the USA. The tool presents you with a list of relevant ads along with detailed analytics. You can then draw inspiration from these successful ad campaigns to refine your own Facebook ad strategy.

2. YouTube Ads Spy Tool

PowerAdSpy’s YouTube Ads Spy Tool is a valuable resource for advertisers seeking insights and inspiration from YouTube ad campaigns. Here’s how it works and how it can benefit your advertising efforts:

PowerAdSpy’s YouTube Ads Spy Tool contains a collection of 1.8 million YouTube ads. While it may have a smaller database than some other platforms, it still offers a wealth of ad creatives to explore.

One standout feature of this tool is the ability to filter ads based on the number of dislikes. This filter allows you to identify ads that have received many dislikes, helping you focus on analyzing the most engaging and successful YouTube ads.

Example: Suppose you plan to launch a YouTube advertising campaign for a tech product. You can use PowerAdSpy’s YouTube Ads Spy Tool to search for tech-related ads on the platform. By applying the dislike filter, you can quickly spot ads that have garnered a substantial number of dislikes, indicating potential shortcomings or areas for improvement.

Conversely, you can also examine ads with minimal dislikes to gain insights into effective ad strategies within the tech niche.

3. Google Ads Spy Tool

PowerAdSpy’s Google Ads Spy Tool offers advertisers a way to gain valuable insights into Google advertising campaigns. While it doesn’t provide specific numbers regarding the size of its Google ads database, it is a valuable resource for competitive analysis and keyword research.

The primary utility of PowerAdSpy’s Google Ads Spy Tool is in competitive analysis. You can use it to spy on your competitors’ Google ads campaigns, gaining insights into their ad creatives, ad copy, and keyword targeting strategies. By analyzing successful ads within your niche or industry, you can identify trends and best practices that inform your Google Ads campaigns.

The tool allows you to conduct searches based on domains or keywords. If you’re interested in a specific competitor, you can enter their domain to view their Google ads.

Alternatively, you can search for keywords related to your industry or products to see which advertisers are actively bidding on those keywords. This information can be invaluable for understanding the competitive landscape and identifying opportunities.

While engagement metrics like likes and shares may not apply to Google search ads, you can still gain inspiration for effective ad copy by examining the text and messaging used in competitor ads. Discover compelling ad headlines and descriptions that resonate with your target audience.

By analyzing the keywords used in competitor ads, you can identify relevant and high-performing keywords that you might consider targeting in your own campaigns. This can help you refine your keyword strategy for better ad visibility and reach.

4. Native Ads Spy Tool

PowerAdSpy’s Google provides you with access to an extensive range of data collected from 17 Native Ad networks.

These networks encompass a wide array of publishers, ensuring you have diverse options to explore and leverage for your campaigns.

By leveraging this abundant data, you can gain valuable insights into audience preferences, trends, and ad performance across various networks, helping you make data-driven decisions to optimize your campaign strategies.

Example: Let’s say you are running a campaign for a new fitness app. By accessing PowerAdSpy’s Google database, you can analyze the performance metrics of similar fitness apps across multiple Native Ad networks. This comprehensive data lets you identify which networks deliver the highest number of clicks for fitness-related campaigns.

Your campaign will reach the right audience and generate maximum clicks when you allocate your budget to the most effective networks.

5. Reddit Ad Spy Tool

The Reddit Ad Spy Tool is designed to assist marketers in exploring and understanding the advertising landscape on Reddit. It allows users to browse through a vast collection of approximately 180,000 ads from various brands.

By accessing this extensive database, marketers can gain valuable insights into the ad creatives, messaging, targeting, and overall strategies employed by big-name brands on Reddit.

Example: If you are a big-budget ad buyer who wants to promote a new tech product on Reddit. Using the Reddit Ad Spy Tool, you can search for ads from similar tech brands or products and analyze their strategies. You may discover that videos tend to perform better on Reddit, prompting them to focus on video-based ads for their campaign.

Additionally, by studying the targeting parameters of successful ads, you can refine their own targeting to reach their desired audience effectively.

6. Quora Ads Spy Tool

I must admit that I was completely unaware of the existence of Quora ads until recently. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that PowerAdSpy offers a Quora ads spy tool, which has proven helpful.

Compared to other platforms like Reddit, Quora has a relatively smaller number of ads. As per the data gathered, there are only 112,000 ads in their database. While this might seem like a modest figure, it is important to note that the number of Quora ads is steadily growing.

Regarding spy tools designed exclusively for Quora, the options are pretty limited. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that PowerAdSpy’s Quora ads spy tool is among the best available tools.

It offers valuable insights and allows marketers to analyze advertisers’ strategies and tactics on Quora.

For instance, with PowerAdSpy’s Quora ads spy tool, I explored various ad campaigns run by different advertisers on Quora. This tool provided me with detailed information about the ads’ content, targeting options, and engagement metrics.

By studying these ads, I better understood the effective approaches used to engage Quora users and drive conversions.

7. PowerAdSpy Chrome Extension

The PowerAdSpy Chrome extension offers several useful features that can enhance your browsing experience on Facebook. One of the key functions of this extension is the ability to view a greater number of ads on the platform.

Using this extension, you can choose to display only sponsored posts on your Facebook feed, bypassing the countless organic posts and focusing solely on the ads.

This feature can be particularly beneficial for individuals interested in advertising or marketing. By selectively viewing Facebook ads, you can gain valuable insights into different advertising strategies, creative designs, and marketing tactics employed by various businesses.

This information can prove invaluable when it comes to improving your own advertising campaigns or staying up to date with the latest industry trends.

Using the extension to view Facebook ads, you can gather inspiration from successful ad campaigns run by your competitors or other relevant businesses. You can analyze their copywriting techniques, visual elements, and overall messaging to help you create compelling and effective ads for your own product.

Furthermore, the PowerAdSpy Chrome extension goes beyond just allowing you to view ads. It also offers a unique feature that allows you to earn money by finding ads.

As you browse through Facebook and come across ads not yet listed on the extension’s database, you can submit them to PowerAdSpy for approval. If your submission is accepted, you will be rewarded financially.

How To Use Poweradspy Tool?

The Poweradspy tool is straightforward to use. Just follow the below steps, and you are done!

PowerAdSpy Review- Uses

  • Buy one of the packages of the PowerAdSpy tool.
  • Download the tool.
  • Click on the PowerAdSpy icon in your browser and turn it ON.
  • Once you open your Facebook profile on Chrome, the Poweradspy chrome extension will be activated.
  • Now, you can see all ads on your Newsfeed, ad insights, and publishers’ ad history.

PowerAdSpy Pricing

The Poweradspy tool is available to marketers in three packages:

PowerAdSpy Review- Pricing

Plan Introductory Offer Regular Cost
Free $0
Basic $1 for 3 days $69/month
Standard $7 for 3 days $129/month
Premium $7 for 3 days $179/month
Platinum $7 for 3 days $279/month
Titanium $7 for 3 days $349/month
Palladium $7 for 3 days $399/month

Pros & Cons of PowerAdSpy


  • The PowerAdSpy tool helps you formulate a successful marketing strategy for your business. It enables you to understand what works in the market and what is not, thereby providing a great return on investment.
  • The PowerAdSpy tool allows you to access a database of 6 million+ Facebook ads from over 15 countries to help you learn from best-performing ads. You can create your ads accordingly.
  • The PowerAdspy tool allows you to understand your target audience and define your niche. You can thereby create effective advertisements that appeal to your target audience.
  • The PowerAdSpy tool helps you analyze competitors and empowers you to outsmart them in the long term.
  • The PowerAdSpy tool allows you to understand what your ad’s content should look like to grab the eyeballs of your target audience.
  • Using the Poweradspy tool, you can place your ads correctly to maximize conversions.
  • Using the Poweradspy tool, you can apply the appropriate Call to Action to your ads.
  • The Poweradspy tool is easy and convenient to use. The Dashboard is user-friendly and requires minimum training.


  • One needs to be highly analytical to use this tool effectively.
  • Any mistakes in terms of analysis can bring down the whole campaign and strategy of the company.
  • Prior knowledge of marketing is a must if this tool needs to be put to good use.
  • One needs to be internet savvy with the Poweradspy tool.


💡 How can PowerAdSpy benefit marketers?

Marketers can use PowerAdSpy to discover successful ad campaigns, learn from competitors’ strategies, and find trending ads to inspire their own campaigns.

🧐 Can I see the actual results of the ads tracked by PowerAdSpy?

Yes, PowerAdSpy shows detailed analytics such as engagement rates, clicks, and more, helping you understand which ads are performing well.

🔄 How frequently is the ad data updated in PowerAdSpy?

PowerAdSpy regularly updates its database to ensure users have access to the latest ad campaigns and trends.

📊 Does PowerAdSpy offer analytics?

Yes, PowerAdSpy provides comprehensive analytics that help you analyze ad performance, target demographics, and effectiveness across different platforms.

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Conclusion: PowerAdSpy Review 2024 

The PowerAdSpy tool is perfect for formulating and executing marketing strategies. It provides enough information to do a PEST (Political, Economic, Social, and Technological Analysis) and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats Analysis) analysis for one’s business.

I love that PowerAdSpy offers spy tools for various platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, and YouTube.

This means you can stay on top of your competition’s advertising strategies no matter where they’re advertising.

Their massive database of ads (over 110 million and counting) is impressive, but what sets PowerAdSpy apart is how easy it is to find the best-performing ads.

Their user-friendly and intuitive search functionality lets you quickly find the ads that will give you the most valuable insights.

You might be hesitant about the price, but it’s worth it. Compared to the value that PowerAdSpy provides, their price is reasonable. And when it comes to social media ads, PowerAdSpy is simply one of the best ad spy tools.

Use Coupon  Code Save 25% Now Hurry Limited Time Offer: BID20 and BID25.

You can also check their social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and YouTube.

Feel free to share your opinion on the PowerAdSpy review in the comment section.

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  1. PowerAdSpy has the most in-depth and detailed research I’ve ever seen about advertising on Shopify stores. It’s simply amazing! The way this app compiles data to show you which ads are most successful is so clever! Highly recommend it if you’re struggling with any of your marketing campaigns.

  2. PowerAdSpy is a blessing! I was ready to throw in the towel and give up all together on my social advertising campaign, until PowerAdSpy saved me. It knows how to find out which niches are trending and make sure that your ads bump them higher and better than all other ads. There’s no time wasted with this software because it saves you from doing hours of research just for those niche ideas. The best part about it? With almost every niche idea that pops into their list, they automatically create content tailored just for you.

  3. I was spending so much money that I didn’t have on Fb ads, then one day I downloaded PowerAdSpy and it literally changed my life. For the first time ever, I felt financially secure because now all of my niche ad campaigns are successful with no wasted efforts or money! It’s so nice being able to take care of myself for once. My advice is download today- your sanity will thank you later.”

  4. PowerAdSpy is the best Facebook ads spy tool you can have in your arsenal to keep an eye on competitor’s advertisements. From PowerAdSpy, not only are you able to see competition advertising through this software, but it provides reviews of all their ads which most likely would fit for your business anyways. And that my friend is a win-win situation

  5. This is a good Facebook ads spy tool. It helps you find the Facebook ads that are working, so your company can use them too.

  6. I like to use PowerAdSpy because it is a reliable Facebook ads spy tool that can help you find your competitors’ best ads. It will provide you with the winning ads for your business.

  7. This is an awesome product! I know which ads are winning against mine and what ads to publish next. No more guessing-this saves me so much time!

  8. “I always feel like I’m slipping behind my big competitors with their aggressive Facebook ads. But now with PowerAdSpy, I can find the winning ads to use for myself! With just a few clicks on this easy-to-use software, I can see what is working for them and then create fantastic campaigns that are better than theirs!”

  9. During my busiest seasons of business, I had no time to see and test every new ad on Facebook. My competitors never had a problem finding something that would help them out- we all know how hard it is to create an idea for your next advertisement. PowerAdSpy has changed all that. It’s like my own personal social media manager who knows the competition better than they do themselves!

  10. PowerAdSpy is the best Facebook ads informant tool. With PowerAdSpy, you can review your competitor’s advertisements and decide what will work best for your own business.

  11. I LOVE PowerAdSpy! If you’re a small business owner or in any way involved in the ad scene, this is a must-have. Running an ad campaign for my store? I use PowerAdSpy to keep tabs on what’s going on with advertising strategies of my competitors and that competitor who just set up shop next door. In order to remain competitive, it pays to know when the competition is ramping up ads with new offers and when they have been experimenting with types of ads that compete against yours. PowerAdSpy has saved me time, stress, money – everything one would want from an indispensable marketing helpmate.

  12. PowerAdSpy is the first and largest software of it’s kind to ensure you run high-quality, attention grabbing ads while also showing excellent ROI. I tell all my friends about this product because it made a ridiculous difference in how much more money we make – there is nothing else like PowerAdspy on the market!

  13. I’ve had my PowerAdspy for about 8 months now. I can’t recommend it enough! Totally worth the money, thats why they offer a refund if you don’t believe me. All you need to do is invest some time understanding how to create ads on all of your favorite platforms and BOOM, more sales than ever before!
    WHOA there cowboy give PowerAdspy try and see if its as good as I say!!

  14. “I’ve been an PowerAdSpy user for 4 months now and it’s the best $99 I ever spent on Facebook ads. PowerAdspy never lets me down! It has streamlined all of my Fb, Google, Instagram, Youtube, GDN, NATIVE ad campaigns to not only be successful but also automated them to generate more money than any other program out there.”

  15. Like Spying on the competition’s social ads? PowerAdSpy is a product worth checking out! I actually stumbled upon this one and it is amazing. Now, when my agency is assigned to develop campaigns for new clients we can uncover the best ads that our competitor has running and then use them like templates for our own advertising. You will never leave creating good content up to guessing again!

  16. You won’t find PowerAdspy anywhere else. I’ve tried everything, but PowerAdspy is the one-of-a-kind software that actually shows you how to make money with Facebook Ads (even if you don’t know how to) by getting other people to do all your “testing.” It doesn’t matter what Niche you are in or who you are– anyone can use this amazing product!

  17. A very nice review of PowerAdSpy. It is a bit expensive, but it has many features. I am going to use Google Adwords for now, but in the future I will definitely try out PowerAdSpy. Thank you for sharing your opinion!

  18. I used to be a Facebook ads expert that had been doing this for years and now my life has changed with the PowerAdSpy. I am now able to search for all of those sneaky great advertising strategies from less people appear!

  19. It saves you from wasting money on ads, and helps you gather a good sense of what your competition is up to. PowerAdSpy brings peace-of-mind as it lets you see your competitor’s ads and know not to overspend on competing ads.

  20. It saves you from wasting money on ads, and helps you gather a good sense of what your competition is up to. PowerAdSpy brings peace-of-mind as it lets you see your competitor’s ads and know not to overspend on competing ads.

  21. I can’t live without it. It has generated thousands of dollars more in sales for me and is the least expensive marketing that I’ve ever bought (and I don’t remember how many more). PowerAdSpy is the only software that does not charge you to use it, which makes Buyer’s Remorse an issue of days ago.

  22. I tried other products but they never worked. With PowerAdSpy, I could see what was working and make media campaigns tailored to my audience like a pro!

  23. “Woah, this is one sneaky app that has all the others beat!” I would recommend it to any business owner who wants to know what their competitors are doing. It’s so easy to use and FREE!

    I honestly didn’t think this app could tell me the ads running on MY socials but darn – it did! However, you can only see up 24 hours of them which kind of stinks. When you click on an ad Poweradspy shows if they are for purchase or not – If they are then you find out how many times said product was seen by users OR how much someone might be paying for a campaign per day/month/year!!!! All in One Place!!!

  24. This app seems expensive, but it has lots of features. For now I will use Google Adwords to advertise. But in the future I think I will try this app too. Thanks for sharing this review.

  25. I’ve been in the marketing game for about ten minutes now. PowerAdspy is unlike any other software I have come across or even heard of before. It’s quality, it’s an impressive company with a great reputation, and I don’t know how they did this but my profit margins are insane! They are just so high with no matter what ads I run on Google AdWords right now.

  26. Finally! A social ad strategy that worked. My content was second to none with PowerAdSpy.

  27. I absolutely love this product. It’s so reliable and I don’t have to worry about getting good Facebook adverts for myself. I can just use PowerAdSpy to find them all for me!

  28. PowerAdSpy? An easy-to-use interface and powerful analytics suite allow you to uncover a social advertising goldmine. Whether you’re a startup looking to expand, a blogger or an online businessman/woman, there’s no other software on the market that gives you the power of this tool. With it, I could have saved myself hours every week!

  29. PowerAdSpy is one of the best investments I’ve made. Surprisingly, you don’t need to know about ads or marketing in order to use this amazing tool. Even beginners can get started immediately with PowerAdspy because it does all the work for you!
    The software sends you messages whenever there are new people who’s targeting matches what your ideal audience might be. On top of that, the reports are very easy to read and understand so even non-tech savvy people can start running ads within hours after they install PowerAdSpy on their desktop computer.
    If you want a reliable way to start advertising today then I highly recommend downloading the beta version of Poweradspy!
    So far my experience has been great!”

  30. PowerAdSpy is a great marketing tool to use when you’re looking for something new to add to your social marketing ads. It also has the fastest growing data which makes it easy and quick for your needs because we add thousands of fresh ads everyday so there’s always something worth trying. I love this app and will continue using it!

  31. So I was worried about the big changes that Facebook had made, but then PowerAdSpy helped me find trends and reach my target audience. It’s dramatically improved my campaign!

  32. PowerAdSpy is like ‘Moneyball’: using statistics to determine what’s working and then focusing on that. If you want the fastest, most cost effective way to spend your advertising budget with high ROI, PowerAdSpy can help.

  33. I have tried a ton of products with so so results. But the second I found Poweradspy, my life became a lot easier! This makes it possible to locate the best advertisements running on social media and poweradspy keeps an eye out for me. It’s easy to use and most importantly shows me exactly what my competition is doing which really helps see things from their perspective too.

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