Ontraport Review 2024: Pros & Cons🥇(My Experience After 2 Years)


Overall Verdict

In Ontraport, I have found a reliable business partner that equips me with the resources I need to expand my company. Ontraport provides everything I need to manage my contacts, automate my marketing efforts, and streamline my sales procedures. I no longer have to stress over mundane processes and routine activities. This frees me up to concentrate on developing my company and meeting the needs of my clients.

Out of 10


  • Keep better track of your prospects and customers
  • Powerful marketing automation without the enterprise-grade prices
  • Abandoned Cart Recapture
  • Subscription Management on Autopilot
  • Stay-in-touch Drip Email Campaign
  • Smiley Survey and Testimonial Generator


  • Only 14-day free trial
  • No Social Media Integrations


Price: $ 24

In this honest Ontraport review, I look at one of the most popular CRM for sales & marketing, Is it right for your business? Let’s find out.

Do you wanna take your online business to a whole new level? Are you looking for the best and most powerful CRM software for marketing automation? Are you in need of making your marketing efforts more effective?

If yes, then you might have some business automation plans that you want to execute. Ontraport is the best business automation platform, designed to take care of everything you need to grow your business.

Nowadays powerful CRM is quite difficult if it is done manually because there are tons of things you need to look for.

According to the reports, only 19% of marketers are actually tracking and reporting all of their marketing efforts. Are you one of them? If not, then it’s time to track and analyze all of your marketing efforts.

In such cases, we need to rely on powerful tools out there in the market that can help us achieve more without putting in that much effort. If we want to make the best possible decision, we need more accurate information.

Ontraport Review

Bottom Line Upfront 😍

As an entrepreneur, I need to simplify my procedures and increase productivity. Ontraport is a little-known secret that’s been very helpful for me. It integrates all my marketing, sales, and business apps whenever I need them. I’ve been using it for two years to launch, systemize, and expand my business quickly. With Ontraport, I no longer juggle multiple tools, and I can focus on my business and clients. Its straightforward interface and design make it easy to use and powerful. Ontraport allows me to use automation without requiring any technological knowledge.

Ontraport reviews online

Basically, Ontraport is an all-in-one platform that generally delivers outstanding business features, including a powerful CRM, membership sites, one-click WordPress integration, email marketing, affiliate management, and more.

In this post, I have featured Ontraport Review 2024, which includes detailed insights about its pricing, features, functionalities, and more. Let’s get started here.

Ontraport Review 2024: Top Pros & Cons 

Ontraport is a powerful marketing automation tool that offers essential business features like powerful CRM, payment processing, one-click WordPress Integration, email marketing, membership sites, affiliate management, and more.

Landon Ray is the founder and CEO of Ontraport. This idea of Ontraport came in 2006, and it was successfully launched in 2008.

Ontraport Overview

Ontraport has exponentially grown over the last few years, and currently, they have more than 100 team members. Ontraport has also won several awards in the past few years.

Is Ontraport Easy to Use?

Ontraport is one way to automate your marketing map for your entire business and get the data you have always wanted.

Ontraport generally gives a CRM (Customer Relation Management) system to small and growing businesses in order to automate marketing and sales efforts.

Along with that, it also offers tools for email marketing, lead scoring, lead nurturing, affiliate management, payments, event management, lead generation, and many more things in a row.

Here, the new data can be easily collected via a web form builder that can easily be used to create fully customized forms. The best part is that pre-created templates are also available.

Once the lead is generated, Ontraport will automatically route it to the correct member of the sales team. It also leaves space for follow-up instructions along with lead-specific information.

Ontraport also includes a customizable dashboard that comes with a drag-and-drop interface, and you can easily set up the business so that users can have access to the areas of the system that is more relevant to their roles.

Ontraport Features: Is Ontraport Good?

Using Ontraport, you can easily do the following with amazing features:

1. Visual Campaign Mapping:

Now, you can create high-converting campaign maps right in a few minutes. Just save your time right with ready-to-go proven marketing campaigns, or simply create your own right from start to end, as you will get an intuitive visual campaign builder here.  

2. See All of the Marketing Efforts:

Without using too many tools, you can see all of your campaigns and bring everything to one place so that you can easily see and analyze it, which will really save you time and effort.

3. Create a Seamless and Personalized Experience:

You can choose a campaign template or create your own from scratch with fully customizable landing pages, email messages, and opt-in forms.

4. Find Out How Each Piece Of Puzzle Impacts Your Results:

Just find out which landing page, emails, opt-ins, or any other elements actually work out most for you. So that you can easily find out what is actually working for you.

5. Get Priceless Data For Your Leads And Prospects:

Now, you can see how your prospects and leads generally engage right with every single piece of your campaigns.

6. Real-Time Results Reporting:

Marketing tracking that actually transforms your biggest opportunities into action. Ontraport has built-in visual reporting that generally reveals priceless information about your performance.

You can control all of your marketing campaigns in order to achieve the highest return. Here, you can have clarity about your weak and strong points right with a click of a single button.

7. See The Outcomes of the Decision:

Here, you can easily see what would happen if you somehow changed any of your campaign inputs. So that you can easily visualize what is the future of your business.

What Ontraport Offers?

Basically, Ontraport offers all the tools that you will need to manage the customer’s journey and build brand awareness right to brand advocacy.

Ontraport CRM review

  • It offers a visual campaign builder right with built-in performance reporting and projection.
  • It offers easy-to-build and fully customizable landing pages with a huge library of templates from which to choose.
  • Personalized, easy-to-design messages that include emails, SMS, along with postcards.
  • It also offers powerful membership site management tools that are generally integrated seamlessly right with WordPress.
  • Provides multi-channel marketing automation for seamless leads and more in a row.
  • It has advanced marketing tracking with UTM variables for in-depth reporting and insights.
  • It offers e-commerce tools that will make it really simple to start selling online and take payments.
  • It provides high-converting sales force automation features to optimize your sales process.
  • It offers an extremely powerful customizable CRM that can organize all of your data and simply put it to work.
  • Also, it has flexible business automation rights for more efficient processes throughout your entire business.

How To Build Campaigns and Automation?

Switch to Ontraport’s campaign builder after designing forms, emails, or landing pages for your campaigns. The campaign builder is now the platform’s most important tool.

Ontraport would be completely useless without it. Because everything revolves around it, the campaign builder is likely to be the tool you spend the most time with.

Ontraport campaign+builder-edit+mode-add+trigger

The builder, on the other hand, fundamentally mixes marketing automation with CRM through a simple visual approach. You may think of it as a standard automation builder with CRM capabilities built in.

By offering a bird’s-eye view of the entire approach, it attempts to simplify an otherwise complex campaign framework.

To put it another way, the campaign builder includes tools for designing visual automation workflows. The resulting chart should show the relationships between all of the segments, rules, tags, and relevant campaign messages in a graphical format.

As a result, you’ll be able to see your campaign’s blueprint as well as its progress data in real-time. And, speaking of views, Ontraport provides a variety of them. To begin, campaign creation takes place in the editing mode.

Otherwise, you can use the live view to keep an eye on the workflow in real-time. When you need a contextual view, the “projection” and “performance” modes come in handy.

Ontraport Pricing:

Ontraport Pricing

Starting at $24/ Per Month
Starting at $83/ Per Month
Starting at $124/ Per Month
Starting at $249/ Per Month

1. Basic Plan – $24/month


  • Email and text message automation
  • Web forms and pages
  • Scalable platform for growth

2. Plus Plan – $83/month


  • Includes everything in the Basic Plan
  • Payments and memberships
  • Website personalization
  • Advanced CRM tools

3. Pro Plan – $124/month


  • Includes everything in the Plus Plan
  • Deep customization options
  • Marketing tracking and testing
  • Partner programs
  • User roles and permission management

4. Enterprise Plan – $249/month


  • Unlimited access to all features
  • Enterprise-grade security and scalability

How Can You Create Your Own Workflow?

Ontraport’s dynamic approach to campaign automation is a plus. The campaign builder can handle basic linear workflows as well as very complicated ones with numerous layers of rules.

As a novice, I recommend starting with the easier ones and progressing until you’ve mastered all of the fundamentals.

Simple workflows on Ontraport now follow a linear roadmap with several stages without the need for dynamic conditions.

A contact merely moves from one stage to the next while staying on the same path from beginning to end. So, in essence, such a workflow’s visual structure does not branch at any time.

Simple Workflows

A basic workflow is one in which a site visitor activates the system by joining the mailing list, and Ontraport responds with welcome emails or potentially even onboarding guidelines. The entire procedure is simple to follow.

What’s more, you know what? Although creating such a procedure from scratch isn’t difficult, Ontraport saves you time by providing a set of pre-built templates.

They even have customisable goal-tracking features that allow you to select the actions that will move your contacts to the next step.

Simple tasks like responding to an email or SMS message, browsing through a landing page, or clicking on an email link could serve as the foundation for your process automation.

If you can’t find the right template for your campaign, there’s another option. Other users can share their workflows with you using Ontraport’s workflow-sharing function. After that, you can start incorporating them into your campaigns.

Unfortunately, linear paths have limitations, including the difficulty of basic workflows. You can only cover so much in a single campaign.

Complex Workflows

Complex workflows, unlike in the past, now mix numerous paths into a single dynamic automation roadmap.

In layman’s terms, they use many triggers to cover a wide range of conceivable conditions that distinct targets can encounter at a given point in the flow.

To develop such a flow, you must first construct a logical framework of conditions, which will then set off triggers in response to certain actions done by various targets.

The requirements are defined using “if, then” statements, which result in qualification branches appearing at various locations.

However, aside from the campaign builder, Ontraport also allows users to create automation sequences via the contacts menu. In essence, you get to combine messages, times, and procedures to create unique autoresponder sequences.

How Ontraport Can Help Your Business?

Ontraport Testimonials

And if you really wanna scale your business to a large scale and want to measure your success, then you must be using Ontraport as it is being trusted by smart marketers all over the world.

Help You Map the Entire Customer Journey: You may have seen that most marketing tools show you how your emails are actually performing or how your pages are working. However, Ontraport is the only platform that shows how your business works on a single campaign map.

Get Valuable Data and Insights Of Your Business: Really Ontraport campaign reporting is unrivaled. Now, you can easily find out who is converting, when, and where they are actually coming from. Then, you can easily tie them up with all of your marketing activity so you can have an idea of what’s actually working out for you.

Use Built-In Best Practices: Just build your campaigns right your build in campaigns right from scratch, or you can also choose from a library in order to turnkey templates that include all of the pre-designed pages, emails and here everything else you need in order to launch in minutes.

Pros & Cons of Ontraport Review


  • Best Value for money.
  • Amazing Rule-based email marketing and business processes.
  • Highly scalable and customizable CRM.
  • Offers on-demand postcards and voicemails.
  • Powerful and affordable two-way SMS text messaging.
  • Extremely powerful stats and analytics tracking.
  • Split testing capability.
  • Offers great customer service.
  • It has full WordPress Integrations, membership sites and more.


  • No Social Media Integrations.
  • Better pricing options are needed.
  • It has weak mobile apps that are not regularly updated.

Ontraport Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Ontraport Customer Reviews

Ontraport Trustpilot Reviews Facebook online


🤔 Is Ontraport suitable for small businesses?

Yes, Ontraport caters to businesses of all sizes, including small businesses. It offers scalable plans with features that can be tailored to fit the needs of different-sized organizations.

👀 Is there a free trial available?

Ontraport typically offers a free trial period, allowing you to explore the platform and its features before making a commitment.

💁‍♀️ What types of support and training does Ontraport offer?

Ontraport provides various levels of customer support, including email support, live chat, and phone support. They also offer onboarding assistance, documentation, video tutorials, and a community forum.

🧐 Can I integrate Ontraport with other tools and services?

Yes, Ontraport offers integrations with various third-party applications and services, including payment processors, e-commerce platforms, lead generation tools, and more.

🤷‍♀️ What if I change my mind later and want to deactivate my account?

It's simple to terminate your account, and Ontraport will reimburse your cash if you cancel during the first 30 days of your subscription.

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Conclusion: Ontraport Review 

One of Ontraport’s primary benefits is its capability to optimize processes and automate repetitive operations. This resource allows you to streamline company processes to save time and energy.

Say goodbye to time-consuming manual steps, and welcome to streamlined, effective operations.

I like Ontraport because of its straightforward design and handy functions. You don’t need to be particularly tech-savvy to pick up on the features and start using them right away.

Ontraport gives you everything you need to thrive in business, including the ability to create effective marketing campaigns, manage client relationships, and monitor sales.

Ontraport’s scalability is one of its best features. Ontraport may be tailored to meet your specific requirements at every stage of business development. The platform is very flexible, allowing for extensive personalization to meet the specific needs of each given organization.

But what really separates Ontraport from the competition is the company’s promise to be a trustworthy companion on your business’s path to success. The Ontraport team offers great help and resources.

They are committed to ensuring your success by maximizing your use of the platform through advice, training, and continuous support.

I strongly advise giving Ontraport a try if you’re serious about taking your business to the next level through the use of automation. Feel the independence that comes with simplifying procedures, maximizing output, and expanding with minimal effort.

In my opinion, Ontraport is the hidden tool that can explode your company to new heights of success.

Do let us know what you think about the Ontraport review in the comment section below. 

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37 User Reviews on Ontraport

  1. Ontraport is a great CRM management tool and has excellent workflows utilizing campaigns & sequences. I like the ability to checkout with Credit Card or PayPal. The reporting is easy to utilize. Affiliate programs and management is excellent, especially when paired with a WordPress membership site to deliver the links & resources needed to our affiliates.

  2. The fact that I can manage 99% of my entire business on Ontraport (minus accounting, HR, legal, etc) is a true blessing. The value in growing my business is in the data from sales, marketing, and nurturing my clients. The reality and magic behind using Ontraport are that it manages, presents, and organizes that critical data that I need to run and grow my company.

  3. I’m a business owner. When I first opened my doors, it was easy. I was in full control of everything that went on, and things were running smoothly. But as time went on and my business grew, I found that reaching the business goals I had set out for myself required more work than me just going about my day-to-day tasks.
    That’s where Ontraport came in – before getting their CRM product to streamline all aspects of our operations, we had IT workers buried under administrative duties like managing customer information, sales leads and keeping up with orders day-to-day…not to mention payroll!

  4. It’s a pretty lean tool that doesn’t have too many features that my team won’t end up using. We had very specific needs that we wanted a marketing automation tool to address. And while many of the more popular tools (Hubspot, Pardot etc.) did exactly what we wanted it to do, they also did too much and we couldn’t justify the price tag that came with them as well.

    Ontraport is like a Toyota – affordable, reliable, well built, no feature overload. ie. Perfect for a small team that wouldn’t have the time or expertise for a full-on marketing automation tool.

  5. I came to OP because it offered one platform that could look after most of the needs of our business but I will stay with the OP because of their incredibly responsive customer tech support. I own a business and just cannot keep all the tech in my head. When I hit a roadblock I love that I can get answers in a timely manner.

  6. I was looking for an easy-to-use tool to simplify my business and save me time, so I downloaded Ontraport. Turns out Ontraport is not just some miracle app, but a powerful system that integrates the marketing tools I need with all those pesky sales tasks. Thanks to accounting integrations like invoicing and both client and customer relationship management functionality it’s super simple to maximize profits by running multiple businesses simultaneously on a solo campaign without the headache of juggling between tools!

  7. The flexibility to decide what can be useful for, I have worked on many of our companies project’s with Ontraport, from Content Marketing (cookie profiling and lead generation) to nowadays complex systems for eCommerce that support not only communication’s with clients, but also supply team support connected to logistic companies to tailor a fulfilment experience close to Amazon.

  8. I love this CRM! Ontraport has changed the way I do business and I recommend it to all my clients (and let’s face it – to anyone who will listen). The support is wonderful and the platform is powerful. You can set up any funnel you can dream up! Before OP, I was overworked, after getting OP I have so much more time to pour into my clients. You won’t regret making the leap!

  9. Due to the need on the part of us and the company to increase our visibility online and at the same time the networks, in addition to the fact that mainly the objective is sales, it is important to promote them in order to attract more new customers and build an extensive system and sales optimization, offers an incredible detailed solution and support in which we can boost our company, very happy with the Ontraport.

  10. Ontraport is very user friendly and has great support staff to help with anything you don’t understand. Also, there are lots of templates that can be used to help you get started with your funnels and landing pages. I also like that it provides a way for me to reduce the number of tasks I have to do manually. Setting up and creating fully functional funnels with landing pages and a lot easier than I thought. It does take some time, but because it is user friendly, the learning curve is shorter than with some other platforms.

  11. I can manage my contacts, landing pages, emails, marketing campaigns, sales and more in a savvy, seamless user experience backend software and the customer service is better than any other CRM service out there.
    Other software seemed to be either too marketing-driven without a good user experience or too outdated from a UI/UX approach.
    Additionally, Ontraport is constantly thinking ahead about the digital paradigm and what will be needed for businesses to scale more proportionately to where many industries and markets are heading. Example – adding a “Systems” tab so we can track systems for various aspects of our brands or various marketing campaigns overall and then knowing that we might need to make more systems for other areas of our business in the future.

  12. With Ontraport, you get a CRM, shopping cart, affiliate management tool, landing page/micro site creator, auto-responders, a WordPress membership platform, online event/webinar creator, and task automation for a few hundred dollars per month.
    One of my favourite aspects of Ontraport is the ability to automate sequences across multiple marketing channels. You can, for instance, communicate with leads via 2-way text message, or even by posting them a postcard.

  13. Ontraport is the most flexible automation tool I’ve come across.
    The best thing about Ontraport is that I have a CRM, A Sales Management Tool and a website/funnel builder all integrated in one place.
    The functionality is amazing. The support team is quick to reply and always thorough and has been awesome!!
    MUST TRY!!

  14. Ontraport sets the standard and is constantly improving. I’ve been using it for 7 years now (since before it was Ontraport) for myself and my clients. I’m blown away by the features that keep being added and the fact that I can do so much with the platform without having to use other add-ons.
    Support is outstanding and the CEO of the organisation has his finger on the pulse of the community so you know you are being heard when you raise an issue or suggestion.

  15. Ontraport is amazing because you can literally see every customer interaction from lead to a sale in one place. You can create landing pages, sales processes and follow up automation to keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.
    The customer service is really amazing. The live chat people helped me often and very specifically to help us succeed.

  16. Ontraport is the best CRM for small businesses that I have encountered. Their page editor allows you to do far more than anything on Clickfunnels. You can make your pages look however you want. The customization is incredible and the functionality of the Campaign feature is literally like having another employee.

  17. The visual campaign editor! Top in its class and way ahead of competitors in the same space. The ease of use of the visual campaign editor is why my organization made the purchase in the first place. In addition, creating forms using the simple editor and creating landing pages using the drag-and-drop editor is a breeze. This makes it quick and simple to create landing pages and embed forms to track conversions. I like the clean interface; very easy to navigate. Managing contact records (aside from duplicates) is a breeze with the clean user interface. The Ontraport API allowed us to greatly enhance the functionality and automation.

  18. I can manage my contacts, landing pages, emails, marketing campaigns, sales and more in a savvy, seamless user experience backend software and the customer service is better than any other CRM service out there.
    Other software seemed to be either too marketing-driven without a good user experience or too outdated from a UI/UX approach.
    Additionally, Ontraport is constantly thinking ahead about the digital paradigm and what will be needed for businesses to scale more proportionately to where many industries and markets are heading.

  19. I like that we were able to utilize Ontraport for Lead Management & Customer Success. I also like the Ontraport interface a lot because it makes it easier to use. We were pretty familiar with other CRMs like SalesForce and InfusionSoft before coming on board with Ontraport, and so the learning curve was not too sharp. Now we use Ontraport primary for Managing Leads, Campaigns for Leads, and Renewal Sales. We don’t use the e-commerce part of Ontraport, and we use these objects within Ontraport: Companies, Contacts & Deals.

  20. I love everything about the Ontraport CRM platform … the automation features, payment processing, landing pages & forms, ease of use, and most of all, everything you get for the super affordable price you pay. You really just can’t beat it! I also love the third-party integrations & continued growth that I see in Ontraport … the list goes on. So thank you for being great! I’ve had you for a few years now and have referred many people to you already. I look forward to being a part of your continued success & growth.

  21. I’m not a fan of the page builder but it certainly does the job and they are always improving it. Ontraport comes with a good range of templates and they’ve designed it so that it’s difficult to make too much of a mess of the pages, unlike many drags and drop editors that can leave you with pages looking like a train wreck.

  22. I have used Ontraport for a year now and I can say that it is hands down my favorite CRM system. IT takes all the pressure off of emailing myself, following up on leads, managing prospects, and just trying to be great at marketing altogether. You’ll find your whole team using it – from sales reps to CMOs. Plus since they have allowed me into their ecosystem I’ve had an appreciable uptick in business revenue across the board!

  23. The designs and the edition of pages are somewhat limited, they could add more personalization options, since an application like Ontraport would be better if it had more flexibility in this sense, since editing is an important aspect, because it allows you to adapt the system more to the needs and also to the image of your company.

  24. Very easy to learn and use. Their tutorials are Great. Very easy to train my staff on this program. Ontraport runs and has automated so many of the processes of my business and made my digital marketing seamless. And their customer service and support are exceptional. They are friendly, helpful and really go the extra mile. And I love how it integrates with Facebook.

  25. Ontraport obviously cares and are continuing to evolve the platform which makes it easier and easier to build and integrate with the rest of our technology stack. One of the things I like best is that support is always there and happy to help with whatever issue is happening, so you aren’t going back and forth with an endless email chain.

  26. Understanding and using Ontraport is simple and does not require great knowledge in the matter, however, when acquiring this system you will have to complete the learning process through the use of tutorials and the assistance of the technical support team that is an excellent group, very attentive and make one confident in what he does.
    Once installed and configured, this program will be your best ally and I love that since it lets me see many functions with a high degree of automation that will leave you amazed, plus it will let you be able to save a lot of time in the optimization of campaigns and money at launch them and get an excellent performance.

  27. Ontraport is a powerful all in one program perfect for small businesses that want to have email campaign functionality, website plug-ins (forms and pages), and contact management. As a small team, we like being able to have one program that fits all of these needs so that all contact data is collected and tracked in one place. The program itself has a lot of customization options so you can create fields for companies and contacts that are relevant to your business. The customer support is outstanding for this program – there are customer support specialists that are available to chat or screen share, as well as account representatives and onboarding specialists. If those people are unavailable, they also have many how-to forms and videos to help with FAQs.

  28. I like how easy it is to create a sequence of events from start to finish–a page for customers to visit, a form to fill out, an email to send them upon form submission, a page to be routed to, a campaign of future emails to be added to… it’s all so simple to set up with Ontraport’s vastly powerful tools and visually intuitive interface.

  29. Some quirks and bugs in the page editors can make building a page frustrating–for instance, in the sidebar where you upload a photo for a certain block of the page, your cursor naturally tracks over Ontraport’s sample photos on the way to the Submit button–and hovering over one of those images causes it to be chosen, overwriting the image you just uploaded and inserted. I have to take a scenic route in a big C-shape with my cursor to avoid this happening. Little quirks like that stack up and become pretty frustrating.

  30. I love that everything is together in one platform. I can collect emails easily. I can charge people accordingly. I like the segmentation of lists. And the membership platform is great too.
    There really isn’t anything I dislike. The closest thing to a dislike would be the spam emails that come into my system, but that could be a website problem on my end too. Even so, they’re easy to delete.

  31. I love that Ontraport has amazing support. They are always available to help when I have questions or feel like I need a walkthrough of my campaign before it goes live. I love that they don’t haggle and charge you when you need help like other companies do. There’s no huge startup costs, and they helped me find a plan that suited my needs at the time rather than just pressuring me into a high priced solution.

  32. Ontraport has been the epicentre of productivity for me for 2 years, and they just upped their game with the release of the Campaign Builder! Amazingly simple to build campaigns and chart metrics, in addition to already having been able to create landing pages and email sequences.

    Ontraport put simply, allows me to build a 6-7 figure business on autopilot, so I can focus my time on the most important aspects of the business, or just NOT doing work because it’s 100% automated. Wouldn’t have a business without Ontraport!

  33. It has a lot of information once you get inside the software. It is very important to me that the programs have sufficient data and introductory information to better understand the system. Ontraport has tutorials that help you learn better what your tools and options are.
    Automation allows you to execute and perform tasks that can be repetitive much faster and more efficiently. You can automate data integrations by using your tools and performing tasks more quickly.

  34. I like best campaigns combined with sequences and global rules using the API connection. You can really take your marketing to the next level by utilizing Ontraport to it’s full capabilities. With this tool, if you know what you are doing you could build a company up to the 10M revenue mark. This is powerful. Ontraport has it all.

  35. My favourite aspect of Ontraport is its intuitive, easy to navigate interface as well as the clean, top-down campaign builder. With the campaign builder, it’s easy to determine what comes next with colour- and shape-coded elements, making it quick to build a campaign to reach one’s target audience. The handy checklist that’s provided lets me know if I missed anything before the campaign is published.

  36. The biggest advantage of Ontraport for us is its versatility, built on strong foundations. It’s the fact that whatever you want to build, in terms of marketing or sales automation, there’s a way to do it. The learning curve is steep but it’s definitely worth it and I do consider Ontraport as a competitive advantage in my industry (and I would in any small to medium business, honestly).

  37. Ontraport offers a lot of features and functionality. When we first got started, it was our organization’s first time with a combination CRM/marketing automation tool, especially one as powerful as Ontraport. Therefore, it was tough for us to determine where we ought to begin; what do we need to do; aside from the obvious, what’s most useful for us. Ontraport does provide two, hour-long onboarding calls. Sadly, they only scratch the surface.

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