Moscow Affiliate Conference 2021 : Review & Great Show For Affiliates

Hello Everyone! So I recently attended the Moscow Affiliate Conference 2021 on 5th and 6th October. This was an international conference I attended after 2 years due to COVID restrictions. This was a great time for me and my business as well, the experience of which I will be sharing with you today. 

Moscow Affiliate Conference 2021

So, the conference is known as Affiliate Conference Moscow 2021 which is a leading affiliate marketing show, the biggest in CIS, in which participants from more than 50 countries took part in. Around 3,000 brilliant minds attended this huge conference of 2 days of networking that included 30 reports on ‘How to make money’. 

Moscow Affiliate Conference is a platform where they brought together the world’s top affiliates and major international affiliate networks. I was a part of the most audacious event in affiliate marketing history. I gained new customers and referred new partners to my initiatives. I spent the day with the crazy crew and gained new business and entertainment skills since the conference’s after-party is one of the most exclusive events of the year.

I found the Moscow Affiliate Conference exceptionally impressive and valuable. I had the opportunity to network with practically everybody. Moreover, everyone at the conference was interested in networking with others. There is a lot of focus at the conference, and I really appreciate that.

If you want to grow your business, you must attend virtual, digital, and affiliate marketing conferences. We know that if you care about it (as we know you do! ), you’ll read my whole experience and how it has helped my business flourish even more..

I literally ran out of my business cards as I exchanged them with everyone out there and believe who’s who wasn’t there. From all the BIG Shots to all the fellow affiliates. The experience out there cannot be described in words! 

In the same room, affiliates, advertisers and advertising networks discuss how to work together. Imagine doing that a hundred times in one day and how can it not help? A big enough reason for me to attend the one next year and definitely the highlight!

The conference was incredible, and it majorly focused on ‘how to make money on traffic’. Why I loved this conference was because 40 % of the attendees makeover US $ 30,000 every month. They had some famous and incredible speakers like Vadim Korepov, Mark Yanovskiv, Marina Chernova, Petr Aleksandrov, and a lot more. 

I totally agree that affiliate marketing can only be scaled up by networking with genuine people. It’s important to have a strategy with a supplement of execution to take charge in the Internet age. I found this event to be an exclusive buffet of skill, knowledge, expertise, and success mantras.

With more than 200 companies attending, the Moscow Affiliate Conference 2021 is set to be the biggest and best yet. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the challenges facing the affiliate world, as well as the latest technology and innovations. And man it totally lived up to the expectations and literally much more!!!! 

Participants included affiliate marketers, affiliate network owners, advertising platform representatives, internet agency, and traffic sources that ranged from local teaser networks to international brands.

There was a certain panache and class about it. It had everything a conference on affiliate marketing and digital marketing should have, including unwavering professionalism. The experience is once in a lifetime, because every new version of MAC is an improvement over the previous edition! I totally lived my experience and gained much much more than I gave. 

With the launch of the official Moscow Affiliate Conference mobile app, the organizers this year took action a step further. The app was available for download on both iOS and Android. 

In designing this app, the goal was for users to be able to view the conference schedule, create appointments, chat and advertise themselves without getting lost. What a great marketing strategy! And trust me, it totally helped me in getting in touch with everyone present out there. 

The MAC app was a great one-stop shop for finding traffic sources, leads, and resources for your business. Business networking has never been easier than it was at Moscow Affiliate Conference 2021

The Moscow conference offered a great opportunity for Affiliates and anyone interested in learning more about location-independent workspace. Here are the key learnings from the conference for me. 

  • Learning from experts and industry leaders.
  • My networking in person with advertisers and publishers helped me to understand their statistics about their products and their marketing strategies. Also, I was able to get the best CPA, CPI offers from advertisers.
  • I understand how peer affiliates utilize automation tools to speed up their businesses.
  • Traffic & Media Buyers: I was able to use MAC to choose the best media buyer for my lead generation, as well as to connect with people who sell/buy traffic relevant to my niche.
  • Blockchain in Affiliate Space: Blockchain technology involvement space is what many affiliates are focusing on, as it will help both advertisers and publishers to have a seamless affiliate program. Therefore, we discussed that thoroughly, and I learned many interesting things about that subject. 
  • PPC Experts talk while promoting their products (Google Adwords/Facebook Ads). A real insight here. 

With thousands of species of beginners and veterans joining hands, this conference is truly a biome in and of itself. This was a truly grand event, and I am honored to be a part of it.

Some pictures from the show & after party :

Final Words : Moscow Affiliate Conference 2021

Overall I had a great time. I love traveling and it was all worth it. I enjoyed the entire trip a lot. The food was incredible and everything was safe considering the COVID pandemic in mind. This was one of the best conferences I have ever been to. I got to meet various people, it helped increase my business circle, I learned a lot of new things and got a few brilliant ideas in mind as well. I enjoyed the conference a lot. 

The organizers assured us that the event would be bigger and better during the after-party, which comfortably ended the event. What are your thoughts? I am looking forward to it a lot.


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