MemberPress vs aMember 2024: Which One Is The Best?(Pros & Cons)

Today, I am here to give you information about this software – MemberPress Vs aMember.

Do you want to know more about the Membership sites? Are you confused about choosing between aMember and MemberPress for your business? Do you want to know a clear view of these membership sites and believe that before taking your decision you must know in detail about them? Then you are absolutely at the right place! 

MemberPress is a plugin that enables users of WordPress sites to safeguard their content and charge their users fees for accessing it. You have MemberPress backing your site, whether your content is a course on a certain subject, useful articles, and studies, or some other kind of helpful material. And you’re able to initiate working with the membership site now that you have the addon.

Bottom Line Upfront: MemberPress is a WordPress membership site plugin that can make it easy for you to charge your users for access to content and digital products such as software and e-books. MemberPress gives you the ability to confidently create, manage, and analyze membership subscriptions and digital products. aMember is a similar tool but MemberPress has the edge so I recommend you try MemberPress and see the results yourself.

In the case of aMember, it is one of the strongest and powerful personalized software. It accepts the subscription payment, collaborates with your sites, forums, manages users’ account profiles, and you can even work with your affiliate programs. aMember is the most excellent and outstanding Competitor to MemberPress. 

MemberPress vs aMember: Overview 

Memberpress Overview

Memberpress mainly helps users to access the products digitally or online. The functionality or operation isn’t hard-hitting or technical. It is extremely simple and easy to use. It is loaded with all the features anyone would look for in a membership plugin. 

With Memberpress, creating membership sites, managing them along with the cont MemberPress vs aMember - Memberpressent, and receiving payment happens with utmost security and seamlessness. Despite being user-friendly, Memberpress undergoes frequent updates. 

As a result, it has become increasingly beginner-friendly, making it a cakewalk for first-time users to configure the settings. 

aMember Overview

aMember is the perfect tool for selling digital products. Besides making membership management easy and flawless, its integration with leading content management services, payment outlets, and shipping applications, makes it a plugin worthy to be configured. 

 MemberPress vs aMember - aMember

Within aMember, if one faces any sort of difficulty, the customer support team is always one second away to help you with your queries and problems.  aMember is fully packed with numerous traits and characteristics which include giving access to customers, upgrading, allowing customizing, organizing, and promoting management.

Let us shed some light and reflect upon the necessary information as needed and required for its operation and function.  Let us read to find out more about the exciting features.

MemberPress vs aMember: Features 

MemberPress and aMemberare some amazing software that I have come across in today’s market. Let’s go into detail and find out their unique features which can be helpful for you to finalize your decision. 

Unique features of MemberPress. 

Easy and convenient software 

MemberPress comes out to be the most easier and convenient software you might ever see in today’s market. It has a convenient setup, all you need to get started your journey is the installation of the existing plugin, register your subscription, and after completing your payment gateway and add up your favorite products and you’re good to go.

-MemberPress- Features


Limited access granted

The files and documents present during WordPress installation can be restricted if you wish to. As MemberPress permits, you prohibit the access of pages, options, and categories, posts, and tags.

Memberpress as an LMS plugin

MemberPress is not only a WordPress Membership software but is also an LMS plugin. Yes! It does help you to sell courses and there are no individual downloads necessary. LMS plugins are strongly built and their features are designed to make constructing online courses extremely easy. I loved this feature, and honestly, it saved me a lot of valuable time.

Memberpress lets you generate coupons.

MemberPress allows you to generate your coupons, you can have access to the coupon’s expiry limits and can create as many coupons as we desire. This may help with promotion and giveaways. 

Integrates and collaborates with other plugins

MemberPress collaborates conveniently with BBPress and also other plugins that are related to WordPress forums. Who doesn’t need a convenient and simple software for your membership products? 

MemberPress permits you to create huge pricing pages for your MemberPress products. This is a feature, which I’ve used a lot, and trust me, it has one of the best integrations, out there! 

Facilitating us to work with any required

MemberPress has an amazing feature that allows you to work with any WordPress theme. Using a customized theme is also possible with MemberPress. 

Content dripping and content access expiration

There are two advanced features that complete MemberPress software and make it the best, which are content dripping and content access expiration.

-MemberPress- Features Benefits

 Customer support 

MemberPress gives us amazing customer support, the software provides us with a full excellent user manual that covers the whole admin’s account as well as the features which MemberPress offers you. If the manual doesn’t help you much, the support team of MemberPress is always ready to offer us their help Whenever we require any help. 


MemberPress provides you with amazing security when it comes to its customers. All the data is safe and best coding practices have been done for working on the stability and security of MemberPress. 

Unique features of aMember. 

Simple management

The membership management of Amember comes with the most convenient method, it has no limit on the levels of membership and has both, a free and paid membership system.aMember provides us with full facilities of membership which includes upgrading, and downgrading, renewing, and canceling the whole membership. 

aMember - Managment

Anti-spam captcha functions

I found these facilities too fascinating which include, free anti-spam Captcha functions and registration of updated and advanced drag and drop editor and also login forms constructor. 

aMember - Plugin

aMember also provides you with a trial period for periodic billing of subscriptions and proper set-up of membership. It also provides you with a friendly combination for making Content prohibition.

Amazing templates and themes

Amazing and beautiful templates, layouts availability for email notifications, and facilities available for front-end membership like registrations, login and log out, editing profile accounts, and forgetting password page with change password site. 

Accessibility to the user or Customer profile and membership directory. 

This includes all the best facilities of your account to know the proper updates with the best and amazing membership directories. 

aMember - Membership

Import-Export of user’s settings

You can easily import and export users’ settings, your visitor’s profile can be accessed by you and you can set up with your data that users must have access to which features according to their membership plan.

Selling courses easily 

The amazing feature I found here in aMember is that you can easily sell your courses and without creating any separate membership plan. The software motivates its users to participate and achieve through badges and keeping an update on their achievements.

They provide you with different types of certificates and badges according to your membership or subscription plan which may motivate us to stick to the opportunities given. 


Security comes out to be an amazing feature in it. It has the security of brute force login, and all the main features are inbuilt despite taking the anti-spam mechanism and free forms of Captcha. 


Well, you might have got a detailed Introduction about both the amazing membership software. Isn’t it?  And the battle of features goes with a bang! I’ve come up with the best of features for both the software’s and I think you might have liked both of them as their contribution is amazing in the market equally. 

When it comes to my choice, I am fully satisfied with MemberPress. Yes! It’s obvious that both the software are competing in an advanced form but MemberPress is one level up when it comes to the flexibility and ease of use in the membership sites. In addition to it, MemberPress almost allows me to customize everything even my whole website and the paid courses however I desire to design it. 

The best thing which I like the most is that Amember allows me to upgrade and downgrade the whole membership site but MemberPress allows me to use any WordPress theme I desire even if I can customize my theme in my membership site. In my verdict, I found MemberPress software quite advanced and useful to my membership site. 

MemberPress vs aMember Pricing 


The pricing plans as included and incorporated under MemberPress are as follows –

MemberPress - Pricing

Membership plans 

  • Price- Rs.1899/-
    • Period of membership-  6 months.
  • Offers-Allowing users to install or facilitate  15 downloads a day, allowing unlimited access to the domain, providing direct download links, letting them access themes and plugins, promised and assured full-fledged customer support, and much more.
  • Price- Rs.699/-
  • Period to access the plan- 1 month.
  • Offers- allowing users in facilitating the numerous themes and plugins and to undertake 10 downloads a day, providing access to the unlimited domain, providing direct download links, notifying and alarming the users regarding the regular updates, Assurance of full-fledged customer support, and much more.
  •   Price- Rs.3499/-
  • Period of membership- 1 year.
  • Offers- unlimited access to domain and other exquisite themes and diverse plugins, letting the user’s to undertake 30 downloads a day, any operator can get notified regarding the updates, providing access over the different functions along with the assurance of quality customer support.


The pricing plans as incorporated and included under Amember is as follows-

aMember - Pricing


  • Price(after discount)- $149.36/ one-time.
  • Original price- $179.95.
  • Offers- helps in organizing and managing the profile of customers and users, Amember professional is highly flexible, facilitates integration with the forums, helps in operating the affiliate program 

MemberPress vs aMember Pros and cons



 The pros as mentioned and incorporated under MemberPress is as follows-

  • It is extremely easy and simple to understand and operate and doesn’t have a strict based or technical oriented functioning to undertake.
  • The pricing plans are highly reliable and efficient, it is cheap and offers great features, which are worth appreciating.
  • Customer support is granted to the operators, in case of any problem they’re facing. The team is highly hospitable and receptive to the needs and aspirations of the people.
  • Offers and renders a 14-Day money-back guarantee.


  • The cons associated with the MemberPress exclaims that somewhere it doesn’t give the users an option of optimization at required stages. Such as customizing the login forums and the signup ones.
  • It even has a restricted mode of payment gateways, offering limited choices specifically in this regard.


The pros and cons as included and incorporated under Amember is as follows –


  • aMember is highly focused and oriented towards providing marvelous and amazing options with equally spectacular benefits.  As a customer, I am highly happy with the fruitful experience. One can build and create so many sites.
  • We get to witness the updates regarding subscriptions regularly.


  • It doesn’t have various important features which are -no proper management, no donation option of functionality.
  • Not suited and eligible for the non-profit management, clubs, or any such sort of the desired association.

MemberPress vs aMember Testimonials

MemberPress Customer Review

-MemberPress- Testimonials

aMember Customer Review

aMember - Customer Review

Quick Links:

FAQs On MemberPress vs aMember

👉Can I change the timezone of its installation?

Yes, we can change the duration of its installs-called change is quite automatic and catches it from the so-called’ PHP configuration, and that too by default.

👉Can we secure our videos within MemberPress?

Yes, we can secure our videos within Memberpress without a doubt, but only with the help of MemberPress AWS. Some customers and operators are even using other services along with it.

👉Are the refunds offered under MemberPress?

Yes, the refunds are offered under MemberPress under the assurance of a 14-Day money-back guarantee.

Conclusion: MemberPress vs aMember 2024

Therefore, I conclude that MemberPress and aMember are some of the most spectacular and fabulous WordPress plugins, helping to create, establish, manage, and organize the membership subscriptions. One can even charge and cost the operators and users regarding the products of importance to them like e-books.

Users even gain fruitful and resourceful experiences by working on it, helping the people to gain access to the digital products and other services it has to showcase. Since we’re already at the end of the article, I have concluded that both in some way or the other are highly competitive and recommended for the people looking for the appropriate experiences. 

I have been an operator myself, and I strongly believe both are equally important and prominent in their ways irrespective of the ways of functionality they carry out.

Both of them are concerned and are mainly driven in polishing and justifying user’s experiences and helping them to brim themselves with the storehouse of immense knowledge as needed for the functioning of this software.

The prime benefit is the customer support rendered and offered is highly responsive and productive. Individuals have been quite hospitable and receptive to the needs and queries of the users.

Memberpress and aMember have always been extraordinary and relentless in their regards, trust me, operating these programs and software renders and provides us with an altogether different learning experience. It will help you to uncover and unveil different intriguing and informative features. It even has paid as well as free membership applicable.

The important features, factors and pros, and cons and much more have been listed elaborately below and it exclaims how each or both MemberPress or aMember has been quite competitive in all the regards and aspects.

Hence, both were equally favorable and effective in their ways.

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