PDF Expert Review 2024 🥇 Is it the Best PDF Editor for Mac?

PDF Expert Review

Overall Verdict

In my experience with PDF Expert, I've discovered a tool that exceeds expectations. It brings my documents to life, allowing me to leave my mark with each annotation, signature, and form completion. It's a monument to the power of technology and imagination in transforming everyday PDFs into spectacular expressions of self. PDF Expert has become an important companion, reigniting my interest in digital document management and enhancing my capacity to leave a lasting impression.

Out of 10


  • Fill forms and sign contracts like never before
  • Read, annotate and edit PDFs, change text and images
  • Add annotations and notes to documents
  • Touch Bar support
  • Сollaboratе with clients and team members by adding notes and comments to documents.
  • Paid versions carry over from previous version


  • Premium version/pay needed for some needed functionalities
  • Advanced editing tools now require annual subscription for new users


Price: $ 79.99

In this PDF Expert Review, I look at one of the most popular PDF editors for apple ecosystem available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business? Let’s find out.

In recent years, the PDF file format has swiftly become one of the most popular. It is a dependable, portable, and strong file format.

Any current operating system and web browser introduced in the previous ten years can open PDF files natively and provide a basic PDF reading experience.

If you want to do more than simply view PDFs on your Mac or PC, you’ll need the finest PDF program with lots of features.

While there are different PDF editor apps for Mac available today, nothing to the features & experience offered by Readdle’s PDF Expert.

Over the last three weeks, I have looked at everything that makes PDF Expert the best PDF Editor for Mac. Here’s our PDF Expert review.

PDF Expert Review

Bottom Line Upfront 😍

PDF Expert is a distinctive app since it is only available on Apple devices.

Because it was built from the ground up to work with your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, you can easily sync and access your files from any Apple device, no matter where you happen to be.

PDF Expert’s lightning-fast response time and other features make it stand out from other PDF solutions. PDFs have never been easier to read and edit in such a short amount of time.

PDF Expert Review: An Overview


At its core, PDF Expert is a fast & robust PDF reader app for Mac. It can open any PDF file — large or small — with the utmost ease.

In our testing, it could open a massive 4000-page document in just a few seconds.

It wasn’t just the loading time of the paper that surprised us; I was amazed by the fact that PDF Expert was ready to quickly skim through the document as soon as I scrolled using our mouse wheel.

PDF Reading Experience

Normally, PDF software would stutter or load the inner pages of a PDF document slowly, but not this one. PDF Expert provides a buttery-smooth scrolling experience, and the software handled our test document admirably.

PDF Expert Features


PDF Expert ships with three themes by default. These themes help improve the reading experience in PDF Expert by making reading the text in a PDF document easier.

PDF Expert - Themes

The Day theme is enabled by default, which is how all PDF editing applications show PDF files – black text on a white backdrop.

PDF Expert also includes a Sepia component (shown above) that is ideal for reading e-books or reports that employ a toned-down sepia look that is nice to the eye and allows you to read for longer periods of time.

Lastly, there’s also a Night theme that displays white text on a black background, making it easier to read PDFs at night without lighting up the entire room.

Throughout our testing, I discovered that the Sepia theme in PDF Expert was the most pleasant for reading and did not create eye strain.

The Night theme, on the other hand, makes it difficult to read paragraph text but is ideal for PDFs such as invoices and receipts, as well as diagrams and graphs.

Blazing-Fast Search & PDF Expert

The ability to search through a PDF document is one of the most crucial features of a decent macOS pdf reader program.

Readdle says that PDF Expert is driven by cutting-edge PDF Search technology, which I were eager to try.

I tested the search capability by dealing with five different types of PDF documents and searching through them, and we’re delighted to report that it’s just as good as Readdle says.

Fast Search

The search experience in PDF Expert is blazing fast — very similar to searching for a text on-page in the browser.

PDF Expert can quickly search through the entire document and highlight all the results in yellow.

You can quickly scroll through the paper and see all the relevant information highlighted on the pages.

The sidebar that appears next to your document is our favorite part of the PDF Expert’s Search tool. This sidebar provides a fast summary by presenting all of the search results discovered in your paper.

Each development has contextual language before and after the search word, making it easier to narrow down what you’re looking for.

By clicking on these results snippets, you will be sent straight to the desired website. It’s difficult to put into words, but this search experience is something I wish I had experienced in college.

Personalize Your Reading Experience

PDF Expert has features that improve your reading experience. In fact, there are so many options to choose from that you can fully personalize how you read PDFs in the app.

This is especially useful if you read e-books or extensive reports as part of your employment.

Whether reading or reporting in PDF Expert, you may modify the page layout to view two pages side by side, as if you were reading a physical book.

When combined with the Sepia theme, you may try to recreate the sensation of reading a real book.

Reading Experience

The split-view functionality in PDF Expert allows you to open two PDF files in the same program. These files can be browsed individually and worked on at the same time.

It’s an excellent approach to work on one document while referring to another.

Another crucial element in PDF Expert is the cake and bookmarks. Bookmarks may be saved straight as PDF files, making them available on any device that opens the nifty!

Amazing PDF Annotations

Annotating PDF files is a vital element of any excellent PDF program, and PDF Expert provides various tools to assist you do so.

The text marking capabilities in the software is more than enough for highlighting text in all imaginable ways. You may highlight and underline text in whatever color you like.

Chooses several preset colors, but you may still provide a custom color.

That’s not all; PDF Expert includes a pencil tool, eraser, text tool, shapes, stamps, notes, and so on. Consider how many distinct annotations are possible in PDF Expert.

PDF Annotation

You may annotate any PDF document to your heart’s content with these tools. After you’re through with the annotations, you may save the summary as an HTML, text, or Markdown file.

You may select the ‘Save as Flatten’ option to share this file with annotations, which means the annotations cannot be deleted or removed from the file.

Is it the Best PDF Editor for Mac?

There’s a very good chance that you are reading this review to know why PDF Expert is the best PDF Editor app for Mac.

I mean, tons of other PDF editors are available in the market for macOS that claim to be “the best” What is it about PDF Expert that makes it the best option to edit PDFs on Mac?

The solution lies in the enjoyable experience and bouquet of amazing capabilities that PDF Expert provides Mac users.

PDF Editor

PDF Expert features exceptional PDF editing skills. Working with PDF documents in the program is similar to working in apps like Microsoft Word or pretty much any text editor you’re familiar with.

Go to the Editing mode after opening any PDF file in the app.

Text may now be edited by simply clicking on it and inputting your changes. PDF Expert makes image editing in PDF files a breeze. I was quite satisfied with how the app handled revisions.

I tested the capability with a few different PDF files of various types, and PDF Expert was able to recognize the font and font size of the text being altered in all but one file, so I didn’t have to worry about formatting it correctly.

The only file it couldn’t handle was one with an uncommon typeface, so I won’t blame the software for that.

With PDF Expert, editing photos in a PDF is a breeze. You may not only replace current photos but also add new ones and resize them with no effort.

The entire experience is so enjoyable that it nearly feels magical.

Further PDF editing options include adding links to any text or picture, redacting sensitive information in PDF files, generating or altering PDF outlines, adding page numbers, and password-protecting PDF files.

One of my favorite PDF Expert features is the ability to compress PDF files in order to minimize overall file size.

You can do this for free online or with another good PDF tool, but PDF Expert makes it easier by using a visual approach.

Reduce Size

You may select the quality of your resultant PDF file and check how much space you save after compression.

You may use the slider to determine if you’re under the limit. I detest that certain websites need you to upload PDFs smaller than 500kb.

Thus PDF Expert is a godsend in such circumstances and the ‘Save as…’ option to save a duplicate of your original file.

You may also use the Share option to immediately send the file to someone using your normal email program, which I found useful.

Combine Or Merge PDFs With Drag & Drop

Occasionally you wind up with two or more PDF files and need to merge them into a single master file.

You could want to consolidate a number of monthly reports into a single quarterly or yearly report file, for example.

PDF Expert provides an extremely simple method for combining PDF files or pages from one file into another.

The entire process is done with Drag and Drop and works flawlessly.

Drag & Drop

You can add a single page to a PDF file, rearrange the order of the pages in a PDF file, or delete one or more pages.

In fact, remember how I mentioned earlier in this review that PDF Expert can open two PDF files side by side on your Mac?

After you do this, you can choose any pages from one file and drag them to the other to add them. Indeed, it is that easy and clear. Dare I say it’s magical?

A Remarkably Good PDF Editor for Filling Forms

Filling Form

I haven’t even scratched the surface of PDF Expert’s capabilities. It is an excellent software for completing PDF forms and saving time.

During the US tax season, PDF Expert will make you wonder why you wasted so much time and money in prior years trying to fill out tax forms.

A Must-Have PDF Editor for Mac

Overall, Readdle’s PDF Expert is hands down the best PDF Editor for Mac I’ve come across. It is packed with numerous features and makes a lot of complex tasks as easy as eating a pastry.

And with a beautifully designed User Interface, the app looks and feels better than most apps designed by Apple.

When you add the delightful experience of working with PDF files, PDF Expert quickly becomes the best thing on the market for PDF files.

Why do you need PDF Editors?

PDF is a popular file format that is akin to paper. While many businesses are going paperless, PDFs are more common than ever.

PDF Expert offers to let you quickly and effortlessly read and edit PDFs.

PDF editors may be costly and cumbersome to use. Some applications have so many functions that you have to attend a course to learn how to use them properly.

PDF Expert has many of the same capabilities as PDF Expert but is less complicated. It simplifies PDF editing.

PDF Expert Pricing Plan

PDFExpert Pricing Plan

PDF Expert is available as a free trial for a limited time.

You need to buy the paid version to get rid of this limitation. The pricing for this program is very low, and it’s even cheaper if you’re a student or professor.

Is PDF Expert really free?

PDF Expert 7 is a free download on the app store. PDF Expert 7 has many features that you can use for your job. There is an upgrade for people needing many, $79.99 per year.

Pros and Cons : PDF Expert Review 2024

Pros Cons
Fill forms and sign contracts easily Premium version/pay needed for some functionalities
Read, annotate, and edit PDFs Advanced editing tools require annual subscription for new users
Add annotations and notes to documents
Touch Bar support
Collaborate with clients and team members
Carry over paid versions from previous version

FAQs : PDF Expert Review 2024

🎸 Are smaple PDF Templates provided?

Yes, PDF Templates for Business Contracts, Financial, Job Templates, Personal use, Real Estate, and many more are provided for free.

🪕 How to contact for any query?

You can write to PDF Expert by filling the form provided on 'Contact Us' page and their representative will get in touch with you.

🎻 How to get PDF Expert?

PDF Expert is available on macOS and iOS platforms. The app is flexible in the usage options - you can either get PDF Expert for one of the platforms or subscribe to both Mac and iPad/iPhone versions under one joint account.

PDF Expert Review & Ratings by Users

PDF Expert Reviews and ratings

Best PDF Expert Alternatives

1) Acrobat Reader

Acrobat Reader - PDF Expert Alternative

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC is one of the best free PDF readers for viewing, editing, and signing documents.

However, Adobe Acrobat DC upgrade requests are frequent. It would score higher without these commercials. The app is sturdy and multiplatform. Unless adware bothers you, add it to your software list.

2) Foxit Reader

PDF Expert Alternative - PDF Reader

For both personal and professional use, Foxit Reader has long been regarded as the greatest PDF software product currently on the market.

The updated Foxit PDF reader, also known as ConnectedPDF.

It is a feature-rich program that offers simple document access, integrations, file request management, document review and annotation, signing, and the capacity to secure important PDF documents.

Conclusion: PDF Expert Review 2024

PDF Expert‘s outstanding annotation features have brought my pages to life. It’s like opening a world where I can personalize every PDF.

I can easily mark meaningful portions in a sea of text using a wide range of annotation choices.

It inspires me to write marginalia, which expresses my ideas and observations. These modest modifications capture my viewpoint by weaving meaning into language.

But personalizing stamps and shapes fascinates me. I can paint my paperwork like an artist. PDF Expert lets me create every page a beauty with a joyful stamp, a magnificent form, or a delicate symbol.

Don’t forget my signature’s attractiveness. PDF Expert integrates with my Mac’s keyboard, trackpad, iPhone camera, and iPad’s Apple Pencil.

My signature comes alive with a touch, revealing my identity. My signature seamlessly syncs all my beloved Apple gadgets in perfect harmony.

This harmony lets me gracefully sign contracts, bills, and other crucial papers across time and distance.

PDF Expert offers more. It automates form filling. It automatically identifies fields that need input, simplifying editing. This innovative tool saves me time and effort, letting me focus on what is important.

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