Ocoya Review 2024 : Is it the Best Social Media Management Software ? (Top Features & Pricing)

Ocoya Review

Overall Verdict

Ocoya is the perfect tool for all of your marketing needs, from creating and automating campaigns to monitoring their effectiveness.

Out of 10


  • Visually plan and overview your campaigns
  • Analyse performance and get suggestions
  • Publish your social posts at best times
  • 10k+ templates to choose from
  • Create High Converting Social Campaign
  • AI Assisted Content Generation


  • Advanced analytics is only available with the highest plan
  • Pinterest Integration Missing


Price: $ 46

We have a fascination for social media content marketing and are always on the hunt to find the best tools to manage content marketing on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The quest for finding a dependable content marketing platform brought us to “Ocoya”. We’ve been using Ocoya for the past week and can confidently declare that it’s one of the best pieces of software we’ve ever used.

The software is a fantastic combination that saves me a great deal of time, making me more productive because everything is in one place, and simply integrates with my social media sites accounts.

Bottom Line Upfront : 

Ocoya is the whole package when it comes to social networking sites automation and Instagram advertising, with an outstanding user interface for creating web content and a large library of professionally created layouts.

If you have come across Ocoya and are not sure whether you should go for it or not, then this post will help you figure that out. Today we will take you through a comprehensive review of Ocoya, discussing its features, functions, abilities, integrations, prices, benefits, and more. So, let’s get started!

What’s new? 😮

🤝 Collaborate with colleagues and clients with Workspaces
🌎 Generate AI marketing copy in 26 languages with Travis AI™
🛒 Promote your ecommerce products, supporting WooCommerce and Shopify
🔗 Shorten URLs instantly within the caption editor with Jubb.ly™
🎥 Create videos with high-quality stock footage and royalty-free music (coming soon!)

Ocoya Review

What is Ocoya?


🎨 In-house graphics editor with 10,000+ templates
🤖 Travis AI™ handling all your marketing copy needs
📢 Posting to the big 4: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn
💑 Integrations with Canva, Shopify, WooCommerce, Unsplash, Pixabay, Pexels, Giphy, Hootsuite, and Buffer
🖼️ Easy-to-use UI
✅ Plus much more!


Ocoya is an all-in-one content marketing platform that allows you to choose the perfect graphic for your campaigns, generate AI-powered copy in seconds using TravisTM AI, plan posts ahead of time to save time, and track their performance in real-time. From start to end, Ocoya takes care of your content production needs.

A marketing platform to take the tedium out of your day-to-day tasks and help you get traction. All of your content creation, scheduling, and analytics are all done in one spot.

It’s a complete social media advertising and marketing system for small businesses searching for a comprehensive content marketing solution that saves time and money. It assists you to produce quality material and also web traffic with the press of a button.

What can you do with Ocoya?


There are various social networking tools that use artificial intelligence on the market today, but none of them have AI built-in. Almost certainly, Ocoya will be the first to grab the lead. Create captions, inspirational quotations, and trending hashtags with ease with the Generate Caption tool!

Ocoya provides a wide range of tools, from article generation using Travis AI to image discovery and scheduled posting:

Play around with an easy to use & intuitive user interface!

Ocoya Reviews

The fact that Ocoya has a very user-friendly interface is something we really like. Without any challenges or learning curve, you can effortlessly access and use all of the functions. Travis is fantastic, with a wide range of content categories that it may assist in the creation of. Ocoya also offers a large number of channels from which I may choose to post. The templates are also extremely comprehensive and strong.

All your social networks in one place!

A comprehensive social media marketing platform that allows you to build, manage, and analyze campaigns all from one location. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Etsy can all be managed from one spot, and Woocommerce will be accessible soon. Direct integrations with some of the most popular apps, such as Canva, Crello, and Buffer, are available. You no longer need to switch between apps to create one now that you can do so directly in Ocoya.

Use AI to design attractive posts!

It offers automated scheduling across numerous social platforms, and there is no restriction on post scheduling; you may schedule an endless number of posts using the integrated editor and thousands of beautiful themes. Furthermore, there is no limit to the amount of AI content that can be created.

Seamless integration of Crello and Canva!

Ocoya has a Canva integration as well as a Crello relationship. You can design all of your marketing materials in Ocoya, then use Travis AI to develop a copy and schedule social media postings.

Social Media Integrations & more!

Ocoya-Social Campaigns

Integrate social media accounts, eCommerce stores, and schedulers into Ocoya to generate advertising, posts, and schedule them all at the same time.

  • Facebook

Directly upload your advertising or content to your Facebook pages. Everything you need to know about your performance in one spot.

  • Instagram

Upload professional-looking photographs to Instagram, along with relevant and trending hashtags created by Ocoya.

  • Twitter

In minutes, use the Ocoya AI text generator to create entertaining and thought-provoking tweets with popular hashtags.

  • LinkedIn

Create professional-looking photos with business-related captions for your LinkedIn page.

  • Tiktok

Connect your Tiktok Business account to track your Tiktok ad’s stats and performance.

  • Shopify

Connect your Shopify store to Ocoya to quickly choose which product to promote today.

  • Canva

For your creatives, use Canva templates and layout graphics to create great designs.

  • Buffer

If you use Buffer to schedule your social media posts, you can effortlessly create your creatives on Ocoya and send them out through Buffer.

  • Hootsuite

If you’re already using Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts, you may keep doing so by easily integrating your Hootsuite account with Ocoya.

Ocoya Marketing funnel KPIs

  • Likes

How many people responded positively to your postings or advertisements and shown an interest in learning more?

  • Followers

How many people are likely to be your most loyal consumers if they follow your page?

  • Shares

How many individuals shared your article with their social networks or groups?

  • Impressions

How many times has your material been shown without being clicked on?

  • Engagement

Find out how many people responded to your posts.

  • Growth

On a month-to-month (MoM) basis, measurements and improvements are made.

  • Reach

You’ll be able to check how many times your posts or advertisements have been seen.

  • Applause

The average amount of favorites or likes your social media posts receive.

  • Amplification

How many spokespeople and industry micro-influencers do you have for your brand

  • Virality

Check how likely it is that your posts or advertisements will go viral.

  • CPM

Their native CPM model determines how many people were affected by your advertising piece.

  • CPC

Ocoya’s CPC model calculates the cost of each click in your PPC marketing campaigns.

  • CTR

Insights into the number of clicks you receive on ads or posts in relation to the number of impressions.

  • CTA

Incorporate analytics into call-to-action prompts to compel your audience to take action.

  • SSoV

The social share of voice of how well your brand performs in comparison to its competitors.

  • ER

The rate of engagement is typically measured in terms of likes, reactions, comments, and shares.

How much does Ocoya cost?


If you are interested to chip in, then you have the option to choose from 3 paid subscription plans offered by Ocoya; the Silver plan (Price: $59 per month), the Gold plan ($149 per month), and the Diamond plan ($719 per month). Ocoya also offers a premium “Platinum” package for businesses having more than 100 social profiles. With this plan, you can connect up to 400 social profiles in a single account.

If you wish to save more on these prices, then we recommend you go for annual subscriptions rather than monthly. With Ocoya, solopreneurs, small teams, or enterprises can find the right plan for their needs. Here are the details of the subscription plans including prices and features.


Suitable for small teams and individuals who require scheduled posts and more creatives.

Price: $59 per month (Annual – $49 per month)


  • No. of social profiles: 10 
  • No. of scheduled posts: Unlimited 
  • No. of creatives: Unlimited
  • Unlimited use of Travis AI™


Suitable for businesses and teams who have reporting needs and additional profiles.

Price: $149 per month (Annual – $119 per month)


  • No. of social profiles: 30
  • No. of scheduled posts: Unlimited 
  • No. of creatives: Unlimited
  • Unlimited use of Travis AI™
  • Calls with Social experts


Suitable for large businesses having advanced control, development, and support needs.

Price: $719 per month (Annual – $539 per month)


  • No. of social profiles: 100 
  • No. of scheduled posts: Unlimited 
  • No. of creatives: Unlimited
  • Unlimited use of Travis AI™
  • Calls with Social experts
  • Advanced analytics (Coming soon)
  • Branded reports (coming soon)
  • Private API (upon request)


Suitable for large businesses having more than 100 social profiles

Price: Contact support for a custom quote.

  • No. of social profiles: 400 
  • No. of scheduled posts: Unlimited 
  • No. of creatives: Unlimited
  • Unlimited use of Travis AI™
  • Calls with Social experts
  • Advanced analytics (Coming soon)
  • Branded reports (coming soon)
  • Private API (upon request)

In case you are unsatisfied with their services and performance, then you can also avail of a refund within 7 days of your purchase and your amount will be refunded without any hassles. For more information, visit the Ocoya pricing section right away!

Why do we recommend Ocoya?

What’s great about Ocoya is that you can create amazing content within it using ready-made templates. Aside from that, Travis AI is the best at generating copy for Ads on Social Media and Website Headlines, among other things. It is a must-have tool for those who create social media content.

Easy to use!

The first thing we liked about Ocoya was how simple it was to use. We’ve used a lot of social media publishing software, and this is by far the cleanest and most user-friendly. It integrates content creation and design publishing into a single system. The software has an excellent interface for creating content from scratch, or you can use professionally designed templates from a large library.

When it comes to social media automation and Instagram marketing, Ocoya is the complete package. It’s a full-service social media marketing platform that allows you to generate high-quality content and traffic with the click of a button.

Smart everything! Create amazing posts using AI.

Ocoya’s built-in AI allows you to generate titles, ad posts, quotes, and easily design using Crello or Canva directly within its software. Publishing is simple, and with so many social media channels to choose from, this is a keeper.

Smart captions and relevant hashtags, on top of all the other features offered by competitors, make this product a natural successor to Buffer. It provides AI-powered caption suggestions to strengthen your ideas and ensure your posts connect with your followers.

Integrate with your favorite tools!

They have integrated Crello and Canva into their app to make it easier to design your social media posts directly on Ocoya. This, combined with an AI to generate and compose your content directly from the app, will speed up the content creation process and allow you to plan, design, schedule, and publish to your social media channels.

They also have a plethora of integrated social media channels through which you can publish your post. We particularly like how they treat their customers. They truly listen to and respond to their clients’ needs.

Perfectly crafted for Marketers!

Ocoya’s app is a well-designed and well-thought-out marketing tool. The user interface is straightforward, with key features that give you complete control over social media content creation as well as scheduling it all in one place – no more juggling multiple apps or other cumbersome workarounds!


The available design templates make it simple to post content quickly without the need to create graphics in another tool. The AI feature is also making my life easier by quickly generating captions and headlines.

Are there any limitations to using Ocoya?

At some point, you might feel that their features are a bit limited as compared to other rival tools in the market, but considering the fact that Ocoya is a fresh tool in the industry, the slight limitations are actually bearable because everything else they offer is pretty good and balanced. 

Right now there are a few features that are missing from its arsenal, such as:

  • As I have multiple profiles with different niches and brands, I’d like to be able to save hashtags and organize them into collections/folders to make them easier to insert and manage.
  • A conversation/inbox where you can view and respond to all comments/mentions/messages.
  • Drag and drop posts into the scheduler’s calendar.
  • The ability to categorize your posts using folders or tags, as well as arrange them. When you make a post, everything is right in front of you.

There are still some improvements to be made, though we believe they have already begun with the development of a workspace for teams; right now, all content is in your face. Because they are new, some features have not yet been built out, and others are rough around the edges; however, they are developing quickly and adding features on a weekly basis.

Ocoya Lifetime Deal on AppSumo 

Ocoya Lifetime Deal Appsumo

Plans and Features

Deal Terms

  • Lifetime access to Ocoya
  • All future Silver (codes 1–2), Gold (codes 3–6), or Diamond (codes 7+) Plan updates
  • You must redeem your code(s) within 60 days of purchase
  • Stack unlimited codes
  • GDPR compliant
  • Previous AppSumo customers who purchased Ocoya can buy more codes to increase their feature limits
  • Each additional code applied unlocks 20 social profiles, 4 team members, and 4 workspaces
  • Note: Calls with a social expert are not included in this Ocoya lifetime deal
  • Note: Previous AppSumo customers will be grandfathered into the new feature limits
  • Note: stacking 20+ codes unlocks the Platinum Plan
  • 60-day money-back guarantee, no matter the reason

Features Included in All Plans

  • Unlimited scheduled posts
  • Unlimited images
  • 10,000+ templates
  • Unlimited use of Travis AI
  • All supported channels (including future channels)
  • Unlimited storage

Quick Links

Ocoya FAQs

Where can you get the Ocoya Lifetime Deal?

You can get the Ocoya Lifetime Deal here on AppSumo.

What is the refund period for the Lifetime Deal?

You have 60 days to try the product and return it if you do not use it.

Is the user interface good?

The user interface is clean and easy to use.

Is there any tool coupon code or discount?

10% discount if you are an AppSumo plus member or BriefcaseHQ member.

Do I get lifetime updates and support?

Yes, you'll get updates and support for a lifetime.

Where can I join the official community of Ocoya?

You can join the Ocoya Facebook community here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2585096398449074

What are the main benefits and outcomes of Ocoya?

🎯 Save time - on average Ocoya users save 78% of their time content marketing with a simple graphics editor, instant marketing copy generation, and seamless scheduling - all-in-one place. So you can focus on running your business. 🎯 Build traction - overall their users have seen a 59% month-on-month increase in engagement on their social media profiles since starting with Ocoya. Ocoya’s stunning templates and high converting copy can help drive your follower base.

Does Ocoya support non-English languages?

Ocoya's AI copy generator, Travis supports 26 languages (see below for list). You can select the input AND output language i.e., Chinese to Latvian is possible! Formal/informal translations are also available for many other European and Asian nationalities as well through this great platform

What makes Ocoya unique?

Unlike other tools, which focus on the later stages of digital marketing funnel - posting and analytics (think Hootsuite), Ocoya does offer this but with a big emphasis on content creation. It has graphics or text editors available as well if they do it at all; however most competitors only allow you to use stock images from databases instead. In our opinion, these features make them stand out among all others in terms of capabilities when designing an effective campaign!

FINAL THOUGHTS – OCOYA REVIEW 2024 | Is Ocoya Worth the Hype?

Ocoya is extremely simple to use and has numerous features that save me a significant amount of time. We absolutely adore the UX/UI. We liked how Ocoya is a single integrated tool where we can do all of my creatives, generate AI content, and schedule my posts across all of the popular social media channels.

You can use the platform to schedule posts to various social media accounts, search for trending hashtags, and create captions and content with an AI-powered copywriting tool. You can also use the platform to find the perfect graphic for your campaigns. The customer service is also excellent.

Overall, Ocoya is one-of-a-kind. It’s in one method. It’s simply amazing. It will save me a lot of time. You would no longer need to log in to various tools. Everything you need to know about content marketing is all in one place. Jarvis, Canva, and Publer – all three tools in one – that is Ocoya’s magic. It is a fantastic and potentially profitable content marketing tool. They’re going to grow a lot.


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