Top 15 Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs & Networks 2024: Ready To Earn?

Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs are a cool way for people like me, who have a blog or social media following, to earn some extra money.

Instead of getting paid when someone clicks on a link, I get paid when someone calls a phone number I share.

These calls are usually for services or products, and the idea is that people calling are really interested, so the chance of making a sale is higher.

I find it exciting because it feels like a more direct way to connect people with what they need, and getting paid for making that connection is pretty awesome.

Top Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs & Networks

What are Pay-Per-Call Networks and How Do They Work?

Pay-per-call Networks are platforms that connect advertisers with publishers (like me and you) who use their own marketing methods to promote the advertisers’ products or services.

Instead of earning money for a click (like in traditional affiliate marketing), you earn money when someone calls a specific phone number provided by the network. Here’s how it typically works:

  1. Advertisers Join the Network: Companies looking for leads in specific industries (like home services, insurance, legal advice) join a Pay-Per-Call Network to get potential customers to call them.
  2. Publishers Promote the Number: As a publisher, you sign up with the network and choose which offers or advertisers you want to promote. The network provides you with unique phone numbers that track the calls you generate.
  3. Consumers Call the Number: You use your marketing skills to encourage people to call the number. This can be through blog posts, social media, online ads, or even offline methods like flyers.
  4. Call is Tracked and Credited: When someone calls the number, the network tracks the call back to you. If the call meets certain criteria set by the advertiser (like call length or call time), you get paid for that lead.
  5. You Earn Commissions: The more successful calls you generate that meet the advertiser’s criteria, the more money you make. Payments are usually based on the call’s duration or the quality of the lead.

Pay-Per-Call Networks offer a unique opportunity for publishers to monetize their content in a way that’s often more engaging and direct than traditional click-based affiliate marketing.

It’s a great model if you have an audience that is likely to take action by making a call.

Top 15 Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Programs & Networks

Here is the list of Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs:

1. Digital Market Media:

Numerous companies live or perish, dependent on their ability to generate leads.

Digital Market Media

An inbound call made by a potential customer is highly valuable because it indicates a willingness to make a purchase.

Digital Market Media understands the importance of providing high-quality leads and offers live transfer campaigns to ensure that website visitors receive prompt assistance and information.

By quickly connecting prospects with advertisers, the chances of a successful sale increase significantly.

  • Commission: Up to $ 250 per sale
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, wire, direct deposit

2. Palo:

Palo is a pay-per-call network that has been providing quality calls to companies for over a decade.


Their most popular performance-based marketing is in the legal, health insurance, and financial services industries. Because they are problem-solving niches, there is tremendous profit potential.

Remember that Palo’s affiliate screening procedure is rather stringent, so they are not a network for novices.

  • Commission: From $ 37 to $ 500 per lead
  • Payment Methods: Check, PayPal, wire, direct deposit

3. Goojibear:

Goojibear focuses on one area of digital marketing: the development of leads via the transmission of phone calls to advertiser call centers. But with an emphasis on mobile optimization as their primary source of incoming calls.


Their affiliate offerings include payday loans, pest control, astrological readings, auto insurance, legal services, etc., for which you would expect consumers to get a price over the phone.

You may advertise countless deals from Goojibear in these and other verticals.

You may expect to make around $ 15 for each call on average.

  • Commission: Up to $ 90 per lead
  • Payment Methods: Wire, PayPal, Payoneer

4. CuraDebt:

The current total household debt in the United States exceeds $ 15 trillion.


Affiliate schemes such as CuraDebt are thus in high demand. Your visitors get a service that reduces their financial load by consolidating various loans into a single monthly payment.

This covers tax debt and other unsecured obligations, such as personal loans, credit cards, and shop cards. And improved debt management is the first step toward genuine credit rehabilitation.

You need to create calls for CuraDebt to get substantial commission rewards.

  • Commission: $ 40 per lead + $ 200 per customer conversion
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, or Payoneer

5. Paychex:

Not many firms are large enough to warrant a full-time person to manage payroll and human resources.


Paychex addresses this need by offering a solution that allows businesses to outsource these duties to skilled specialists.

This enables a corporation to operate with minimal overhead costs while providing its employees with a comprehensive selection of professional employee services.

Consequently, as an associate, you can access a vast potential market – every small company in North America.

  • Commission: $ 75 per call
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, or Payoneer

6. Click Dealer:

Click Dealer is a pay-per-call affiliate network with over a decade of industry experience and proficiency in handling pay-per-call offers and incoming calls.

Click Dealer Affiliate Programs

This network provides affiliate publishers with over 2,000 advertising offers in various areas. There are attractive marketplaces that, when paired with focused affiliate marketing initiatives, may yield substantial cash.

Top-performing affiliates may also enjoy a variety of advantages, such as bonus payments and exclusive events.

  • Commission: From $ 2 to $ 20 per lead
  • Payment Methods: Wire, Payoneer, PayPal, Paxum, ePayments, Webmoney

7. PX:

PX was previously called ReviMedia. It has a Pay-per-call affiliate network with a unique twist.


It comprises private and public markets where marketers and publishers purchase and sell leads.

Affiliates will discover hundreds of products across 15 verticals in the insurance, home services, and financial markets on the PX Open Exchange.

This pay-per-call affiliate network was developed with the success of your online marketing efforts in mind, and it employs cutting-edge technology to do so.

  • Commission: Varies but up to $ 125 per lead
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, check, bank transfer

8. Aragon Advertising:

Aragon Advertising is a worldwide pay-per-call affiliate network that has been in operation since 2012.

Aragon Advertising Affiliate Programs

You can access hundreds of pay-per-call offers across several sectors by joining them.

Tax bills, life insurance, home services, legal advice, elder health, health insurance, and animal management are a few examples, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

They are also willing to collaborate with any reputable contact center seeking to purchase or sell calls, with the ability to handle millions of monthly calls through paid and toll-free lines.

They evaluate each contact center before allowing them to participate in their marketplace, therefore maintaining quality standards.

  • Commission: Up to $ 100 per call
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, wire transfer

9. eFax:

eFax is a service that enables users to send and receive faxes without a fax machine.


Today, faxes are mainly used by enterprises that need a physical signature on a document instead of an email or electronic signature, such as the legal, law enforcement, and medical fields.

Despite the arrival of other technologies, fax services are in high demand.

  • Commission: Up to $ 50 per sale
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, or Payoneer

10. National Debt Relief:

National Debt Relief is a debt consolidation company with 34,000 five-star Trustpilot ratings.

Their service allows customers to consolidate several minor bills into a single monthly payment.

National Debt Relief

However, they also attempt to renegotiate your present financial load to reduce it, but only for certain forms of debt, such as credit cards, personal loans, some education loans, and medical costs.

Therefore, this might be a special offer if your target group needs assistance with debt management.

  • Commission: $ 27.50 per call
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, Payoneer

11. Astoria Company:

Since 2006, The Astoria Company has been a leader in the performance marketing sector, focused on creating B2C leads for businesses in various industries.

Astoria Company

Among their 200 pay-per-call options are payday loans, legal services, online schooling, mortgages, solar power, and car insurance.

However, their programs are exclusively active in the United States, making them less worldwide than other performance marketing networks.

However, they make up for it with their extensive industry knowledge.

  • Commission: Ranges from $ 2.10 to $ 210 per lead
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, wire, direct deposit

12. Lead Smart:

Lead Smart’s objective is straightforward: guaranteeing that their lead generation clients get results without paying in advance.

Lead Smart Affiliate Programs

In addition to focusing on household services in the United States, Lead Smart’s pay-per-call services distinguish it from its rivals.

HVAC and electrical services, pest control, home services, home improvement, and landscaping are included.

You will not have to go through hundreds of irrelevant call campaigns if your present audience needs household services.

  • Commission: From $ 3 to $ 300 per lead
  • Payment methods: PayPal, Payoneer, Crypto, Wise and direct deposit

13. Service Direct:

The pay-per-call network Service Direct began as a web development business.

Service Direct

The adjustment resulted from realizing that firms with a new website need quality leads. So, they emphasized providing companies with phone leads that were ready for purchase.

Today, they serve hundreds of customers in various nations and industries.

Expect to encounter advertisements for plumbers, lawyers, CPAs, dentists, veterinarians, body shops, and even dog walkers. Before signing up for an offer, you can see how much each request pays.

These are household and local services (HVAC, plumbers, etc.) that the ordinary person is prepared to pay for and need immediately.

  • Commission: Up to $ 850
  • Payment Methods: Not Disclosed

14. Offervault:

Instead of manually searching for PPC networks and in-house deals, wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a search engine that displayed them?

Offervault Affiliate Programs

Thus, you might concentrate your efforts on generating phone leads. That is precisely what OfferVault offers.

You may search based on the affiliate networks, categories, and countries in which you want to operate.

In addition, there is a section devoted to pay-per-call offers that display the payment, the network the offer is part of, and the countries where the offer is offered.

  • Commission: Up to $ 1,700 per sale, depending on the offer.
  • Payment Methods: Depends on the offer

15. MarketCall:

MarketCall is a pay-per-call affiliate network headquartered in the United States with international offices and call centers.


These niches are profitable due to their focus on fixing urgent issues or high-paying advertising, such as residential solar power systems.

They often introduce new pay-per-call offerings, so you constantly have new offers to work with, and you are assigned a personal manager.

Additionally, comprehensive call-tracking technology is included as a standard.

  • Commission: From $ 5 to $ 120
  • Payment Methods: Bank transfer, PayPal, check

What To Look For In High-Paying Affiliate Programs?

You should already be aware that not all affiliate programs are created equal. Specific markets pay more than others.

However, it may be challenging to determine which programs are worth your time, particularly when you are just starting! Therefore, we will examine some of the most crucial considerations for selecting high-priced affiliate programs.

This is what you should search for in affiliate programs that pay well –

1. Affiliate Support:

When it comes to affiliate marketing, enrolling in programs that offer helpful support is crucial, especially if you’re a beginner.

Look for vendors who have a dedicated account manager or point of contact that you can reach through email, phone, or live chat for assistance.

Contact the affiliate manager immediately to gauge their level of support and ask if they would consider increasing your commission if you establish a good performance record.

2. Vendor Reputation and Customer Satisfaction:

You will want to promote subscription-based goods with low churn rates.

This measure displays the number of clients that unsubscribe later on. Logic dictates that affiliate programs with lower churn rates will generate longer-lasting recurring commissions.

However, affiliate managers do not always report this data. However, you may do some research to determine their client satisfaction ratings. The lower the product’s churn rate will be if consumers adore it.

3. Product Conversion Rate:

Regardless of the affiliate product’s compensation rate, it is not worth advertising if it does not convert into sales. This is when the term ‘product conversion rate’ enters the picture.

However, what constitutes a “good” product conversion rate?

This differs across industries. However, WordStream reports that the average rate is 2.35 percent. Yet the top 25 percent of marketers have achieved a conversion rate of at least 5.31 percent!

Unsurprisingly, the quality of a product landing page substantially affects conversion rates. Therefore, you should choose an affiliate partner that offers high-quality landing pages; the better the landing page and sales funnel, the more probable it is that clients will buy and you will earn a commission.

In addition to building attractive landing pages, affiliate managers may increase product conversion rates in other ways. Most importantly, affiliates may give prospects running promos. Ultimately, who doesn’t like a good deal?

4. Cookie Duration:

Cookie length and referral period mean the same thing – the time during which an advertiser pays an affiliate for a referred customer.

If the cookie length of an affiliate program is short, you won’t receive any compensation if the customer makes a purchase after that period.

Therefore, checking the cookie’s lifespan before choosing an affiliate program is crucial for your revenue. For instance, Amazon’s affiliate program has a cookie duration of only 24 hours.

5. Earnings per Click (EPC):

With affiliate marketing, you may occasionally earn money without making a transaction! Some high-paying affiliate programs pay affiliates on a per-click basis, meaning that you only need to get people to click on your affiliate link.

Then, you get compensated based on how much traffic you send their way.

6. Average Order Value (AOV):

Consider the “average order value” (AOV) when evaluating commissions for an affiliate program. A higher AOV is better, and it can be calculated by dividing the total purchase value for a specific time period by the number of transactions.

Look for affiliate programs with higher AOV, as they often provide upselling, cross-selling, and product bundling opportunities.

Consider signing up for B2B software industry programs, as items and services in this sector typically have a larger AOV than those in the B2C sector.

7. Commission Rate:

The commission rate is fundamental. Other programs offer different commission rates. This is often a percentage of the selling price; however, in some instances, it is a flat sum per affiliate sale.

Determining if the program offers affiliate incentives for beginners is also essential. For instance, do they increase commissions when sales goals are met?

LambdaTest is a fantastic example; they provide 50% commission on the first transaction and then 25% commission on subsequent transactions.

Typically, due to SaaS businesses’ subscription-based structure, customer lifetime value (CLTV) and profit margins are more significant, and as a result, affiliate commission rates are outstanding. Therefore, if this is a niche that interests you, go for it; it has the potential to be quite profitable!


🤔 How do I find Pay-Per-Call offers?

Many affiliate networks host Pay-Per-Call offers. Start by signing up with reputable affiliate marketing platforms that specialize in or offer Pay-Per-Call programs.

🛠️ What tools do I need to promote Pay-Per-Call offers?

Basic tools include a platform to promote the offers (like a blog, social media, or email marketing), plus any specific tools recommended by the affiliate program, such as call tracking software.

🔍 How are calls tracked in Pay-Per-Call Programs?

Calls are tracked using unique phone numbers assigned to each affiliate. This way, when a call comes in, the network can identify which affiliate generated it and credit them accordingly.

📈 Can I promote Pay-Per-Call offers internationally?

Yes, some Pay-Per-Call programs have international offers. However, it's essential to check the specific terms and availability of offers for different countries.

🚀 How do I succeed in Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Marketing?

Success involves choosing the right offers, understanding your audience, and effectively promoting the unique phone numbers. Utilizing SEO, content marketing, and targeted advertising can help attract potential callers.

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Conclusion: Are Pay-Per-Call Affiliate Programs Worth Your Time?

Pay Per Call Affiliate Programs offer a unique way to earn money by connecting people with the services they need over the phone. Instead of earning through clicks or sales made online, you get paid when someone makes a call using your referral.

It’s a great option if you have a platform to share these numbers and can target people interested in specific services.

These programs can be especially rewarding because callers are often ready to take action, making it a potentially lucrative opportunity for those willing to put in the effort to promote the right offers.

You will discover that pay-per-call affiliate marketing is not as simple as other affiliate marketing.

Still, I’ve done my best to discover the necessary facts about each network.

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