OGAds Review 2024: Is It Still the Leading Content Network?


Overall Verdict

OGAds offers a promising avenue for affiliate marketers to thrive in the digital landscape. With its innovative platform and potential for high earnings, it's a network worth considering.

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  • High Earning Potential
  • Diverse Offers
  • Content Locking
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Timely Payments
  • Support


  • Net-30 payments to start


Price: $ 2

Do you have a website, app, blog, social media account, or fan base that you want to monetize? OGAds has a tool for every single situation. Check out my detailed OGAds Review. 

Featuring content lockers that are supported for both mobile and desktop traffic. OGAds company boasts almost 2,000 active offers from over 100 unique advertisers.

Plus, the recommendations are in nearly 250 countries. The variety of offers allows your earnings to skyrocket.

OGAds teach you exactly how to get started with their learn platform. Featuring free courses such as the dashboard basics to teach you the OGAds platform.

Additionally, you can learn from their courses, such as Free Traffic on YouTube, to start driving traffic to your website. Free traffic, not your style? Well, I have free courses on paid ads, too! 

OGAds Review

Did OGAds mention that they have AI chatbots automatically set up in the content lockers that have dramatically increased earnings for the users since launch? Communicating with users on your content locker to guide them through completing the actions to access your content… all done for you automatically ?? 

OGAds Review 2024 Is it still the leading Content network?

Who are OGAds, and what is OGAds purpose?

OGAds launched in 2012 and saw a problem in the market where users who wanted to lock their content did not have a feasible solution; OGAds came in and created a diverse set of content lockers for Mobile / Desktop users on your website, blog, app, social media now have a locked page where they must complete an action to unlock and access your premium content.

The content can be anything! From E-books to videos, to software, to guides, in-game virtual currency, cheats, trainers, and much much more, the possibilities are limitless with their content locker, captcha locker, or API feature!

Types of Content Locker Ad Formats

Content Locker

This is their preferred content locker for a good portion of the publishers. The option is to make a content locker that will redirect to a URL of your choosing once completed or remove the locker from your website or app once the required conversions is achieved.

This is fully customizable and can be edited in a million different ways, from the CSS / HTML to adding in video content and much more! Content lockers technically have two views that can be shown to a user. The mobile view and the desktop view.

Mobile View

The mobile view is optimized for mobile devices. Showing offers such as apps, pin submissions, email submissions, and much more.

Mobile View

Mobile view is optimized, and you’re guaranteed to earn much more with your hard-earned traffic. You can show the mobile view for your content locker on your website with a direct link or redirect with Javascript.

Desktop View

The desktop view is optimized for desktop and laptop devices. Showing offers such as software downloads, email submissions, pin submissions, and much more.

Desktop View

Just like the mobile view, you can link directly to your content locker or have it pop up over your existing content on your website with Javascript.

Captcha Locker

This is one of OGAds new offerings whereby you can create a javascript captcha locker that appears anywhere on your website or blog, which will display a captcha locker for the user to complete in order to access further parts of the page.

OGAds Captcha Locker

This is backed up with a JavaScript function that will call when the locker is unlocked! You can then control this on the web page to do whatever you want. This is fully functional with WordPress, static pages, and custom frameworks!

File Locker 

Want to kick it old school? Well, OGAds still have the classic file locker. Allowing you to lock a file and earn money from it.

OGAds File Locker 

This locker will unlock and allow users to download the file after a set amount of conversions are completed. However, OGAds do have some restrictions on what type of files are allowed. For example, viruses and adult content are not allowed.


This is a feature loved by developers and publishers alike. Allowing you to create custom content lockers, tools, and more. The API, in combination with postback tool, allows you to be extremely creative in the way you earn.

Examples of tools using the API are the postback simulator and the custom content locker.


Using OGAds API technology means you are no longer bound by the rules of the content locker; you can fully develop and customize your own locker or widget using the offers.

Once the user has completed an action on their side, the postback will then alert your website or app via a postback, and you can then control the action that happens behind the scenes.

AI Locker Technology

This innovative feature is designed to maximize your revenue with its niche-awareness, offer-savvy intelligence, advanced user support, and multilingual capabilities.

OGAds Support

When your users are on your landing page, app, or website and accessing the content locker, they will be shown a small chat box with which they can interact with their AI technology powered by millions of communications already sent through the content locker technology.

The AI will guide your user through the steps to complete the content locker with ease. To give you the scale of this: Since its release, the AI technology has increased EPU (Earnings Per User)  worldwide by 12% (US by 21%)

Payment Methods of OGAds

OGAds has payment methods of all sorts. Ranging from Paypal, eCheck, Intercash, Wire/ACH, and even USDC.

In order to generate an invoice and get paid, you must have earned at least $50. However, some payment methods have a different minimum threshold. For example, Paypal, eCheck, and Intercash have a minimum of $50, Wire/ACH has a minimum of $200, and USDC (cryptocurrency) has a minimum of $100.

You can request an early payment for everything except USDC. Request payment does come with a caveat: There is a 15% fee. OGAds personally recommend that you wait for the duration and save your hard-earned dollars.

Eventually, as you make more money, you will be able to request payments on a NET 7 basis. You’ll want to contact your affiliate manager to have this feature enabled for your account.

If you are a net-7 earner on another network rivaling ours, please show your account manager and mention this in your application, and they will approve you to net-7.

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Conclusion: OGAds Review

In this post, I’ve looked at all the features that make OGAds the top network for content locking on Mobile and Desktop. It features payment methods, locker ad formats, and, most importantly, AI technology.

The AI feature alone makes OGAds the top content-locking network in 2024. 

OGAds are very feedback-driven for publishers and advertisers alike. You can request features and give feedback on their feedback form here or let your affiliate manager know!

With its innovative platform and potential for high earnings, it’s a network worth considering. So, confidently embark on your affiliate marketing journey, and may your profits soar! 🚀

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