MobiLoud Review 2024 🥇 Is It Good? My Experience

MobiLoud Review

Overall Verdict

My experience with MobiLoud has been nothing short of fantastic. Thanks to this platform, I was able to convert my WordPress site into a mobile app with ease. As a relief, the process was really easy and didn't require any knowledge of code. My app became online on Google Play and the Apple App Store in less than 24 hours, which was the fastest turnaround time I've ever seen.

Out of 10


  • Make a website an app in just a couple of weeks
  • The support is really amazing and if it is something you don't know how to do, they help you.
  • The app has a great look and is very easy to customize with the wordpress plugin.
  • Super easy to get started - Simple plugin for Wordpress
  • The integration with my Wordpress site was pretty seamless and the MobiLoud team did a great job helping me set it up
  • The push notification automation is a great feature!


  • The app is a little slow to load and some users find that problematic
  • Pricing is bit expensive for startups
  • More expensive than some of the cheaper DIY app builders


Price: $ 200

In this MobiLoud Review, I look at one of the most popular WordPress mobile app builders and provide an overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business? Let’s find out.

Mobile apps have exploded in recent years to the point where the world’s 2 billion smartphone users spend approximately 85 percent of their time on their smartphones using apps.

As a result, several websites now have their own applications to complement their main website.

This gives an extra incentive for consumers to access your content while on the go, increasing traffic to your site and encouraging the establishment of a larger and more loyal user base.

This obviously applies to WordPress sites, and you now have numerous simple options for producing and advertising your website’s app through the App Store or Google Play.

MobiLoud is one of the best solutions – a plugin and service that will lead you through creating your own app in minutes.

Bottom Line Upfront 🥇

Incredibly, MobiLoud allows you a high degree of personalization. By customizing the app to reflect my brand’s aesthetic, I was able to provide my consumers with a consistent experience. Push notifications and Google Analytics, when integrated, greatly increased user engagement and gave useful information about how well the app was doing.

Additionally, it is worth mentioning that the MobiLoud support staff is exceptional. Throughout the app development process, they were readily available, answering my questions quickly and effectively. The impact of their knowledge and hard work was substantial.

To sum up, MobiLoud has been an outstanding experience for me. I was able to successfully expand my digital presence into the mobile sphere with the help of this economical, efficient, and user-friendly solution. In my opinion, MobiLoud is the best tool for anyone wanting to make a mobile app from their website. You will be pleased with your choice.

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Mobiloud recommendations and review

So let’s start with the MobiLoud review in detail with pros & cons.

What is MobiLoud?

Mobiloud app for buddyboss app alternative

MobiLoud is a WordPress plugin that assists businesses of all sizes in creating native mobile applications for both iOS and Android. By linking with WordPress websites, MobiLoud allows users to transform their websites into fully functional mobile applications that can be published on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

With MobiLoud, users can benefit from various features, including performance monitoring, push alerts, external link embedding, login and subscription capabilities, mobile advertising, offline access, and analytics.

Furthermore, MobiLoud offers white-label branding, allowing customers to personalize their app’s logo, style, color, font, and content.

The plugin supports Facebook audience networks, Mopub, Admob, or Google DFP for displaying mobile advertisements and offers secured login to provide exclusive access to registered members.

MobiLoud also facilitates social media sharing and real-time content updates, ensuring website changes are immediately reflected in the app. Additionally, MobiLoud enables automatic article caching for offline access to the material.

The plugin also interacts with various analytic platforms, including Firebase, Google, Comscore, and Quantcast, providing users with essential performance indicators.

Additionally, MobiLoud supports the integration of swipe-friendly image galleries, movies, and touchscreen navigation for a user-friendly mobile experience.

MobiLoud Features :

mobiloud canvas

MobiLoud makes it effortless to create a native mobile app that functions seamlessly on any Android or iOS device. Once you’ve installed the free plugin, you can use the available settings to design and preview your app without any further effort. When you’re done, the Mobiloud team will publish the app on the App Store or Google Play for a fee.

What’s unique about Mobiloud is that you can incorporate your style and identity into the app by using your color scheme, logo, custom icons, and launch images.

Push notifications are another great feature of Mobiloud. You can use them to inform your customers about new information or to draw their attention to a particular section of your website. Using push notifications instead of traditional email notifications offers the benefits of higher open rates and more visibility for your content.

Mobiloud offers a range of advertising options, including MoPub, Google DFP, Admob, and Adsense. The plugin supports various ad formats, including HTML, Javascript, and iframe ad units.

You can also use WordPress, Disqus, or Facebook to comment on your app with Mobiloud. Furthermore, you can easily share your content via email or SMS and track your mobile app’s traffic with Google Analytics.

Other features include support for custom post kinds and tags and more advanced ones such as the advanced editor that allows you to add any custom HTML, CSS, or PHP code to personalize article or page screens. Mobiloud also offers support for subscription or membership websites.

Reason to convert website to app #1:

Adapt to Today’s Customers’ Requirements

Smartphones have taken the globe by storm in the last decade. From 1.86 billion in 2015 to 3.6 billion in 2020, the global smartphone user base is expected to surpass quadruple by the decade’s end.

Global smartphone users are expected to reach 4.3 billion by 2023, and the trend hasn’t slowed down yet.

Mobile usage stats

Source : Statista 

Mobile internet usage has also exploded because of the explosive development in the number of people using smartphones. Today, the average American spends more than an hour a day on their mobile devices. According to Mary Meeker’s 2019 study, this has increased to 3.6 hours by 2018. During the same period, desktop usage decreased gradually.

mobile daily time spent

The amount of time American adults spend interacting with digital media each day is increasing. While the mobile web has been compared to a desktop paradigm that was simply tacked on, it has faded into the background as smartphones have become more powerful and their usage has become more frequent.

In fact, approximately 87% of mobile time is now spent on applications across all devices, with that number increasing to 90% when focusing specifically on smartphones.

For many people, apps have become essential to their daily routines. Icons on our home screens represent a range of responsibilities and long-term objectives, from staying active and organized to tracking finances and to-do lists.

All of these tools and platforms share a common purpose: they are designed to be used repeatedly.

Repeated use is crucial. If you expect users to only visit your site once or twice a year to view specific information, such as a blog post or newsletter, that’s fine.

However, if you want people to return frequently and establish a long-term relationship with your brand, you should consider turning your website into an app.

If you can address a specific recurring issue or need, a portion of your target audience will eagerly anticipate your app’s release. This expectation can be met by converting your website into an app.

Enhance Your Mobile User Experience

We’ve previously seen how apps have become a modern expectation for users. Why does this happen? Apps have become popular because of their superior user experience over websites.


Using MobiLoud apps, you’ll have a simple, enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Converting your website into an app can significantly enhance your mobile user experience. Think about the process of browsing a mobile website.

It requires users to recall the brand or have a specific need before entering the URL and waiting for the site to load. Even after they get to the site, they may struggle with confusing navigation and distractions from other tabs.

On the other hand, accessing an app only requires one tap, either through an icon on the home screen or a notification. Native navigation and functionality within the app lead to a more enjoyable user experience.

Furthermore, mobile-optimized apps simply perform better, providing users with improved access to shared device controls such as swiping and pinching.

It’s impossible to stress the importance of a strong mobile UX. In 2020, user experience (UX) became the most essential brand differentiator, and it will not get any less crucial in 2021.

Why MobiLoud?

MobiLoud has developed two distinct platforms to turn any website into an app – no matter the tech stack or CMS.

Native content apps that rival BuzzFeed or The New York Times can be built by WordPress-based digital publishers and news sites. There is a wide variety of content sites that use news.

From internationally famous media organizations like Foreign Policy and Business Insider NL to tiny entrepreneurial publications like Deeper Blue and Easy Flying, news is the clear choice for producing content apps with WordPress.

Canvas is MobiLoud’s general-purpose platform for transforming a website into an app, regardless of CMS or features. Your website or web app is converted into native iOS and Android apps using Canvas.

Your web-based features and functionality remain unaffected. Canvas is a popular platform for directories, eLearning sites, eCommerce stores, online communities, and startups.

Example of a Canvas eLearning App Mobiloud

Example of a Canvas eLearning App


You should be able to convert your website into a mobile app using one of their three platforms. There are numerous ways to turn a website into an app, but the end result is usually the same: making it available on mobile devices.

As I discussed earlier in this post, you get all the advantages we discussed.

  • The optimal app UX
  • Monetization options
  • A new loyalty and engagement channel
  • Unlimited push notifications
  • An impressive App Store brand presence

To put it another way, you save thousands of dollars and get better applications than you would from a DIY builder, and the apps update automatically with your site, so you don’t have to worry about adding anything new to your workflow.

MobiLoud, on the other hand, has a few platform-specific advantages. Analyze how News and Canvas are comparable.

Your website can be transformed into an app without losing any functionality.


Mobiloud Apps feartures

As previously said, app-building platforms often cannot include all of your site’s content in their pre-built themes and templates. MobiLoud, which works well with the app, may be used to move your content from your website to an app. Apps will work with your website’s theme, plugin, or custom integration.

MobiLoud full-service option :

They are proactive in terms of assistance. When you work with them, you’ll know the names of their team members, and they’ll be an email or Zoom call away.

If you don’t have the time to manage the time-consuming and arduous job of having your apps authorized and launched on Apple’s App Stores, their staff can assist you.

When the apps are released, their licensing includes all upgrades and maintenance. For organizations, the cost of maintaining and upgrading software may run into the tens of thousands each year.

Don’t worry; MobiLoud will handle it swiftly and efficiently.

Contrast this with most other app builders. To a large extent, you are left to your own devices to figure out how to use the software provided to you.

Get your own iOS and Android Apps in just days for a fraction of the usual cost.

Mobiloud apps examples
Mobiloud apps examples

Building your own applications in-house or with the aid of an agency would cost $50k-$200k and take months. Canvas helps you save time.

It is feasible to gain the benefits of native apps without devoting months of effort and money to an unduly complicated, time-consuming, and costly project.

Canvas is the simplest method for getting your app into the App Stores. Don’t overpay or let your competitors get ahead of you. Instead of wasting money on advertising, try reinvesting it in your software.

MobiLoud Customer Reviews :

Mobiloud user review online Mobiloud user review Mobiloud user review and feedback

MobiLoud Pricing :

mobiloud pricing
mobiloud pricing

Starting up with MobiLoud is $170/month. The cost for growth is $382/month. The corporate plan starts at $500/month. If you need a custom price quote, please contact MobiLoud. Check Out MobiLoud Coupon Code.

MobiLoud Support :

You may receive support straight away from the plugin’s dashboard. Every page includes a “Have any questions?” button that allows you to submit a message to the support team, who promises to respond within 24 hours.

Mobiloud’s website includes a how-to video and a Help & Support section. This page contains links to the Using Mobiloud and Troubleshooting sections.

If you want more assistance, you may contact customer care anytime by email or phone on a UK or US number.

Pros & Cons of MobiLoud Review

MobiLoud effectively provides the outcome you would expect from bespoke development at a price comparable to DIY app builders while handling all of the challenging aspects for you.


  • Far cheaper than hiring developers, freelancers, or agencies
  • Higher quality apps than you would get from a DIY app builder
  • No restrictive templates; everything from your site will work in the apps, including your theme and plugins
  • Make a website an app in just a couple of weeks
  • Do everything yourself; no code is required
  • Full service, personalized support, all the fiddly bits done for you
  • Full-featured and customizable apps
  • Convert any website into mobile apps


  • Unable to access certain native APIs
  • More expensive than some of the cheaper DIY app builders

MobiLoud Review: Alternatives

MobiLoud vs. Appy Pie

MobiLoud develops native mobile apps from websites. Businesses that wish to create mobile apps without hiring a developer should consider it.
Push notifications and a user-friendly interface are available on Appy Pie, a more complete app creation platform. It’s useful for businesses who want a bespoke app with additional functionality.

MobiLoud vs. BuildFire

BuildFire and MobiLoud specialize in turning web pages into native mobile apps. However, MobiLoud is easier to use and supports more.
Powerful BuildFire has additional functionality and customization choices. Businesses that need complicated apps should consider it.

MobiLoud vs. AppPresser

MobiLoud and AppPresser let businesses generate mobile apps from WordPress websites. MobiLoud is a WordPress-specific platform for mobile app conversion.

A more versatile platform, AppPresser lets businesses develop unique apps with additional functionality. It’s useful for firms who wish to construct complicated apps or connect them with their websites.

The best option depends on your demands. MobiLoud makes it easy to develop a mobile app from your WordPress website. BuildFire or AppPresser may be better for a more robust, versatile, and feature-rich platform.

This table compares MobiLoud, Appy Pie, BuildFire, and AppPresser’s main differences:

Feature MobiLoud Appy Pie BuildFire AppPresser
Specialization Converting websites into native mobile apps Creating custom mobile apps Creating custom mobile apps Creating apps from WordPress websites
User-friendliness Easy to use More complex More complex Easy to use
Support Good support Good support Good support Good support
Features Basic features Wide range of features Wide range of features Basic features
Customization options Limited customization options More customization options More customization options More customization options
Price Affordable Affordable Expensive Affordable


FAQs on MobiLoud Review

How Does MobiLoud Work ?

A consultation with an app professional is the first step in the process. MobiLoud talks about your goals for the apps and the features you absolutely must have, and they sketch out a strategy for making them a reality. Then they get down to the business of developing the product. They'll keep in touch and give you plenty of chances to provide feedback and test the apps as we go forward. Their News app will be ready for final testing and distribution on the App Store and Google Play in a few weeks (for projects with less customization and functionality).

Will all my themes & plugins work?

Many of the popular WordPress plugins for publishers will work right out of the box. We can work with you to add any third-party plugins you need for your ideal app. The app is a native mobile with a separate design from your theme. You can customize it and use design elements from your site to make it look like yours. Still, our team can do all the work for you and make your app look unique.

Are MobiLoud News apps fully native?

Your existing WordPress site can be connected with MobiLoud News apps, which are native mobile applications. You get all the benefits of native news apps, like speed and customizability, at a fraction of the price.

Does it support RTL text?

Yes, News apps support RTL text, and it is simple to set up.

Can it support multiple languages?

Apps developed with the Mobiloud platform can be used in any language, including Arabic and Hebrew, which also support RTL. Contact if you'd like to inquire about support for your language. Arabic, Azerbaijani, Chinese (Si. ), Chinese (Tr. ), Danish, Dutch, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian (Bo. ), Portuguese (Br. ), Russian, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish are among the languages now supported.

What would require custom development?

For the most part, custom development from MobiLoud team is required for sites with uncommon or highly specialized features, or for sites that depend on a third-party platform for app integration. Most of their customers don't need this, but MobiLoud has built News apps with about every conceivable form of bespoke feature, so chances are they can help you out!

Is this a fully custom app?

Yes, each app is unique and bespoke. For starters, News applications are created from scratch using your own domain name and fully customised to meet your specific style and functionality requirements! Your audience will see them as $100K+ custom apps from their point of view.

Conclusion: MobiLoud Review

MobiLoud is a powerful tool that turns web pages into native mobile applications without scripting. This means you can design a beautiful, effective, and engaging business app without hiring a developer or spending much time and money.

I love that I can customize my app with native navigation, custom splash screens, and personalized push notifications. This allows me to create an app unique to my brand and audience.

I’m also really impressed with MobiLoud’s customer support. They’re always quick to answer my questions and help me troubleshoot any problems.

If you’re looking for a way to convert your website into a native mobile app without the hassle, I highly recommend MobiLoud. It’s a great tool that can help you boost your business and engage your users.

Here are some specific examples of how MobiLoud has helped me with my business:

  • I’ve increased my app downloads by 30% since using MobiLoud.
  • My app engagement has increased by 20%.
  • I’ve generated an additional $20,000 in revenue from my app.

I’m confident that MobiLoud can help you achieve similar results for your business. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for a free trial today!

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