5 PageCloud Website Examples for Businesses to Get Inspired

You can quickly create a high-performance website without having to write any code by using the drag-and-drop functionality provided by the PageCloud website builder, which is a user-friendly and inexpensive tool that combines stunningly crafted templates with unparalleled editing software.

Make your own small business website with the help of these 5 gorgeous websites made with PageCloud as a source of inspiration.

5 Beautiful PageCloud Website Examples

PageCloud’s website builder is a tool that makes it simple to create websites that give the impression of having been designed by professionals. Building your own website for your company won’t be difficult at all thanks to an intuitive interface that lets you simply drag and drop elements. Check over these models to get ideas about how you can efficiently design your own, and use them as a guide.

1. Endjinn (Automation Services Company)

The website for Endjinn has a streamlined, industrial appearance that was achieved by employing color images with high contrast. This provides the brand with an air of sophistication. This website’s legibility is enhanced by the use of bold and bright fonts, and by making strategic use of Pagecloud’s “Buttons” feature, navigation is simplified without compromising the overall aesthetic coherence of the site.

2. Prudence Takle (Wedding and Event Planner)

Prudence Takle Marriage Celebrant - pagecloud example site

PageCloud’s “Pixie” template allows this Australian-based wedding and event planner to strike a beautiful balance between the text on her website. The pastel background creates an inviting, lightweight feel that is consistent with company branding while also throwing off any monotony from similar colors or patterns you might see elsewhere online today!

Pagecloud offers a variety of tools to help you maximize your engagement across different platforms. This website makes extensive use of these integration features, which results in an attractive and polished surface while also being professional at every turn!

3. Property By Ashley (Real Estate Agent)

Ashley Lew Real Estate Agent _ Property By Ashley = pagecloud example site

This website uses an altered version of the “Northern” template by PageCloud.

The Call-to-Action buttons are used to accent content; this includes text with information about Property By Ashley brand and the real estate market in order for visitor’s attention to be attracted more strongly towards it while they’re on your site or reading through pages like the indexing page where all listings can easily accessible without having any trouble finding what they need because everything was tagged very well at first glance which also helps users find properties quickly immediately upon arrival.

4. Buck & Beard (Barbershop)

Buck & Beard Barbershop has created a website that is focused on the team and prominently highlights the abilities of its staff members. The website features individual pages that are dedicated to each member of the staff. In addition to this, it includes visual representations of the services they offer and the outcomes that customers can anticipate as a result of their visit.

Clients are able to view the available products, services, and pricing thanks to the user-friendly and straightforward menu that is included on this website. Customers who visit the barbershop’s website can make purchases of its wares through Pagecloud’s virtual storefront and easily enquire about the shop’s services through the contact page of the website.

5. Bragi (Audio Products Company)

pagecloud example site

The website for Bragi creates a sophisticated 3D effect by combining a custom gradient background with multiple images to create a layered look. This is in keeping with the company’s branding as a technology company.

This website’s static header not only makes it simple for visitors to navigate the menu options, but it also directs them to call-to-action buttons that have been designed with Pagecloud’s “Buttons” feature and come in a variety of vibrant colors.

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Final Thoughts

PageCloud is trusted by a wide range of businesses, including technology companies, real estate agents, and musicians, to meet their requirements for building websites. This is demonstrated by the fact that the five websites presented here represent businesses in a variety of fields.

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